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I have purchased 230 liters refrigerator from dealer situated in opera house (mumbai-india). Within 3 days there was complaint lodged with companies call center. Service person visited and attended the complaint. After that at intervals service person was called for various complaints 4 times. During 6th complaint attended we informed call center to replace as the guarantee period left is very less and the service report also indicated about replacement but there is no response from the complaint. Since yesterday again the fridge is found not working silently and again we will have to call service person for 7th time. I am not at all satisfied with refrigerator bought from whirlpool.

  • Whirlpool's response · Aug 02, 2017

    KAMAL, we're very sorry to learn of your concerns regarding your Refrigerator. Unfortunately we are unable to offer assistance to those residing outside of the United States. Please visit https://www.wh...oolindia.com/ for assistance in your region.


  • Mu
    Mukul Dhingra May 21, 2007

    Completely Agree! Whirlpool is the pits when it comes to service. Keep calling them and no one responds.

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  • De
    Devender Kumar May 22, 2007

    I have purchased 310 liters refrigerator from dealer situated in TRIBHUBHAN (KHANPUR), DELHI. Within 6 month days there was complaint lodged with companies call center. Service person visited and attended the complaint. After that at intervals service person was called for various complaints 20 times. During 21th complaint attended we informed call center to replace as the guarantee period left is very less and the service report also indicated about replacement but there is no response from the complaint. At present again the fridge is found not working silently and again we will have to call service person for 22nd time. I am not at all satisfied with refrigerator bought from whirlpool.

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  • Ja
    Jagdish Parsad May 26, 2007

    I also purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator on 15th March from Kapila Electronics, Janakpuri, New Delhi. After installation it did not work as the gas was not circulating in the pipes. It was replaced in evening. The second refrigerator is also giving trouble. The gasket of lower door (Model Iceberg 310 ltr. DLX) is not in full contact of the body. Result the cooling is not effective.I complained on 14th May, and a service engineer came from Ramesh Nagar, center but the problem persists.I again called the service center on 17th May and the same service engineer came and informed that the lower door has to be replaced. He assured to replace within 5 days. But till date there is no response. I have called Call Center also today but no response. My complaint No.is DL0507013146 dated 14.05.07. Will someone higher up please respond? My experience is not very good.

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  • Ga
    gagan deep singh May 29, 2007

    I had purchased a refrigerator 2 days back which makes a hell lot of noise, the service center teh. says this is whirlpool special noise and can not be mended, that my house is serene/calm, guides me to use a stabilizer, says all refrig. will make similar noise ,etc etc...

    While the siblings i checked were quiet. Earlier the dealer delivered me used / demo set which i had earlier refused to buy.

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  • Kt
    k.t.singh Jun 13, 2007

    We had purchased a whirlpool 310 Refrigerator from M/s Om Electronics, Rohini Delhi on 8th March, 2006. That in May 2006, the cooling and freezing capacity of the Fridge suddenly went down. In freezer department, ice could not formed even after 10-12 hours and in the lower department, milk, flour and other eatable items got spoiled. On lodging the complaint with service department, service Engineer Mr. Rajiv visited in May 2006. On inspecting the fridge externally without opening any screws etc. he simply adjusted the regulator knobs and told us that there is not any major technical snag and it will work smoothly. On watching for one-two days, it slightly improved and by the time weather conditions also changed in view of rain and lowering of temperature. After running smoothly for few days, on rising of temperature and humidity the same problem again reoccurred. On lodging the complaint another Engineer inspected the fridge and told that due to frequent electricity cuts and voltage fluctuations, there is problem of freezing of ice and it would be alright once climate changes. This problem continued on and off but once climate changed in October, we did not bother as cooling needs decline in winter.

    Now in June 2007 again the same problem occurred on 8-9.6.2007. On lodging the complaint, Engineer Mr. Rajiv visited on 11.6.2007. He opened the freezer screws and told that there appears to be less Gas and that is why cooling has declined. He told that for refilling of gas is required which would cost around Rs.1100/- plus transportation of around Rs.390/-. On our arguing with him that this problem persists since last year and occurred with in three months of the purchase of Fridge, we should not be charged any amount, he told to contact his Head Office or service center. On calling the service centre, I got in contact over telephone with one Mr. Santosh after dialing the number tens of time. Mr. Santosh told me that this kind of problem generally occurs in the winters as these fridges are generally works up to temperatures of 41-42 degree. Since the temperature is now beyond 44, this kind of problem may reoccur. There may not be any leakage of gas, however, I may re-lodge my complaint with customer care center.

