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UPS delivered a box opened. I watched through the window as he dropped it off and I came out to deny delivery but he left quickly. I called UPS and they said I need to contact the shipper for return, so my problem and UPS has no complaint department. We will no longer ship with UPS from home or business. When given an option on orders, no more UPS.


  • Wi
    willie the Prof Walker Feb 12, 2012

    I also live in Chicago and I had ordered a book from which is not my first time ordering from them but as I waited for my last book to be delivered and by the way I had to text service turned on. At almost 6 o'clock I received a text message stating that there was an error in my address now this boggled me for I have had books delivered there by UPS and Federal Express before. I just felt that the driver did not want to deliver my book because he was in a hurry to get home. So I had to go and pick up my book and had to walk at least 3 miles to get there. I see people who have jobs get lax in their jobs and don't really appreciate their job for it would have to do nothing to make a phone call to call me to tell me my boat was there. My views are balanced for I have one book delivered faithfully and the other book was delivered unfaithfully. All it takes is one more time for this to happen and I would feel that I would have no longer need to deal with UPS.

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  • Ct
    C.T.B Dec 02, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I've been requesting help from the staff at the staten island location that's responsible for delivery in my area, and they keep disrespecting me on the phone also hanging up on me numerous.The comments they make is i can't help you take it up with driver.We are going to return you package stop calling.Call the 1800#.Stop calling here about your package.The list goes on, i've been waiting home the entire day 11/30, 12/01 and i'm still home today 12/02, nobody cares enough to atleast try and make an effort being i'm missing two days pay to be home and nobody cares enough to make an attempt to deliver but yet, they are very disrespectful in that office.I also called 1800# still no assistance.This matter need to sent to the corporate office, if that package gets returned UPS better be planning on refunding the merchant fees on that package.

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  • Up
    UPSHater Oct 12, 2011

    Last night [protected]) I heard someone walk up my drive, then I heard a bang as something hit my security door (my front door was open). I looked out to see the UPS delivery man walking back to his truck. Apparently, he didn't want to knock on my door and speak with me so he threw my package which hit my security door and came to rest on my front stoop. This made me very angry since it shows no respect for the contents of my package. Whether he figured it wasn't fragile or not, he should have knocked on my door and handed the package to me.
    Even more appalling is that UPS does not provide a way to file a complaint. Apparently they either feel that their s**t don't stink, or they don't want to hear about it if it does stink.
    From this site, I see that I am not the only one that has a complaint about BROWN. But now I know what the color brown stands for!

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  • Jk
    JKeilso Jul 14, 2011

    yay, you made a typo idiot. "THERE STILL IN THE TRUCK." It should be "They're" not "There." Go back to grade school where you belong and learn proper English. And stop using the Caps Lock, it makes it impossible for people to read your whiny complaints.

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  • May 09, 2011

    It's better to communicate with them what kinds of documents they required and you could provide to them.

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  • Al
    albyzul May 05, 2011

    My dad posted some private belongings to me (in China) from Italy. Unfortunately the Italian delivery company works with UPS in China. The delivery arrived in China in 6 days and then got stuck for more than 1 month because UPS has no idea how to do custom clearance! they asked me for several useless documents/declaration but still no clue about my stuff. Customer service just awful.

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  • Ne
    Nekenge Dec 04, 2010

    I'm in Chicago, IL. My Ups Driver Sucks He Hated to Deliver My Packages due to Me Living in A Coach House whichs sits far Back on My Lot, It's not My Fault!!! I also have had My Packages Turned Around By Him and I call his Supt. and He Lied about His Name, He answered the phone being Edwin and I begin to tell him I spoke with Someone name Chris Last Year about this Driver and He said He was Chrismmm OMG I could not beleive this Crap!!! He Makes me out to be the BAD Guy, And Everytime I Report Him It gets Worst for Me!!! Now What do I do? HELP!!!

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  • Ny
    nycgrrrl Oct 08, 2010

    My experience buying the Manduka Mat and Mat Sak was so painful that if I tell you all the problems you may not believe it happened. But, it did.

