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Wendy's Complaints & Reviews

Wendy's / General manager

Jacquelyn Bryant on Feb 22, 2017
She very unprofessional an discriminate against her manager an employees. As long as Lea Thomas is running that store she would never keep good worker's there. When you have great worker's you do not treat them all kind of way. I have witness this with my own eyes. You don't respect any of...

Wendy's / Drive thru

dee20171956 on Feb 22, 2017
Feb 21 2017 went through and ask for the number 5, which is the son of the baconator. I got home and had a cheeseburger with onions tomatoes pickles and lots of lettuce. This is the second time my order has been incorrect. Also the total on the screen was 6.19 and went i got to the window...

Wendy's / Employee treatment

Hatetodaysemployers on Feb 21, 2017
My wife is a shift manager at the Wendy's in Warrenton mo and tonight her grandfather died. After calling the store manager she was told to finish her shift then come in tomorrow. What kind of ####ed up #### is that. Her grandfather died at 7:00pm she now has to stay and close the...

Wendy's / Employee respect

Taylor Jorris on Feb 21, 2017
So my friend works at Wendy's and they treat him so bad. They are HORRIBLE at doing the schedules. He is scheduled till 2 and always ends up staying till 5 which is ridiculous especially for kids that are in college or school and have school work to do and expect to get out at the time...

Wendy's / Food and service

ronkit on Feb 20, 2017
I visited wendys today at manton ave providence ri. The girl waiting on me had to be told three times what I wanted. she aws also texting on her phone while putting my order up. the worst news is I ordered a plain baked potatoe 2 chilli / cheese an d a double burger. got home and omg the...

Wendy's / An employee was getting harassed and no one did anything

Lena09s on Feb 17, 2017
A lovely girl named Jorden was getting harassed all night by a girl named Renee. Renee pushed Jorden twice and even was calling her names and just be down right rude to the girl. A boy told the girl named Renee to leave her alone. And she didnt listen. The manager was standing right there...

Wendy's / Product/service

Patty63 on Feb 13, 2017
My husband drives semi truck over the road and myself and our small puppy ride with him and as truckers we eat out often and wendys has been a favorite it here we are in Oak Grove MO and we order 2 double cheese burger combos and a plain hamburger with no bun, no cheese (which we were...

Wendy's / Employees

Samantha Snyder on Feb 10, 2017
I stopped at the wendys on union blvd in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I had to go to the bathroom and as I walked up to it, a male employee was walking out of the WOMENS bathroom. I went inside and noticed the seat was wet so I wentered to go wipe it and there was semen on the seat! I was so...

Wendy's / Grilled chicken sandwich

Debbie Baehr on Feb 9, 2017
My son ordered a grilled chicken combo with lettuce, tomato, mayo only...When he brought it to me that was the smallest piece of chicken I have ever seen on one of you sandwich's, they lettuce on it looked like someone grabbed it out of a tossed salad and it was drowning in honey...

Wendy's / Extremely rude obnoxious worker

Fred cash on Feb 9, 2017
On February 8 2017 i stopped in Mansfield for a quick bite to eat. I was met with a line at the counter. All you could hear was some loudmouth in the back, running his mouth putting the other workers down. The nice girl at the counter was apologizing for the slow service. And a customer...

Wendy's / Service

Leigh Howard on Feb 8, 2017
On 1/30/2017 @ 5321 Waters Ave. Savannah Ga. 31405 Store # 3136. (ticket # 40137) I went for late lunch, 2:06 PM. My purchase at drive through was spicy Caesar full & coke zero. I get back to my office (10 minutes away) and have no dressing. I drive back to location, go inside, ask for...

Wendy's / Soggy cold fries, old chicken, and not bagged correctly

roofpro on Feb 7, 2017
On Feb 7, 2017 approx. 8:30 p.M. I ordered a number six with mayo and cheese only and a frosty instead of the drink. This was through the drive-thou in Hays, KS on 18th and Vine I should note. When I got to my house, which is about 8 blocks away I opened the bag and the first thing I...

Wendy's / Service

Brittanyann on Feb 4, 2017
I had the worst experience in your location in methuen Massachusetts the staff and manager was extremely rude and when I walked up to the register the guy looked at me never asking if he could take my order and the managers excuse was that they were busy, I'm a manger of a hair salon so I...

Wendy's / Smell and being clean

Tama Hilton on Feb 3, 2017
I would like to know why BOTH the Wendy's. rank of bad odors when you walk in. They smell like the carpets have not been cleaned or the whole place for that matter in a long time. It's so bad you can't even eat in there. I have since chosen to not even go in there or order any food for...

Wendys / Food ordered but not received correctly

shyny on Feb 3, 2017
Thank you Wendys for 78.00 of waste of money for lunch for my family. I ordered 120 chicken nuggets (2/ 50 pcs and a 20 pcs) only got 100 nuggets ordered 5 fries 2 baconators a triple and a double only received the double the other triple had no bacon ... lettuce tomato and pickle was on...

Wendy's / Food service

ferrell3 on Feb 2, 2017
I visited the Wendy's Restaurant #00001278 located at 1407 Eisenhower Pkwy in Macon, Ga for lunch today. I often choose this location because they continually post an exceptional Health Dept score off 99. however, the service was terrible. This is the slowest fast food restaurant I have...

Wendy's / Coupon process

Ty Henderson on Feb 2, 2017
On Friday, January 28, 2017, I went to the Wendy's at Calhoun Memorial Highway in Easily SC to use a coupon. I asked the cashier if I had to buy exactly what was on the coupon in order to redeem it. I was told no. I asked because one will never know unless they ask. Indeed, other food...

Wendy's / Service

judi carr on Feb 1, 2017
I live near a wendys I go often with my two sons. The school has fund raisers working with the Wendys. There is a promotion at wendys, make a $2.00 donation and get the fob for your key ring and get free junior frosty for the year. I Purchased two, one for each of my sons, there were...

Wendy's / This wendy's has gone downhill in cleanliness and quality

foodcritic1 on Jan 29, 2017
Wendy's used to be my favorite hamburger place, but the past couple of years this location has really gone downhill. I've been refused service in the drive-thru (The person on the speaker kept saying "one moment please" and never took my order—nobody was in line. When I have gone inside...

Wendy's / Customer service

youhoo on Jan 29, 2017
Visited your drive thru restaurant 1-29-17 at 6:45 pm 8092 Rockcreek Cove 38016 Clerk taking order very friendly, clerk taking money was friendly Clerk giving order very rude and unfriendly. Never said a word closed the window before I asked for ketchup and walked off. Never said a...

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