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  • Kt
    k.t.singh Jun 13, 2007

    There appear to be Whirlpool Company/ Dealer/service center nexus to fool the poor customer and loot their valuable money. The refrigerators of whirlpool are not at all suitable for Indian market.

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  • Ra
    Rajnesh Kumar Sinha Jul 14, 2007

    MY CUSTOMER iDD NO IS "GB/C/0707/22320"

    I have called Whirlpool service center at lease 8 time from 8th July 07 for my refrigerator but no one have time to visit to my house & solve my problem. My wife is waiting every day that service eng will come.

    On Friday 13th July Whirlpool customer care executive Mr. Nagi told me that please be available in your house on Saturday 14th July 07. I am waiting for so called service eng than at last again I called to service center and just now some body Mr Manoj called me from Delhi phone no 01146015212 and told me it will take some more day's because they do not have compressor in stock.

    Please tell me how many times company required complain from customer!!!

    Very bad service support!

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  • Su
    sudesh luthra Aug 09, 2007

    I also purchased Whirlpool 340 litre elite iceberg INA 072802605 Refrigerator from Nayyar Electronic City, C-573, Saraswati Vihar, Delhi on 29/7/2007. On the same day of purchase, the refrigerator started giving problems. The complaint No. 807000943 was lodged in this regard on 30/7/2007. The engineer visited on Thursday i.e. 2/8/2007 and reported that there was leakage of gas and the refrigerator needed repairs. While taking up the issue with the company as well as dealer the refrigerator was replaced on 4/8/2007. The replaced refrigerator INA 072802197 even started giving problems. The nob of the fridge and the nob of the door have frozen. The frost in the freezer compartment is too much and everything left in it is frozen. Even the refrigerator after the cut off does not work and the ice starts melting. After switching on and off the main switch, it starts working. The complaint in this regard was made with Ms. Shiza on 95129-6451030 on 6/8/2007. The deputed person for demo visited on 7/8/2007 and initially stated that there was some problem which the engineer may check. The formal complaint No. 0807003478 was lodged on 7/8/2007 in this regard. The engineer visited on 8/8/2007 and stated that the freezing of air flow nob as well as door nob would be controlled with some oiling. I am surprised how the temporary relief given by the oil can solve the problem as stated by him. Some engineer again visited on 9/8/2007 and stated the problem may be due to gas leakage and it would be checked by the representative of the company. When I requested the engineer to visit after 6 P.M., he was rude enough to say that the company can depute engineer only during day hour i.e. between 10 AM and 5 PM.

    I had purchased refrigerator with the very good reputation of Whirlpool, however, I am really disappointed with the performance of the product. I feel cheated by the company. Not only the product is not performing satisfactorily, the service of the Company is also very disappointing. Since I am working as Director in Lok Sabha Secretariat and on a responsible position and my nature of duties are such that I can't spare time for keeping waiting for engineers and unnecessary hassles. For the last 10 days, I am feeling disappointed and lot of inconvenience is caused to me.

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Kumar Aug 18, 2007

    Very third class service. I recently purchased a whirlpool 310 lt fridge. Its door was not getting closed properly. I registered the complaint with the dealer first. After 20 days their engineer came and he said it needs repair. I said I want to go ahead with replacement. Its 10th day the fridge is till not replaced. Everytime they commit some time and they never turn up. I really want my money back now and will never buy any whirlpool appliance in future and will make sure no one from my family and friends buy their appliance. Pathetic service. I escalated the matter to Narender and Manoj as well but its of no use at all. NEVER BUY ANY APPLIANCE FROM WHIRPOOL. HOPELESS SERVICE, HOPELESS PEOPLE.

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  • Ar
    Archana Lakshmanan Aug 21, 2007

    I purchased a 450 liter fridge ( model no. FF 450 Elite , chassis no. 6196143 ) from the WHIRLPOOL factory through their direct marketing agency ‘ M/S V. MARKETING ’ ,X – 48 Okhla Phase –II , New Delhi – 110 020, vide invoice no. 490 , Book no. 10 dated 10.02.07 for Rs.20,700 for my new house in Gurgaon. The fridge had a warranty of 1 year. Within one month the fridge started giving problems. The Whirlpool service centre was contacted and a service engineer visited the residence and changed some parts. On returning from my office , I realized that the fridge was not working, so once again I contacted the service centre. They came after two days and changed the compressor. Even after changing the compressor the fridge was not working, so an engineer came and filled up gas. Since the fridge was still not working, the compressor was once again changed but still the fridge was not working. In this heat no one can imagine what my family went through. I had to buy meals from outside as I could not keep any food in the fridge and had to throw away an enormous amount of food which had got spoilt.

