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I have purchased 230 liters refrigerator from dealer situated in opera house (mumbai-india). Within 3 days there was complaint lodged with companies call center. Service person visited and attended the complaint. After that at intervals service person was called for various complaints 4 times. During 6th complaint attended we informed call center to replace as the guarantee period left is very less and the service report also indicated about replacement but there is no response from the complaint. Since yesterday again the fridge is found not working silently and again we will have to call service person for 7th time. I am not at all satisfied with refrigerator bought from whirlpool.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 31, 2017 12:19 am
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I have purchased 240 Ltr double door refrigerator, but now it I snot cooling and raised a complaint with customer care stating I have 10 year warranty for compressor. But today morning a service guy came and said oil went inside compressor and need to change gas also and quoting 3050 for Gas and 350 visit charge. I have 10 year warranty for compressor and anything happens to that should be done at free of cost. When we are buying its been told anything happens to compressor will be done at free of cost. So charging 3500 is not at all acceptable. I want whirlpool officer to pick this and resolve the issue on priority.

Jul 14, 2007 12:00 am

MY CUSTOMER iDD NO IS "GB/C/0707/22320"

I have called Whirlpool service center at lease 8 time from 8th July 07 for my refrigerator but no one have time to visit to my house & solve my problem. My wife is waiting every day that service eng will come.

On Friday 13th July Whirlpool customer care executive Mr. Nagi told me that please be available in your house on Saturday 14th July 07. I am waiting for so called service eng than at last again I called to service center and just now some body Mr Manoj called me from Delhi phone no [protected] and told me it will take some more day's because they do not have compressor in stock.

Please tell me how many times company required complain from customer!

Very bad service support!

Jul 30, 2013 2:42 am

Completely agree with all the above complaints being a victim myself! I bought the bridge in 2007, so it outside warranty period. 2 years after I had purchased the refrigrator, the cooling stopped and after being without fridge for 1.5 months and extreme torture and follow-ups finally the compressor was replaced. And yet they charged almost Rs 1600 for the gas! Now 10 days ago, we felt electric shock - the technician came and after lot of troubleshooting said the compressor needs to be replaced yet again! 6 years and my third compressor now! Really poor quality. These great American company come and think just acquire a local shop here (Kelvinator) and continue selling sub-standard products! I was too naive that I just trusted the brand rather than looking at these message board and doing some research.
Rohit, Pune

Jul 17, 2012 9:13 am
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I have purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator on 29th April 2012 from Ashoka Electronics, Faridabad. After installation it did not work as the gas was not circulating in the pipes, cooling is totally down.I complained to the customer care, and a service engineer came, No action was taken.I again called the service center and the same service engineer named sanjay called and informed that the gas issue and has to be replaced. But till date there is no response. I have called Call Center also today but no response. My complaint HR0712008070. Will someone higher up please respond?
Very bad experience with whirlpool.
Rahul Gandhi

Nov 19, 2011 8:36 am
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Services are bad and more so the competence of their service engineers is ZERO.

Sep 13, 2011 1:40 pm

Totally agree, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , If you are planning t buy gadgets for your home pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss DON'T opt for Whirlpool... their products are not worth buying... their service is pathetic. if keep calling them & they keep be-fooling you... If you are ready for that only then purchase Whirlpool... I would say its a whirlpool of wickedness cheating & false promises

Dr Vineeta

Jun 14, 2010 4:45 am

My whirlpool refrigerator is not working since last tuesday i registered the complaint to the service centre the same day but the executtive came only after Thursday. He told us that the compressor stopped working so we have to replace it, that was thursday and there was no response from the company what so ever. so i called them again at their Baroda service centre on saturday they told me that the compressor is out of stock so it could only be replaced on today they are saying that they got the stock but no executive can come for 1-2 days because our house is not in their route. so it will take about a day or 2 before they can visit us.When i told them that they are testing my patience and are getting on my nerves they told me that if i want to lodge complaint then i can but executive will come only after 1-2 days .Can you believe this.These are summer days for crying out loud...its been a week since we had a chilled glass of water..but nobody is listening. Whirpool sucks. Specially their after sales services do sucks.. Anybody listening?

