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Worst service / delivery company ever (I will hate your commercial when i see it now)! Didn't deliver on date promised, didn't even call to schedule appointment, package got misrouted, online tracking was misinformative (told me it's in philly, when it's in dc). Had to call multiple times to schedule an appointment and get status. I was told they only deliver from 10-5pm, 10-12pm is for commercial only, they don't work on weekend, they packed everything into truck at 5am which means no more delivery appointment that day if your package is not on truck. They dropped off my big package on the sidewalk in the rain, which means you need two persons at home to carry it inside. Supposed to get my package monday, waited all day monday, they didn't call until tuesday, didn't get it until Friday that week! Also, they didn't apoligize for not delivering on time.


  • Sk
    Skilnov Mar 10, 2010

    Six weeks and an parcel sent via UPS is not delivered yet. I discovered they had the parcel since weeks but did not contact the client. Unbelievable! And when they have been contacted they not even apologised for the mismanagement.

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  • Fr
    FRT DRIVER Jul 20, 2010

    i work for ups freight as a delivery driver it is the worst company to work for they are liars and will lie to you just to shut you up they dont care about you one bit they based there reputation on the brand and thought that would cary them thru customer service went out the window when overnitt and motor cargo got swollowed up by ups i make good money there i just hate facing customers knowing all the lies that are told when i pull up at your house i like to see a smile and a happy person unfortionatley thats few and far between its mostly customers that are mad becouse they have been lied to for so long dispatch tells us to lie to customers and tell them things like when we are running so tight becouse company is to cheap to add drivers to get the job done they tell the cust that we broke down or got in an accident when i pull up to customer they always ask me and i always tell them the truth that dispatchers are liars and rude and dont care but we as drivers for the most part do care its just that our hands are tied and we have to do whaT WE HAVE TO DO

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  • La
    lala21 Apr 01, 2011

    I've worked for UPS freight for 5 years and yes, I agree there are definitely mistakes made, as no one is perfect; but what transportation company doesn't make mistakes from time to time?! Some deliveries are late, others arrive damaged but the satisfaction rate greatly outweighs the complaints. No company is perfect.
    Furthermore, I apologize for the predicament you're in- I cant imagine working for a terminal that lies and fabricates stories to maintain their customer base, however- not all terminals are like that. To categorize the entire company as a bunch of "liars" is not only far fetched but it offends me deeply.
    I pride myself on superior customer service and honesty. The terminal I work out of is always filled with positive energy, laughter, and hard work. We never lie to customers, shipments are always delivered on time and the manager is constantly motivating us to enroll in the MAPP process in hopes of obtaining higher positions.
    In my opinion you're trying to feel sorry for yourself by placing blame on the company. If you aren't satisfied with your job then QUIT! Your poor attitude not only reflects badly on you as an individual, but your terminal and the entire company as well. There are thousands of people looking for employment and its sad to see a fellow UPS employee possess so much animosity. If I could offer you piece of advice, I would tell you to start looking at the glass half full instead of the opposite.
    P.S. I'm not sure where you were raised but criticizing your employer is incredibly immature and down right pathetic. If I were you, I would cut my losses and resign. From the sounds of it, you're miserable and I guarantee your misery is affecting the work ethic of others. I would hate to work with someone as negative as you.

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  • Up
    UPSdriver2 Jan 17, 2013

    The above comment posted by lala21 is obviously a management lackey. I also work for UPS Freight in the Chicago land area and yes it is true that UPS will charge you for its failures. It has been documented when drivers showed up to pick up freight (late) that they are instructed to mark it down as no freight so they can charge said company another fee. If they know you close at 5pm and show up at 515pm they will charge you a redelivery charge. This is common practice in all Chicago land. You want to know how we know? We did our research and talked to ALOT of drivers that provided us with the PROOF we needed to prove our case to the CEO. But when this all came to light to management at the highest level, it was swept under the rug. You want to know why it bothers us lala21? We have a thing called integrity and it happens to bother us when we see people getting cheated on a daily basis while people like you thrive on bonuses you get for the money your able to cheat from honest customers!

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  • MariaBme Feb 01, 2014




    Now my package is lost. The package was scanned and the driver took it. How don't they know where is my package? They stole, and customer service doesn't care.

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  • Po
    pop1 Dec 31, 2014

    UPS freight pushed back my delivery date 3 times already.
    They didn't call. I had to call them everyday to find out if they would delay again and when I called them the person at the local terminal was very uncooperative.
    You will have to beg them to help you and as a return they will spit on your face.

