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Resolved prescription refill

I have been using Walgreens in St.Helens since they opened for prescriptions. This incident about pushed me over the edge...total lack of communication. Did refill of two prescriptions on the automated phone system=couple days prior to me needing the meds. Went thru drive thru to pick up and was told they could only fill one of my meds and they said I had to call CVS and gave me a phone number...now mind you that these meds are for a Thyroid issue and should not go without...did anyone call me when they got the request to refill?? Bring it to my attention before I was out of the meds...???
I did call CVS and got it figured out but was so unhappy with the lack of service I got from the pharmacy that I will not be going back =my husband and I are switching our scripts to another pharmacy. No one tried to help or offer anything no explaination what so ever...Customer Service is a huge thing-and on that day the screwed up and Im done.

Resolved rude manager

I always use my own bags when shopping. I put my stuff in them as I shop. This being the walgreens I use...

Resolved lawsuit/ store contents

I just read about your lawsuit against Wegmans. I was in your Auburn, NY store today, and I had a hard time finding the Tylenol or store brand Arthritis pain formula. I finally gave up and decided to get it at Wegmans.

I think you should be more concerned about having a store that is easy to navigate, and has the products that people need, (rather than row after row of of unnecessary JUNK that seems to take up most of your store) and worry MUCH less about whether their "W" that they used in the earlier part of the last century, is too much like yours. I would think that it would much more important to concentrate on doing a better job, rather than filing frivolus lawsuits. I doubt that I will bother to go to any Walgreens until the suit is dropped . If you continue to pursue it, I will probably never darken your door again.

I am sorry that I can't seem to get the correct spelling for frivolus, but I am sure you can understand what I mean.

Sincerely, Bradley Pattington

  • Ka
    Karen Lutes Apr 03, 2011

    Wow, I'm really surprised at your problems at Wallgreens. I am in Virginia and just moved here from Delaware where I also used Walgreens. I've always had good experiences there. I was in there today and came home and was telling my husband that the people who work for Walgreens are so nice. I actually felt good as I left the store. I had the same experiences in Delaware. I totally think that the attitude of we the customer, has lots to do with how the young workers in any store react to us. If they are out of something, for heavens sake, it's not the employees fault! Get a grip, be kinder to the people you come in contact with that ARE there to help you. I imagine you find problems in other stores also. Treat people well and they will respond in kind. No, I don't work for Walgreens. I am a retired social worker who does know people and people are first who they are and then who you can make them become. Yes they have a choice but most of these workers are young people trying to do a job. I leave you with this...Do unto others etc, etc, etc. If you don't know the rest of the quote you have a real problem.
    Have a great day, Karen Lutes

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Resolved survey and $3000 sweepstakes

Not happy at all with Walgreens so-called survey and sweepstakes. One, I could not find anywhere online how to get into the survey. Two, I gave up and called the 800 number. I was able to input survey # and password #, but then could not take the survey because the automated survey-er said it didn't recognize the number. I said, "NINE" three times, plainly, clearly. Very annoying. This is the second occasion when I've tried and failed to do the survey and sweepstakes entry. This time I intend to follow up with Walgreens.

  • 29
    2924adrand Feb 15, 2011

    sterling colrado
    I love shopping at walgreens because there is always low prices and you always get some thing free what more could you ask for its the best place to shop and my kids love all the toys there. thank you for having a walgreens in sterling co thank you.

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accuses customer of theft

My wife has a regular prescription for a class C narcotic (the kind the DEA closely regulates). Due to the nature of the prescription, she has to pick up the prescription in person from the doctor and deliver it to a specific Walgreens pharmacy on a monthly basis. She's used to dealing with all the hassle of being prescribed a controlled substance

This month her prescription ran out a week early. She takes two pills per day. This afternoon (4pm CST on 26 October 2010), she noticed that she was 13 pills short of what she needed to finish this month. First, she spoke with the doctor, who predictably and correctly informed her that he could not prescribe a refill until the month was up, but suggested she speak with the pharmacy.

That's when the fun started. She immediately called the Walgreens pharmacy to ask what could be done in the situation. The pharmacist asked her if she lived alone. No, she replied, she's married. Well then, says the pharmacist, then you may want to check to see if someone else in your household is taking your medications. The pharmacist didn't even beat around the bush and ask if she miscounted, or if she was taking the pills more often than prescribed (she isn't - one in the morning, one in the evening, as directed).