Mrs & Mr Acharya

Oct 21, 2009 5:15 am

Is there any benefit to posting complaints here?

Oct 15, 2009 1:39 am

I have purchased on 230 ltr. mastermined delux black colour refrigeratore from Baranagar/Kolkata - 35 (sreema electronics) in august 2009. I found the door defective. then I consulted with the shop. the engineeer from the company came and verified the door, and the customer care service gave me one secret code number for job satisfaction. but more than one and half months past by. nothing has been done so far. nobody from the company contacted me from then. I called the customer care so many times but the same kind of assurance given to me by the call receiver the within a very short hour our executive will talk or meet at your home. this is realy un-satisfactory and disgusted from my point of view. one of my friend brought a samsung refrigeratore and faced the same problem. In his case the company replaced the frige within one day. please tell me why should one by your product. you company is a very prestigious company. please solve my problem immediately. thanking you with anticipation. Manoj Dutta. 3/3 Motilal Mullick lane, Baranagar, Kolkata - 35 (flat No. B/16) Ph. [protected]

Oct 06, 2009 11:42 am

i have purchased a 230 lt. whirlpool refrigirator[model no. GENIUS-XL STEEL] at 04-11-07 and after 16 month we observed some cracks and warmness at the bottom of it's opening near the bucket and there are some cracks inside the door so we complained to the seller from which we have purchased and he say that he will change the fridge if we give 1000 rupees to him but now he is changed and ask 15% of total amount and 500 rupees also. this is not our fault this is manufactured fault so please kindly help me dealer not give a appropriate solution we are compaining him from feb 2009.
Shri Rang pal singh
please inform me at [protected] & [protected]

Jun 24, 2009 11:57 pm

I had purchase whrilpool refigratior 3 years before, now i need to Know the addred of service station in Faridabad, India to attend my complaind, of compressor

yash dixit
mob: +91 [protected]

Jun 02, 2009 10:05 am

Its a good idea to share our experience with the service of Whirlpool. However, has any whirlpool guy read at least one of these complains? or has anyone got any benefit by posting them here?

May 15, 2009 10:03 am

For God's sake please dont buy Whirlpool brand refrigerators. The service provided by them is ridiculous.

I feel like shooting the Service people of Whirlpool.


May 04, 2009 9:44 am

This is seriously rediculous. I am tired of Whirlpool as well. I purchased a 310 litre ICEBERG Elite in 2006 and started having problem within few months of that. Their engineers were unable to rectify my process and ultimately I lodged a complaint with their customer care manager at Delhi office. Following is the letter I furnished.

The Customer Care Manager
Whirlpool, India

Sir / Madam

With due respect to the reputation of your esteemed company, I want to raise a complaint to you, only after failed to receive the service from the local chapters of yours in Kolkata.
I purchased a Whirpool 310 Ltrs. Elite (ICEBERG 310) refrigerator from Great Eastern Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata (Cash Memo # 11097, dated 28.01.2006) at a cost of Rs. 22800. The refrigerator was installed on 05.02.2006. Within few months of purchase, a problem started with the alarm switch and the sixth sense facility. The authorized service station, ZEN Services was contacted and they did a inspection on 14.03.2007 at a cost of Rs. 280. (Cash memo # 7160). They replaced the switch on 16.03.2007 without having any effect. The problem continued here after. They visited us multiple number of times without any fruitful result.
Later on, in my absence, my father contacted your New Delhi office and lodged a complaint (#KL0907005235, dated 20.09.2007) with them. This time service engineers again visited us but could not rectify our problem. After our repeated requests, they again visited us and put some thick packing between the switch and machine body and deformed the upper door permanently.
Sir/Madam, the whole process is an horrifying experience for me. My whole idea was to help my aging parents with a new refrigerator, which actually backfired and gave us enormous trouble. Before this we used a refrigerator for 16 years without any truoble. But this time, buying a top-of-the line refrigerator from a reputaed company put me in a great trouble. Now, without having any other option, I thought of writing you. I believe, if it was Whirlpool-USA, they would have replaced the whole unit at the very begining itself without raising any further question. Sir / Madam, can't I expect a similar type of customer service back home in India?
I shall be greatfull enough if you kindly take up the matter and help me resolving the issue. If you wish, I can furnish you all the documents and service professionals names whenever you want. But at this summertime I need a good working refrigerator at my house. Please help.

