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US Bank reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 12, 2006. The latest review Visa gift card fraud was posted on Apr 14, 2021. The latest complaint insurance department/customer service was resolved on Aug 13, 2018. US Bank has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 574 reviews. US Bank has resolved 117 complaints.

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+1 503 872 2657 (Portland Metro)
+1 314 425 2000 (St. Louis Metro)
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+1 800 285 8585 (Lost & Stolen)
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US Bank Complaints & Reviews

US Bank / US Bancorpinsufficient terms explained on a home equity loan

Last year in March I called US Bank concerning applying for a short period loan. I told them I would be selling my house and needed the money to pay off a loan on my property. I asked about a home equity loan since the interest rate was good. They proceeded to use my house that I was selling for collateral. I didn't question it since I thought they would change it to my rental property when I sold. Customer Service never recommended any options so I assumed this was my best option. I was under the impression the repayment period was five years.
This year I sold my house and was required to pay off this loan plus a $500 early payment penalty. This penalty was never mentioned to me. When I called and complained, they said I should have read the contract. I am at fault for this but as I have stated, I explained that I needed a short term loan--- not a mortgage!
I have written to US Bank and stated my case. Their reply was basically you signed for it. Sorry if the terms weren't explained. But you don't get a refund.
I also wrote that maybe a new loan, again short term, could be worked out since I need the money for building. I thought it could be worked out where the $500 fee could be used towards this new loan. No loan was offered. Andrea Naker didn't go out of her way in any way to keep a customer.
I have excellent credit and my IRA account is due since I will be 59 1/2 later this year. I believe in investing in a bank that has helped me out when I needed it. US Bank will not be receiving any new accounts from me.
Kim Russo

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    US Bank / US Bancorpnew accounts

    I drove to my local branch in Corvallis, Oregon and attempted to open a new bank account. After waiting in line. I was asked to have a seat. I was then approached by a manager who told me (even though there were no other customers in the branch) that they could not open an account for me because I had to make an appointment first. I asked if this was company policy and she stated "yes". An unbelievable waste of time. There were three bank employees present, no customer except for me and they would not open an account for me.

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      US Bank / US Bancorpextremely poor customer service versailles missouri branch


      Our local U.S. Bank has a long history of poor customer service. I ranted over my last experience on Facebook. I hope you take time to read it; because, there is a lot of resentment in this community for our local branch. I had personally refused to use the bank because of an issue with identity theft, nearly 15 years ago that cost me nearly $5000. I do not remember the year. My son had decided that he wanted an account there, against my objections. As a responsible father, I respected his decision and went with him to assist him; as, he is young and inexperienced. We had a lot to do today and had made several plans; so, we got up early. We had to go to the DMV to renew my son's driver's license, which had recently expired. The DMV requires proof of residency; for which, my son provided one of his pay stubs. They accepted it without question and issued him a new license. Our next stop was our local U.S. Bank. After waiting patiently in line for 15 minutes or so, the teller got rather impatient with us and said that it would be an hour or more before we could be helped. I found this rather odd; as, we had tried to open an account around 4:30 the previous evening; and, we were impolitely told that they were not taking any more customers. They were open until 5:00, which would have been plenty of time to open an account. After we were blown off in a rude manner for the second time this morning, I still gave the benefit of the doubt. I have worked with the public and had bad or overwhelming days. Before returning afternoon, I called in advance. We arrived and submitted the temporary drivers license that the DMV issues now; and, we provided the same pay stub to verify residency. The staff member working on the account looked at the pay stub and immediately became hatefully rude with my son and told him that it could not be used for verification; though, it had his full legal name, address, social, phone number, and email address printed on a company logo, with a break-down of his earnings. Wanting to resolve the situation, we traveled to the county court house and retrieved a copy of my son's 2019 personal property receipt. We presented it to our favorite hateful bank employee; and, she found a problem with it too. At the top of the receipt, it states that his vehicle was registered with them in 2017--the year he purchased it. Clearly stated a few lines down, it states that his property taxes were paid in March 2019. She then consulted the employee that was rude to us that morning. She certainly did not get any happier throughout the day. She tried to tell us that the receipt was two years old; when, we had just watched it come out of a printer with a 2019 date on it. Then she went on to complain about the temporary drivers license that the DMV issued. She said that she did not think that it was even a valid form of ID to open an account with. By this time, I had had about enough and decided to attempt to educate these two hateful, disrespectful, ladies with a little bit of logic. I explained to them that everyone's driver's license expires at some point and needs replacing; and, that the temporary ID, issued by the DMV, is valid until the new one arrives. I also asked them why the check stub was good enough proof for the government to issue him a drivers license, but not good enough to open a basic checking account. I tried explaining the county collector receipt to them again, just as the county collector explained it to me. I was told that I had no idea what I was talking about or how their bank policies worked. We were then commanded in a near yelling voice, something like a very hateful person would scold a disobedient child, to "Get in there and sit back down. ;I will let you know if we can even use any of this" I told them to give our documents back and that there was no way that I was going to bank in a place where the employees are that rude, and we left. We drove the next town over, Stover, and took the same temporary ID and other paperwork to Citizens-Farmers Bank. When we walked in the door, the teller behind the counter greeted us kindly-she was a very sweet lady. We told her we wanted to open a checking account. We had to wait about five minutes before another lady came out, greeted us nicely, and invited us into her office. She accepted the temporary drivers license without one question and never even asked for any other documents. We spent a total of 15 minutes in that bank; and, we left with a brand new checking account and a newly printed debit card. Most importantly, we were treated with kindness and respect. If your Versailles employees hate people that much, why are they working in constant contact with the public?