Of course my wife responded that no one else is taking her pills (it's just the two of us, and I hate to even take ibuprofen). The pharmacist said that in his experience, people will deny that, and he could pretty much guarantee someone was taking her pills. My wife asked if it was possible they miscounted. No, they double check the count. The pharmacist ended the call by saying Walgreens couldn't have made a mistake, and suggested my wife deal with the person who is taking her pills.

This leaves us both livid at being accused of theft, but even worse, my wife does not have sufficient medication to regulate the pain caused by her rheumatoid arthritis. The medicine also has nasty withdrawal symptoms if a patient suddenly quits taking the prescribed dosage, such as when the pharmacy shorts the prescription and refuses to refill it.

A quick search on complaints.com turned up several instances of Walgreens shorting prescriptions on a regular basis, even those marked as double or triple counted. Obviously we will be counting the pills on the counter with the pharmacist watching before we leave in the future, assuming we even return to Walgreens.

The Walgreens location in question is store 4989 in Springfield, Missouri. Fortunately, my wife did also get the pharmacist's name and we've included that in our communication with Walgreens corporate.

Now the question is, what can we do? Its our word against theirs, but thanks to the stringent controls on the medication, the burden of proof is entirely on us. At best, we might get an apology for the baseless accusations against us.

  • 58
    583586 Oct 27, 2010

    who are you trying to fool? every word that you type is just saying "I ate the pills"

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  • So
    soothingscents Nov 12, 2010

    First of all, just cause someone has a college degree doesn't make them smart. Secondly, if you don't need the prescription yet, then hold onto to it ifyou are so afraid that the pharmacy would lose it. I've only had issues with a misplaced prescription once but that was cause something the doctor didn't do on the prescription. Don't just blame the pharmacy if you don't want to take responsibility for your own prescription to keep in a safe place for when you need it. My pharmacy use to have alot more people working there at one time and they were always swamped then but they seem to be always short handed so I'm amazed that they are able to handle the work load now. Just remember, the leaner the help the less they are able to handle. So if you can't wait for the pharmcay people to do their jobs then go elsewhere. There is probably a reasons issues happen with your scripts, be nicer to people and maybe you'll bet better treatment.

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  • En
    Engineerswife07 Apr 04, 2011

    I am on percocet on a daily basis due to back troule, and I agree with the other posters. I get 180 a month and take it 3 times a day, I can look at my bottle when I get it and automatically know how many are there. I can even look at it in the middle of the month and know what's in the bottle, ny husband didn't believe me and asked me for a count one day by looking at the bottle I told him and I was right. I also have 2 teenage boys in my house, and it's not that I don't trust my kids or my husband but I keep all of my meds in a locked safe that only I have the key to. There may only be the two of you in the house, but I am sure you have the occasional visitor to your house you have to watch where you keep them and who is around them. Unfortunately, you are right about it being your word against theirs and you probably won't get any resolve. I do understand the pain thing and I am sorry she had to go through that.

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Resolved bic multi-purpose lighter

openned the sunday (10/24/10) paper and the walgreens weekly ad that covered seven days -- 10/24 thru 10/30...

over priced

Dropped a Dr. prescription at their pharmacy i gave the insurance cards for blue cross, medical, ccs, came back the next day to find out that it will cost me
$99 .00 i had to refuse it at that price which was for Antibiotics bottle,
took the prescription to next door Target store in less than 15 min. i endup paying $15.00 for the same bottle is there any reason for charging 6 times the price .

Resolved pharmarcy dept

I'm writing a formal complaints on the pharmacy dept at Walgreens located at 6610 Tidwell Houston, Tx...

Resolved lack of consistency

We have dealt with our local Walgreens pharmacy for years. Our needs have been sporadic with occassional illnesses requiring prescription medications. However, in the past 5 years or so, our health situation has changed dramatically. We are ordering up to 10 different medications in any given month. Our Walgreens staff has been wonderful and we have made a personal connection and totally felt like our local staff cared about us. BUT, now the store seems to have turned into a training center. Each time we go in to do business, the staff has changed. There is no personal connection; mistakes have been made in either filling the prescriptions or with billing issues. We are asking ourselves if it is really worth it to stick by Walgreens. There are other pharmacies in town that seem smaller and perhaps would give us the small town caring atmosphere that once existed at our own Walgreens. One more chance is all you get...we can go elsewhere.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unfortunately, with chain stores that often hire young people, you will notice a lot of employee turnover.

