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identity theft

10/22/2019 I saw someone had taken 3000$ from my account. This is my retirement backpay. I filed a dispute statement and thought I would be reimbursed in 10 days like I was supposed to. Well, of course, they never got back to me. Terrible customer service. When I got ahold of them they said they needed more time to investigate this. They told me that on December 6th they would let me know their decision. Of course, they didn't get ahold of me and I had to call them. Their conclusion was that I took the money out on an account in New Jersey from a TD Bank. I have no purchases in New Jersey. My purchases were all in North Carolina Monroe. Also when I got hacked whoever changed my password and access code. I got daily balance notices and they were stopped when they hacked me. Since I asked for investigation paperwork and anything related to my case. Direct Express sent me my dispute transaction paper that I filed. I also had a 2000$ limit on what I could take out. After that, I was told that my case is closed and they won't investigate it again. Really I thought the Company had FDIC. I am on a fixed budget and need this money.

Direct Express Payment Processing ServicesDirect Express will not refund my 159.00!!!! this was unauthorized charges!

Direct Express paid Microsoft Xbox 9.99 for a year!!! or more I was going through breast cancer treatments from Sept 2017 through July 2019, and then I had Shingle the next 6 Months!!! there is no way, I was able to sit up and play a gaming system!!! I am Just now getting my strength back enough to be begging and pleading!!! for these people to refund my money!!! I have sent stacks of medical records!!! and e-mails from Microsoft Xbox fraud unit!!! That is Stating that I have not had any Xbox subscription !!! I have proof of how many times I called and spoke with 100 different people!!! You can contact me at [protected] for further information.
PO Box [protected] San Antonio, TX [protected]

Provisional credit when will i receive it it's going on 35 days since i reported fraud

There were fraud chargers on my card going back to nov 2019 do i called and reported the chatges i was told to fill out fraud packet i did promptly and was informed that once they recieved my papers i wud get the proviosal credit 10 days later well today is the 10th day and nothing everyrime i call i am on hold for 45 mins or longer and i am fed up with this whole situation... my money was stolen and there is nothing is being done about it ...

identity theft

In October 21 someone in New Jersey took 3000$ from me. I reported it and did all paperwork. I live in Monroe North Carolina and money was taken out and changed my password and access to account. I got some back pay for disability and was new to direct express. They told me that they would resolve my problem by December 6th. I was never informed about the decision. Finally they told me that I transferred the money to the account in New Jersey. They gave me the last four numbers of the account. I only had one account and they denied me the money stolen. I got back with them several times and got the run-around. I need to know the account my money went to and that would clear me of any suspicious activity. I want my 3000$ I am on disability now and have a fixed income.

fraud dispute

My name is melissa carpenter an I have been trying to get my money back 2 checks where stolen from me my july an August 2019 checks where stolen off my card I have proof that it was not me that made the transactions on my card I was incarcerated from june 10 2019 an made parole sept 12 2019 while I was in jail someone stole my purse an I keep copys of all my passwords wrote down but that didnt matter because all my info was in my purse the person cancelled my card an got a new one an not only have I been rudely spoken to by direct express ive also been hung up on an basically told that im a lier an my documents I faxed to them are useless I faxed my parole papers that say the date of my incarceration an my out date but none of that matters to them im still waiting on a supervisor to call me still no call ive asked to speck to supervisors at first they didn't have one 2 weeks ago and yesterday they have one who will call me within ten mins still haven't heard from anyone even though I have paperwork to prove I never made those transactions an faxed them to direct express I cant get my money back.

