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Resolved I lost any hope to get my money back

On Sept. 28 2006 I went to make a cash deposit to Ladue branch, Saint Louis, MO. I wanted to do it through a real person but branch was already closed so I decided (wrongly!) to do it through ATM machine. I had 10 $100 bills to deposit, counted number of times at home (it was a wedding present from my relatives). I made a deposit at Thursday night and next day, as it usual with cash deposits, it was posted as available on my account. Next week, Tuesday, I suddenly see that this deposit was reversed and $600 was posted, plus $2 fee, to my account. I called to US Bank customer service and they started telling me something about wrong checks(!), then, after I said there were no checks, advised to visit actual branch. Which I did next day. In a bank young guy tried to look it up and have to request info about this deposit through their system so in the next day or two they can tell me what happened. After two days I was told that I was wrong, my visit to the branch and conversation with the manager enlightened me that they have all security procedures in place to eliminate any possibility of error on their account (2 people who open envelopes, special room with a camera, trustworthy personnel). At the end I left bank with nothing, blaming myself for what a stupid I was to do it through ATM and have no way to prove anything. Afterwards they sent me copies of my receipt of deposit for $1K and their receipt for $600 like it proves anything...

Last note - I checked all the places at home in case I somehow misplaced this money and found nothing.
At this point I lost any hope to get my money back...

charge for services and account number without any approval

I Banked with US Bank for last 10 years and in last 2 years I seen only decline in there customer service and...