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  • Ki
    KixStar Oct 23, 2010

    I would stop shopping at Walgreens. They are DRASTICALLY cutting their pharmacy hours and firing highly-qualified technicians left and right. Then they turn around and hire high school kids or old people for half the cost of the amazing technicians they just fired. This is leading to mistakes and horrible customer service.

    Walgreens will be in the toilet with Rite Aid within the next 2 years, I guarantee it.

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misrepresentation poor management

After one problem was finally resolved that involved $1. 00 ink - jet cartridge refills, advertised at walgreens on "earth day"... Then other problems popped up. Some more serious.

That's the problem with walgreens. If you decide to shop there you can expect more problems arising from that one shopping experience. Their stores in san francisco, especially in the sunset district, cater to asians. The stores are managed and staffed by all asian. Isn't that discrimination? The asian employees treat all other customers rudely, they won't help you if they can get away with it.

The store managers are just as bad, they mismanage these stores to the point of stupidity. Don't dare voice a complaint because it will be you that's seen as the troublemaker. This is because walgreens is a deceptive corporation, there is no real customer service. They want customers to shop there and get out, if you don't like then don't come back.

There's no room for improvement at walgreens. Corporate is worse!

So... I tried getting the $1 refills at the daly city store in the westlake shopping center. Behind the "photo desk" was this nosey asian woman who demanded to know the details on how I got the $1 refills. I told her it was "none of her business" and to just do her job and refill the cartridge. She was argumentative and rude but this is expected at walgreens. I rarely shop at walgreens.

After dealing with this witch (For use of a better word), I got my refills.
I couldn't do an entire batch of 10 or more because of the initial confusion in trying to get this earth day special. I had the cartridges but after being told by the regional manager's snotty secretary that this special wasn't going to happen for me, I threw them away. I emailed the ceo (Greg wasson) and things changed quickly. The snotty secretary changed and became so sweet. I'm leaving extra details out, like contacting the store manager (Who is never there), the assistant manager who is careless and inept, the district manager who is evasive and unhelpful and the regional manager who is well hidden, pompous and refuses to talk to the customer. If I went into all the details the story would go on forever.

My problem was resolved with my request being honored for (10) $1 ink jet refills, so far so good. Now we go back to that store for more and this time we encounter the same woman and the same young man who is the assistant manager (He screened me thoroughly the first time I went there)... They are gossiping about me and my mother! We are standing right behind the assistant manager and can hear everything.
Once they realize this the young man rushes away and the asian woman acts like nothing is wrong.

I report this crude behavior to mr. Wasson and ask for compensation, more ink - jet refills and a walgreens gift card... And why not? I mean if this were "medieval times" both employees would be openly punished in the town square. But we are civilized in the 21st century so asking for some type of compensation is warranted. Where do these two idiots get off talking about my mom and me?

My god... This is walgreens! Where all customers are treated fairly and respected... Bulls - - -!

Mr. Wasson turns this new matter over to his legal dept. And now i'm harassed by another pain - in - the - # so - called senior attorney who has violated my privacy rights by emailing me and sending me letters.
She states that nothing will be done for us because of this insult. She demands that I contact her only.

Her letter states that she wants to talk to me. Sure she does, to get the facts about the incident. She writes, "you, of course, can choose to shop at walgreens or not"... Now how's that for walgreens great customer service!!!

  • Ga
    Gary Jackson Apr 13, 2010

    will explain when needed

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  • 12
    12Nancy Apr 30, 2011

    Walgreens expects too much out of their employees for too little money. They will work you like a slave. That's probably why the employees are rude. Also, Walgreens is very selective in who they hire and retain on the job. They want to hire the most submissive, quickest and smartest servant they can find because they're a greedy as hell retail business. They like to hire Asians because, stereotype has it, they are smarter and like to work hard. I seriously believe they don't prefer to hire blacks or disabled people, unless they have to. The only Walgreens I see with black employees are the Walgreens in predominantly black neighborhoods.

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  • Jr
    jrb281 Dec 24, 2011

    Holy Crap this is awesome I'm nice to everyone but if you're a b*tch then you need to shut the f*ck up and go to h*ll. If we lived medieval times you would have your mouth washed out with acid for being a woman and opening your fat racist mouth. Just because you spend money somewhere doesn't mean you deserve jack you crazy c*nt. S my d!