Yours faithfully
Shuvra Ghosh, Connecticut-USA

** So my sincere suggestions to all prospective buyers, please reconsider buying Whirpool Refrigerators if you do not want service problems at your house.

Feb 04, 2009 8:07 am

I registered a complant for 400L elite sym fridge for which I am holding an AMC up to 2010 which I got by paying Rs.2000 .on [protected] & complant no was given as 00012 and the same has been attended after three days . The service guy has told that the plastic fan part has to replaced and the next day he will bring the same and rectify the same . From that day onwards no service person has came and did the rectification. I have called many time and the reply was that thay will come the next day, after some time thay said the part is impoted one and has to be imported from Brazil and will take some time and asked to call after 10 days time, I called after 10 days only to know that they were lying and to avoid my follow thay told that thay never placed the order itself and follow up the reply was, the modle is discounted and a bail out option was offered. they requested to produce the purchase bill. Once I got the purchase bill now I was told have they will take out the particular part from other condemend fridge and will replace it to my Fridge. Is this is the way a Branded company like your with such a reputation, fool the customer . After entering into AMC upto 2010 by collecting Rs2000, is it not cheating the usear by not responding to the service that has tobe done. When the co. is not confident of providing the service upto 2010 why did collected the Amc. You can just imagine the agony that I have faced in following up with service people Now I am fed up with brand itself and writing with a hope atleast I should get the justis from you gentleman. and also request you none of your brand user should be cheated like this I am writing to you on [protected] after loosing all my hopes with the service people
Address:14-11-1221, beerbhan
State:Andhra Pradesh-Hyderabad
Email:[email protected]
Response Mode :Phone

Feb 02, 2009 10:52 am

i full agreed upon this type of complain we must made the fourme n bucot the whirlppol item i am also suffering this type of problme i had purchased washing maching n after geting the exten warrenty the service engerng say you have to chaged for item of replacement so what is the used of taking ext warrenty i strongly recommed pls dont buy any whirpool item as company repo is not good n making ppl fool

Jan 28, 2009 11:02 pm

I bought Refrigerator and Washing machine from chennai jainsons. Well i like to share the bad experience i had with whirlpool service technicians, my product arrived one week before the technician and we have been waiting and waiting, because the delivery people told us don't open the washing machine and refrigerator until the service technician come and he is the only person can open the packing. And if you open we are not accept if the product have any dent or damage any place so we waited. Well service technicians came after may be 8 calls we made with showroom people and also couple of visits also made to showroom asking to send service technicians, finally technician came yesterday and they gave big list to buy accessories from them. Trolley - Rs 1500.00., Cover - 500.00., clastride - 1800 Rs (they told clastride will take out iron contents out from water) and they not requesting to buy these items they are ordering us to buy these items. They also said if we not buy, the machine will broke. Well asked them please open the package and do the demo, they open the package and acted like they got call from their company and ran away gave some numbers to call them back, leave more mess in our house, we called and still they never show up. Basically i am resident of US and i know pretty much about these machines, and if the machine not work properly without accessories then they don't sell without them, we all know that but why they forcing us to buy from them only. How come the machine will broke without the stand. Also they telling us to buy voltage protector for refrigerator, But on machine they printed we never need to provide such a thing. And i called some of my friends and share my problems with them because they knew very well about service technicians, Interesting things they told me is, every service technician making about Rs 30, 000.00 extra money every month when selling accessories with extra money for their own pocket, that's why they forcing us to buy them. Innocent customers like us don't have a chance to know all this so think about it. I don't know how many people sharing this profit, because how come the department mangers getting blind. Why they don't want to know customer satisfaction. They get all the information in single phone call with customers like us. Well friends be careful with these people they tell you to buy all junks which is not required.

