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Complaints & Reviews

customer service lousy

Hi, I have bought my Whirlpool 'ice magic' 460L double door refrigerator in March 2005. The customer service is really sloppy. On Saturday Oct 24th we noticed that the refrigerator has stopped cooling spoiling our milk. We lodged a complaint via [protected]. The complaint number is 14545. the problem was supposed to fixed in 3 hours but nobody shows until after 48 hours. We are given few numbers to contact in the mean time which are all fruitless. The person comes checks on Monday Oct 26th at 3PM, says the freezer is working and I should check for 2 more days. I refused since 2 days have crossed since I lodged complaint and nothing better has happened but all my curds soured up. The milk spoils and curd sours again. I had to move my green vegetables to relatives fridge in another building. This service person says he will let his supervisor know and they will send somebody to clean some gas pipe. I don't understand, the service man who comes are not equipped to fix is it? How many people will evaluate before somebody actually fixes my problem. If the service person is not capable of fixing all issues why are you sending him? to harass customers further? Not at all happy with Whirlpool service. Will not recommend their products and will not buy their products in future.
Similar problem happened in Feb 2009 and replaced a bimetal- 455 part for Rs. 2000 + /-.

whirlpool a/cs are craps


I had purchased a brand new Whirlpool split A/C (1.5 tonne), Whirlpool Mastermind deluxe about 2 months ago for around Rs 22, 000/-. It comes with a 1 year warranty on the indoor unit and a 5 year warranty on the outdoor unit. This unit was purchased in Chennai and is installed in my home in Chennai.

In less than 2 months purchase, the A/C stopped working. i.e., everything seemed to work, but the cooling was not there. I called the customer service and explained them the problem. They sent some service guys to our home the very next day. Those service guys examined the A/C and gave a report to the Whirlpool customer care that the Outdoor unit has a problem and has to be replaced. Those guys mentioned to me that the Whirlpool company will replace the outdoor unit in 3-4 days.

But I have been waiting for more than a week, no proper response from the customer care. They keep repeating the same thing over and over, "We have escalated your problem, they are looking into it. The Delhi Office will approve it and once we get the approval, we will deliver and install the new unit"
But they offer no ETA at all.

We are living with the kids living in a hot area (around 36C) without the A/C. The fans keep circulating hot air around us. We can't even have the windows open during the evenings for fear of mosquitoes.

I had purchased the brand new A/C just to avoid all these kinds of hassles. But this is what I have been experiencing!

My house owner had complained to me of the unusually large size of the outdoor unit and the terrible noise it makes. He asks, "Do you want the people in your neighborhood to sleep peacefully or not?"

He suggested to me to go for "Good" brands like Onida, Samsung etc. He has been having a Onida for a few years now. It is as noiseless as an indoor fan. very compact and beautiful. The room chills within 15 min.

I know Whirlpool is the leading Home Appliance maker in the world. Whirlpool US's top of the line models are awesome (I had lived in the US for the fast 5 years and used some of them). But Whirlpool India is crap. Just take a look at their product manual and you will know. They can't spell anything correctly. No grammar, no proper pictures... products are made of cheap plastic.

Overall judgement:

Whirlpool India Product: Total Crap
Customer Service: Crapy
Price: Exorbitant for the piece of crap they are providing



My whirlpool cabrio is 20 months old. the elect. panel has already been replaced, and it leaked water from the bottom. I hate this washing machine for the fact that it does not clean clothes. Anything dark will come out of the washing machine with residue on it. Clothes and sheets look dirtier when they come out than when you put them into the washer. I washed a set of king sheets, several times, and they would come out with DRY places on them!!! Deodorant marks under the arms of shirts never come out. My family is big on sport fishing, up until I bought this $989.00 Whirlpool Cabrio HE Washer (Piece of JUNK), I never had problems cleaning the fish smell out of clothes. Since I purchased my new whirlpool Cabrio HE, I have to wash clothes 3 times to get the smell out...oh, that's after I do a soak. Whirlpool stands behind this product saying it works properly because the computer doesn't show any problems when they hook up and do a scan...I have asked the technician to smell my clothes and tell me if they are clean, , , they decline. Towels never smell fresh either..Oh...and I spend about $8.00 a month on washing machine cleaner to keep the horrible smell out of the washing machine; I never had to clean my old agitator Whirlpool. I am thoroughly DISGUSTED with this machine. Do NOT BUY A WHIRLPOOL CABRIO HE WASHER...IT IS JUNK!!!