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        US Bank / US Bancorpdo not go to us bank on 2537 west wisconsin ave in milwaukee, wisconsin and don't go to no us bank in milwaukee, wisconsin

        Do not go to US Bank on 2537 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, because the Black Men customers and Black Women customers be starting trouble and starting problems with you while you be standing in line waiting for the bank to open!!! Black people like to cause trouble and cause problems at these other US Banks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin like Midtown (55th and Capitol Drive), 79th and Burleigh St, 52nd and North Avenue, 50th and Chambers St, 37th and Villard Ave, 75th and Good Hope Road, North and Farwell Avenue(Riverwest), 99th and Capitol Drive, 103rd and Silver Spring Drive, 42nd and Brown Deer Road, and 5800 North Port Washington Road in Glendale. Do not go those banks, because black people will start trouble and start problems with you!!!
        Stay away from these banks located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!!
        Best thing to do is to go to a different US Bank in the White suburbs and White communities in Wisconsin like Wauwatosa, Menominee Falls, Waukesha, Elm Grove, Brookfield, Muskego, Grafton, Mequon, Cedarburg, Bayside, West Bend, Hartford, Germantown, Sheboygan, Fond Du Lac and North Fond Du Lac, Oshkosh, Ripon, Menasha, Appleton, Stevens Point, Wautoma, Delavan, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, Janesville, Twin Lakes, Oconomowoc, Junction City, Wisconsin Rapids, Nekoosa, La Crosse and Onalaska, Madison and Waunakee.White customers and White tellers are nice and friendly to you, White People don't start trouble with you and They don't start problems with you.White People are nice to you, They show you and everybody respect at those banks!!!

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          • Updated by Rennard Cotton · May 18, 2019

            Black People be starting trouble and starting problems at any US Bank in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!! The US Bank located at 2537 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have black crackheads who loiter and hang out at that bank and at The Check Cashing Place across the street begging and panhandling customers for money!!! In 2013 that US Bank had two white women co-workers named Therese and a Light-skinned black guy named Don Juan, They were good co-workers until they quit and left. A light skinned black guy security guard name Paul Green was working there, He was a good security guard until he left. This US Bank used to have a drive-thru until it got taken down. This US Bank is weak and it sucks big time!!! The other US Banks located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin be getting robbed by Black people and It be broadcasted on the news. That's why, I don't go to no US Bank in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, because black people be acting up, acting crazy, acting a fool, starting trouble and starting problems!!! Black people be making people uncomfortable and unsafe!!! That's why US Bank be losing good customers and good co-workers!!! Best thing to do is go to a different US Bank in a White neighborhood, White suburb and a White community and Best thing to do is go to a different bank or Go to a credit union. Go where you feel more safe at.Stay away from any US Bank in a Milwaukee neighborhood!!!