Jan 23, 2009 12:04 am

I purchased 310 Ltrs Whirlpool Fusion Maxigerator Freeze (Market Price 15000.00) in Last month Dec-08, due to some my personal problem i need some urgent money, So i want to sale the freeze

Regards/ Jaspreet Singh

Oct 13, 2008 1:43 am

Never BUY Whirlpool Fridge - Bad Customer Service
I raised a complaint about my 310 lts double door fridge on 30/09/2008 complaint no HD1008001420. Engineer Mr. Mahendra ( Mob No [protected]) visited my place on 1/09/2008 and diagnosed that fan of the fridge is not working and told me it will be repaired in two days. Since than I have called him many times generally he does not take my calls but on 4th he told me my fridge will be repaired on 6th.

Today when I called him he said he is not in office and told me to call on 040-[protected].This no is either busy or no body picks it up. Then again I called up service centre 040-[protected] some lady took my call and told me I will be attended within an hour. Still waiting for any response from whirlpool. My fridge is down from last 15 days I have given my replacement papers to Mr. Mahendra he told me he will tell me whether it will be a free repair nothing has happened till now.

After I bought the fridge within 6 months in the month of MAY it was replaced by you cause there was manufacturing defect in that. You charged extra for that since that model was in stock at that time.

Now again within 5 months this fridge is also giving problem. I will be spending 30% extra of the cost of the fridge within an year of purchase .I am seriously worried about the fridge Whirlpool are giving and quality of the services they are providing is pathetic.

Sep 28, 2008 4:39 am

It is a matter of sorrow that after several times complain through e-mail in your website/e-mail ID, I have not got any reply from your end. Basically this type of harassment was not happened in my life previously. Again I am strongly complain against your authorized service center M/s - Zen Service of BF-4, Rajarhat Road, Baguihati, Kolkata-700059, Near Arati Cinema, Ph. No. 033 – [protected]/[protected]. His conduct/behavior with the customer and as well as workmanship is very bad.
Again I am telling you that please replace the refrigerator by a new one. Because I don’t want any repair further again. Otherwise I will force to purchase another refrigerator. I hope after viewing all the facts you will sure replace my refrigerator.
Again I am furnishing my details for your reference. I strongly complain against your service after selling a product. Hope that after viewing all the facts you will take necessary action immediately and replace the same with a new one, so that I can relief from this problem forever & my family peace which was disturbed for the same may return and fulfill with happiness as was in past.
I would like to draw your kind attention that I am Sri Sanjib Kumar Deb, a govt. officer of Sports & Youth Services Department, Govt. of W.B. (Ph. No. 033-[protected] Res. & M. No. [protected]) have purchased a refrigerator (250 ltr, Mastermind Elite, C/N No. CTV/2568/07, Sl. No. INAO72709554) from Capital Electronics (V.I.P.), (Unit of Anand & Co. Electronics Pvt. Ltd.) of P-161, V.I.P. Road, Sch. VIIIM, Kolkata-700054, Ph. No. [protected]/7098/[protected] on 28.07.2007.
In this connection I want to state that, last few months on & from January, 2008 I am facing such a problem by this fridge/refrigerator which was not happen in my life previously and at the same time my family peace is also disturbed by the same. I have reported all the facts/problems minimum (10-15) times to Capital Electronics as well as local authorized service center named Zen Service of BF-4, Rajarhat Road, Baguihati, Kolkata-700059, Near Arati Cinema, Ph. No. 033 – [protected]/[protected] and they also visited my house minimum 10 times and after repair of each time they have told that “Sir it will not create any problem in future, if again it will happen we will replace the same with a new one”. But, unfortunately, I am facing the problems till now and getting no service for your branded production refrigerator. I have told minimum 100 times to Capital Electronics as well as local authorized service center that please replace the same, but I am fully hopeless regarding your service after sale of any product. In this modern generation no family can live without a refrigerator, whereas my family is living without refrigerator during a long period (more than six months). I am very much anxious and at the same time helpless also regarding the same matter.
Under the circumstances you are requested to take necessary steps so that I may escape from that problem forever and if possible please replace the same fridge by a new one. Treat this case as an extremely urgent.
Hope to receive your help & co-operation against your service which will also carry the good-will of company.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Sub-Asstt. Engineer (Electrical)
Sports & Youth Services Deptt. (Sports Wing)
Govt. of West Bengal

