Walmartruined child's birthday

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Okay when my son turned eight he got a birthday gift that he did not like. The dumb stupid idiot that gave the gift was too stupid to give a gift receipt and needs to die. I explained to them that it was a birthday gift and that is why I did not have a receipt. They asked if I had a gift receipt, so I told the deaf idiot that I had NO receipt. They told me that because I had no receipt that I could only get store credit. I then told this child hating idiot to forget it. I asked my son who gave this stupid gift. He tole me it was his classmate by the name of Peter . So I had to call Peter's's parents and let them know that my son was not happy with his gift and we got into an argument. I told them that if they had not given my son a stupid useless gift that this would not be an issue. I asked the mother if she still had the receipt. She said, she did get a gift receipt, but she forgot to include it in the gift. I told her that she was stupid. That she ruined my son's birthday. I wet back, wasting more gas money and finally returned the stupid gift and got the money for it to buy another gift that my son will like. The idiot that dealt with me the first time was not there, but he needs to be fired and he needs to die.

Sep 06, 2019
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  • Ga
      Sep 07, 2019

    You are a mean hateful person in need of an attitude adjustment and you should not be around children.

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  • La
      Sep 07, 2019

    It is better to remain quite and be thought of as a hateful [censored] than to speak and remove all doubt

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  •   Sep 07, 2019

    you love making sure people know they need to die, don't you???

    how can you have an eight year old kid when you yourself are 5?

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  •   Sep 07, 2019

    so you threw your kid a birthday party just to score gifts??? is this what child rearing is all about????

    grow up.

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  •   Sep 09, 2019

    I agree. Well, that's the reason to have kids, right? More stuff FOR YOU!

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