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Resolved who gives flu shots?

When did a drug store become a hospital? Why are pharmacist giving flu shots or shots of any kind? The dirty secret is because Walgreens makes so much money on the flu shots. They charge $30 when it only cost them a few dollars. That is more than a $25 profit. It all comes down to MONEY! The pharmacists are forced to do this otherwise they will lose their jobs. They take a ONE DAY class and then they practice on each other. And now they are ready to give shots? I can't believe the drop in professionalism but I guess any can poke a needle into your arm after one day of class. In fact, drug addicts are much better at it than anyone.

The pharmasists are disgruntled but what can they do. They are doing so many things and to give shots on top of it. There is no real area set up to do this and with the running around there is a possibiltiy that things can get contaminated.

They should have a professional nurse focussed on administering the shots and explaining all the details. They can also answer any questions and not rush to do other things. That is the proper way.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you don't want to get your shots there then don't. There are far more places than just Walgreens that give flu shots (ie: Target).

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  • Tr
    TruthHurtsSometimes Oct 17, 2010

    Walgreen's does make money on their flu shots but so does everyone else, if they didn't none of them would still be in business. But you aren't looking at the bigger picture, when you get your flu shot at Walgreen's you get back a $3 register reward to use towards your purchase, when you use that register reward another one will print for $5 more. So in turn you are really getting the flu shot for $21.99. And Walgreen's only profits $20 of the $29.99 before you get those register rewards, so basically they are making $12 off of you. Now I know if you were to go anywhere else there are around $25 as well but you don't get anything in return. Another thing to look at too is if you have insurance that pays for the shot. Your insurance pays the $29.99 but you still get the $3 and $5 register reward from it so does that mean you should send your insurance company those two register rewards and not use them?

    And really who said the pharmacist only has a one day class to give you a flu shot? And drug addicts can do it better? Well your pharmacist is already starting out with more knowledge than just to give a flu shot or he/she wouldn't be filling your medicine which could help you or hurt you. So you are telling me you trust your pharmacist to give you medicine that you are taking long term or at least for more than a day but you don't trust them to give you a flu shot that even a drug addict could give??? I don't think you were thinking too hard on this complaint.

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  • Ki
    KixStar Oct 23, 2010

    Dude. Don't get your flu shot at Walgreens then.

    For what it's worth, it's not hard to give a flu shot. Fill the syringe to .5ml, stick it in a thick muscle, there you go.

    FYI- everyone who gives flu shots makes money off of them. If you get it done at a hospital, your insurance pays the hospital. Dur.

    Get over yourself.

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  • Ar
    ArmyRPh Nov 24, 2010

    You're an idiot. The Pharmacist administering your shot has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree...which far exceeds the education of an entry level nurse (no disrespect intended). The "one day class" to which you refer is simply the state requirement for this specific certification (in addition to BLS and OSHA certifications). It's one day because it's understood that Pharmacists already have the skill and education necessary to perform this riduculously simple task...it's simply a "refresher". Now, if your issue is that Walgreens is adding to the workload, while simultaneously decreasing technician hours and adding yet another distraction to an already "overly distracted" environment thereby increasing the risk of error simply for the sake of profit...you have a valid point; but, don't argue that point by questioning the qualifications of the Pharmacists.

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  • Ih
    I hate Hallmark Nov 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So this CVS has to post two complaints to discredit her competition. If people want ###ing flue shots that is their decision. Who are you to tell them they cannot get flue shots at Walgreens. Also why are you making your competition look bad. If anything CVS is bad because an employee falesly accused me of sexual harassment and it cost me my job.

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  • Ih
    I hate Hallmark Nov 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You have to write two reviews about the same thing. Why, you hope they look bad. Well the company you work for CVS (which is why you are making lies about your competition) is worse. They falsely accused me of sexual harassment which cost me my job. Every company is out to make money dummy, even the company you work for aka CVS.

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I have lived in Mo, 63304 for eight months and have been using the same Walgreens the whole time. The...

rude cashiers

Every time I go in to buy medicine or anything else it seems these cashiers either have some sort of attitude...

discontinued items

It's very frustrating to shop at Walgreens. In the past 6 months, they have discontinued six items that...

