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US Bank reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 12, 2006. The latest review Visa gift card fraud was posted on Apr 14, 2021. The latest complaint insurance department/customer service was resolved on Aug 13, 2018. US Bank has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 574 reviews. US Bank has resolved 117 complaints.

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US Bank Complaints & Reviews

US Bank / US Bancorpreplacement card

I have been calling since August 14th for a replacement card and it is now September 10th and I still have nothing. I have spoken with at 15 different employees including 4 different supervisors. This is absolutely ridiculous. The employees could care less and the supervisor don't know anything either. I hate child support switched to them! A [censored]ty company!

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    US Bank / US Bancorponline banking

    Recently (within the last few weeks USBank has changed their online banking system. On the old system a front end on their main HTTP2 secured server displayed a regular sign-on (enter USERID) but then, it asked a challenge question set up previously by the customer (Name of pet, favorite cookie, first friend etc) which would when answered correctly switch to an internal secure server THEN ask for your password. This was in my opinion a more secure way to do business over the open internet
    The NEW system does everything on the front end. Speaking as a retired IT Professional and amateur hacker, I can think of at lest 4 ways to defeat this system. I am not n old man disliking new I am a security professional who smells a rat. Not so say I told you so, but the 1st online hack that starts syphoning accounts...I will watch smuggly.. Just sayin

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      US Bank / US Bancorpbanking app online banking

      There is not a us bank branch anywhere near us, therefore the only way we have to deposit our paychecks it is through the app or online. Today the Friday of labor day weekend the app and online is down, how convenient. If we deposit tmmrw it won't be available until wed, at the earliest for the holiday. Which leaves us witout our money for a whole week, I think when this bank has issues which is quite often they should comp their customers their monthly maintenance fee. Since your not providing us with the services we pay for, us bank only helps their clients when they decide I suppose. We have seriously considered taking our business and money elsewhere to a more reliable and friendly bank. I think it's time for that.

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        • Me
          MercurioSusan Apr 01, 2020
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I lived in another state where there was no USBank branch and had to do all my business online. They changed the app, which I used to deposit my checks, and asked for my phone number or I couldn't use the app. They wanted to text message me a code, but in order for me to get the code, I had to leave the app, go into my messages, and then go back into the app. Of course I couldn't get back into the page where I was supposed to put in the code! It was crazy! I've banked with USBank for decades, and I used to work for them as a phone banker, but this really p****d me off!

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        Aug 28, 2019

        US Bank / US Bancorp — banker lisa

        She was very disrespectful and would not explain my things professionally. She said she would change 1...

        Aug 24, 2019

        US Bank / US Bancorp — business account services

        I used to deal with this branch inside Ralph's but apparently the team was changed and new female employee...

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        US Bank / US Bancorpmortgage loan

        After applying for a mortgage loan we have been told two different closing dates August 15 and 26 now we still have no closing date. No appraisal and the last email from Shelli Schlotfeldt was very unprofessional. She also emailed me yesterday needing information that I had already emailed her on the 15 of August. Also emailed me to contact the title company and after talking to another U.S. Bank employee found out this was not up to me to do so. This has been a very bad experience! For what it costs me as a customer for this loan I don't feel it should be this difficult. At this point we are looking at other options and I know that losing one home mortgage loan doesn't really hurt a bank like this but maybe word of mouth may ad a few more. Thanks US BANK for such a great experience!

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          US Bank / US Bancorpmortgage

          US Bank provides loan service for my home mortgage. Each month, I complete my mortgage statement and dedicate a portion of funds to be directly applied to the principle balance (thus reducing the amount of interest and time on loan). Each month, the payment is mis-applied incorrectly either to a future payment, escrow, or anywhere other than what I specifically completed on the form. Average call to US Bank each month to reverse and correct is 23 minutes. It occurs every month. No help. Believe they intentionally do so to avoid customer paying loan off early. Only way to leave is refinance. Poor customer service. No help to date.