    I have been constantly ringing up the service centre and contacting various officials of Whirlpool for the last two months. After a lot of persuasion they finally agreed to replace the fridge. Later they told me that they could not give a 450 litres model, as they said that the model had been discontinued. I was forced to agree to take a 400 litre fridge as a replacement. Whirlpool took one week’s time to process my request. Finally on 18th July after making all the promises for replacing the fridge they informed me that a 400 litres fridge would cost Rs 33,625 and I should make a bank draft for the balance amount of Rs 12,925. I got the draft made and was waiting for the delivery of the fridge as promised. They then informed me that a 400 litres model was also not available and I should accept a 350 litres fridge. On 19th July, I informed Whirlpool that the 400 litres fridge was available with many dealers at a cost of Rs29,000. After keeping us hanging for months, they were also charging us extra for the 400 litre model. They informed me that they were contacting the dealers and would try and get the fridge by 21st July, but till date it has not been delivered. The officers of Whirlpool mentioned below have told me that nothing can be done and they are not giving me the names of senior officers whom I can approach for addressing my complaints.

    The Whirlpool dealer as well as the factory officials have stopped answering my telephone calls. I am still suffering without the fridge and a house full of guests.

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  • Su
    Sudhir Aug 29, 2007

    Well, I don't want to add to the statistics of dissatisfied Whirlpool customers. I am surprised after reading so many complaints of users about poor quality/service by Whirlpool why nobody has bothered to drag the company to the courts.

    Consumer courts are there in each district and they take these matters very seriously.

    My problem with the refrigerator is similar to all the complaints mentioned here, if they insist on charging me (Now it is 17 months but same recurring problem) I am sure going to take them to courts.


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  • Ra
    Rajan Gandhi Sep 01, 2007

    Oh my God ! What to say now, well i was planning to buy a whirlpool 400 Lt refrigerator very soon but after going through the website and seeing the enormous complaints filed by the customers and the response of the company, i might reconsider buying this brand. I thought that this brand was respected around the world. But if Whirlpool cant serve the world's largest democracy with commitment and satisfaction to its customers, it may lose on its good part of the business... Now i am just so confused, should i go for it or not...

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  • Lt
    Lt Col Ashit Ranjan Sep 06, 2007

    I have a Whirlpool refrigerator 350 ltr. My refrigerator stopped functioning about six months ago and I had to pay Rs 3500/ for replacing a defective part. The fridge again started giving problems and after repeated complaints a trial and error method was adopted by the totally clueless service mechanic. Three parts have been changed in a span of two months but still the problem is not rectified. Every time one component is changed and I am told to observe the functioning and it takes a minimum 15 days and repeated reminders for the service personnel to respond. Repeated complaints on the company website and letters to the top executives have failed to evoke any response.

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  • As
    ASHU GUPTA Sep 12, 2007

    I also purchased Whirlpool 340 litre elite iceberg INA 054007202 Refrigerator from BEHL Electronic Haridwar on 18.12.05. Onarrival of delivery at resience one leg of the refrigerator was bent and after complaint the same was repaired to some extent with little bit balance of refrigerator.
    Immediately after one yr of purchase refrigerator stopped cooling and rather heating the food products stored. On complaint a fellow came from service centre and said that its heater is not working and needs to replaced. He didn't turn up to repair the same. Again after several complaints with local service centre and regional centre at Dehra Dun a different person came saying that its fan is not working and needs replacement which will be replaced if AMC of 2 years at a cost of Rs. 3492/- is entered into. Marta kya na karta gave money for AMC but after one week only the fan was replaced and another part of door closer, som plastic strip broken is not replaced since April'07 and don't know how much phone complaints I have registered with agent at Haridwar, Dehra Dun and Ghaziabad. This has resulted in non-working of refrigerator because lower door is not shut properly and its rubber lining has also got week and left its place.