          • Updated by Rennard Cotton · May 18, 2019

            The US Bank corporate office in Minneapolis, Minnesota be wasting people's time on the telephone!!! When I told the US Bank corporate office about my bad experience with them that happened in March 2019 at 2537 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The white guy I spoke with on the phone about the incident, He told me that, There's nothing they can't do!!! I told him that the bank has security cameras facing the front of the building, He said, He does not go along with the security cameras!!! I told him that I'm going to a different bank!!!That US Bank located at 2537 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin can't keep no good co-workers, Co-Workers who work that US Bank come and go!!! That US Bank is weak, crooked, sick and twisted with Black People!!! That US Bank needs to be closed and shut down!!! Do not associate with this bank and any US Bank in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!! Stay away from that US Bank, because Black People will start trouble, start problems and start fights with you!!!

          US Bank / US Bancorpover draft fee

          I called this morning because i had an over draft charged set for today's date. When i spoke with the first person Janine she told me there was nothing they could do because it was told to me it was a one time courtesy in October. Which was not disclosed to me because i had been assisted in December when it occurred as well as February. I asked to speak with her supervisor she told me no because it was nothing that they could do. After becoming upset she finally transferred me to her supervisor Ronald (1541641 id) i asked him and he stated that i would have to have a certain level of credit to be able to get the over draft protection which makes no sense. As I'm talking he starts to talk. I tell him sir this is not how customer service works you can't over talk me as I'm talking. He then goes to say well I'm trying to answer your question but can't do so if you are talking too. He then tells me it sounds like you just want for someone to listen to you so im just going to put you on mute and allow you to continue to talk. I'm getting more frustrated at this point because not only was he being condescending but also trying push out my transactions that i already knew had occurred. I told him i do not need you to go over my transactions i know what i did. I then asked how do i file a complaint about you he tells me to go online or my local branch. I ask him how long will it take for me to hear back from someone on my complaint. He tells me i won't because it's just feedback which made absolutely no sense to me. I've never been handled like that by this bank and I've been banking with them for 6 years and would've thought they valued me but clearly they made it very clear they could careless

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            May 01, 2019

            US Bank / US Bancorp — customer service and holding pending transactions so an overdraft fee is applied

            Us bank holds pending transactions until the account is low and then allows them to clear. This charges the...

            US Bank / US Bancorpequity line of credit request

            My wife and I went into the US Bank, Boulder, Colorado main branch and spoke with Jose Barraza concerning an equity line of credit to start a few home improvements. He was very nice and helpful and requested some items concerning our home insurance, income, etc to be sent to him. This was April 5th. We went home and I immediately emailed this information to him. I did not hear from him so I called him the following friday, April 12th and he said he had problems getting what I emailed him so I needed to email him the same info I sent him on the 5th. He received this information this time and I figured he may have misplaced this information the first time. Already we were out one full week for the 3 weeks that Jose said we would be approved. He gave us the name of Enver Sarac, Wealth Management Banker who would take our request from there. Two additional weeks went by so I called Enver about the process update. He said the loan would be an additional 3 weeks or more to complete. I let him know we had planned to start our home update projects around may 1st and was not happy about his lack of communication and his no need to push this along. I mentioned to him that we came to US Bank because of the 3.99% interest rate that you had although I might have to go elsewhere because of the lack of speed on our request. He did not seem concerned if we stayed or went elsewhere. So we contacted Elevations Credit Union last week even though they had a higher interest rate. Yesterday they completed everything including a full home appraisal and we came in to their location to sign the paperwork. One week total!!! Saturday we should have the money to start our projects. Wow. We both are retired, we own our house and a condo outright. We have investment accounts which total close to a million dollars. We receive close to $10, 000 a month to live on so US Bank would have been able to make our loan request work just as fast as Elevation Credit Union. Because of this bad experience with US Bank we will never return to this bank for any of our banking needs. -John Varsos. [protected]@centurylink.net

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              US Bank / US Bancorpmissing $564 from us bank in millbrae

              In January 2019 I went to the US Bank branch in Millbrae, CA after finding an offer on the US Bank official site that stated any new customer setting up a checking account would receive a $300 bonus after making two direct deposits.