Desired solution
They need to give me back my money for july 2019 an August 2019 I mean what more proof do they need that I never made any transactions

fraud dispute

direct deposit

6 months ago my Direct Express card was comprimised. The card is issued by Comerica Bank, they said they would have to take me out of the system and reenter my info. since then they have sent me 2 new cads that never worked. the one I have now works, but I am still recieving paper checks in the mail. I have been getting the run around from both Coamerica & and the V.A. Now I am $18.00 over drawn on my account because of all the cards that were sent to me. Please help.Picture of Direct Express card.

direct deposit

customer support

Card was stolen, I was charged 13 dollars to have a new card shipped UPS overnight. Card hasn't arrived 3 days later and I can't speak to a live person. If I press 1 in the menu during the card status report it says "please hold while you are being transferred " then hangs up on me. I have tried 34 times to reach them. They didn't provide any tracking information either.

unauthorized credit charges

Somebody had got my credit card information and made fraudulent chrges on my account. My other two bank accounts resolved matters quickly and returned my money. Direct express denied my claim within 10 days of filing it and told me I should pursue my claim with the police department, I have NEVER had such terrible customer service in my life and highly do NOT recommend anyone to use direct express. I am a disabled veteran and my only income is the little bit I get from the VA and it was fraudulently taken from me and Direct Express will not help me, terrible. The 3 times I contacted them by phone I was on hold for 47 minutes, 1 hour and 37 minutes and again just now for 52 minutes.

phone service...

there seems to be too many users getting in to your direct express customer service ----too many clicks as if they or another wants to steal the call to glean info or make changes. Please see why this is. [protected]--ZTE phone service. My phone is out of order much of the time becuz of similar problems with interlopers holding myinfo and voice mail. How? WHY?
I use my original card with chip and it is a-ok. I use it for ATM only and with no change in pin ever. NO transfers and have no other accounts at this time. Card#2668. I will not request additional cards, have no one using mine ever. IN this electronic craze of these times, mind reading for info is a possibility and intellectual ownership isn't a certainty. I will call the hearing impaired line should I need anything in the future. Will you offer this ATM only basic service for basic card users please?
Delores Michaels of the Jodi Airas hearings 4 weeks [protected]@youtubes is one of these hackers and brags social security to the public and makes everyone tired of her tirades and glee. SHe resides at prince George hotel and is a hacker and spends time with the cult at the lottee palace hotel in nyc with cult fitzgerald. There seem to be others affected by their varied phone lines and abilities to intercede and ruin phone calls etc...
Thank you.

Georgia Lynn Mobley Jones NYC

ssi deposit

I was shorted $88 of my SSI payment and it's impossible to reach a live person. This is the second time this year I've been ripped off by this shoddy company.

In January of this year, a fraudulent transaction in the amount of $150 was made. It originated hundreds of miles and several states away from me. They claimed I made the transaction when clearly that was impossible.

This company has MANY complaints as well as a class action lawsuit; however, Comerica Bank and the treasury department continue to do nothing but twiddle their thumbs.

unauthorization and activation of stolen direct express debit card

Oct3, nov3, dec3, 2019, ssi benefits, that I was entitled to, but never received bmy direct express card, was was never received. That I asked for on the phone to direct express sept.23. Where I was residing with a friend tempory, at 4809"ñe camelot drive, apt 38 lwton, okla 73501. Ii got incarcerated riding with the friends diane tissicie, juanice williams howie sept.23. Did not get out till nov 26.. Called the next day. To report, that I never received the card in the mail. I was told from friend diane tissicie. But have 2 witnesses, fiance friend that are residing at the residence, that the card was received in the mail. Diane tissicie gave it to neighbor juanice williams howie, and she activated it, and got the monies off the card. Ive went to ssi office, sent email, of all the identification, I can provide, I have no income, or monies, to obtain bifthcertificate 45$ and state is 25$. I am disabled, in a wheel chair, dont drive, barely. Walk. Ive sent a tribal i'd, ssi card, medicare card, inmate i'd card showing I was incarcerated, iam the victim not the thief. I reported the incident, soon as I was abled too.. But im cutoff from ssi. Why is that? What do I got to do, or who do I have to see about this matter, the inspector general, the manger of the bank, direct expresses uses, ssi?