    The package was to be delivered on Friday October 8 to my work address. I don’t work on Friday’s but I went to work especially to get my new mat. I kept checking the tracking and it said “package out for delivery.” At about 3:30pm I called UPS because our regular driver is usually there by mid afternoon. Also, I had noticed that the address of my shipment looked strange on the invoice from Online Fitness. For whatever reason someone had put the street number on the same line as the name of my company. The UPS representative said, “Oh, it’s OK. He’s a trained professional; he’ll be able to read what address it is supposed to go to. It will be delivered by 5pm.” At 4pm, the update on the package was “driver couldn’t read address, delivery rescheduled.”

    I was livid. I phoned UPS and demanded my package be delivered to me. By now they mysteriously had the correct address as they did when I spoke to the first representative. They told me that the driver is at 144 Montague St. delivering packages if I wanted to run after him and get it. This address is a 15-minute fast walk from where I was but I said OK. I told her it would take me about 15 minutes and she said he would wait.
    When I got to Montague St., I stood by the truck waiting for the driver to come back. My cell phone rings. “We’re sorry ma’am the package has never been with the driver. It is in our warehouse in Mayspeth.” I was dumbfounded. Why these people don’t know what they’re doing is beyond me. She said, “If you want to come get it, you can get here by 8pm.” I asked her if she was looking at the package. I also asked if it was TWO packages and she said “no, this is the only tracking number you gave me.” I tried to explain that on the system it showed two boxes with the order. She assured me no it was only one box.

    So, since I live in NYC and don’t have a car, I took two trains, a bus, walked about a mile and waited in line for over 20 minutes but I got my package. As I was leaving the UPS warehouse and waiting for the bus that would take me to my two trains for the ride home (3 hours round trip) I decided to take the mat out of the box and put it in the mat sak for easier carrying. Oh, wait though--there is no mat sak!!!

    I paid for the mat/mat sak package and only got a mat. I wrote the seller immediately. I have no more fight in me. It is the incompetence that is always shown with UPS and the bad luck of Online Fitness. The Online Fitness guy is always kind but that is starting not to mean anything to me.

    I filed a claim with UPS because their computer system still says there were two packages! I also filed a claim with Amazon. I hope to get my mat sak next week once they figure it out. But, from now on I will order directly from Manduka (I’m a yoga teacher and will order a lot) and I will insist they send it ANY way but UPS.

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  • Ps
    pssdoff13 Sep 20, 2010

    I am extremely disappointed because the service the UPS driver provided was unsatisfactory. The UPS driver rang the front (condo building) door and I was unable to answer at that time. A few moments later I heard a loud banging on my door and what seemed to be a box being dropped or pushed against my door. The UPS driver proceeded to ring the door bell continuously until I finally answered. When I did answer the door he was extremely rude and badgered me with "Why didn't your open the door?" I explained to him that I have two young children that have to get ready and had to 'apologize' for not being able to answer the door on the first ring. The UPS driver told me " If you are home you should answer the door!" I could not believe how rude he was as my youngest child stood at the doorway staring up at him and my oldest child yelling "Mommy, Mommy" fearful as to why my voice was raised and angry. I am angry and disappointed because this is the first UPS driver I have encountered with a rude attitude - past service has been somewhat satisfactory.

    Is it not UPS' policy to leave an InfoNotice (door knocker/notification) if there is no response at the delivery address? Was this driver inexperienced to know this? I am still fuming after how rude the driver was to me and that my kids had to witness this.

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  • St
    steven streett Aug 31, 2010
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    Verified customer

    i took my 60yr old mint guitar to a authorized ups shipper, i called before i took it up and the lady working, told me she would help me pack the guitar.when requesting bubble wrap that i saw behind the counter, she insisted that it didn't need to be wrapped. i was more than willing to pay for a good pack job, but the lady insisted that Styrofoam peanuts were good enough/ tape around case and a "fragile " other words, the operator of the shipping store didn't care how important this guitar ...was. nor did whoever dropped the obviously fragile case. originally when i inquired about 500 insurance, she said i could insure it for a million if i wanted. she knew it didn't matter how much, because they had no intention of paying a claim if there was i will let everyone i matter what..don't use ups. i will be all over face book and however it takes to let as many people as possible know..don't use ups, use FedEx. i was duped into believing ups was a reputable co. i was wrong

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  • Ky
    kyne007 Jun 23, 2010

    Today I arrive at home and there was an empty box in front of my door and foam bits everywhere in the street in front on my house.

    I must say that do not live in a safe neighbourhood of London and I ordered a fake dog alarm because there was an attack by two masked man at my neighbour place a few days before.