  • Qu
    QualityAppliance Oct 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who replaced the pump?

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  • Br
    brians broken cabrio Nov 08, 2009

    my whirlpool cabrio top loader wont start first time i have start and restart four times before the cycle starts every time i wash this has been on going for a year the machine is only two years old electronic problem cant afford any more than the 1, 000. i spent on it from lowes need help [email protected]

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refrigerator problem

i am havin whirpool refrigerator and has been into whirpool care plan HPO1108186 with effect from 22july 2005, valid upto 11july 2011.like your good name nd after sale services, i am sorry to inform you that inspite of repeated request complaint since 25august 2009, my refrigerator has not repaired plastic belt for supportin lag..
due to this my inside dispening bulb regularly gets fuse .i hence request you please arrange to my complaints and replace neccesary computant my last complaint no.JP0909955212 dated on 30 september 2009.
please treat it as early as its urgent

thankin you
manoj kumar jain
175-A, laxman colony,
shyam nagar,

split ac not working

my wirpool ac complaint is not being resolved dispite of numerous complaints to the service center.all the call center people just try to make fool out of you by giving false commitments and unjustified excuses.i have been complaining from last 4 months for compressor tripping.noise, swing not working, remote problem but to no wail on deaf ears of the company.none of the companies senior executive comes forward to attend the complaints of the consumer like me
i request the company to please resolve this porblem as

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no cooling

I had bought a whirlpool 310 l professional deluxe refrigerator on 2 nd, Sep, 2009. With in 10 days I noted that it was not cooling below the maximum temp. I registered my first complaint with the customer care on 15 sept, an engineer came and said it is not working because of voltage problem anyhow he started the fridge on maximum. again next day the problem occured and I complained, the engineer called up to know the problem and said its thermostat was faulty.after two days some other engineer came and said sensor was not working properly. He brought the fridge in working condition and left. Next day again the same problem reoccured, two days back when I complained they said the Engineer has not yet filed the report and your problem will be solved today itself. That day and next day no one came and when I called the customer care today They Have given me another complaint no. Now in total I have 3 complaints nos that is, HR0909003876( 15 Sep), HR0909004871, HR09006856 and I am unable to understand how to get the problem solved.Kindly help me. I am writing this complaint from Faridabad.

defective dishwasher motors

We purchased a $500.00 Whirlpool GU1200 dishwasher in 2003. In little more thatn a year, just long enought to be out of warranty, the items in the top rack were not getting clean. We did not connect the problem with the motor until the repairman we called out diagnosed the problem. We had him install a new motor for about $300.00.

Within 6 or 7 months we were having the same issue - top rack not getting clean, soap not always getting rinsed out of dispenser. Called the repairman back - diagnosis: motor is burned out. When we asked if the motor was not under warranty, being only 6 or 7 months old, we were told that the motor was only guaranteed for 3 months. A $185.00 motor guaranteed for 3 months? We did not have the motor replaced, but called Whirlpool and complained. They repeated the same thing: it is no longer under warranty.

I made a pest of myself with emails and letter to Whirlpool Customer Service and to company officials. Finally, a Whirlppol exec. calls and says they will send us a new motor as a goodwill gesture, but will not pay for the installation. This was the best I could get. We agreed; they sent the motor and my husband installed it.

That was a year and a half ago and the motor has been failing for the last 6 months. We have not yet contacted Whirpool about this, but are pretty sure it will be the same excuse - not covered under warranty.

I will never again buy a Whirlool product, nor any product made by an affiliaited company (Maytag, Kitchen Aid). By the way guess where that defective motor is made? You guessed it - China!

terrible quality products

I recently bought a Whirlpool gas dryer. One day, without warning, the dryer would not go into the drying mode once you pushed the button even though you could hear the power going on.

I called to get repair service for my warrantied product but they do not have an opening till next week. They gave me a number of a local repair service and they said they wouldn't be in my area for two weeks.