Sep 27, 2008 6:17 am

I have purchased a 230litre refrigerator of whirlpool in 2004. In 2008 Sept I heve problem with the compressor. The company have immediately replaced the compressor but they charged me total 950 rs. the replacement should have been done free of cost. For this I am very dissatisfied

Sep 27, 2008 4:00 am

Dear Sir,

Last four days I am Refrigirator is out of service. model no. 170E Red.
He had Seven Year warranty. Your Old Contact No. is Out of Service.

Please Your attitude towards complaints.

Our Resident Address is Given Below -:

Mr. Sanjay Parab.
105/A, Shivom Apartment,
2nd Floor, Keshav Nagar,
Chandansar Road,
Virar-( East),
Mobile No. +91 [protected]

Please Sent Your technician For service of Refrigarator.
Waiting for your kind Service.

Thanking You,

Your's Faithfully,

Sanjay Parab.

Sep 24, 2008 12:03 am


Customer ID: BG/C/0908/39893

On 13th of this month I have purchased Whirlpool 250L Elite steel mastermind refrigerator in Bangalore from GIRIAS(GANDHINAGAR ). Since that date I have been requesting on your call centre number for a demo, but no one has turned up till date.Apart from that the upper door in the refrigerator is not getting closed smoothly. Almost 20 times I might have called on your call centre number.

I really feel disgusted with the attitude of Whirlpool. Even I have lodged a complaint on 20th through your call centre. But all have been to no avail. I really feel surprised that it being such a big multinational company no one is ensuring whether a complaint is redressed or not.

Hope some one will take note of this & attend to my grievance today



Sep 02, 2008 11:57 pm

i purchase a VOLTAS VERTIS - PLUS 1 TON WINDOW..And it has been repaired 3 times since..The customer Care Service is too poor..When the Engineer Came he Started The compressor by throwing water on A.C. When i complained to customer the voltas did not receive any complaints. However I have stopped getting any response from Voltas Heads..
The Customer Care is totally useless and Even the Head does not bother. I trusted on Voltas A.C. But in future i Suggest to Other peoples not to purchase Voltas A.C. The voltas A.C are really Crap...

Aug 08, 2008 11:32 pm

Completely Agree! Whirlpool service is very very poor. Keep calling them and no one responds.
Peoples at Gurgaon service centre are very irresponsible.

Jul 22, 2008 1:55 am

compressor replacement under warranty period
Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
Company information:
whirlpool India LTD

Refer our complaint No.HD-[protected] dt 21.06.2008 and my
e-mail complaint dt 28.06.2008 wherein I have complained about non
functioning of my referred model refrigerator. Till now it is not rectified or
changed with new compressor for its normal functioning. I am put to lot of
loss and problem due to this non functioning of my fridge. Hence, I request
you to change the compressor with new one and rectify the problem for its
normal functioning immediately to avoid unpleasant situations for both of us.


Jul 02, 2008 4:58 am

I too have recently faced an issue with the Whirlpool 310 ltr Iceberg refrigerator which I purchased 6 months back. Can you imagine the Door of the huge 310 ltr fridge broke off, fell on my wife's foot. We had to invest a lot more than just money on this fridge - our blood an sweat (literally). Even after hearing & seeing the condition of the fridge the authorities shameless offered to change the hinges instead of the refrigerator. They agreed that this is one in thousand case but denied replacement of fridge. Not that I'm very excited to get a replacement from them, as I have lost my trust on their products. Its just that I don't want these irresponsible people to get away with this.