    The UPS delivery man faked a signature and left the box on the street. The item was promptly stolen or it is always possible that he stole it himself. Anyway I lost £68 for nothing and I am not sure the seller will reimburse me. I have filed a complaint online to UPS but I am not expecting much. The worse is that obviously they have put my security at risk. I am deeply upset.

    I will never buy from a seller who use UPS ever again and never use UPS myself. UPS is utter rubbish and not trustworthy.

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  • Da
    dan from san Mar 31, 2010




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  • Ra
    ravenhawk1229 Mar 04, 2010

    This is the third time UPS has said they delivered a package and nothing was left. When you call them about the package they tell you that they can only talk to the sender about lost packages. The tracking number mens nothing when your package is lost they could care less. Their proof of dedlivery is a joke. You select proof of delivery and all that comes up is a form that just states delivered. Thats what they call proof of delivery. That is only proof they had the package, it doesn't mean they delivered it. Personally I think UPS is just a den of thieves. They excel in stealing your stuff and them act stupid when you you try to recover it. When will the government start coming after rip off companies like this.

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  • Mi
    mike201017 Feb 17, 2010

    This is a warning to anyone who is thinking of shipping threw UPS. If you like paying for a service and like waiting for your item days after the quoted time, then Ups is for you. What I am Trying to say is that I ordered several items on a Monday. Ups Quoted a delivery of Wed. Granted we did have a good bit of snow last week. I checked the tracking Wed morning. It said to be delivered that day. The item I ordered needed to be installed in the daytime. Being that it said in route for delivery I left work early, only to find no package at home. I checked tracking online and at 10:00am they had changed my delivery to Adverse weather conditions. Now this Wed I had been on the highway, beltway and throughout the City. Snow was not an issue. Now Im home early for no reason and I am gonna need to leave work early again tomorrow. When I called Ups they gave me nothing. They had no more info for me than that was online. Could not tell me a new delivery date nor could I pick the packages up. The package made it from Laurel Md to Baltimore Md in 29 min Tues night. But once it made it to Baltimore 3:49am. They could not get it to my Baltimore Residence. So for six hours it sat in a warehouse with online saying in route for delivery. At 10:00am is when they updated the tracking info. Of course a time when most people are at work including myself. The real problem is that if a company knows last weeks snow set them back, dont keep accepting packages if you cant deliver them at the time you state they will be delivered. They are taking our money knowing that there is a good chance it will not be delivered on time. Keeping our money, make us wait. They get the money and we suffer waiting. There money hungry not customer service oriented. I hope they burn. Its United States Postal Servive or Fed-Ex from here on. You lost me and my familys buisness and I will try and have all my friends Boycot Ups also.

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  • Be
    bedfordparkblvdguy Jan 28, 2010

    For 3-1/5 yrs., the UPS store located in the Bronx, NY, has consistently lost packages, refused to delivery due to inclimate weather, cussed at myself, my neighbors, stolen (yes, the police were involved) merchandise and out and out given UPS a black eye.

    Complaints have been filed with the national number, supervisors have been unsympathetic to complaints and for some un-Godly reason, UPS management sees nothing wrong with continually increasing rates while service suffers.

    Under no circumstances will I, or any one that I'm affiliated with, will EVER contract with UPS for anything.

    Someone at UPS needs to wake up and realize that they have a problem. And I'm guessing that its not only in my neighborhood.

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  • Ym
    ymas Jan 16, 2010

    If anyone has a problem like that, google the UPS Customer Center nearest you and contact them, they will ask for the information, and have someone call you the next day for further discussion and help...

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  • Sw
    sweetpea80 Jan 08, 2010

    UPS is unreliable and non customer oriented. I recently placed on order with a company who uses UPS as their primary delivery method. As UPS has only managed to deliver 1 package to my home I was concerned so as soon as a tracking number was generated I called UPS to inform them of this ongoing problem and to offer a contact number and directions. I was advised that someone from the local Albuquerque hub would call me before 8pm, I waited no call. So I called back the next person I spoke to advised me that nothing could be done until the package was delivered, mis-delivered or marked as undeliverable, so I waited checking my tracking number frequently to try and make sure I received my package. No luck... UPS delivered it alright to the wrong TOWN! how they managed this as my town and the next town have different zip codes I have no idea. So I called UPS right away and advised them what was going on I was told well you should check around if it says delivered I am sure it was delivered to you after 15 minutes of back and forth the UPS CSR advised me to call the shipper and have the packaged traced but that it would be at least Monday before they could do anything. I called the shipper and they are tracking the package and eventually it should be delivered or as usual with UPS I will have to drive to the hub where I will be told that the package has been returned.