On top of that the person who answered the customer support line told me that it's not a perfect world and not every product is perfect after it comes out of the factory. What a way to instill consumer confidence. I am buying a competitor next time.

not even working from the installation for the past 6 months

I have purchased a water purifier RO Purafresh Deluxe from Whirlpool from Chennai Viveks .I installed on March 12 in Trichy but the technician was not even capable of handling a screw Driver.
It never worked from Day 1.
i lodged a complaint at their regional service center for service.
no body responded for any number of times.
Finally i spoke to their head office and yet another technician came to my place and tried to find the fault and he told that the previous technician and he nevr came back.
frustrated finally i decided i have donated Rs.15000 towards Whirlpool for buying a toy which will be in my Home but never going to work.
if suppose any of the whirlpool representative reads this kindly reach me at +[protected] or +[protected]

  • Se
    selvapriya29 Aug 30, 2011

    In this 100th year of whirlpool celebration here is a request to help replace a R.O bought on 23.1.2010.This machine worked perfectly for 6 months.Later even when the tank is filled to its capacity the motor ran endlessly.Twice technicians replaced the switch but this fault recurred again and again.I requested the engineer to give me a replacement before the warranty ends but of no avail.After the warranty period, we switched off the machine whenever the tank is full.One fine day we received a call from whirlpool service center inquiring if everything was okay.When we said the motor never stopped they send an engineer who replaced the switch again and charged Rs.450+Rs.250 service charge.15 days later the machine ran violently with water leaking from all sides.When inquired they said the motor has to be replaced which will cost Rs.2400.For a middle class family like us this seems to be a costly affair.I request the concerned authorities of whirlpool to look into this issue and do the needful making this 100th year a happy one for the customer too.

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whirlpool's service sucks

I must say that I never expected soemthing like this from whirlpool. I bought a dishwasher from future shop. It is just 8 months old. One day it wouldn't turn on, I called whilrpool and they sent a technician out the next day. Great I thought. The technicican told us that hte console was gone. He did not tell us anything else. Three days later I called them back to see when the part was going to come and I was told the technician did not update the file. They said they were going to get in touch with the technician and ask him to update the file and that I needed to give him 24-48 hours to complete this. After 48 hrs I called back only to find out that he still hadn't updated the file. I was then told that they will contact his superviosr and that I need to give him 24-48 hours to get back to them. After 48 hours I called back again to find out that nothing has progressed on it since they do not have a serial number for the machine. Now why would the technician not have taken this down when he visited our home. I then gave them the serial number and was told the part should arrive in 3-5 days. When I called back on the 5th day I was told that the technican had ordered the wrong part and that the correct part was ordered two days ago and should arrive by tuesday. When I called back on tuesdeay I was told that the system did not have pricing for the part that I needed and the part was not ordered yet. They then got pricing and ordered the part. It has now been 20 days and the part was ordered today. I hope it was ordered. I am now to wait 3 days. If the technican does not call me by the 4th day I am to call the call centre back. Oh and to top it all off, I asked for a supervisor and this lady came on the line. I told her my whole story and asked why so many mistakes were being made on my service call and her answer "I don't see any mistakes being made". Basically the supervisor did nothing more for me than the regular service all people. I even asked if there was anything she could do to ensure the correct completion of this job and she said the technican willl get in touch with you when the part arrives. I will never buy anything whilrpool again!

scheduling lies

This is what I wrote on their contact site, based on my experience:

I called your call center last Tuesday to get somebody to look at my refrigerator, because it wasn't making any ice. They said they would get somebody to my house on Friday, between 8am and 5pm, and call me the day before with a 2 hour window.
On Thursday, I got an automated call confirming my service call on Friday, and said that the technician would arrive sometime between 8am and 5pm. (So much for a 2 hour window!) On Friday, I went about my errands (my wife was home), and nobody called until about 12:30pm. They told me that they weren't going to be able to get a technician to my house that day, and they wanted to reschedule for today (Tuesday). I refused, and demanded that they send a tech that day. The lady said that they couldn't. I demanded to speak to a manager. I spoke with James, and expressed my annoyance, and he hung up on me! (I refrained from using profanity, although I did refer to idiots.) I called the store where I bought the fridge, and they gave me the name of a different service. I called them and set an appointment for today (their first opening).
I called your center back, and the man who answered the phone advised me that the technician was off that day. I asked to speak to a manager, and demanded (and would still like to know) why they couldn't have figured that out early in the morning and called me. I told them to cancel the appointment if they couldn't get someone out that day. They said they couldn't, and I cancelled and hung up. A few minutes after I hung up, I got another call from your center, saying (lo and behold!) they found a tech who could come that day.
At this point, why would I believe anything that any of your people say? This is NOT the way to treat and retain customers. From a fast search on the web, I'm not the only person who has been lied to and abused by your crappy service.