    I had purchased refrigerator with the very good reputation of Whirlpool, however, I am really disappointed with the performance of the product. I feel cheated by the company. Not only the product is not performing satisfactorily, the service of the Company is also very disappointing. Since I am working and can't spare time for keeping waiting for engineers and unnecessary hassles I am planning to go to consumer court and needs my money back. For the last 5 months, I am feeling disappointed and lot of inconvenience is caused to me.

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  • Va
    Vaibhav Garg Sep 20, 2007

    In simple words, buying whirlpool referigrators is just like putting your hands in the hell.
    I also purchased one last year but it is giving probs every month and no one is there to attend you.

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  • Su
    sudheer Sep 24, 2007

    Unhappy with WhirlPool service along with BigBazaar. For bigbazaar my call never went to store mgr even calling nth times for complaint. The problem as reported by most, no cooling within 2 days and always shows freezer section as defrost status (water droplets all over). After calling >20 times that for 2 weeks and finally replaced.

    Finally got replacement yesterday with different available color and no idea how this will perform.
    you know what! only a service boy comes to place the refrigerator at home from auto, holding the package wiring and lifting. A person from bigbazaar initially and one person from whirlpool while replacing.

    Demo or service technicians seems hurry burry and says something to resolve temporarily.

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  • An
    Anant Pandit Oct 02, 2007

    We had purchased WHIRLPOOL – H65 washing machine on 26/12/03 with chasis no. 0336604126 for Rs 17,600. since the start the machine has given us some or the other trouble. Earlier motor broke down, then circuit board got faulty and now again that replaced circuit board too isn’t working. We have been in touch with Pankaj Electronics, Bhiwadi but they aren’t much of help. For every visit they have been charging Rs200. now a board which was fixed like last year they asking for charges again. Purchasing a high end product from a supposedly world class company is pretty let down.

    Useless Company

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  • Mr
    mr mukesh parekh Oct 10, 2007

    I have purchased washing machine but it has not worked properly any single day. Call center person has not sent the engineer for 6 days. I would suggest everyone not to buy any of the Whirlpool products and to tell you miss Chitrali the person at call center is the pathetic one. She cant even fulfill the commitment given by herself.

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  • Ra
    Rahul Bhatnagar Oct 11, 2007

    I have purchased 310 liters refrigerator from dealer situated in Lucknow, UP. Within 3 days there was complaint lodged with companies call center. Service person visited and attended the complaint. After that at intervals service person was called for various complaints 3rd times. During 4th complaint attended we informed call center to replace as the guarantee period left is very less and the service report also indicated about replacement but there is no response from the complaint. Since yesterday again the fridge is found not working silently and again we will have to call service person for 5th time. I am not at all satisfied with refrigerator bought from Whirlpool. Plz smb tell me what should I do?

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  • Uc
    UC Jain Oct 15, 2007

    I purchased the “Fusion Maxigerator 6 sence” of your company from “Next “ retail shop ludhiana on 9th April,07 vide bill no BTC/07-08/74.

    But the company did not bother to depute any person to my residence for installation and demonstration of the refrigerator.

    On 21st September.07, the cooling in the refrigerator stopped all of a sudden & I lodged a complaint with Next retail shop which, in turn, forwarded the complaint to Whirlpool service center who charged Rs.2000 for replacing the freezer despite covered under warranty period & fridge was delivered to me on 30th September,07 i.e. after 9 days. The detail is as under-
    • The representative of the service centre visited my residence on 24th September,07 & after inspection could not locate the fault & informed that the instrument has to be shifted to workshop for locating the fault.
    • On 25th September,07 , he informed on phone that there is a cut mark by knife in the rear portion of the base of the freezer & the freezer has to be replaced. The service centre refused to replace the freezer & insisted me to pay Rs.2000 . As the refrigerator was in their possession. I had no other alternative but to pay the money.
    • On 28th September,07, the service station owner informed me on phone that the refrigerator has been repaired.
    • I went to service station at 7:00p.m. & requested the owner to send the refrigerator to my residence. The owner asked me to pay Rs.2000 to which I agreed with the request that the fridge should be sent immediately. But he informed me that it will be sent next day.
    • I paid him Rs.1000 with the promise that the balance of Rs.1000 will be paid as soon as the refrigerator reaches my residence to which he agreed.
    • But on 29th September,07 , he didn’t send it & when I phoned him in the evening, he insisted that the refrigerator will only be sent after I pay him the balance amount at his office. As I have no other alternative , I went to his office on 30th September,07 paid him the balance amount & then he sent the fridge to my residence.
    In the above context, I may bring into notice the following points-
    1. It was the duty of your company to depute some qualified person for installation of refrigerator at my residence.
    2. We are 3 members in my house & all are literate & know how to use the electronic goods.
    3. Further we don’t require any ice in the month of September when the climate is not a lot hot.
    4. If, for a moment, it is supposed that it was a cut made by knife, how it can be made at the rear end of the base of freezer especially when it is covered with a utensil containing ice. As such the plea of service station that the cut been made by knife in freezer is not maintainable.
    5. Moreover, the representative did not locate the fault at my residence & informed me about it only when the refrigerator reached their workshop.

