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Reviews and Complaints

Walmart Supercenterstore

What happened to this store? Years ago it was a pleasure shopping at, now it's disgusting and disappointing!!! Always out of stock! Frozen food racks nasty with spilled food, no bread, out of dates, meats empty, graffiti wrote on front windows, piles of swept trash, bathrooms disgusting ( not cleaned in weeks), deli nasty, areas shelves so messed up in morning you can't shop, trashed!!! We took pics of all this to post on my neighborhood website because everyone is talking about this Wal-Mart. And everyone agrees! When asking workers they say it's due to poor management while the store manager been away for a month,
Freight behind for days and short handed . Well it shows! You never see managers working, just yelling at employees across the store.. the cashier told me that the loud African American big women yelling, up front at a young worker, was a manager ! Omg! You can't even enjoy your visit shopping! This store has run down, and it's ashame since its in a nice area. I asked to get fabric cut but was told no one here, what? Mornings use to be the best and relaxed time to come (store quiet and clean ) but now it doesn't matter, anytime is bad! Its horrible at 7am having to listen to a worker on her phone talking about God while she working and bagging chips! Horrible!!! So yes, a lot of us went back to Kroger and Lawrenceville suwanee Wal-Mart, never issues and don't ever go home PISSED off! Please crack down on these managers ...and maybe you can save this store from becoming the next run down store in Buford.