The other company's (Goldwing) tech called me this morning, told me when he would be there, came and fixed the refrigerator. I now have ice, and I now know whom to call when I need a repair. No problems with them. Use Goldwing instead.

poor service/spare back up

I have double door 320 litre refrigerator model code 4953. i lodged complaint with customer care of whirlpool ( complaint no 11326 dated 3/4 aug 09) about no/reduced cooling in the fridge. Initially one engineer came(Anil). He ripped open the freezer and informed us that temperature bulb was faulty. Next day another engineer came and said that in adition to bulb, the bimetallic cut out/cut in was also faulty. Needless to say that both spares were not available at Visakapatnam. The spares were requisitioned from hyderabad. Till todate (ie 02 weeks later) spares are yet to come. reasons given are of various types a) defect wrongly diagnosed hence incorrect spare ordered b) spare despatched by courier, not yet recd c) spare recd but not completly d) spare recd but wrong spare has arrived.
Local whirlpool service centre totally clueless about the spare availablity/status. Engineer "Anil" doesnot pick up cellphone/switched off. Mr Ramana, service in-charge, appeared to be reasuring but not convincing about the spare availaibility. His cellphone also invariably busy/kept on hold/keeps ringing with no response/ switched off ( between 8 pm and next day morning about 10 am). Nobody calls back even if missed call is seen on the cellphone. i have decided to take the company to consumer court and will make them pay for the mental harrassment, agony and unpleasant situation at home. Such companies should be taught a lesson and good one at that.

poor performance of ac

i am sunita gupta.i have bought a 0.75tons ac from your your dealer in delhi(pitam pura) "nayyar electronics" but now a days its not working fine.
several complaints have been made to the concernedf athorities through the call center numbers provided but no response.
my first complaint was made on 06-08-09, second on 14-08-09 and the third on 16-08-09.the engineer comes check, inform us about the problem but does not fix it due to anavailibility of the spare part.
i hope that you will look into the problems and do the needfull at the earliest.

sunita gupta

inadequate service

Dear sir,

I (or my wife) own a washing machine purchased in the year 2005. I am living in Bangalore (India). Of late it has gathered some trouble and have been calling your call center and lodged two complaints so far (I may be lodging one more today). The quality of service appears to be low as 4 trips made by the service engineer has not yielded complete remedy to the problem other than making my wallet lighter by Rs. 3270.00. Even now the washing machine is having leaks and the contact number given by the service enginerr is switched off and the telephone number of the service agency or channel partner is not answered. I am getting a feeling that i am cheated by "Whirlpool India Ltd." in this regard by not arranging for proper after sales service at Bangalore. Hope at least now the concerned authorities wake up and provide a viable speedy solution to this washing machine problem.

Y A Shailendra Thanaya, 709, Tower 3B, Tungabhadra block
National Games Village, Koramangala, Bangalore-560047.
Phone [protected], 080-[protected]

  • Kr
    Krishna Kumar P Jan 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased Whirlpool washing machine in june'07, the model is fuzzy logic. We had problem in the inlet tube and outlet tube, after 2 days of complaint a person had attended the complaint. But the service was very poor and did not respond properly to the questions we asked for. Also he was very rude which made my old parents very upset.

    Now i really regret why i got this company's machine seeing such people in these companies.

    Hope this complaint will reach the company and also i would be calling them up and informing over the phone.

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  • Pa
    PAUL Jan 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Hr
    hrishma Mar 31, 2009

    one tube has come out

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very very poor customer service

I have purchased Whirlpool Refrigerator. Right from day one, the customer servioce has been poor. It is a pain to call their call center. Everytime you call and if you are lucky ennough to go pass the 'your call is important to us; all our executives are busy' message, you get a different complaint number. Previous complaint are automatically closed without actually performing the service to repair the fault. There is no history of all your previos calls. Evrytime you have to repeat the entire story. The service engineers do not honour the given times and are absolutely incompetent. I was told that either the freezer section will cool or the lower portion but not both. My refrigertor is not in a working condition for last 2 months but no one, including all senior executives whom I have tried to contact are bothered to resolve the problem. This is despite the fact that I have bought their so called 'peace of mind' AMC plan for 3 years. I am simply disgusted.