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            • Me
              MercurioSusan Apr 01, 2020
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I used to work at USBank as a phone banker and I can tell you that they don't give the phone people enough time to finish the full request of the customer. They score the phone people on how many calls they answer per hour, period. They don't score on the basis of how satisfied the customer is. They don't have an employee who refills the phone banker's desk with the paperwork. The employee has to walk across the department to get the forms, so they don't want to do that; it cuts down on the number of calls they can take every hour. It's a bad system. It means that the customer's paperwork often isn't done at all. The same people have to call back and call back in order to get one thing done. The people like me, who worked on one customer's problem until it was solved, got marked down for it.

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            US Bank / US Bancorpauto loans

            on 8/2/2019 I contacted US Bank and paid my auto loan in full. I was told to expect a wait of 2-10 business days plus mail time and then the lien release would be issued. The representative told me that once the payment cleared they would be able to fax me the lien release for a quicker response. I called again on 8/9/2019 and inquired if the account had been closed and was told the account was not closed and the funds had not cleared (although my personal bank showed they had), I was told to expect the funds to clear by no later than 8/15/2019 and the lien release would be mailed then. I called back on 8/15/2019 and was told the account had been closed and the lien release would be mailed that day. On 8/19/2019 I called again to confirm the release was mailed and the representative told me that the release was not mailed and that the account had not been closed. I was told that it takes 16-18 business days for the account to close and then the lien release would be mailed. I informed the representative I had been told 4 separate stories regarding the release and she said that she was sorry but the wait time has changed and that it would be 8/29/2019 before the lien release could be sent. Their blatant disregard for their customers, and their ability to lie and change their stories is very concerning. I was a good customer I paid on my truck loan for six years, I never missed a payment, and was always on time and when I needed them to release the lien so I could sell my truck and get a vehicle to transport my new 8 month old son in they acted as if they didn't care. I am greatly disappointed in them and would highly recommend everyone to avoid doing business with them at all cost.

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              Aug 18, 2019

              US Bank / US Bancorp — Deposit of my registered mail promissory note sent to ceo andrew cecere

              We sent a registered mail addressed to corporate head quarters attention :CEO Andrew cecere: a promissory...

              Aug 15, 2019

              US Bank / US Bancorp — atm deposit

              Went to us bank inside the Safeway to deposit cash. ATM malfunctioned and did not deposit the cash or return...

              US Bank / US Bancorpbranch closure/atm availability/deposit limits on app

              I have been a customer of US Bank for many years, initiating in Minnesota, then 5 years ago, from Arizona. I live part time in Prescott, AZ, and part time in Scottsdale, AZ. I have a US Bank Visa, a business checking acct, a personal account, and rent a safe deposit box. I cancelled the Visa today, closed the box down last week, and am in the process of closing down my 2 checking accounts. I did not want to change banks! This is a huge time waster to transfer 20+ autopay accounts to another card/checking account but there were so many things I was unhappy with that I forced myself through this painstaking process.

              Here are my reasons:

              Recently, US Bank closed their branch which was closest to my home ( in Prescott) and are down to 1 bank out of town off Highway 69 which is very inconvenient to get to compared to the branch that was available before.

              I was told I could use the OneAZ Credit Union ATM with no fees which only works for withdrawals. I can not deposit through these. Several times they have charged me for the ATM use at OneAZ Credit Union without crediting me back the $2.50. Again, huge inconvenience to call in every time they fail to provide free access on their ATMs (due to lack of ATM's by US Bank).

              I have a home rental business and sometimes have checks over $2500 so using the US Bank app does not work due to limits you put on deposits so it means a drive out to the only branch left in town just to make a deposit. Huge inconvenience to drive to the bank to deposit a check over $2500. I have been a customer for 15-20 years (not sure when I first set up my account in MN) so you'd think I'd have earned a right to deposit a relatively small amount via the APP.

              I complained at the main branch on Hwy 69 about the bank closure, lack of ATM's, and the low limits on deposits so they gave me a name of a Vice President to call. I left a message and got no return call. His name was McHale ??? (I've since thrown his card).
              I can only assume he didn't want to hear complaints.

              The year prior to that, I asked for a Private Client contact (at the branch that eventually closed down) to see if I could get set up and they told me the representative (a woman) would call me... she never called which I thought was very weird considering all the years I had been with the bank in good standing requesting a private client relationship.