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  • La
    larrbuzzaw1 Mar 03, 2015

    I am at the right place. UPS freight called me to set up appt. No show no call. UPS freight calls me again on Monday March 2nd and says weather delay but tracking info says different. So we set up another apt for Friday March 6th. My wife calls me today Tuesday march 3rd at 6 pm and tells me that UPS freight is here and box is damaged. Driver says it looks like a fork lift went through it. Yep, UPS freight is at the bottom of my list just like wall mart. I told my wife to refuse delivery and item is on the way back to seller. A phone call about first delivery would have avoided this complaint, but I see I am not the only delusional victim since both sides of this coin are represented on this complaint page.

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  • Fs
    FSR73 Mar 27, 2015

    I live in Prescott Az., 2 hours north of Phoenix. I just got off the phone with ups on the status of my package. It arrived in PHX. on 3/25 and was scheduled to be delivered to me on 3/26. Now it's the 27th. so I called to see what is going on since there web service says my package is still sitting in PHX. There response was I have a rural address so they needed to contact me for a delivery time. How is a down town business address a rural one and why didn't they call me when it came in or at least on the day of so called delivery??? She stated that I was not in Phoenix so that made me a so called rural address, what a crok. Glad I called them or I would still be waiting for the mystery call for sure. Will see if it comes on Monday by 8 am. as she promised.

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  • Sa
    Sam Blais Aug 19, 2016

    Monday, August 15 2016 UPS Freight arrived on our campus. The driver said he had two pallets for us. After climbing up in his trailer as I was fork lifting my pallet jack into the trailer. (he asked to borrow it because he said he had no room for his after his truck was loaded) he said he could not find the 2nd pallet. I said OK just make sure we make a note that I am only signing for the one. He did that on the trip ticket I was left with.
    I waited until Thursday, Aug. 18th before calling the vendor to let them know what happened. The vendor tells me I actually signed for the entire shipment. I called UPS Freight, and after several minutes of the online crap, I was finally connected to a CS rep. She informs me that he did log his paperwork in as the entire shipment was delivered and signed for. After several minutes on hold, she says the driver made an error, and if they can find the missing pallet they will try and deliver it to me today. Not trusting that, I called them this morning to confirm my delivery, and their records show the delivery was made Monday Aug. 15. The Freight Bill # is 387 942 796. I have no packing list, or invoice as Im sure its attached to the missing pallet in question.. Now I'm forced to start the claim process. Not too happy with UPS right now. Please help

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  • Ce
    cesoffice Sep 22, 2016

    Can't seem to get my package delivered. And I'm the one having to call all the time... And even when the status says will try and deliver it the next day they won't and want to schedule for the day following. They missed the original delivery. Couldn't make it by the agreed time.

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  • Un
    Unhappy17 May 09, 2018

    Ups freight is the worst freight company I've ever had to deal with, makes an appt for delivery then calls you and cancels it after your already home waiting 2 hrs into a four journey window, their excuse it was to big to fit on the truck, we will have to inconvenience you another day when we can load it on another truck, my question is shouldn't they know this before making appt for delivery?? It is their job, no?? And the girl. Talked with on the phone was very nasty about it like she could've of cared that I lost time out of work...if you can do NOt use UPS freight, you'll be sorry you had!!!

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  • Lu
    Luketheduke444 Oct 08, 2018

    Absolutely worse way of having something shipped, these people can NEVER get it right... They lost my 350 pound package including my lift kit for my truck! Absolutely unreal, you guys suck!

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  • Go
    GoodLuck2 Dec 07, 2018

    UPS Freight is pretty much the worst freight company I have ever dealt with. They lie through their teeth, are rude, have a different story every time you call them. They won't even transfer you to anybody else, they either flat out refuse or the call gets conveniently dropped. They charge for a certain service level for a shipment that they actually know does not qualify for that service level, and then later they make up some shady excuse why they cannot refund you the guaranteed rate (as in: our policy says it has to be picked up before 5, but we picked up after 5, so now our guarantee is null and void, it doesn't even transfer to the next day - how convenient for UPS!)
    The hours on the phone and the aggravation to listen to their shady excuses that change depending on who you talk to is not worth going though - do yourself a favor and pass on UPS Freight, especially if you actually need a shipment at a certain time.

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  • Sr
    Sri Venk Oct 22, 2019

    UPS communication is terrible. The so called customer service doesn't know what they are doing. They make promises that they cannot deliver. This is how FEDEX used to be some 10 years ago, and they lost a lot of customers. looks like UPS will go through the same. I am not sure if I will use UPS freight again. Went through three customer service, all three promised to manage a timeline, in the end the dispatch supervisor said he hasn't seen any note from any one of the three customer service. They must be on different planet.

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