  • Jo
    Jothsna Rege Sep 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have bought a 230 liter Whirlpool refrigerator in Chembur and we had so many problems within an year. First we had to spend on a new compressor and gas. So we decided to take the service plan which again cost us money. Now the water is leaking and the service person is unable to even fix it. He came a few times and could not fix it. So now they stopped even sending a service person.

    I think it is the worst refrigerator and is a total waste of time and money.

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  • Sa
    Sanjib Kumar Deb Sep 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is a matter of sorrow that after several times complain through e-mail in your website/e-mail ID, I have not got any reply from your end. Basically this type of harassment was not happened in my life previously. Again I am strongly complain against your authorized service center M/s - Zen Service of BF-4, Rajarhat Road, Baguihati, Kolkata-700059, Near Arati Cinema, Ph. No. 033 – 3294-3423/2570-6221. His conduct/behavior with the customer and as well as workmanship is very bad.
    Again I am telling you that please replace the refrigerator by a new one. Because I don’t want any repair further again. Otherwise I will force to purchase another refrigerator. I hope after viewing all the facts you will sure replace my refrigerator.
    Again I am furnishing my details for your reference. I strongly complain against your service after selling a product. Hope that after viewing all the facts you will take necessary action immediately and replace the same with a new one, so that I can relief from this problem forever & my family peace which was disturbed for the same may return and fulfill with happiness as was in past.
    I would like to draw your kind attention that I am Sri Sanjib Kumar Deb, a govt. officer of Sports & Youth Services Department, Govt. of W.B. (Ph. No. 033-65112273 Res. & M. No. 9330897020) have purchased a refrigerator (250 ltr, Mastermind Elite, C/N No. CTV/2568/07, Sl. No. INAO72709554) from Capital Electronics (V.I.P.), (Unit of Anand & Co. Electronics Pvt. Ltd.) of P-161, V.I.P. Road, Sch. VIIIM, Kolkata-700054, Ph. No. 033-2355-8529/7098/5534-9579 on 28.07.2017.
    In this connection I want to state that, last few months on & from January, 2017 I am facing such a problem by this fridge/refrigerator which was not happen in my life previously and at the same time my family peace is also disturbed by the same. I have reported all the facts/problems minimum (10-15) times to Capital Electronics as well as local authorized service center named Zen Service of BF-4, Rajarhat Road, Baguihati, Kolkata-700059, Near Arati Cinema, Ph. No. 033 – 3294-3423/2570-6221 and they also visited my house minimum 10 times and after repair of each time they have told that “Sir it will not create any problem in future, if again it will happen we will replace the same with a new one”. But, unfortunately, I am facing the problems till now and getting no service for your branded production refrigerator. I have told minimum 100 times to Capital Electronics as well as local authorized service center that please replace the same, but I am fully hopeless regarding your service after sale of any product. In this modern generation no family can live without a refrigerator, whereas my family is living without refrigerator during a long period (more than six months). I am very much anxious and at the same time helpless also regarding the same matter.
    Under the circumstances you are requested to take necessary steps so that I may escape from that problem forever and if possible please replace the same fridge by a new one. Treat this case as an extremely urgent.
    Hope to receive your help & co-operation against your service which will also carry the good-will of company.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Sub-Asstt. Engineer (Electrical)
    Sports & Youth Services Deptt. (Sports Wing)
    Govt. of West Bengal

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  • Pr
    Praveen Rao Aug 16, 2009

    i totally agree with you. Never buy international brands. I face the same issue with the washing machine...

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Agarwala Aug 17, 2009

    The same thing is happening to me with Whirlpool washing machine. It's been an extremely bad experience with the customer care. The person on the other end often hangs up after keeping on hold for more than 5 mins. My complaints were closed without being resolved.