Don't understand how a company can place money over customer's safety. I have spoken to many helpless creatures at Whirlpool - from call centre rep, technician to Product quality head and Customer service Manager but all in vain.

Can anyone suggest if I have a good enough case to drag them to the consumer court or is there any other way by which I could ensure that these rats don't get away easily. You can also reach me at [protected]


Jun 20, 2008 8:08 am

My refregerateo not working

Date of Purchase 01.01.2008 Address, Mundidueli, Kamakhyanagar, Orissa
Phone- [protected]

Jun 14, 2008 2:52 am


I am feeling like I had a big mistake by buying Whirlphool AC.
I am very much convinced with Voltas and Carrier AC's working in my home and office.

I have purchased Voltas Mastermind 1.5 ton AC. Dealer Amba AirCool Pvt ltd. assured me with the best service and satisfactory results of this AC and convinced on new features provided by Whirlphool ' Six sence and MPFi techno.

I purchased Ac on 8-6-08 and paid the installation charges Rs. 500 in advance. Till date it not properly installed Several call been made but they keep on delaying saying that they are sending someone to check it.

Cooling is not workign it keep on dropping voltage.

Several complaints lodged with customer care but still no solution is provided.
AC is not working properly ...

He charged Rs. 500 for installation

May 16, 2008 2:28 am

Hello !

I too was very impressed with Whirlpool FF 450 Inox Professional Refrigerator, and was about to book the same. Thanks to you all for putting your feedback and saving my life from putting it in hell …………

Due to poor product quality and worst services from Whirlpool you all are really upset and in deep trouble. Practically I can’t do much for you but I can suggest something and sure, it should work.

1. Collect feedback, from unsatisfied customers in a standardized format.
2. Escalate complaints to Whirlpool India as well International.
3. Take these complaints to one centralized court (Consumer Court)

Something should work out…

And very important SPEAK UP ! So at least people who are planning to jump in to hell buying Whirlpool products could be saved.

Thanks & regards.

Manoj Ranade.

May 15, 2008 3:59 am

I wish I has seen these posts before I bought my Whirlpool 260L Elite refrigerator in Bangalore from UNILET.
I am facing the exact same problem these people are facing. I bought my refrigerator last year and had cooling problems 4 times since. The last problem arose around 1 week before the warranty was to expire. On raising a complaint a serviceman visited and said a component needs to be replaced and would come the next day. That was the last I heard of him. I keep calling the service center on the number [protected] for more than 15 days and even the UNILET showroom. Each time they say they are sending the service person within a few hours ! but nobody turns up.
I am going to complain to the Consumer Disputes Redressed Forum in Bangalore.
Whirlpool has the most inferior parts in their refrigerator and their service is pathetic and they are deceitful.
Never in my life will my family and friends buy another Whirlpool product.
Kajole and Ajay if you are reading this please dont promote deceitful Whirlpool, it will ruin your image.