fraud dispute

I have been dealing with DirectExpress since November 27 2019 regarding a fraud block on my DirectExpress card. I have done everything asked of me, as well as the Social Security Administration who loaded my benefit onto my card on November 25 2018.
DirectExpress blocked my online access December 15 2019. I have been (and now I cannot) check my balance everyday & took a screenshot showing balance & date.
S.S.A. called me at 8:30am this morning to inform me block will be removed in 24 hrs. I had premature excitement that this financial terrorism was over. I spoke to a (new) supervisor Bertha who told me since the fraud happened via internet access, DirectExpress has blocked my card AND my internet access.
Bertha explained the M.O.U. I signed & S.S.A. faxed on November 17 to Comerica Attn: N. D. Red was not received. This was the FOURTH M.O.U. faxed since November 25 to December 17 2019!!
I will not post publicly the amount of money I have lost for fear of more scams & fraudulent activity.
I am now addressing my grievances legally and publicly.

direct express mastercard

This bank is in charge of me getting $360 stolen off my Direct Express card. I filed a Dispute with Direct Express and after waiting 2 hours to talk to someone these jerks had to then transfer me to the Dispute Dept. for another hour wait. So I filled out the Dispute and spent $7.00 with Mailbox Center to send the paperwork back and only within 1 week they sent me the outcome! and you guessed it, they said it was my fault and they got proof from U.S. Bank here in Spokane that I got the $360 out of the cash machine and I did not because I did not want to pay a $4 service charge and I canceled the transaction and went to another bank to get the $360.I went to U.S. Bank and they said they never sent and documentation to Direct Express about this case so whoever is in charge with the Dispute Dept. at Direct Express is lying and ripping off disabled peoples money out of their accounts. I checked with BBB and Comerica Bank Complaints online and there was over 2000 of them about folks missing money and how hard it is to contact Direct Express. I only get $514 a month and anyone could figure out I could not have got $360 out of two different cash machines within 10 minutes. This has been an ongoing nightmare trying to get my cash back since Oct 10th 2019 and I still have not been able to pay my rent for December and now I owe $150 in late charges and might get kicked out of my apartment that I just moved into 3 months ago. The bad thing it I had to get a title loan on my car to pay the extra $200 in late charges on rent in November. I hope someone can investigate how many customers are getting taken advantage of with Direct Express! I hate everything about them and I would give them 0 out of 5 stars for service if I could


I was living with my son in law an my grandaughter had to take the baby to the doctor an they didnt have any money to put in my car for gas. So i gave my Son In Law My Direct...

they sold me clothes ever received fraud dept not answering.

I i bought 95 dollars on this fake website. Please help me file dispute against gio-lovely. It was a fake website selling clothes on the interntet they took $95.01 nov 1st. No one at the fraud dept answers. Its dec11th never got the clothes. On thier website reciews people say they got scammed and its a fake websiclo. This fake website gio lovely has my debit number and is not sending me 95.01 i ordered in clothes

money added back to my card

My name is Tony Breedlove Baxter springs Kansas 66713 I'm requiring on a matter of money being added back to my card should have been already done I filled the paperwork out and...

best buy, experian credit, amazon, google fi etc these and other chargers that was it pulled out of the atm besides wa

Best buy experian Amazon Google fi etc...are unauthorized chargers that was something I know or knew about the only transactions I knew about are a total amount of 600 plus atm fees which left me a balance of 230 after that as of today 12/02/19'I transacted one online order from Wal-Mart and the total amount of 8.00 dollars for a set of dentures I never ever submitted any of these charges and that was all the funds I had to pay my household bills with now my lights and gas will be cut off I have no other means of cash so I'm begging for help to resolve this matter here is all my info card ending in 5050

Email [protected]@gmail .com
Full name Karen b. James
Address 886 carlotta st
Redlands ct 92374Carlotta
Home phone [protected]
Mothers maiden name
Date of birth
Sincerely yours
Mrs.Karen b James

customer service - lack of it

The card will be declined every once in a while for no good reason. Online or in a brick and mortar store. It declined this morning. I have made numerous attempt to talk to a rep...