              At the branch, I met the assistant manager Tsogzolboo Enkhchimeg who introduced himself as Andy. I showed him the promotion and he brought it up on the official US Bank website on his computer. He said he had not heard of this offer and I was the first customer to bring it to him. I asked if I would be eligible and he said I need to review all of the terms and conditions and check with our back office to make sure you can set this up here in the branch and be eligible. I asked him to please make sure. He called his back office and team while I went to withdraw $25, 000 to put into the account. This was the amount required to waive the monthly fee he said.

              When I came back he said we were entirely good to go and I would be perfectly eligible setting up the account at that branch on his computer through him. I was very sure to confirm this multiple times and confirmed with him that I would receive the funds after two direct deposits and maintaining $25, 000 in the account.

              Andy then presented another offer on his computer which was a table of interest rates. Each one gave a varying rate amount that depended on the amount deposited. He said to me that there was another promotion I had not been aware of that would allow me to get over 1.5% annual income and that I would qualify for an extra ~$47 per month for 6 months from $30, 000 and encouraged me to deposit more. I said it all sounded great and signed up for the account with his confirmation that I would qualify for both offers.

              The first issue came in March when I noticed no interest came through. Both of my direct deposits had cleared to qualify for the $300 bonus as well so I called Andy to ask what was going on with the $300 bonus and the interest. He said he needed to check with his back office about both. He called back and was apologizing profusely saying he had made a mistake. He said his mistake was that any customer who does the $300 bonus would not qualify for the interest rate. He said this was his fault because he did not realize this when he was advertising the interest rate bonus to me, so he would make up for it by crediting my account with the first month of interest, approximately ~$47. I asked him when this would happen and he said he would do it as soon as the $300 cleared. I was naturally irritated that the deal was being changed, as this was a difference of about $250 over 6 months, but I did not think it was worth it to make a fuss at the time, and he was offering at least the first month still, so I said that would be acceptable. I asked when the $300 would come through, and he said the very latest would be 90 days after the second direct deposit which had been February 15. I asked if that meant I would definitely receive it by May 15th and he said he was absolutely sure and it could be much sooner even.

              The next issue happened last week (end of April 2019. I had not seen the bonus or interest amount come through so I wanted to call him to confirm. I reached out to Andy and he said gave me the usual reply that he would need to reach out to the back office and get back to me to confirm. I said fine and gave him my email to respond to for convenience. He responded on 04/24:

              "Hi Ezra, I was trying to find a definite answer of when you would be receiving the $300 however I had some difficulty trying to locate the exact date. I will have an answer for you on this by end of Friday. I also wanted remind you to please keep the $25000 in the savings for the time being because if not, there will be a monthly maintenance charge."

              I thought this was strange since last time we spoke he had confirmed 05/15 as the latest date and had said he was positive it would come by then. He had also confirmed this when we set up the account. On 04/24 he responded again:

              "It's okay if you do not have the promotional buckslip but if you happen to do so, It would greatly speed up this process. My back office is having some difficulties identifying the promo Code WEB 2019, do you know where you were able to find it? It happened some time ago that I do not 100% remember if you had the promotion code on your phone or if had brought in a paper flyer with the code on it."

              This again seemed strange, because there had been no "buckslip" as it was an online offer listed on the US Bank official website. I told him I never had one. He then emailed and asked me to call him.

              I called him and he told me over the phone that he could not find evidence of the offer anywhere and that he did not think the $300 offer really existed and that I would need to provide proof of the offer. I found this very strange again because he had already confirmed when we set up the account and the previous month that this promotion was perfectly fine and I would absolutely qualify and had checked with his back office on many occasions to confirm. I told him it's easy to find evidence of the offer and I was very surprised to hear this. He said then provide the evidence. I did a Google search and sure enough the very first link popped up with the offer through a third party site with a screen shot of the US Bank official website. The offer had expired in March, but I had set it all up before the expiration back in January. I screen shotted the offer and sent it back to Andy.

