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Yanwen Complaints & Reviews

Yanwen / no return address on package ordered via yanwen

Oct 14, 2019

recd. mid sept. blouse not fit, no return address on pkg. or item. that is readable. request a refund. tracking #LN36937 1335KR tel: [protected] korea post return to Seoul ipo? hubn zip 22381 will not order from site again. My name: Mary Hair 45 echo trail, newberry, sc [protected]...

Yanwen / shipment not delivered

Oct 13, 2019

My name is Carla Bogoni and I am waiting a delivery from Yanwen. They wrote in the tracking route that my address was wrong and they sent back the shipment . But it is not true, my address is correct and the courier did not try to call me by phone to delivery the shipment. I tried to...

Yanwen / incomplete information about tracking

Oct 04, 2019

Sir your company provided me with a invalid tracking number or a number which can't be tracked UA187677285VU I have rigorously searched for my parcel but yet not delivered to me Your people are saying to contact the local post office but in which post had you sent that is also not clear to...

Yanwen / courier I have ordered 1 month back from china

Oct 04, 2019

My tracking number is UE826286545YP pls check this tracking number still not deliverd give me contact number in our country or state it very urgent kindly help me to get it Already showing in Calicut location on sept 26 after that no response in tracking my contact number is [protected] pl...

Yanwen / electric micro anti snoring device - order ref 15833

Oct 04, 2019

The unit is faulty, battery only lasts 2 hours and the nose insert does not fit properly, please replace or refund, this is the 5th email This is now the 6th time I have contacted you, don't know what other information you require. What is "Movement & Delivery" none of the categories are...

Yanwen / garden weed brush lawn mower

Oct 02, 2019

YanwenPost Tracking number UE828309023YP. ORDER CHEER 6637. Only part of these two items have arrived. Ordered 22nd September 2019 I am not happy about this as i cant use this item as they have only sent the round cutting blades and no handles or cables. Whats going on. Please call me on [protected]. Mr...

Yanwen / it's late

Oct 01, 2019

What's happen To my package? It's been a Month since the error. Tracking: LO047387945CN [protected]:15 ALMA, QC, Item re-routed due to processing error; Possible delay [protected]:15 ALMA, QC, Item out for delivery [protected]:21 ALMA, QC, Item processed [protected]:48 QUEBEC, QC, Item...

Yanwen / uc502487638yp

Sep 30, 2019

I order this product from dh Gates tracking number UC502487638YP last month and it's still in sorting It's been in sorting for over 2 weeks I need this product to be depended soon as possible it's needed for a event. Can you please continue to processing it.I love in the in the United...

Yanwen / I ordered a product from wish

Sep 29, 2019

I ordered a product from wish with tracking number UA190192701VU plz update its tracking info it is showing 9 days old info plz send it faster month is going to become from the day when i ordered it plz helpbme out of this problem and plz send me my parcel faster i have faith on you help...

Yanwen / collar

Sep 28, 2019

Tenho um pedido que faz 27 dias que está em trânsito, saiu da China em destino ao Brasil, gostaria de saber se essa demora é normal, pôs comprei um pedido no msm dia e este já chegou ao Brasil e não demorou tanto assim, gostaria que o status atualizasse, e entender porque a demora, número do rastreio UC469109391YP se puderem me ajudar, ficarei grato.

Yanwen / yanwen delivery

Sep 28, 2019

YanwenI ordered goods from Geek {China} Goods sent by them using Yanwen Consignment number VR121851567YP. When I track the delivery it says Unsuccessful delivery due to wrong Address. Geek say wait until 4th November. If Parcel is local to me then why not A mend the address or deliver it to the...

Yanwen / where is my order s00000044738101

Sep 27, 2019

Hi I ordered products under order number S00000044738101 on 21/8/19. I am still waiting for my order to be delivered to NZ. I need them delivered asap as I need to make my wedding bouquet. I'm getting married in October 2019. Could you please get it delivered asap? Please let me know where is my order as there is no update after 23/8/19 Thanks Shivani

Yanwen / yanwen economic air mail

Sep 25, 2019

YanwenDear Sir, I have recently New Rose Plated Gold Rings For Women Crystal Jewelry Fashion Silver Plated Ring Female Wedding Promise Rings For Ladies Gifts. S00000044919239traking i have not received my parcel yet but while tracking it showing that the item has already been delivered to my...