customer service getting a live person

Date of incident [protected] for $169 — allfash, [protected], az, usa is what I have been trying to take care of since 8/14/2019, when we found this was a fraud! I will make separate complaint after this.
I have tried almost 100 times in calling your customer service, called different times of day, many hours of wait time, one time was an hour and 40 min — it didn't give me that long when I called... Some times it would be playing your wait music then complete silence, I would look at my phone and it still showed connected... Then the 3 times I experienced this... It would just all of a sudden give me a busy signal! Two times when I finally got a person, it was cut off when they transferred me. Said they were transferring me to fraud dept... Which is not the process! I even tried other numbers I had from your fraud dept that I had when card number had been stolen.
But they didn't work either... Just gave me a voice mail to someone. I fiinally got a customer service live person on oct 27, 2019-rather quickly. She said she would mail out the fraud packet and that I would receive it in 2 to 3 business days. I have never dealt with any company like this. Last year it was not so hard to talk with a person — ever! I even tried dialing the #3 as your site says, just as soon as phone was picked up — it does not work!, so I tried as soon as I enter card — didn't work! I sent a packet involving this fraud-copies of everything-sent certified 8-14-19 to the fraud san antonio, tx... The person that signed for the complaint and all the evidence was a robert alvera — delivered on [protected].! I have never heard from anybody regarding this complaint. I had also sent complaint to utah state consumer protection agency. They too, had trouble reaching any kind of person with direct express, and referred me to keep trying and to report to the
Ftc.! So trying to take care of something in timely manner??!! Doesn't happen with your company. I will try writing fraud complaint through here and then follow up with ftc and theus treasury. For violation of federal laws... #5304/1/23, /482 sherrie l moon
3344 s 4000 west #16
West valley, ut 84120


I tried to use my card this morning and got declined so I called the number provided and no one answers so now my funds are inaccessible.I don't know what to do that's the only way of contacting them is the phone number provided..I have had this card for years with no problems, then all of a sudden I cant use my card..Someone please help me I'm disabled and my only method of income

  • Ke
    Keshia T. Nov 01, 2019

    Im having the same exact problem, just used my card last wk now I cant use it today of all days to pay my bills was on phone with customer service after almost 2hrs then he claims he cant hear me and just hung the phone up. Dont kno what kind of shit this is. Had the same problem last month this needs to be brought to SOMEONES attention im fustrated AF!

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  • Dg
    DGreco Nov 04, 2019

    @Keshia T. Me too been 4 days and not resolved yet. Just got disconnected from them so now another 4 hour hold time

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direct express

On August 26 2019 $347.00 was taken off my card for something called Cubic games, I have no idea how this happened I don't know what this is and I most definitely did not do it, it took me 2 days to get someone on the phone thru customer service and they were able to tell me what happened to my money I explained to them that I didn't do it she put me thru to the Fraud department and they sent me forms to fill out and send back, it took 10 days for me to get the papers I filled the papers out and sent them back, they were returned to me a week later so I put them in another envelope and sent them back out, I know they received my paperwork cause I called and made sure, I was told my money would be back on my card within 10 business days well it's now been 2 most.and I still have not received my money. I have been calling customer service for over a month and every day it tells me that the call volume is high and hangs up on me, I call every day serval times a day, I want my money back asap, my name is Judy Grinder my report number is 1/[protected] my phone number is [protected].