              I did not receive any response so I called him on 04/26. He said that, actually, since the offer was completed in the branch instead of in person, I would not qualify. I told him that does not make any sense, this was the first time he had ever mentioned anything of that nature. I asked why he had never mentioned this is the past and he said it was because he did not know. This was very strange since I asked him about this directly when we set up the account confirming that I would be eligible for the offer if I set it up in the branch with him. It would have been an extremely simple task for me to set it up online if that was a requirement, but he confirmed in person at the branch with me (after consulting his back office) that setting it up at the branch would be perfectly fine and that I would qualify. In addition, he also confirmed with his team when I called in March that I was perfectly eligible for the offer and would be receiving it in May at the latest.

              I emailed back stating the above, and his manager, Yoko Wong reached out to me with the following:

              "This is Yoko Wong, Manager of Andy Enkhchimeg, thank you for reaching out about your concern. With part of screenshot you provided, it didn't list out the full fine print. So, I went ahead to review the full term and condition listed on the 3rd party website that you initially visited and found the promotion. It specifically mention account opened at a branch is not eligible for this promo. Andy took extra steps and reach out to Online department to verify the promotion and was trying to ask for an exception for this case. However, the fine print listed that account opened at a branch is not eligible. We can't honor this bonus offer at this time. When promotion posted from 3rd party website, we have no control about it as well because it is not affiliate with US Bank. Thank you again for reaching out."

              This was very strange to read. The screenshot I sent to Andy was from a third party website, but included a screenshot of the official US Bank site. In the branch the first day, we also brought the promotion up on the official US Bank website. Furthermore, the terms and conditions are the same on the US Bank website as on any affiliate site, all the affiliate sites just link directly to the US Bank website so this makes absolutely no sense. Andy confirmed on multiple occasions with me and his team that I qualified for the official US Bank $300 promotion. I confirmed with Andy in person that I would qualify for registering for the promotion in person at his branch when I moved my money to the account, and he told me I would. He also told me I would qualify for an additional $47 in interest per month. As of today, I have not received either.

              Desired outcome:

              Payment of the $300 bonus by the previously promised date of 05/15/2019

              Monthly payments of the interest I was promised of 1.88% yearly totaling ~$47 for a 6 month period. So far this would be ~$144, and I should receive an additional ~$144 over the next 3 months.

              I am afraid that more and more people are falling victim to being lured into puting their money in banks under false pretenses but do not have the resources to pursue the collection of the promised bonuses when banks breech their contracts.

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                U.S. Bank fractional reserve banking with overdraft fees

                Where to get started first off fractional reserve banking is the biggest scam to ever surface on the face of the earth. But the real reason i am writing this review is due to their ridiculous overdraft fees and extended overdraft fees. They loan out more money then they even have then they create $36 dollar debts to people out of thin air. they really need to learn that they are the real problem with the financial market. stay away from them and never take out any loan if possible. the debt system is made to fail and the debt will never be able to be paid back in full.

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                  Apr 20, 2019

                  US Bank / US Bancorp — costumer service and denied bank service.

                  Treated like a non member. I have been bank with US Bank for years. Two tellers told me that I could not cash...

                  Apr 15, 2019

                  US Bank / US Bancorp — branch assistant manager

                  Hello, So when your employee Vanessa started working for this branch about a year or so, I came in one...

                  US Bank / US Bancorpamount increase

                  Date of incident: March 19th 2019
                  Resolution: I want the credit card increase, we've never missed a payment, I don't see why we are being denied. It seems cruel to kick a person when they are down and unemployed, and I don't get an unemployment check. I have nothing but my parents and what they can spare to give to me.

                  "Please include income earned by you, and additionally, if applicable, any readily accessible income earned from sources such as spousal/domestic partner income"

                  In my mind "such as spousal/domestic partner income" is an example of what a readily accessible source of income can be, not the only form. I am a 37 year old who is unemployed living with my parents, I went to college got a BA degree and this is where I am in life. I got a letter stating that my increase on my card could be upped by 2, 000 only to be then told that my parents couldn't be used as "readily accessible income" we are in dire straits, and it is companies like you who have put people like us in such a state. Without my parents helping me pay monthly minimums on credit cards I would be living on the streets somewhere, still jobless, and going hungry every single night. And you are helping to put us one more step toward poverty by making us go without.