Resolved transfer

I have been with Walgreens since April of 1999. I am a loyal employee and will drop what I am doing to go to work. About 2 months ago, I was transferred to store 4123 without being asked. They were short 6 technicians at the time. One technician is in the military, one technician quit, and 4 where on maternity leave. Five out of six are back and there was an agreement that once they came back, I could be transferred back to my store 4586. Now that the time has come for me to transfer, my district manager, Greg Baker, is now saying there was no agreement and that I have to stay at 4123. I have made it clear that I do not want to stay, and I am willing to go to a different store. I believe that he is treating me unfairly and needs to be confronted with this situation. He is going back on his word and I dont appreciate that.

Resolved invalid phone card number

Walgreens phone card - I got to use my phone card & the pin no. I was given was callled INVALID. When I called Walgreens customer I was told that this no. was also INVALID!

I got this card as gift.

I trust that I shall hear from you soon.

Elaine Gilbertson

Resolved everytime entered it says time limit expired even only 8 hours have passed.

Tried to take the Walgreens Feedback.com sweepstakes. Whether by phone or accessing Walgreensfeedback.com after entering the required information I was told that my time to enter had expired even though only 8 hours had passed. According to the receipt, a person has 72 hours to complete the transaction. The last time I checked 8 hours is still less than 72 hours. My previous visit to visit to Walgreens was worse than the one today. Last time they forgot I was waiting for the rx's to be filed, they seem to have forgotten I was still there even though a pharmacy employee came out the pharmacy door asked what I was doing the pharmacy waiting room. I told them I was waiting for my rx's to be filled and the employee told me they forgot about me. They got my meds together and when I got home I was missing one of the prescriptions. Today I told them I would wait and was actively discouraged from waitingby the employee because it might take forty to fifty minutes. That really doesn't bother me that much because I usually read while I am waiting. No pharmacy is perfect. But, 484ed I do expect the company feedback line to be available.

  • Ea
    Earl Banks Jul 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Since I can no longer reach the website, I guess I'll be shopping CVS, Kroger, and Walmart; since they appear tobe a little more honest and straight-forward. It's a shame that a corporate "giant" has to resort to "GIMMICKS" to attract new customers and lose the loyal ones.

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I wireless card

I purchased a $20 i wireless card from Walgreens 8/16/2010 6:24pm. First time I stopped there to purchase my i wireless card. I got home 15 minutes later. I called i wireless, as I have 100s of time before, to load my cell phone but this was the first time I was told the pin number from the i wireless card I just bought had already been redeemed!! It was apparently stolen at the point of sale. Walgreens is either irresponsible & guilty of failing to secure their transactions at point of sale or they are purposely stealing. They lost all my family's business. We pulled all of our prescriptions and sent them to another pharmacy. They lost more than the $20 they stole.

Resolved charging for mediceine

Run a way from Walgreens Pharmacy very quickly run back to CVS. CVS is one of the best pharmacy who is always looking in to help out their patient. Why and how let me tell you. I just come back from Walgreens Pharmacy located on East Main Street in Meriden, CT. On 8/16/2010 around 4:30 PM I was trying to pick up heart medicine for my husband. The assistant from the pharmacyst told me there is some problem with my insurance and because of it I had to pay cash and get reambased from the insurance company. I asked the assistant does she can give me just 2 pills untill I will resolve this matter with my insurance company. I was told by her after she spoke with the pharmacyst I have to pay $12.00 per pill (the medicine was Plavix) and I know from my previous expirience that the CVS give my husband before pills for the next 3 days free of charge and I was back before the 3 days went by and get my medicine any way. You probably think why I went to the Walgreens if the CVS acrross the street was giving such a good outstanding service I will be honest because I was to unpatient with one of the weekend staff. I got my lesson I just come home and called the CVS from the East Main street and ask them to transfer all my scipts from the Walgreens back to CVS and I will never go back. The all staff from the CVS starting with David Ho who is the manager pharmacyst and all his assistants like : Brian, Carmen, Debbie, Jen and Waleska and the rest of his great staff. Just plese do not go on weekends when Nancy works(she is the PT wekend pharmacyst) she has no clue whats oustanding customer service stands for???She was the main reason I left the CVS but this is another story.
PLEASE Remember the CVS on 839 East Main Street in Meriden, CT is one of the BEST PHARMACY's don't go to Walgreens.
Ivona Ruszczyk

Resolved rude employees, dont care about customers

Went in on august 10, 10 to print out some pictures. I dont usually go to this store but was close to thi...