    As such, I had to pay Rs.2000 for no fault of mine though refrigerator was in warranty period & it was duty of service station to replace the defected part but he rather made me responsible for it. Further the service station didn’t send refrigerator to my place even after payment of Rs.1000 with the promise that the balance will be paid after refrigerator reaches my house.

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  • Sh
    Shahnawaz Khan Oct 27, 2007

    This is a complaint against Whirlpool Company. Last week on Thursday near my residence Whirlpool promotional camp was going on, there was an attendant, Asif Iqbal, who is a really a fraud and they are making people fool. We needed a washing machine under exchange offer as our old washing machine was having some problem so we thought to buy a new one. This guy, Asif Iqual, told us there was a promotional offer from Whirlpool in which we take your old machine in Rs 3000 and give you a new one at Rs 6270. He told us the price of new machine is around Rs 8400. He had also told us about Diwali gift and scratch card. I did not get it confirmed about this exchange offer from any other whirlpool showroom and gave him a cheque of Rs 6270. After receiving new machine I found that on receiving papers there are no exchange offer mentioned, and NIT Faridabad branch are making people fool. This is really a very cheap trick to sale products. I am also going to police station for this fraud as there was no exchange offer and the actual rate of this new machine is Rs 6200. I have confirmed this going other showrooms after this incident. We had received this new machine three days ago. I am also going to lodge a complaint in consumer court. This is really a very cheap thing. I am very angry on this guy. His mobile number is 9212618098, I am trying to contact him but some other guy is picking phone every time and he is not telling me about Asif Iqbal.

    If the Whirlpool main branch has something to say, call me on my mobile number.

    Shahnawaz Khan

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  • Ra
    Ramesh Nov 10, 2007

    After reading all these complaints I am quite a worried man because I have just made a purchase of whirlpool product. I should have read all these before committing the blunder.

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  • Mu
    Munjal Shah Nov 30, 2007

    Can anyone give me customer care contact nos. of whirlpool in MUMBAI??

    Other than An all India number 1860-180-4558 for MTNL/BSNL users is available.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Su
    Sunil Bajaj Jan 12, 2008

    We had bough whirlpool 400 ltr refrigrator about 3 years back. We have been calling the whirlpool technician almost every 6 months from the day it was bought. After every 6 months we face the issue of the refrigerator automatically switching off. Because of this we are asked to replace a autocut swith evry 6 months. The reason that was told to us was that this happens dueto Voltage fluctuation. Because of this we even bought a 2000 Rs voltage stabilizer from whirlpool but still we have been facing the same issue. I am fedup of the refrigerator and am planning to sell it out. I would request everyone never to buy any product from whirlpool as their customer care support is a nightmare. Apart from that the technician charges 400 Rs from each visit that he makes.


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  • Hu
    Hubert Dsouza Jan 28, 2008

    I purchased 405 prof Dix St on 26/01/08 from
    Electronics Bazaar Mulund Mumbai.
    No installation done till today inspite of calls
    made. different colour regri. sent.
    No spl. gifts send as promise (Bombay Dying set)
    Home solutions retail india Ltd
    cash memo T42/3343
    my tel 25940302 or moblile 9821292780
    A 501 riddhi siddhi chs.
    L.B.S marg Bhandup (w)
    mumbai 400078.