May 13, 2008 2:17 am

Refrigirator not cooling

Apr 28, 2008 8:23 am


Customer ID: HR/C/0408/11047








Apr 15, 2008 3:05 am

i bought a inverter of whirlpool few days back as it was the first time that whirlpool was selling inverters so i bought that thinking it would be good enough to satisfy me as i am residing in vaishali and their is a lot of power cuts in vaishali nearly 7-8 hours daily so i bought their latest model of inverter of 800 kva but the moment i buyed that they gave me their first defected piece and at the time of installation we found that it is defective so we replaced that at the same time and they gave us their next piece it worked well for 2-3 hours till the time of charging after that whent their was a power cut it was creating irritating noise after every half an hour after that we registered the complaint with whirlpool and the person visited in my home almost next day saying that inverter is ok and will be taken as under observation well good enough after four days of suffering they didn't visited of their own so we called them back for complaint
and they din't visted at their given time we called them back again they again gave us time and din't visited again so we gave them the call back and got another time again they din't visited after that an executive called us at an unscheduled time for visit incidiently we were out in market at that time so we asked them to visit next day. finally executive visited us and said that again that the inverter is okay nearly we suffered 10-12 days just listening the same line your inverter is okay he called his supervisior and he said that company has added up a new feature of creating beep sound after every half an
hour for indicating that their is a power cut well it was the engineer named rajeev working in whirlpool who said that to me and the executive who visited in my home was mr sushil well this feature of inverter is not mentioned in their booklet nor in their advertisements think bout it that you are sleeing next to your inverter which is
creating irritating beep sound after every half an hour at the time of power cut. Mr rajeev told me that he will visit us again after 3-4 days and you kknow what it is like they didn't even care about their customers that their customers are suffering or what. This was the first time i buyed the product of whirlpool nd i am sure that i am never going to buy ant product of whirlpool again and i will advise all my friends that they should never buy any whirlpool product.
if you want to cross verify my report ou can
my name is shubhneet goel
we bought this inverter on 26/03/08
this inverter is on my father's name Sri S.P Goel
my customer id no. is GB/c/0408/7181
my complaint no. is GB0408000118 registered at 01/04/08
my phone no. is [protected]
i am writing this on 15/04/08

Feb 01, 2008 9:13 am

give price rate of all whirlpool refrigertor in Rs

Jan 28, 2008 5:14 pm

I purchased 405 prof Dix St on 26/01/08 from
Electronics Bazaar Mulund Mumbai.
No installation done till today inspite of calls
made. different colour regri. sent.
No spl. gifts send as promise (Bombay Dying set)
Home solutions retail india Ltd
cash memo T42/3343
my tel [protected] or moblile [protected]
A 501 riddhi siddhi chs.
L.B.S marg Bhandup (w)
mumbai 400078.

Jan 12, 2008 6:00 pm

We had bough whirlpool 400 ltr refrigrator about 3 years back. We have been calling the whirlpool technician almost every 6 months from the day it was bought. After every 6 months we face the issue of the refrigerator automatically switching off. Because of this we are asked to replace a autocut swith evry 6 months. The reason that was told to us was that this happens dueto Voltage fluctuation. Because of this we even bought a 2000 Rs voltage stabilizer from whirlpool but still we have been facing the same issue. I am fedup of the refrigerator and am planning to sell it out. I would request everyone never to buy any product from whirlpool as their customer care support is a nightmare. Apart from that the technician charges 400 Rs from each visit that he makes.


Nov 30, 2007 4:21 am

Can anyone give me customer care contact nos. of whirlpool in MUMBAI?

Other than An all India number [protected] for MTNL/BSNL users is available.

Thanks in advance.

Nov 10, 2007 4:42 am

After reading all these complaints I am quite a worried man because I have just made a purchase of whirlpool product. I should have read all these before committing the blunder.

Oct 27, 2007 12:09 am

This is a complaint against Whirlpool Company. Last week on Thursday near my residence Whirlpool promotional camp was going on, there was an attendant, Asif Iqbal, who is a really a fraud and they are making people fool. We needed a washing machine under exchange offer as our old washing machine was having some problem so we thought to buy a new one. This guy, Asif Iqual, told us there was a promotional offer from Whirlpool in which we take your old machine in Rs 3000 and give you a new one at Rs 6270. He told us the price of new machine is around Rs 8400. He had also told us about Diwali gift and scratch card. I did not get it confirmed about this exchange offer from any other whirlpool showroom and gave him a cheque of Rs 6270. After receiving new machine I found that on receiving papers there are no exchange offer mentioned, and NIT Faridabad branch are making people fool. This is really a very cheap trick to sale products. I am also going to police station for this fraud as there was no exchange offer and the actual rate of this new machine is Rs 6200. I have confirmed this going other showrooms after this incident. We had received this new machine three days ago. I am also going to lodge a complaint in consumer court. This is really a very cheap thing. I am very angry on this guy. His mobile number is [protected], I am trying to contact him but some other guy is picking phone every time and he is not telling me about Asif Iqbal.

If the Whirlpool main branch has something to say, call me on my mobile number.

Shahnawaz Khan


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