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First of all I would like to say the holiday coupons that you are issuing are not valid until January. This is very deceptive there are snowflakes all over the coupon so it makes you think it is some kind of a Christmas deal and then when you show up you are unable to use the coupon as they say they are not valid until 1 January once again very deceiving after being told I could not use the coupon today the gentleman that took my order tried to provide me with another coupon code and was very rude during the conversation as he mixed Up the order several times that I had asked for. I finally drove around the drive-through and went into the store and even then he got the order wrong I took my order and left. I am on happy and let all of my friends at work now and plan on spreading the word to stay away from the store once again very deceiving with your coupon scam I will share this on Facebook so the rest of the folks know Buyer beware. If you have valid coupons hand those out not ones that are going to be valid in three weeks.

sale # 65619233


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    DerrickKZ Dec 05, 2019

    So you are whining about a coupon they provide for FREE, and it is only valid in January?
    What are you, 5 years old???
    They do not have to give you anything!!!
    They offer customers a discount in January, because they want to, and you cry about it?
    You should jump of a bridge you little cry baby

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