  • Updated by Judy Grider · Oct 23, 2019

    I have got behind on my rent due to this and now my phone has been shut off, this is all the money I get I live off this money and I really need it back ASAP.

direct express mastercard

Since 9/13 I have had 2 separate issues of several fraudulent charges made on my card. It's next to impossible to get a CSR to talk to and when you do it's useless. I had 2 provisional credits for $200 each reversed on me today and was left with $43 and I hadn't even received my replacement card yet. No point in a credit if they take it away. So far of lost over $500 in fraudulent charges and they do nothing! Leaving me broke. I firmly believe the fraud is internal to DirectExpress!!! My first replacement card was compromised in a month!

no one to answer my call

I lost my card on the 4th day of the month. It is already the 18th and I barely got threw on the 17th to get a Replacememt.!!! Everyday I called since the 4th and recording says experiencing high call volume and to call back later, then hangs up on me!!! Plus makes you wait like if someone will eventually answer, just to piss me more off!!! Now after finally getting connected with someone to report my card lost or stolen. Now!!!
I can't get threw to accounting to dispute 3 transactions I did not make... So do I just take 100 up the a*** because Direct Express has a hiring issue??

customer service

This is a damn shame that you guys cant even take people calls on hold all freaking day! This is unacceptable and will be reported to the highest of the highest authority. If the call center people dont wanna do their job then hire some people that really wanna work. I need my freaking medicine and my money!! My Money that I cant even get to or even get a simple person to answer the phone even a monkey can do that job!!!

direct express dispute process and customer service

Direct Express is shockingly mismanaged. After my Direct Express card was stolen by a Direct Express debit card machine (labeled Comerica), they allowed $1500 to be taken from my social security funds until the balance was $0. Then, after trying to reach them by calling 10 hours a day for DAYS but their automated system almost never connects me to a live person and when I do finally reach a live human, they usually have an archaic process that results in NO help and they all say "you have to speak to a different department" then they either hang up on me or transfer me into another hold queue for HOURS or until they eventually just hang up on me because THEY took too long to connect me to a human. Their automated system seems to find reasons to hang up on me and the humans do the same as well. They should have a normal Dispute process which is all done online or through an online portal and allow the dispute to be initiated through a web interface but instead after wasting a week trying to reach a human, the human barely speaks any English which delays the process as well and then they say they can't issue any credit back for the money THEY allowed someone to steal from me UNTIL they send me a paper mail to them and then they lost it when I sent it back and also uploaded it online but they lost that paper dispute. Now it's been over a month and now that I finally reached a human again, she says we have to start over again and she is going to mail me the form AGAIN because apparently they AGAIN lost the one I mailed back to them plus to be safe I had also uploaded it electronically AND also emailed it to them. But after an hour she still acted like she has no idea that I have done all of this already and she insisted I must start all over again and "no I can not give you a provisional credit" for the money that THEY allowed someone to steal from me. Other banks do all of this instantly on the phone and the cash is back in an account instantly for any disputed transactions. But they wast my time and their times for over 45 days, 7/24 and still no help and no return of my social security Disablities funds that disappeared from my account due to THEIR errors. I will soon be evicted from my home if they don't return my money to me . The bottom line is it's been over a month and no money and shockingly incompetent customer service and dispute process and staff that doesn't seem to understand English.


Direct express is the worst I was recently a victim of identity theft I reported the theft of unauthorised debts on my card they said they send me the dispute letter however all this happened because Arvian khan open my mail and debt my card ilegaly so called direct express just lied about what they were. Telling me told to secure the account and they verfiyed me already the employee was incorrect about what he was saying there was no email or number on the account anyway argued wither. The representative and he was vindictive and restricted my account and I called up they want verification by mail and told to talk mother they wouldn't comply when asked to talk to supervisor they refused when asked nicely several times apparently the employees have been taking advange of a disabled person and sterling from me I told the representative that I'd report him to ssi and this when they. Messed with my accouna ilegaly and Arvian khon open my mail against my will and direct express has been living to me there the worst and ssi should drop them as debt services

they owe me money and will not pay me or tell me what's going on

Some money was taken out my account and i reported it they sent me forms to fill out and tp file police report and mail them back to them. I recieved a letter from them saying...