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  • Ma
    maninder Feb 01, 2008

    give price rate of all whirlpool refrigertor in Rs

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  • Sh
    shubhneet Apr 15, 2008

    i bought a inverter of whirlpool few days back as it was the first time that whirlpool was selling inverters so i bought that thinking it would be good enough to satisfy me as i am residing in vaishali and their is a lot of power cuts in vaishali nearly 7-8 hours daily so i bought their latest model of inverter of 800 kva but the moment i buyed that they gave me their first defected piece and at the time of installation we found that it is defective so we replaced that at the same time and they gave us their next piece it worked well for 2-3 hours till the time of charging after that whent their was a power cut it was creating irritating noise after every half an hour after that we registered the complaint with whirlpool and the person visited in my home almost next day saying that inverter is ok and will be taken as under observation well good enough after four days of suffering they didn't visited of their own so we called them back for complaint
    and they din't visted at their given time we called them back again they again gave us time and din't visited again so we gave them the call back and got another time again they din't visited after that an executive called us at an unscheduled time for visit incidiently we were out in market at that time so we asked them to visit next day. finally executive visited us and said that again that the inverter is okay nearly we suffered 10-12 days just listening the same line your inverter is okay he called his supervisior and he said that company has added up a new feature of creating beep sound after every half an
    hour for indicating that their is a power cut well it was the engineer named rajeev working in whirlpool who said that to me and the executive who visited in my home was mr sushil well this feature of inverter is not mentioned in their booklet nor in their advertisements think bout it that you are sleeing next to your inverter which is
    creating irritating beep sound after every half an hour at the time of power cut. Mr rajeev told me that he will visit us again after 3-4 days and you kknow what it is like they didn't even care about their customers that their customers are suffering or what. This was the first time i buyed the product of whirlpool nd i am sure that i am never going to buy ant product of whirlpool again and i will advise all my friends that they should never buy any whirlpool product.
    if you want to cross verify my report ou can
    my name is shubhneet goel
    we bought this inverter on 26/03/08
    this inverter is on my father's name Sri S.P Goel
    my customer id no. is GB/c/0408/7181
    my complaint no. is GB0408000118 registered at 01/04/08
    my phone no. is 09711105715
    i am writing this on 15/04/08

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  • Ch
    Chiranjib Roy Chowdhury Apr 28, 2008


    Customer ID: HR/C/0408/11047

    C-64A, II FLOOR,
    SECTOR-11, FARIDABAD-121006,







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  • Pr
    Pratibha May 13, 2008

    Refrigirator not cooling

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  • Jo
    John May 15, 2008

    I wish I has seen these posts before I bought my Whirlpool 260L Elite refrigerator in Bangalore from UNILET.
    I am facing the exact same problem these people are facing. I bought my refrigerator last year and had cooling problems 4 times since. The last problem arose around 1 week before the warranty was to expire. On raising a complaint a serviceman visited and said a component needs to be replaced and would come the next day. That was the last I heard of him. I keep calling the service center on the number 60008558 for more than 15 days and even the UNILET showroom. Each time they say they are sending the service person within a few hours ! but nobody turns up.
    I am going to complain to the Consumer Disputes Redressed Forum in Bangalore.
    Whirlpool has the most inferior parts in their refrigerator and their service is pathetic and they are deceitful.
    Never in my life will my family and friends buy another Whirlpool product.
    Kajole and Ajay if you are reading this please dont promote deceitful Whirlpool, it will ruin your image.

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  • Ma
    Manoj Ranade May 16, 2008

    Hello !

    I too was very impressed with Whirlpool FF 450 Inox Professional Refrigerator, and was about to book the same. Thanks to you all for putting your feedback and saving my life from putting it in hell …………

    Due to poor product quality and worst services from Whirlpool you all are really upset and in deep trouble. Practically I can’t do much for you but I can suggest something and sure, it should work.

    1. Collect feedback, from unsatisfied customers in a standardized format.
    2. Escalate complaints to Whirlpool India as well International.
    3. Take these complaints to one centralized court (Consumer Court)

    Something should work out…

    And very important SPEAK UP !!! So at least people who are planning to jump in to hell buying Whirlpool products could be saved.

    Thanks & regards.

    Manoj Ranade.

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  • An
    Ankur Patial Jun 14, 2008


    I am feeling like I had a big mistake by buying Whirlphool AC.
    I am very much convinced with Voltas and Carrier AC's working in my home and office.

    I have purchased Voltas Mastermind 1.5 ton AC. Dealer Amba AirCool Pvt ltd. assured me with the best service and satisfactory results of this AC and convinced on new features provided by Whirlphool ' Six sence and MPFi techno.

    I purchased Ac on 8-6-08 and paid the installation charges Rs. 500 in advance. Till date it not properly installed Several call been made but they keep on delaying saying that they are sending someone to check it.

    Cooling is not workign it keep on dropping voltage.