              Lastly, today when I called to close down my Visa, I asked the representative how I might send an email to list my complaints. Together, we spent several minutes trying to find, under "Contact Us" online how to do this. There is NOTHING on the account page online telling a customer how to write a complaint to US Bank. Even she was frustrated but she persevered and after googling some options (outside of the US Bank account site) found this site for me.

              In summary, US Bank has lost my allegiance due to closure of a bank branch, lack of ATM's, limited services on ATM's they say we can use, no deposits allowed at those ATM's, limits on checks deposited on the APP, erroneous charges for ATM's they say I can use at no charge for withdrawals, and lack of return phone calls by officers/private client liaisons. It took a lot for me to leave a bank I'd been with for years and years.

              I switched to Chase who has been very service oriented and in the first weeks, has already asked me to meet with the Private Client banker/investors.

              Susan Lucas

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                US Bank / US Bancorpcredit card

                Applied for one of their cash back cards. The cash back is only in certain categories. When I got the first bill we were missing approx. $12 in cash back rewards. They said they would review but came back saying that Dominion Energy and Columbia Gas were not classified as utilities so no 5% back on those. Also we should have gotten 2% back on groceries but were short $1 from that category. They should not promise cash back and then find excuses not to give it.

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                  US Bank / US Bancorpfraud department

                  April 25, 2019 - Hard inquiry by US Bank placed on my Transunion credit report that I did NOT authorize, determined to be fraudulent. Prior to this date, I had never heard of US Bank.
                  April 28, 2019 - I contacted US Bank to report possible identity theft and was assured that the inquiry would be taken off my credit report within 30 days. 3 HOURS spent on the telephone.
                  May 9 - Letter from US Bank indicating they are aware of my issue and will need the following information... all information I provided during my 3 HOUR phone call.
                  May 19, 2019 - I filed a complaint with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), case subsequently closed on June 3, 2019 after receiving US Bank's response that the hard inquiry would be removed.
                  June 3, 2019 - Another letter from US Bank, an exact duplicate of the one dated May 9
                  July 22, 2019 - I filed a complaint against US Bank with the Federal Reserve Consumer Help Center
                  August 1, 2019 - I contacted US Bank to find out why they have not taken care of what should be a simple task. Told by customer rep. my case had been archived, however she would reopen and take care of everything, also apologizing for the way I've been treated by US Bank. Assured me she would call me back within 24 hours with update.
                  August 10, 2019 - Still waiting for phone call. Hard inquiry still on my Transunion report.
                  US Bank is absolutely despicable.

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                    US Bank / US Bancorpunreasonable overdraft fees that should not have been assessed

                    The branch in question is located ar Six S. Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO. 80903
                    The account number is [protected]
                    The account holder is my daughter Carolyn Mary Kane

                    My daughter used US Bank and this account for day to day banking for several years. In April, 2017 Carolyn had a stroke. As a result of her stroke, Carolyn has a significant memory loss including passwords to online banking and any automatic withdrawal contracts that she entered. She gave me a power of attorney to handle her banking while she came home and received therapy.

                    Using the power of attorney we have tried to manage her finances and keep her credit in acceptable ranges. Sometime either late 2017 or early 2018, we met with a banker at this branch and explained the circumstances. At that time, there was around $800 in the account I think. I left a copy of the Power of Attorney with the banker and arranged for me to get notice of account withdrawals. We knew at that time of one automatic withdrawal to Hulu that was under $10 per month. The arrangement was to keep the account open and available for Carolyn to use when she returned to her apartment in Denver. Carolyn has been living with her mom and me in Colorado Springs since the stroke. Over the months, no notice was received.

                    Recently, I dropped by the bank to deposit a $50 birthday check for Carolyn. I was told at that time that the account was allowed to be exhausted by several automatic withdrawals combined with assessed overdraft fees of more than $100 and the amount due was sent to collection. THE BANK HAD NO RECORD OF THE POWER OF ATTORNEY and had been sending bank statements to either email (Carolyn can't remember the password) or her old address in Denver. When I asked the branch to waive the overdraft fees and correct the adverse impact on Carolyn's credit history, I was told there was nothing the bank could do because the account was sent to a third party collection firm. Ultimately, the branch allowed me to pay 158.42 at the branch to resurrect the account and we can "presume" the adverse information will be corrected on her credit records.

