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US Bank reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 12, 2006. The latest review Visa gift card fraud was posted on Apr 14, 2021. The latest complaint insurance department/customer service was resolved on Aug 13, 2018. US Bank has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 574 reviews. US Bank has resolved 117 complaints.

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+1 800 872 2657 (Customer Service)
+1 513 632 4141 (Cincinnati Metro)
+1 303 585 8585 (Denver Metro)
+1 414 765 4636 (Milwaukee Metro)
+1 612 872 2657 (Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro)
+1 503 872 2657 (Portland Metro)
+1 314 425 2000 (St. Louis Metro)
+1503 401 9991 (International Collect Calls)
+1 800 365 7772 (Home Mortrage)
+1 800 242 1200 (Existing Student Loans)
+1 800 285 8585 (Lost & Stolen)
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States - 55402

US Bank Complaints & Reviews

US BankREI Credit Card!

You have been a greedy useless organization during Carona virus! All my credit cards have help me during this time since my business is bankrupt! You wouldn't even let me have one month off of payment while continuosly sending me emails that us bank helps its customers!! This is a terrible credit card to have when I have never been 30 days late ever until this month! No help at all!

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    • Ve
      VegasMark Sep 04, 2020
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Same with me, they are raising my APR because my credit score is under 700 at the current moment. They are taking advantage of consumers during this pandemic. CORPORATE GREED

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    US BankReliacard

    I called customer service, because I was locked out of my account. I was on hold for hours. No one would answer. Finally, I had enough and hung up. I even tried this at 3:00 am when they wouldn't be busy. It made no difference. This has also happened to me before. I don't have a choice of what card service I have. Reliacard is a monopoly when it comes to child support!

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      US BankRelia card

      I'm crying my eyes out literally
      I finally got my unemployment card
      I used it mb 2 hours they locked it
      Only way they can help is through the number on the back of the card
      Not one time have I talked to a breathing person
      Wait times
      6 hours
      5 hours
      5.5 hours
      3.5 hours it's so not right
      Then you go online they have gone down
      They shouldn't be doing this to us
      Then you call US bank which it's listed on the card " I'm not afflicted with that prepaid card service call the number on the back
      This is our unemployment money that's pre loaded and they freeze and don't answer
      3 days long
      What do I do

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        Apr 17, 2020

        US Bank — Fraud department

        We won a settlement of over $300, 000 and used U.S. Bank as the babk to trust with the wire transfer and...

        US BankFraud department

        I discovered that PayPal has been deducting $4.95 from my checking account at USBank for the last six months for a store that I had on eBay which I had closed. I found out about it when they put my account into arrears. I sent an email to the Fraud Department at USBank two days ago and their site said that they would get back to me within 48 hours. It's been that long and I haven't heard anything. And now PayPal has taken out another charge! My Social Security check went into that account and now I don't have any money. And I can't find the email address again. They're not answering phones because of social distancing. USBank is usually better than this!

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          US BankUnethical behaviour

          On February 26, 2020 I received a call from Elizabeth, phone no. [protected]. I was at my monthly check up, due to my follow up on my cancer condition. The lady left a message saying that there were some strange activity in my accounts, to, please contact her. The following day I called and she told me that my 2 business accounts were being disputed for fraud. Elizabeth informed me that all my accounts, including my personal checking account were to be frozen and investigated for the next 30 days. I begged her to release my social security benefit from the personal checking as I am 84 years old and in need of the money to live on. Her answer to me was, "this is the end of discussion you will be getting the outcome by mail" and hung up on me.

          I have not had any updated information. As you are aware of the national crisis we are in, my funds being held are causing stress and anxiety that at my age having difficulty purchasing food and paying bills.
          My name is Paul Galuppo.
          Personal Checking account number; [protected]

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            Feb 15, 2020

            US Bank — 25 + minute wait time for business customers in drive-thru.

            There is very little, or no, urgency from the employees when serving customers. I am a business customer who...

            Feb 08, 2020

            US Bank — 1hr to cash a check even though I was first in line

            Unbelievable. Two tellers at bank and both were opening new accounts while ignoring customers in line. People...

            Jan 29, 2020

            US Bank — my deposit on monday 1.29.2020

            My Name is Jan Kehlenbeck and I have bank with US Bank for years. On 1.23.20 I withdrawn 6000.00 to buy a...

            Nov 24, 2019

            US Bank — credit card illegal deduction from refund owed me

            I have been a USBank Cardholder for many years. I have maintained my credit and my account has never been in...

            Nov 08, 2019

            US Bank / US Bancorp — issues with card service and everything

            Opened an online account oct 2o or the 21st 2019. Supposedly there was an issue with fraud was never told...

            US Bank / US Bancorp3384 peachtree road, n.e. atlanta, georgia 30326

            Mounika Pinnisetty is one of the Employee in US Bank through Wipro, She dont have any experience, She used her fake experience and joined in the project. She took support for Interview as well as in the project. I had attached a sample Video. She is sharing her project info to other person and completing her work, So Please take necessary action on her, She violated the rules of the company and sharing the public info,
            Attached Video is the proof.

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              US Bank / US Bancorpwealth management

              Went to withdrawal money of $11250.00 at a local branch and the manager began to over emphasize how I need the money in the account for thirty days in order to be liquid and relieve all the benefits of having 40k can or more in the account in order to relieve a better interest rate. This man also propositioned me to partake in illicit drugs in a party where"all things were possible". I'm now no longer wanting to do business with your bank .