    Several complaints lodged with customer care but still no solution is provided.
    AC is not working properly ...

    He charged Rs. 500 for installation

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  • Dh
    Dhuba Nayak Jun 20, 2008

    My refregerateo not working

    Date of Purchase 01.01.2008 Address, Mundidueli, Kamakhyanagar, Orissa
    Phone- 9937041497

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  • Kv
    KV Jul 02, 2008

    I too have recently faced an issue with the Whirlpool 310 ltr Iceberg refrigerator which I purchased 6 months back. Can you imagine the Door of the huge 310 ltr fridge broke off, fell on my wife's foot. We had to invest a lot more than just money on this fridge - our blood an sweat (literally). Even after hearing & seeing the condition of the fridge the authorities shameless offered to change the hinges instead of the refrigerator. They agreed that this is one in thousand case but denied replacement of fridge. Not that I'm very excited to get a replacement from them, as I have lost my trust on their products. Its just that I don't want these irresponsible people to get away with this.

    Don't understand how a company can place money over customer's safety. I have spoken to many helpless creatures at Whirlpool - from call centre rep, technician to Product quality head and Customer service Manager but all in vain.

    Can anyone suggest if I have a good enough case to drag them to the consumer court or is there any other way by which I could ensure that these rats don't get away easily. You can also reach me at 9323001695


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  • Sv
    S V SUNDAR KUMAR Jul 22, 2008

    compressor replacement under warranty period
    Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
    Company information:
    whirlpool India LTD

    Refer our complaint No.HD-0608007172 dt 21.06.2008 and my
    e-mail complaint dt 28.06.2008 wherein I have complained about non
    functioning of my referred model refrigerator. Till now it is not rectified or
    changed with new compressor for its normal functioning. I am put to lot of
    loss and problem due to this non functioning of my fridge. Hence, I request
    you to change the compressor with new one and rectify the problem for its
    normal functioning immediately to avoid unpleasant situations for both of us.


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  • As
    ASHISH MATHUR Aug 08, 2008

    Completely Agree! Whirlpool service is very very poor. Keep calling them and no one responds.
    Peoples at Gurgaon service centre are very irresponsible.

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  • An
    Anuj Kumar Sep 02, 2008

    i purchase a VOLTAS VERTIS - PLUS 1 TON WINDOW..And it has been repaired 3 times since..The customer Care Service is too poor..When the Engineer Came he Started The compressor by throwing water on A.C. When i complained to customer the voltas did not receive any complaints. However I have stopped getting any response from Voltas Heads..
    The Customer Care is totally useless and Even the Head does not bother. I trusted on Voltas A.C. But in future i Suggest to Other peoples not to purchase Voltas A.C. The voltas A.C are really Crap...

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  • Sh
    Shashank Shekhar Dash Sep 24, 2008


    Customer ID: BG/C/0908/39893

    On 13th of this month I have purchased Whirlpool 250L Elite steel mastermind refrigerator in Bangalore from GIRIAS(GANDHINAGAR ). Since that date I have been requesting on your call centre number for a demo, but no one has turned up till date.Apart from that the upper door in the refrigerator is not getting closed smoothly. Almost 20 times I might have called on your call centre number.

    I really feel disgusted with the attitude of Whirlpool. Even I have lodged a complaint on 20th through your call centre. But all have been to no avail. I really feel surprised that it being such a big multinational company no one is ensuring whether a complaint is redressed or not.

    Hope some one will take note of this & attend to my grievance today



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  • Sa
    Sanjay Parab Sep 27, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    Last four days I am Refrigirator is out of service. model no. 170E Red.
    He had Seven Year warranty. Your Old Contact No. is Out of Service.

    Please Your attitude towards complaints.

    Our Resident Address is Given Below -:

    Mr. Sanjay Parab.
    105/A, Shivom Apartment,
    2nd Floor, Keshav Nagar,
    Chandansar Road,
    Virar-( East),
    Mobile No. +91 9324104448

    Please Sent Your technician For service of Refrigarator.
    Waiting for your kind Service.

    Thanking You,

    Your's Faithfully,

    Sanjay Parab.

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  • Ro
    Rode S K Sep 27, 2008

    I have purchased a 230litre refrigerator of whirlpool in 2004. In 2008 Sept I heve problem with the compressor. The company have immediately replaced the compressor but they charged me total 950 rs. the replacement should have been done free of cost. For this I am very dissatisfied

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