    In short UPS is not worth the shipping cost and I will no longer be using them or companies who use UPS as their only or primary shipper

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  • Ke
    kevinswife0612 Jan 08, 2010

    Heres an idea. Instead of complaining about UPS, call your shipper who put the wrong address on the package. UPS delivers the package to the address on the label. The UPS store is just a franchise. In situations like these, the good samaritan should have just called the 800#. As long as the package was unopened, UPS could pick it up and send it back to the shipper free.

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  • Ke
    kevinswife0612 Jan 08, 2010

    OMG are you serious??? If you need the dang package that bad you need to be home. Period. UPS delivers between 9-7ish. Cant be home? Pick the package up. Its that simple. If youre too dang lazy to pick the package up then stop complaining. The world does not revolve around you.

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  • Ze
    zemaprincess Jan 08, 2010

    Shipped package from Michigan to Texas took over 2 weeks to ship to address, what happened to UPS planes? Once shipped had wrong address on package; delivered to wrong address; recipient tried to be a Good Samaritan and returned to UPS store; UPS told her to keep package they didn't want it. She was extremely frustrated. Later she found out that she had to "call" UPS to get the package delivered to right address. She tracked down my sister and delivered the package to her. They accept no wrong doings because now all stores are independent they can do what they want.

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  • Ju
    Julieh Dec 06, 2009

    No accountability! I had my engagement ring stolen out of the package that we sent back to jeweler to resize. All that made it to the jeweler was an empty box. According to our UPS office, they will "look into it" and will give me no information on what exactly that means or what their so called investigation entails. This ring was actually my grandmother's handed down to me from my father when she passed away and there's no replacing the sentimental value that this ring had - not to mention, I had just gotten engaged 4 days before!

    You would think that UPS would have the ability to know exactly who's hands my package was in and be able to track down who may have stolen my ring. However, I have very little faith in their "looking into it" procedures! The police are no help in this matter b/c I can't prove in which city the ring was stolen so my local police won't file a report.

    UPS sucks and their shaddy personnel and employees all need to be trained in customer service and all should be required to pass background checks! THEIFS!

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  • Wi
    wilburn Meeks Oct 24, 2009

    I sent a package UPS ground from San Diego to Kingsport Tenn. It arrived in 5 days. They could not deliver because the address was wrong. The receiver call his local office and corrected the address. He was told that it would be there the next day 10/09 at 10:00 AM. I even had the agent here in San Diego call and make sure it was corrected. No package came . I called customer service and they said the package has been routed back to sender. I was able to get a hold of a Supervisor at Bristol VA. She told me that she would insure the package was located an and delivered . They could not locate the package Friday. She assured me that the package was there and would not be shipped back to sender. She woulD call me Monday 20/26. This information was also related to the agent in San Diego.Office Depot. When I check tracking today . I see that the package has been routed back to me sender Wilburn Meeks Track No. 1ZE7F9390300048057 . TO SEE JUST HOW BAD THIS IS SCREW UP, ONE NEED ONLY TO CHECK UPS TRACKING WEBSITE.Ii DEMAND A EXPLANATION NOW

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  • Dw
    dwilliams740 Sep 21, 2009

    I am having work done to the front of my home. On the first day of delivery the guy stuck the package notice to the inside hallway at the back of the house and ususally they leave the package on the front hall steps. There is no difference front to back. He had access to stick a note why couldnt he leave the package in the hall. On three occasions I called within 30 minutes. They never send the guy back. After the third attempt, i was told they would hold the package and redeliver a 4th date and I should call early @ 9am to find out the time of day they would deliver. Well my package is back in Ohio now. The worse part of this ordeal is that there is a UPS location in the airport with better hours than the location in edison. I requested my package go there and I can pick it up. I guess that was quite difficult for this huge delivery company to handle. Not to mention that the airport is a 7 minute ride and edison is 30 minutes to get to.

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  • Ki
    kingnglp Aug 06, 2009

    Definity the worst servise.

    I waiting whole day, no one come.

