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Ms. Terry Freshour, terminated me under her own personal vendetta against me. She has prior complaints about this type of behavior and no one wants to address this. I was terminated because of a holloween costume. The cashier marked the costume down to the same price as the second one i was buying at the same time. They had seventy five percent off signs up. I even made her walk me to the costums and she pointed to the adult costums. I asked to review the tapes and they said no. They would not let me prove my casse. this has had a bad affect on my life and my self esteem to know that you can get fired from a job just because the manager says so. I know alot of other managers how would say in my defense that i was a good worker. She had only been with that perticular store for three weeks. If any one can give advice on what to do. My heart just wont let me let in go because, this wasn't right. HELP ME PLEASE


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      Mar 27, 2010

    It does suck when new management gets in there and ruins your own liveleyhood right in front of your own eyes and you whitness this behind those eyes feeling the burn! My manager like all the other new ones that get in there and love to take it all away! Check out my complaint on "Fair Scheduling"!

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