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I was an employee of Walgreens for over ten years. I Complained to store and regional managment about the cutting of staff because of inability to take care of customers in a timely maner. Store managment told me to call for managment help when needed, they never showed up. The regional managment told me that customer service was not a priority and do not stay after your shift time, or you will be written up.
NOTE: to all Walgreens employee's watch your back, do your job, don't go out of your way to help, and keep looking for better employment. This company will discard you like the trash. Profit sharing is a joke . When you try to contact them in bed with J.P.Morgan(listed as one of top five companies for worst customer service) took almost sixty day's to transfer my money, and thirty day's just to tell Walgreens Profit sharing that was no longer employed. I even had a customer leave a thank you card with the pharmacy manager and somehow it got thrown out (Pretty Low). This company has nothing in mind but PROFITS. Find a small pharmacy that has the customer in mind, if you can.


  • Why The Long Faces Aug 04, 2012

    Store managers are not allowed to be in the pharmacy doing pharmacy work unless they are either a pharmacist or a tech, so why they would tell you to call them for help is beyond me. If you are a tech then you know only pharmacy personnel are to be in the pharmacy area.

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    Samoan Named Flaze Aug 21, 2012
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    Of course managers can be in the pharmacy to help check out customers.

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    WAG ruined my life Jul 14, 2016

    Profit sharing basically puts your money in a locked account, and once you leave the ### company they fee you to death taking the half they put in. Walgreen's scams their employees. Ever since they eliminated the EXA position and made shift leads, ASMTs, etc, the company has really turned to a money hungry ### hole.

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  • Why The Long Faces Jul 18, 2016

    No one not directly coded for the pharmacy can enter a pharmacy. That is state law. So, no a store manager can not enter a pharmacy.

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  • El
    elyse048 Oct 27, 2018
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    there has been so much unfair practices in this store Im not sure where to start, but Mr.James came in to speak with me about a written statement that was given to him by my manager Ms.Ash who encouraged the employee to write it and instead of talking to me to find out if there was any truth to this she sent it straight to top .then she encouraged a fairly new employee to write another statement on a totally different issue about me as well, this employee took everything she had told me and said I said those things to her. Nevertheless I was told to take off find another location to work from by the district manager .This store 9473 lost 5 employees within the last month and the manager and her lead did the same thing to another employee a few months ago including asking me to write a statement against that employee, this lead threaten to do things to her yet this lead was never relieved of her job . The issues at this store is with the manager and her lead but they consistently blame all others . I feel this company has major issues had fault everyone but the real factors.

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