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stand problem

We have complaint about our R21 Whirlpool refrigrator on 27th of June 2009. 1 of the leg was broken. after folowing up with the customer care, Engineer ahs visited my place and checked the issue. Again he visited with the spare parts but size was not appropriate.
He has taken the leg from my refrigrator and went off.
after following up with them more than 20 times, there is no responce.
I have never seen this kind of pathetic service.

very poor cutomer service

In 2003 I bought a 230 litter fridge (Ice Magic) Till now (2009) it stopped working at least 9 times
Now my recent complaint numbers for this fridge are
GB0709001393 (no cooling)
GB0709004626 (again no cooling)
GB0709007734 (again no cooling)

Their customer service engineers are so inefficient/fraud that after above three complaints and in 20 days time they could not fix the problem.
initially they told me that the problem is just a gas blockage and will be fixed by replacing the gas
and they cost estimation was Rs 1125/- (225+900)
now they raised their hands and saying that we can fix it but you will have to pay 1500 more.

so the over all cost of fixing the problem has gone to 2625/-

If I pay 1500/- more then I am invetsing 2625/ on this 6 years old shi**i fridge.
I dont pay any thing then I have lost my 1125/- for nothing.
and they are not ready to return it.

  • Co
    Consumer Forum Complaint Aug 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Before: The District Consumer Forum, Gautam Budh Nagar
    Complaint No. ---------/2009

    In the Matter of:
    Sri Qamar Alam S/o Hashmatullah resident of ... Noida, Dist Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P.

    The Complainant


    1. M/s Whirlpool of India Ltd. Consumer Service H.O., Plot - 28, N.I.T. Faridabad, Haryana
    2. M/s Whirlpool Service Centre, I-59, Sector-41, Noida, U.P.

    The Opposite Party

    Most Respectfully Showeth:

    The complaint submits as under:-

    1. Complainant has a whirlpool 230 liter single door fridge which was bought in 2003 so the fridge is out of warranty except its compressor.

    2. Complainant fridge stopped cooling on July 03, 2009.

    3. On July 04, 2009 complainant registered the complaint of no cooling in his fridge with the opposite party customer care center
    a. Complaint number: GB0709001393
    b. Opposite party engineer came and told that the gas of the fridge has been chocked and it needs replacement so will cost Rs. 1125/- and if the problem re-occurred within three month they will fix it for free. The complainant agreed on it.
    c. On July 07, 2009 opposite party engineer came and fixed the problem by replacing the gas and took Rs 1125/- and gave the attached receipt.

    4. But the problem of no cooling re-occurred within two days of repairing it.

    5. On July 13, 2009 complainant registered the complaint again
    a. Complaint number: GB0709004626
    b. The opposite party engineer came to identify the problem and told that the gas was not filled properly and has been leaked so need the re-filling of gas.
    c. On July 18, 2009 opposite party engineer came and re-filled the gas to fix the problem.
    d. But this time the problem reoccurred within two hours.
    e. The same engineer is informed again about the problem.
    f. Engineer came and re-filled the gas to fix the problem.
    g. But the problem re-occurred within two hours again.
    h. Complainant informed about the problem to opposite party.
    i. On July 20 opposite party sent another engineer to fix it. He again refilled the gas to fix the problem but this time also the problem reoccurred within two hours.

    6. On July 23, 2009 complainant registered the complaint again
    a. Complaint number: GB0709007734
    b. This time opposite party engineer came and told that the gas is leaking from the freezer and they will have to replace the freezer which will cost additional Rs 1500/- .

    7. The new estimate of Rs 2625/- is outside the complainant’s budget for repairing a six year old fridge. So he ask the opposite party to refund the money paid (Rs 1125/-) for repairing the fridge as he did not get any thing for the paid money.

    8. Opposite party has left the fridge in the same condition as it was on July 03, 2009 but they have taken the money Rs 1125/- and neither ready to refund money nor ready to fix the problem.

    9. Because of the above issues, complainant and his family members have faced and are facing lot of physical and mental pain.

    10. The complaint therefore prays to get the following relief and honorable forum may kindly be pleased to pass the orders against the opposite parties.

    a. Opposite party is to be ordered to fix the problem at their initial estimate or refund the money paid in advance.
    b. The Opposite party is to be ordered to pay the Rs. 1 lac to the complainant as compensation against the financial losses, mental agony, harassment and legal expenses of the present case.
    c. Any other relief as honorable forum deem fit in the form of compensation.