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                    • Te
                      TellMeAboutIt82 Mar 19, 2019

                      Of course they're not going to increase your credit limit when you're unemployed and your only source of income is from your parents, and can not be counted on for sure!

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                    US Bank / US Bancorpimproper check cashing procedures

                    My ex-fiance, Randy G. Lois sr and I, due to the wildfires at paradise, ca, suffered a total loss of our jointly owned home on 11/08/2018. Our homeowners insurance co, aegis, issued a issued a joint check 01/2019, check no [protected] in the amount of $152, 750 (see exhibit "a"

                    without my knowledge, permission, or signature, check was deposited into his personal account (exhibit "b"); as of this date I have not received one cent of this money. US bank at Roseville branch 8451. Should not have allowed randy to deposit this check into his personal account without my signature. Re-routing said check to our joint account without notifying me did not adequately protect my interest, because randy was able to deposit the entire amount into his personal account via phone transfer (see exhibit "b"). I wish to be issued a check for my 1/2 of above stated check amount, and will sign any indemnity agreement to assist you in prosecuting this matter.

                    Thank you

                    improper check cashing procedures
                    improper check cashing procedures

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                      • No
                        Not Lester Holt Mar 15, 2019
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I am not certain why you would post such a request on here instead of going directly to US Bank and asking them about this. You could also present the matter to the insurance company since the check was not properly endorsed. You cite an attorney in your signature. Did Ashton E. Dunn advise you to post those images here? Your best bet is to have Ashton E. Dunn draft a letter to be sent to the branch manager, district manager and the US Bank operations department.

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                      Feb 15, 2019

                      US Bank / US Bancorp — The way I was treated as a guest

                      I use this bank all the time to withdraw money for my employees. I was having issues with the atm so the...

                      US Bank / US Bancorpmy checking account

                      You all have charged me so many times for money that I didn't authorize to even be taken out. I changed my account so that nothing could come out if the money wasn't there. That apparently does not matter, and I had to pay nearly 1200 back in rent because of all the fees. That's 350 dollars more than I pay every month along with the fees you gave me on my account. Now, another ach that I did not authorize, was taken out and returned and I was given another fee. You all are the worst bank I have ever had in my life. You don't listen to your customers or even try to help them, you just want to make money off people as though you don't have enough. I will be changing my bank as soon as possible as I have been dealing with this from you all for about 4 years. An no longer handle it. You all never help the customer. At least, not me. I have never been given the overdraft fees back, even when it wasn't my fault - it was your fault. I can't believe a business like you is still standing. Horrible, horrible company.

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                        Feb 04, 2019

                        US Bank — manager attitude

                        I just went to the Chicago Chinatown US bank ask for help about transferring money, the manager is a Chinese...

                        Jan 22, 2019

                        US Bank / US Bancorp — phone payment

                        Upon calling in to arrange for a loan payment due to the holiday, the monthly payment amount was selected. No...

                        Jan 09, 2019

                        US Bank / US Bancorp — loan process

                        Here is an email I sent to the loan officer at us bank san carlos. Before going thru the loan process, I told...

                        US Bank / US Bancorpcredit card

                        Please DO NOT use this dishonest bank for a credit card. My payment was due on Jan 1 2019 and I paid it Dec 31 and it posted Jan 2 and they charged me a $27 late fee. Jan 1 is a holiday and these clowns could not figure it out. I contacted them but just got fraudulent lip service. As a former employee of this bank I would not recommend them for anything.

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                          US Bank / US Bancorpleasing

                          My car totaled November 11 Adams still to this day they are not finished with their process. Now they have rights to report me to the bureau's?! I had to get another car and can't afford to keep making payments on the totaled one - plus this case should NOT have taken this long!! Customer service is NOT HELPING and my insurance company and I have been givin the run around and it's like pulling teeth to get a supervisor!!

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