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TracFone / My Phone Number Was Changed Without My Permission

Dorothy Lyons on May 20, 2017
This is a continuation of my complaint dated May 15, 2017. Today I received my second replacement SIM card and, as just as before, I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Tech Support to learn that the SIM card they sent me does not work in my phone. I have not been able to use my new cell...

TracFone / incompetent customer service and tech support

Dorothy Lyons on May 15, 2017
I have had an account with TracFone for several years. My phone was a 2G and I was told it was necessary to upgrade to a 3G phone. I did an online chat with a sales rep and a customer service rep at TracFone After verifying my zip code, I was given a list of 10 different phones to...

TracFone / Sold sim card and airtime for the area with no coverage

Natalia Myers on May 2, 2017
I purchased a pre-paid sim card and Airtime card on tracfone website on April 26th, 2017. Before purchasing, i enquired about the coverage and was told that there was no problem with it. I also checked the coverage map on tracfone website and made sure that my air was covered. In order to...

TracFone / Transferring minutes and phone number

Cheryl Hodgson on Apr 29, 2017
I bought an android phone at family dollar store to replace my old flip phone that I accidentally destroyed in the wash! After transferring to the new android phone-everything except some of my minutes, I had a hard time figuring out how to use this phone! Too many applications and thing...

TracFone / prepaid phone minutes

Kathy Browning on Apr 25, 2017
Phone minutes were purchased on 4/13/17 and somehow were consumed by 4/24/17 (while the phone was off and I was on vacation). Customer service gives you the run around and cannot explain what happened. They claim they do not have access to call or texting records. I called customer service...

TracFone / ims card bad in new phone - poor customer service

disneyhlb on Apr 25, 2017
We received a new phone around 2/10/17. We called to activate and were told the SIMS card (1) was bad. A week or so later, we got the replacement card (2), and were once again told it was bad. We received another card (3) and once again, bad. We received yet another card (4), and it wa...

Tracfone Wireless Inc / unlocking department - not helpful and very rude

Sue Perrier on Apr 20, 2017
I called Tracphone in November 2016 to have my tracphone unlocked. At that time I was told that I needed to have the phone activated for another 30 days in order to fulfill my 12 month active obligation. I decided to use Tracphone once again instead of my Canadian phone in order to fulfill...

TracFone / Tracfone

Bethie12 on Apr 19, 2017
I have had my tracfone for years and yesterday I got on the computer to add minutes to my service only to find they had changed the whole format ended up calling customer service OMG 20 minutes and still didn't have any luck not only did Kathy not know what she was doing I couldn't...

TracFone / customer service is the worst; shady practices

anonymous5472 on Apr 12, 2017
I know this company has the ability to credit minutes, data, texts. They refused to transfer over my phone number and give me my minutes and data which I rightfully paid for. If I transferred my phone number, they would cancel my new package minutes. BS! I asked to talk to a manager and a...

TracFone / Customer service

Caesar Hoppe on Apr 7, 2017
April 7th, 2017 I called customer service to try and get help because I was having difficulty adding additional minutes to my phone. The individual on the other end told me that I needed to speak better english because I sounded Mexican or was from Africa. I'm a California Native..Born & Bred...

TracFone / Alcatel one touch pixi avion lte android smartphone

Pat Trembley on Apr 6, 2017
On April 4, 2017 I filed a complaint with you folks about the phone above. The SIM card went out and I was sent a new one. When we put the new card in all of my minutes were gone, which is why the new card would not activate. The tech person I was talking to did not know beans about what...

TracFone / Stay away from TracFone!

Joey on Apr 6, 2017
I am extremely disappointed with TracFone and their terrible service! I received my TracFone phone and activated it with SIM kit, but nothing worked. I contacted their customer care and after I explained everything they promised to take care of that. Several days later I contacted them...

Tracfone Wireless / Straight talk

Janice G Brown on Apr 5, 2017
TracFone's company, Straight Talk refuses to talk to me or answer my letter regarding problems I am having with their service. I purchased a phone a Wal Mart. They talked me into purchasing the Straight Talk service. I asked that they transfer my existing phone number to the new phone. The...

TracFone / Tracfone alcatel one touch pixi avion lte android smartphone

Pat Trembley on Apr 4, 2017
I purchased the above TracFone on Feb. 16, 2017 at a local Shopko store along with a 120 Unit Card. I activated the phone with the customer service rep. I also transferred minutes over to this new phone from my old phone. Everything was okay until two weeks ago when the SIM card stopped...

TracFone / Poor service

helpmehelpme on Apr 3, 2017
I live in an area that doesn't have service. I use a tracfone when I go out of the area. I've always been able to add minutes and reactivate my phone when I need to. I added airtime at the end of Feb. for a trip out of town in March. I was assured that I had minutes and the phone wa...

TracFone / Service

REDNECK71 on Mar 29, 2017
i was in larado Texas and purchased a trakfone from wal mart . got it activated was was doing great untill i was going eastbound on I-10 to Houston where there was NO SERVICE..i was an OTR truck driver @ the time, and it was an everyday thing.the first chance i got when i was on home time...

TracFone / Tracfone - stolen minutes and rude loss prevention dept staff

katerina117 on Mar 29, 2017
I bought a Tracfone from HSN (Home Shopping Network). It came with 1200 minutes, text, data which is good for one year. I gave it to my 13 year old teenage son who primarily uses only the text and data but hardly talk on the phone. (Anyone who has a teenager can confirm the truth behind...

TracFone / False advertising, bad service

cjjf on Mar 22, 2017
I went to the tracfone site to purchase a new phone so I would be sure to have one that worked in my area. I ordered the phone on Dec 31st, 2016 and they shipped it on Jan. 3, 2017. When I got it, I charged it and followed all the directions to activate it but it would not activate. After...

TracPhone / Extremely poor customer service

Mariann Dahl on Mar 21, 2017
Whenever I have to call Tracfone they do not seem to understand the issue. They repeat the problem put you on hold and then tell you they are waiting for the system to load etc... and the call usually last at least an hour or more. This time I had to call because my phone broke and I...

TracFone / I am complaining about the way your customer service is handled

Kenneth Curtis on Mar 16, 2017
I have had a problem starting in 3/14 with adding minutes to my phone. I have tried unsuccessfully 5 different times to purchase minutes for my phone. I was finally able to speak to one of your customer service associates on the evening of 3/16 using the phone in my hotel room, The problem...

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