    Date: August 01, 2009 The Complainant
    Place: Noida Gautam Budh Nagar

    Qamar Alam

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worst products & crap customer service

I had bought a Window AC from a dealer in Dwarka about a month and a half ago . My pain started the moment I switched over to Whirlpool from Hitachi ( Best AC company ) . Its been more then a month that no one ever visitied/called/cared to give me any demo . I had to got my AC installed from pvt mecahnics in the Area and they helped me understandning the junk mecahnics.

After a while I discovered that I was shown Elite model but sold Premier modle as said by the dealer that both are the same products.

Its not just only . My worst nightmare started 2 days back when my Brand New AC stopped working and for the last 2 days I'm praying to the god that it start working.

In continuation, I called up customer service as well but they said talk to the dealer and they can't help it. Also when I insisted them to take an action against the dealer and help get my money back the guy on the phone " GOPAL " this morning said Aap jara dhang sey baat kijiye and banged the phone on my face.

Please can some one help.

  • Ve
    veedoo Jul 29, 2009

    i dont think so ...iam running service centre where i provide serivice to our customer within 24-48 hrs...
    there somtimes i also feel that calls get delayed coz of the unavailabilty of spares
    but iam surprised that it took 1 mth
    well i cant think of any person who can wait for a mth to get his ac repaired
    whereas talking about HITACHI
    iam also the retailer of the same company and have seen customers suffuring buying hitachi
    i dont say one is gud and the other is bad
    but it can sometimes be ill illustrated

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  • Ci
    civicwatch Aug 03, 2009

    You are advised to write/contact the Whirlpool Co.at the following address as given in the following link.


    I'm sure the company would solve your problem.
    I'm also endorsing this complaint page to the co at the above address/page for doing the needful.

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  • Ci
    civicwatch Aug 03, 2009

    I have since written to the company and also given your complaint page to them

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  • Ja
    jayamohan Aug 07, 2009

    iam a satisfied customer of whirlpool products.iam using whirlpool refrigarator for the last 10 years and ac for last 3 years...i and my family are very very satisfied about the product and service...

    sreedhara vilasam

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  • Sh
    shahbazzz May 20, 2012

    dear just knock the door of consumer court i belive problem will solved and u will get ur money back.

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  • Am
    Amit1981 Sep 14, 2015

    I bought Whirlpool washing machine before an year. The inlet water piper filter broke out. I log the complaint. Magicare (whirlpool service center) guy call me. I explain him the situation. He came to my home with Water pipe. He was quoting for that pipe worth rupees 680. He was also asking for 150 Rs. for fitting charges. I told him my machine is in warranty period how can you ask for fitting charges. The water pipe quality which he borrow with him was not good at all. I told I do not want to do fittings of the pipe which you bought. He told me if do not want to replace it then you have to pay me visiting charge 150 Rs. I told me my machine is in warranty period and you can not ask for visiting charge. Some how he agree with it. I bought the same Water pipe from market worth rupees 280 for which he was asking for 680 rupees. Magicare service is poor and they loot indian people.

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loud vibrating, crusty white spots

I purchased a whirlpool fridge model#etichexvtd june 2, 2009) freezer on top. a week later there was a loud noise when the fridge came on, later on it was a loud vibrating noise. there is a white crusty film over the bottom of the freezer and when the freezer door is opened the white stuff drips on the floor, there is also white crusty deposits close to the rubber gasket on the fridge door.

The repairman called whirlpool and they in return called me suggesting I take the fridge back and get another one. the repairman told me he'd been out servicing 3 whirlpool's exactly like mine, same model for the same problem. I asked him what the best brand is and he said the samsungs are probably the best. I had a g. e. for 22 years without a problem, wish I had it back!

I've purchased whirlpool washers and dryers for the past 20 years without a problem! what is wrong with all the refrigerator's?!! I don't know what to do, I know the replacement will not last, guess i'd better spend $99.00 and get an extended warranty!!!

can't be trusted

Be careful out there. It seems as if Whirlpool offers rebates on washer dryers and if something happens with the submission, they tell you that its too late to submit it a second time unless you respond really quickly. The Whirlpool agent told me that there is an expiration date on all rebates, even though customers submitted them properly and were lost at Whirlpool. I asked her how anyone other than employees and those shafted by Whirlpool are supposed to know this. Her only response "All rebates have expiration dates" Sounds like the IRS to me. If you submit a rebate, watch it like a hawk because Whirlpool will use this lame exCuse to back out of their obligation. My cost was $200.