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                Oct 25, 2019

                US Bank / US Bancorp — check cashing

                I am not a customer. But my employer is and pays us with checks from their account there. His mother, last...

                Oct 21, 2019

                US Bank — new software at atm

                Omg - what was the need to "upgrade" software at atm? The transaction takes twice as long - returns card...

                US Bank / US Bancorpmechanical work over-charged no real service provided, and unfair consumer treatment

                Don't like the way they handled a recent dispute via their Debit Card Visa (not a credit card Visa). These are the problems:
                1. Not a user friendly way to complete the initiation of the dispute in one single step. I was able to start the dispute in the branch I opened the account in, but had to wait for a form to come in the mail to finish the overall description of the dispute and its full submission. The mail was sent to another area during a move; I had to resubmit an address to reflect an older address, therefore had to wait an additional period yet again for the form to be remailed to the most current adddress (I was between addresses and moves). If they could have been more user friendly on this, they could have had all necessary forms and documents there at the branch when I first came in to initiate the dispute. Otherwise, they could have sent the form as an attachment in an email. There is absolutely no real reason to insist on making the customer to wait on a form to be mailed.
                2. To contact their dispute/fraud department (the disputes are handled separately), I had at least one hold time of at least 17 minutes with several other longer than normal hold times.
                3. Because a US Bank was not in the area I was in at the time of dealing with part of the issue, I had to fax the form they mailed to me for an amount that was costly. I was told the branch might have faxed it for free but there was no branch around at the time I was finishing up the process of submitting the dispute.
                3. I seemed to get a fluff response over the phone during the first call to that department. The person did not have answers and offered what later turned out to be false assurance. The truth is they likely were not going to take the situation seriously; the dispute never was going to be approved, I am sure. They had not assigned the file to anyone yet. It took awhile for them to assign it.
                4. The merchant I was disputing his amount of $198.10 is a mechanic. He over-charged me for work he really did not do. In addition, he held my car over a week without communicating with me or doing anything viable on it. Although after a week he seemed to agree to get to it the next day, after sleeping on it, deciding I did not want him to work on the car, I called and cancelled. He sneaked in a five minute interlude on the car after I had cancelled to justify a high cost diagnosis. He never provided a full blown written diagnosis. He did not get my permission to do that five minutes of activity. He slipped it in after I had cancelled that morning without describing what he was doing or why. In addition, he broke the wire on my horn without telling me; I found out later after I brought the car home. He cussed at me, called me names and threw the bank's debit card at me after I threatened to call the BBB over his over-charging me that day. His behavior was accompanied by threats to keep my car on his ground until I paid cash for his inappropriate charges. I called the police and had help from them getting the car off his grounds without his further aggression, but ended up paying for the over-charged bill to do so. After thinking about it more, I decided I should not have had to pay that amount for this. US Bank did not back the consumer customer in this matter but declined to allow the dispute. I was charged. No backing from US Bank. The Visa logo on a debit card with them offered no real help. Might have been any old logo on the debit card. I would not recommend US Bank to others and am looking into other banks this week.


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                  Sep 21, 2019

                  US Bank / US Bancorp — notarize docs

                  We patiently waited in the Auburn WA branch for getting our documents notarized. We were rudely told by the...

                  US Bank / US Bancorpunethical behavior, they said my account would be locked twice because I called again to reset pin and it locked my card for my protection.

                  On 09/19/2019 at around 7 pm, Thursday night I was trying to use my card again for the second time that day, unbeknownst to me I thought the card was just giving me an error because I forgot my pin#, tried it again later on that night but this time trying to remember my pin, pushed it 3 times it said transaction unavailable I called the # in the back of card. Lady by the name of Lili or Lida assisted me, she told for my protection my card would be locked. I asked if there was anything other options there were to reset my pin, Unfortunately she said I had to wait.I called again at 10am 09/20/2019, and Very unprofessionally the CSR was laughing or giggling not that I'm against that but it sounded unprofessional she then as we proceeded with call tells me that I locked my card anther 24 hours.Her name was Lidia as the one from last night was lili, so when told me this about my card being locked another 24hrs. Which I was reaching out for some assistance to reset my pin which I explained to her was the only reason why I was calling the # on the back of the card in the !st place, not knowing she would put another 24hr. lock to use my card. I asked to speak to her Supervisor and she hung up on me, I called right back and the CSR that answered that called took about 2 min. to say her greeting or even acknowledge the call, I asked to speak to her Supervisor and she unwilling wanted to transfer the call, I told her i would provide my info to the Supervisor.All I want to do is reset my password, speak to Supervisor, and move on with this nightmare of a bank.

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                    Sep 20, 2019

                    US Bank / US Bancorp — Very angry

                    I had a check get returned which is no big deal. I went to the person writing me the check and he wrote me a...

                    US Bank / US Bancorpmortgage payment and phone wait 30 min, consecutive days

                    I dont know what to do- took me 30 min, to actually reach . a customer service representative to get information. I was sent an EMAIL with no ability to respond to the email- that my mortgage payment was delinquent. I personally put in the post office box - with mortgage slip / check with the account number on it. Checked my bank account the amount was taken out/ check cashed. When I get through to speak with a mortgage customer representative - told two days in a row that they do not have it?? and that it is my job to pay the amount and to chase down the check? It was made out to US Bank mortgage WITH my ACCOUNT number on it- who hell else could have cashed that. The fact that there is no way to speak to a knowledgeable person is infuriating- and there are no banks in MA. at all - We have a local news station that does investigations - I m going to contact them. then try to refinance with another bank

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