customer service

I have been calling you for 4 days trying to report my card stolen you push the options and then it hangs up on you you never get to speak to a live person now the card is being used money is being taken and you cannot speak to somebody about it it is completely insane the disability stated this is the best and safest way to get your check but when somebody steals it who cares because nobody's going to talk to you about it I can understand that the high call volume happens but I have called every hour for 4 days there is no way that many people are calling

unauthorized charges

I noticed today that a company has been deducting $15.00 a month for a service I cancelled over a year ago. I've been unable to reach that company and Direct Express immediately boots me off the phone when I try to call them. Direct Express does not offer any email address so you can report issues and when you call their "customer service" number it says it's busy and then hangs up on you. I want to file a complaint against Direct Express and get my money back. This company needs to be replaced by the treasury department and investigated for fraud.

direct express / dispute about fraudulent transaction

I didn't give permission for the amounts of $49.99 to be taken out of my direct express account. I've tried for day's to contact direct express to file a despute against this fraudulent transaction but it keeps telling me they are resulting in high call volume and then hangs up . I got to talk to someone on September 4, 2019 who replaced my card and I was transferred to make a dispute with higher level team. Once transferred it stated that they was having HGH call volumes call back later . I've been trying hours, days since and no answer just hangs up. The $49.99 since June 2019 dollars are Adding up so far $199.96 that was token out of my account was not of my consent to do so. I need to get result in this matter on getting my money but back. This are benefits that my daughter live on and I'm her payee . I need to know how I can make a despute against this fraudulent transaction since I cannot contact anyone from direct express

  • Ti
    Tiffany Bing Sep 10, 2019

    I'm going through the same thing. I order off of uber eats and they delivered the wrong order so I canceled it and ask for a refund they said that they it out and that I should check with the bank to see why they haven't issued it back to me and I been call the Direct Express number and all it keep saying is that they are experience high call volume right now please try again later and hangs up smh this happen on the 30th. I just want my $42.50 back

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  • Sh
    Shelbyjean101 Sep 28, 2019

    @Tiffany Bing It doesn’t matter if you complain. Nothing is ever addressed. I called them on 9-25 to report $20.00 overpayment to Mexican-owned beauty salon called TuPeluqueria in West Columbia SC. DE took info, gave me incident report, told me I had to respond to complaint within 10 days. No forms ever sent. I am holding now after being told it would be 45 min wait (32 min so far). I’ll wait till Christmas. Everybody, just put phone on speaker, watch fav movie and wait. Your phone record will prove this farce of company. I’m changing to old-fashioned mail rather than use these losers.

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I can never get a hold of direct express

I have Ben trying to get a hold of direct Express and you can never get a hold of any one to talk to very disaponted very bad service I have Ben wating for 3 days to get my money put back on my card and can't talk to no one about how long till the money is put back on my card Walmart lifted the hold on it so wating on direct Express to do there job so tempted to change cards for my checks very disaponted in direct Express


For the last 3 months this realty com keeps taking 29.95 off of my direct express card i did not give them permission to do that i can't get a hold of nobody at the company and every time i call direct express they tell me that they are experiencing a high call volume i want to dispute the charges on my card and get my money back please help me i did not give anybody permission to take that money i live on a fixed income and it's hard enough for me and my wife as it is please help me i need my money

direct express back

I called& opened a fraud. Report sum1 took my money off of my card 700. $ & I made a police report like they asked of me filled out papers they sent me & faxed them back within...

denied fraud claim obvious fraud

I was in Louisiana at the time when a fraudulent transaction was placed on my card on 8/5/19. I called Direct Express customer service and filed a dispute on 8/5/19. I scanned the...

customer service. and fraud department

On April 27, 2019 my card was used. Fraudulently.. I was at the hospital that whole day due to my daughter was having her baby. Anyhow i filed a dispute...the. Money was put back on my card only to be taken back off causing me to be in financial dsbt and overdrawn. My daughter had to start school with no new clothes or supplies. I am on disability for being legally blind and that is my only income. I filled the papefs out that was sent to me plus filed a police report..i have tried for. Almost 3. Weeks now fo speak with someone and i keep getting a recording.. If i don't. hear from u guys real soon or get my money back on my card.. I will be forced to take legal action as well as whatever else i am able to do... This is ridiculous and im mot gonna stand for it when i know im in the right. My email is [protected] # is [protected]

  • Cr
    Crysmatic7 Aug 21, 2019

    My dispute was denied with Direct Express as well. It was obvious fraud they Direct Express refuses to reimburse my money.