Yanwen / order has not been delivered

Sep 24, 2019

parcel tracking number VR115585536YP received message from ebay that package has been dropped off 25th Sept 08:17 AEST I I have been home all day and no package has been delivered to this address and on the ebay tracking site It is saying package was droped off 24th Sept So there are 2...

Yanwen / electronic anti snoring device - order no 15833

Sep 24, 2019

Richard Clements, Flat 2, Granville Court, 194 Dover Road, Walmer, Kent CT14 7JQ United Kingdom I emailed contactjeenstore on August 30th, Sept 4th and 16th and did not receive a reply, can you please help The unit battery only lasts around 2 hours not the 6 as per your product...

Yanwen / I have not received my product yet

Sep 24, 2019

I have booked an online product n it has to be delivered through the yanwen logistics in India but while tracking my product online cannot get the proper information can u help me out n at least provide an appropriate time when my product will be delivered it has been 29 days I haven't...

Yanwen / I am complaining about the screen protector I ordered

Sep 23, 2019

YanwenI ordered a screen protector on the 17th of August on aliexpress with yanwen economic air mail and the estimated delivery time has passed. Its tracking number is S00000041997017 and I was asked to contact you guys..Can you please help me resolve this issue?...I really need this product and...

Yanwen / shoes

Sep 23, 2019

YanwenDear Sir, I have recently bought a shoes from Ali express with tracking number PR043321458YP. Unfortunately i have not received my parcel yet but while tracking it showing that the item has already been delivered to my address (England). Why is it so? I have not get my parcel and have even...

Yanwen / multiple orders on aliexpress not received now for almost 2 months

Sep 22, 2019

I have few orders from AliExpress 2 months ago. As per last tracking updates, items are shown to reach in India last month 17th . Since then there have been no updates on them yet. Tracking numbers: S00000028386713 S00000028945099 S00000028483866 S00000028467933 I found only this way to contact...

Yanwen / alibaba products

Sep 22, 2019

I ordered few products from Alibaba Express. According to the App, all the products have reached to me and the order is finished by the seller. But none of them have actually arrived. I am a resident of Bhopal, MP, India. I have checked in my local post office gpo but they need a local...

Yanwen / I had been purchased product from "ali express" but product not received yet so please help me and provide indian postal tracking number please.

Sep 21, 2019

Yanwen Economic Air Mail S00000018015184 2019.06.26 19:56 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin 2019.06.26 14:56 (GMT-7): Shipment accepted by airline 2019.06.26 14:56 (GMT-7): Shipment left country of origin warehouse Yanwen Economic Air Mail S00000018039521 2019.06.25 09:00 (GMT-7...

Yanwen / shipping service

Sep 20, 2019

I have booked an item from amazon and it was shipped through yanwen and then Gati in India. The shipment was received to Hyderabad India yesterday and it was scheduled to deliver yesterday itself. I called Gati customer support and they said they are arranging the delivery but they have...

Yanwen / my product is sent out of origin since it was departed for the destination country

Sep 20, 2019

YanwenPlz sent my order to destination country India it is sent to hongkong plz do it it is taking more time then i thought it would be i had orderd it from wish since people are telling that through yanwen logistics you will receive out of 10 packages you will receive 1 so bad service but as a...

Yanwen / tracking # lw624213355cn

Sep 17, 2019

YanwenWig product order # [protected] I haven't received my merchandise yet and it shows that it has been delivered. It shows a date that my merchandise was delivered on September 9th of 2019 and I haven't received nothing. It also wants me to approve delivery. What delivery am I approving if I...

Yanwen / aliexpress

Sep 16, 2019

Hi. I actually ordered multiple stuff from AliExpress and due to auto detection of location on that app, the zip code that app used for my delivery address is wrong. All details of my address and contact number is correct. Only the zip code mentioned is wrong. Please help me with thi...

Yanwen / I want to ask you a favor about my package with the track number uc496397750yp

Sep 15, 2019

can you change my package delivery address, because I made a mistake filling my package address with track number UC496397750YP if indeed you want to help me please change the shipping address to my new address below Name: Andre (kocrit) Address: Lina Putra Game Center, Jl. Dr. Cipto No.57...