                    I will acknowledge that the withdrawals were contracts that Carolyn entered and she will bear the responsibility of those payments even though the purpose of the notice agreement was for us to learn who had withdrawal agreements and get those agreements stopped. However, it is unfair for Carolyn to have any adverse posting to her credit score and for her to have to pay $158.42 to recover the account that included these overdraft fees. My wife was with me when we left a copy of the Power of Attorney with the bank. It is unreasonable for the bank to have lost the POA, to not provide any notice to us in Colorado Springs and to have assessed the overdraft fees.

                    It is our request that this account be audited for the purpose of determining how and why a {Power of Attorney was lost. We respectfully request a reimbursement of the $158.42 payment and assurance that this event will not adversely impact Carolyn's credit score.

                    Thank you very much
                    Thomas Kane (and Carolyn Kane)

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                      US Bank / US Bancorpauto lease loan

                      I recently ended a car lease with US Bank in June 2019. The dealership could not take the car in on the last day of the lease, I called US Bank and was given 7 day grace period. I turned car in 5 days later and alerted US Bank with all requested details to finalize the end of the lease. In addition, I asked for automatic payments be turned off and my bank acct information deleted from the US Bank database, since the lease was now over and no future payments due. Two weeks later US Bank deducted an additional car payment in the full amount from my checking account; the checking I account I asked them to remove from their database weeks prior. After getting through to a supervisor I was refunded for the unauthorized payment. Over the next month I received calls daily from US Bank stating I was past due in the amount of the payment that I had been credited. I called several times and was told by US Bank employees that I did not owe the additional payment and the calls were in error. I then began receiving letters in the mail stating I was past due, again when I called I was reassured I was NOT past due and the letters were in error. I requested a letter be sent to me stating I was not past due, I did not receive a letter. Today, I received a notice from Experian that a delinquent payment 30-days past due has been marked on my credit record from US Bank. 1) I do not owe US Bank an additional car payment past the term of the lease. 2) US Bank withdrew funds from my checking account authorized. 3) US Bank did not remove my bank account information from their system as requested. 4) I am not delinquent in any way for any payment due.

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                        US Bank / US Bancorpno waiver of minor late charge

                        US Bank refused to waive a minor late charge of $12. Payment was 1 day late by company on corporate card. Every other card used has granted such a minor concession when payment history is otherwise good. Will not use a US Bank card again due to such inflexibility on a minor request. They claim corporate card is different but poor service is poor service regardless of card type.

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                          Jul 31, 2019

                          US Bank / US Bancorp — banker

                          When I arrived in Carlyle, IL, this was the first US Bank I have been able to go to, because of living in...

                          Jul 30, 2019

                          US Bank / US Bancorp — checking

                          i have us bank they reverse credits they post my to my account one for $234.54 and $53.36 and $52.34 and...

                          Jul 23, 2019

                          US Bank / US Bancorp — branch manager

                          I already have an account at US Bank and went there to open a joint account. Everyone there has been...

                          US Bank / US Bancorpdebit card

                          This my second debit card with a chip. Both chips have broken. I replaced the first one and was told it would be exactly like my first one, it wasn't and due to that unknown to me all my bills were not paid on time due to the difference in cards which resulted in a hit on my credit score. Now with the second chip broken I was hesitant to replace it. It would work with the magnetic strip so that was good enough. Last week my family took a vacation to Louisiana to visit my son. While there my card was shut down because I was spending money there, according to the fraud department. Thankfully I had cash to use for the remainder of the trip. I got that cleared up Friday when I got back. Now today I used the card this morning successfully twice. At lunchtime I went to get gas and the card was refused. I called and was assured it would now work. Even ordered a new card begrudgingly. Tried it again. NO. Called again. Same assurances. Went to grocery, same embarrassment. Called again, was told I could drive 30 minutes to nearest bank and get a temporary card, SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY I SHOULD HAVE TO GO GET THIS. I have been a customer for a long time and this is making me rethink where I do my banking. It's a shame, y'all can do better, a lot better.

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