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horrible service & hung up on me while they closed my card!

I finally got through on 8/12/19 4:45pm while on hold for 42 mins. Good luck actually trying to get through to a person. There was a charge on my card (I am my dad guardian) this is where his ss money goes (tomorrow I will be going to my bank & opening him an account & then going to ss office & changing where his money goes into) I will never ever have money put into this account again or do any business. I called about a transaction not being right. The girl Anay told me I hold to get a new card & I told her no I needed the card for tomorrow. After going back & forth with her & telling her I want to speak to a manager she told me no. I told her she did not have permission to close that card off. That is the only money my father has & I needed it & will go to ATM now & take the money out. She said no she was turning off card now & once again refused to let me speak to a manager. I told her at this moment I am going to start recording this phone card & she hung up on me.
This place needs shut down & ashamed how you can never get ahold of anybody & then when you do they are rude and horrible to deal with. I have already told the ss office how bad they are & just open another banking account bring that info in & they will transfer how he gets paid. People listen & do that! Stop letting this awful company have your money. I have now been on hold for 20 mins trying to get another person since my card is shut down & there is money in that account.

non responsive regarding importance!!

This bank is horrible!!!I mistakenly had a scammer take my direct express debit card number, dont know what might happen, especially by me not being able to reach customer service assistance!!!I want them to become liable if and when something happens to my personal information!!!Please contact them to correct there customer assistance, Thank you, Janel allan

debit card

i had to call and request a direct express agent and i had recieved a attitude from 3 different agents on the date of the 9th of august because i need to make a rent payment and i also could not understand them at all either. there is no way i could choose the option to recieve a card statement in the mail option anyway. please send monthly card transaction statements in the mail to 623 silverLeaf drive lexington, kentucky 40505 Unit B asap. before the 14th of this month. plus my rent will start going up to 750 a month and i have 8 other bills i need to pay and 4 of those are my daily usage bills for gas, water, electric and windstream bill.

direct deposit for social security checks

I suggest someone contacts me from your company right away.there has been fraudulent activities with my sister's account and she is mentally disabled. It took her two days to talk to a human with your company and they told her it would be 90 days to investigate in the meantime she has zero money to live on.I am going to be contacting our local news station a private attorney and I'm contacting Elizabeth Warren's office tomorrow. Also the attorney general's office the Social Security administration and many other name is Diana Erickson and you can contact me at [protected]

  • Ni
    Nicole Binion Feb 17, 2020

    I recently switch my kids checks over to direct Express and they told me it would take 3 months...which it took over 2months...but I was never sent no cards and they transfer my kids money on to a card I don't have and its almost the 20th of Feb already and I'm about to be evicted and my utility is about to get shut off all because of somebody else's mistakes I been calling everyday and can't get through to nobody...march will be here in 10days and still probably wont have no card!!! My name is Nicole Binion my phone number is 3304698032 my email is [email protected] anybody is going to contact me I would rather it be by phone!! Thank you!!!

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us direct express card account

Despite their FAQ stating:

" 5.7 Can I close my account and withdraw my money?

Yes. You may close your card account at any time at no charge by calling the Direct Express® card toll-free Customer Service Department number on the back of your card."

When I called the customer service number listed and requested that they close my account, I was told that the card, which is expired, could be deactivated so that it can't be used, but the account has to remain open "in case you ever decide you want to use it again".