Yanwen / where is my product

Sep 15, 2019

it was in transit from 20 days I oreder my order from aliexpress and i Didn't receive this order from 20 days My order Id S00000044998382 please help me regarding this query and reach me as soon as possible my contact is +[protected] Emai [protected] please contact me by any...

Yanwen / product

Sep 13, 2019

YanwenHello. I have order some products from Ali Express its estimated time is 60 days and the days were already passes and after some time I see that my parcel was confirmed and received automatically but I did not get any parcel. The provided tracking number is not showing correct information...

Yanwen / aliexpress order id [protected]

Sep 13, 2019

I am Sahil Gupta from India. I ordered a product from Aliexpress and its been 2months and my order is still pending for delivery. It was from yanwen economic air mail and its tracking number is S00000029659153. Please update me with the details where is my product right now. My email is [protected] and my contact number is +[protected]

Yanwen / order never came

Sep 12, 2019

UC388499771YP is the tracking number and my package never came I've been waiting for 42 days and nothing haven't showed up yet. I called the post office they said that the package couldn't be tracked .What do I suppose to do now. The order was placed on July 29 2019 and it says it ha...

Yanwen / ordered dress size xxxxl and when delivered was v small hardly fit a child. I would like to return it and get a refund. my order no was 4004032

Sep 12, 2019

YanwenToo small dress want refund. V poor comments about Yanwen and problems getting refunds and returning goods.Address listed for Yanwen F2P is Unit 5 Trident Way Southall UB2 5LF and some customers have said this address does not exist. I am extremely worried re my refund. Look forward to...

Yanwen / 10.1 tablet

Sep 11, 2019

I ordered a 10.1 tablet on the parcel was delivered by Royal Mail postman I opened the package it was just covered by bubble wrap and not a box.on looking at the screen it was obvious it had been dropped.The screen was cracked from right side across the screen .I put it back in...

Yanwen / I didn't receive my parcel the tracker id is s00000026462996

Sep 10, 2019

Sir its been 60 days im waiting for this parcele when do I expect this parcel to be deliverd to my address please give more information about this parcel as soon as possible or else give me the contact number of india yanwen arrive center so I can call and ask when do I expect the parcel...

Yanwen / ue792108671yp

Sep 10, 2019

According to tracking the parcel said it was delivered, however I never received the package. I was wanting to know if you can find out where it was actually delivered since I didn't get the package. The tracking number is UE792108671YP. It said it was delivered at: [name...

Yanwen / s00000052348721 this is the tracking number

Sep 09, 2019

YanwenSir I have ordered a phone case from ali express... But in the order detail I have entered a wrong name of person who is going to receive the order... Can u help me... I have contact the seller he daid that he has shipped if so he can not do any thing... I also contacted the ali expre...

Yanwen / when will my order get delivered.

Sep 08, 2019

I had placed my order 1month ago from They gave me tracking id with yanwen tracking. The site shows that my order had reached India on 18 aug 2019. And I don't know who will deliver the item in India to my place. And now I have no updates regarding my order . I want my item to...

Yanwen / product enquiry

Sep 08, 2019

This is the tracking id of my order S00000046526961 It reached my country and i want to know which is the courier in my country india and when will it reach an its details and tracking id. Send email to [protected] Please i need it quickly.which is the courier and its tracking...

Yanwen / kemei hair straighteners

Sep 06, 2019

Bought these and they do do work as the advert shows, the whole thing is a total scam, my order confirmation came from [protected] it appears that this company doesn't exist... why are people allowed to get away with this ????? The advert shows the product straightening the hair...

Yanwen / parcel not received

Sep 05, 2019

I have placed an order from Aliexpress on 1st August 2019, which was suppose to get delivered at Delhi by Yanwen Economic Air Mail on 4th of October 2019. But its 6th October 2019 and I haven't yet received my parcel. The tracking number is S00000036243103. Address to be delivered...

Yanwen / customer reference t-lv-os ydh

Sep 05, 2019

I would like return details for the incorrect order I have received. I ordered a multi card holding phone wallet. I received a plastic phone cover. To insist on a minimum 350 character complaint is ridiculous. This is definitely not a customer friendly service. I would like, in fact I demand...