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Good day good people I want to complain about Absa bank which they financed my car so the story is i decided to cancel my initial car insurance which I was insured with King Price after we negotiated for a better deal which we initially did not reach to a better deal so decided to cancel the insurance.

so while shopping for another insurance I think i spend 3 months without insurance but busy looking for a better deal the reason that i wanted a better deal is the fact that I no longer use my car on a daily basis the company that I am working for had offered me a company car so I would literally drive my own car once a week so ABSA decided that they will debit my account (R1400)without my consent further to that I was not even notified about that DEBIT ORDER. therefore I called them and asked them what is this debit order I was told that it is for my car insurance and I asked about what type of insurance is that where is the paper work and why I was not notified about this so i am very angry at their way of doing business without their clients consent to me it is a fraud that was committed because the insurance issued under my name is not even a comprehensive cover for that amount and secondly I was not notified there is no paper work. so that was not a good work ethic showed by ABSA BANK and I have proof that I no longer use my car on a daily basis since I have been offered a company car even the Tracker company can prove that my vehicle is parked at my place without moving for 6 to 7 days a week. they can reach me on +[protected].

Desired outcome: I need ABSA to start working on this rather communicate with me and offer a better deal for a comprehensive cover rather concluding in their own that they will just debit my account without my consent.

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