    I still give a call to UPS to check my tracking at 4.00pm.
    The tracking comment is appear after 5.00pm.
    I think UPS sender don know use phone.
    Some more the tracking is late for 3 hours.
    I don know what is this servise.

    I need my item fast but UPS cannot reach it on time.
    I hope tomorrow morning my item will reach so I can sent to my customer on time.
    Bad experience.

    Receiver from Malaysia.

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  • Ub
    Ubs Jun 24, 2009

    Is it too much for the "alternative delivery arrangement option" on the UPS website to actually work? I've tried to use it a dozen times only to tell me it isn't available at this time. REALLY?!?

    I cant be at home from 2-5 pm to receive packages! That is in the middle of the frigging work day, UPS! Why is it so hard to get that the work day runs from 9-5 with a hour each way for commuting?

    Residential deliveries should come AFTER 5:30pm!

    You cant get some drivers to work that late?????

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  • Debbie Curtis-Magley May 26, 2009

    Wow - tracking down this shipment has created a lot of frustration for you and your husband. I work for UPS and I'd like to help. If you'd like my assistance, please send the package tracking number and your contact details to [email protected] I look foward to hearing from you.

    Debbie Curtis-Magley
    UPS Public Relations

    P.S. - I also sent you an e-mail through this site.

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  • Ir
    Irate at UPS May 23, 2009

    My husband is in process of obtaining a gov't job. Requires a hefty amount of paperwork to complete the process. He was scheduled to be in Denver for a few days at the time the paperwork came, so I shipped the docs to him via 2-day delivery using UPS. Pkg didn't arrive Friday 5/22 as contracted, husband leaves Denver Tues 5/26 am, so now need pkg to be shipped back to home! UPS will "try" to re-route the pkg on Tues, but will not upgrade the return service to overnight air, nor will they guarantee it will actually arrive back within two days! We only had ten days to turn all the docs around, so this could well cost my husband a job, and he has been out of work for a year! I will NEVER use UPS again, very poor delivery service and NO extra effort to correct their own screw up! I will share this story with as many folks as I can so everyone knows UPS does not value their customers.

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  • Th
    The Ups Hater Dec 23, 2008

    UPS ruined my Christmas, F***ers were delivering a very important something to me for a very important person and after almost running my friend over it delivers to me an empty box, they then say in defense of their company that the "object" was never really in there. It may have been a successful excuse if I myself had not sent it myself. UPS is possibly the worst company that I have ever laid eyes on. F*** those ###!

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  • Ne
    nelsonrl Dec 20, 2008

    Have a package late for delivery - showed as "out for delivery" on Thursday, on Friday shows as in a different state. I called their customer service and was told the on-line tracking is just a virtual tracking system and does not reflect the real status. My wifes 30'th anniversary gift is now 3 days late. I even offered to drive 200 miles to the center where UPS claims it is just to be told no one is working at that major hub on the weekend before Christmas. This is after being told that if it made it to that center by today, they promised me the gift would arrive at my house today.

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  • Da
    Dave Burton Oct 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had similar problems in the UK, a package from virginmedia was delivered but we werenot at home so I contcted them and arranged for the package to be delivered the next day. It never arrived, after 7 phonecalls (premium rate) they finally admitted that it would not be delivered until the following Monday. I had to call virginmedia and force them to get the package delivered the following day, it arrived just after 12:30 .

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  • Ga
    Gary Wayne Sep 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very poor Customer Service .

    Yes I had some packages brought to my home by a Lady UPS driver here in Texas near the Gulf Coast. She just put them down in front of my truck without coming to my door ringing the bell. I caught here before she left and told her not to leave until I Inspected the items for any damage which was required by the Company I had purchased them from. The Lady UPS Driver stated that she did not have time to waste on me Inspecting and that UPS is not responsible. I told her to get of my property ! I then called and filed a Complaint with the Corporate Office and her Office after I had found out she had went to my Wifes work place about a mile down the road and threaten that she would not ever deliver to my place again. Well 2 months later I ordered a part for a machine that I use for work she did not deliver it instead she lied and stated that I requested the part to be put on will call and I was going to drive 40 miles away to pick it up ! I dont think so with fuel prices the way they are .They get paid for a service and if they cannot get people to take care of thier customers then they do not need to be in the line of work they are in . I say every one should file a class action suit maybe then that would change the way they run thier Company.

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