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STC / phone & dsl stopped working

Amanullah Mohammad on May 25, 2017
My landline phone 011 4066202 was shifted to my new location recently and upgraded for Internet. It worked for 3 or 4 hours and suddenly stopped. When I checked with the technician, he confirmed the defect and told me to call 900. I have been calling it for the past 4 days but nothing...

STC / landline

sarfraz awan on May 25, 2017
Hi, Dear i have installed new landline connection in my house, after one week its internet services suddenly stop functioning. At modem we have all related functions are showing green lights. Below is my detail and all related information.Please guide me to proper solution so i can reconnect. STC No...

STC / unfair billing after service on hold

Imran Haidar on May 25, 2017
Dear Sir, My land line(0126599800) internet service is on hold since 06th april when I requested to shift my service to other place due to accommodation change. STC Technician visited and found there is no space in existing box. I visited STC office and they told me that my service is on...

STC / cancellation of stc fibre

Abdulla Kunhi on May 24, 2017
My landline number is 0112023409 I moved to new place and there is no dsl and fibre connection there. so there is no option for transfer my line. then i tried to cancel my connection by going different stc offices. from there they are telling to call 900. but i cannot diall 900 from the same...

STC / complaint about unfair billing pattern of netsim card (unlimited for one month 160sar)

Chakki on May 16, 2017
Dear STC Representative, I am complaining about stc billing dept for unfair billing.they stop my internet service last Jan 2017 since the unlimited internet package for one month is finished.i paid the bill via atm service and gave the receipt to them, they told the net sim which i have...

STC / about our bill payment statement

Mr. Saleem on May 13, 2017
we are asking for our bill payment statement since one year we want to clarify our accounts. and we asked your people if we can pay part of the bill cuz you people are not willing to give our payment statement they said we can. So did we, and later on they cut our line again we called to...

STC / Landline wifi internet package

Meraj alam on May 11, 2017
I have applied for a new wifi landline internet package.i have gone to stc office so many times the staff tells us to wait.We are doing jobs we r not free to visit stc offices many times.I have also given him the picture of the stc box close to our rooms.It is my request to get your...

STC / postpaid to prepaid conversion process

Omais Syed on May 10, 2017
Name: Omais Shameem Syed Mobile: 053 265 1035 ID: 2400921553 Today I returned from what has been my 9th visit from STC (Riyadh, Hay Al Rabwa) office; feeling hugely disappointed and frustrated all over again. I first visited STC Rabwah office on 17th of April to downgrade my Postpaid...

STC / Internet bill

M.Hafeez on Apr 18, 2017
Dear STC Representative, I am complaining about stc billing dept for unfair billing.they stop my internet service last Jan 2017 due to late payment but till now they still continue my bill and I try so many time on your number but no listening.how come like that since that is one way of...

STC / internet service

hajipeer on Apr 13, 2017
dear sir, after shift my home in jubail, i complaint many times to STC to arrange setupbox near my new home but everytime STC person makes visit and inform that he will arranged it soon. since jan 2016 they are charged me monthly but i have used it due to no setupbox...when i ask for...

STC / Fiber plus - adding extra service extra charges without my consent

Hisham AbdelFadil on Apr 6, 2017
It has been about 2 months now since I called to submit my complaint. No one could manage my complaint seeking solution. Additional service was added to my line without my consent and I am getting charged for! I called 10 times to ask for removing the service and removing the added...

STC / Customer service

Gyan710 on Feb 17, 2017
Hi, First time I am using etihad airline and it's my worst experience is going on. Out flight is delay approx 30min (10:50pm 16th Feb 17schedule) Riyadh to Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi we reached before 40min of connecting flight but (schedule connecting time is 1hour 10min). Ground staff...

STC / Receiving low connection speeds for the package I'm paying for.

MHaathim on Feb 13, 2017
I got this 3 months unlimited package from STC which is SR 160/ month and it says i would get internet speeds upto 150 Mb/s but what i am receiving throughout the whole day im getting on speeds less than 1 Mb/s and during the night from 12AM uptil 2AM im receiving speeds upto 20 Mb/s... So...

STC / Internet service

Mypk on Feb 8, 2017
In oct-2015 stc offer 149 package for 99SR for 1 year. Its for 2 year contract but before finishes contract period they started billing 249 each without any confirmation from my side. Even they did'nt give one call for inform this amount variation. Several times I call and make complaint...

STC / Internet

Charlie271068 on Jan 19, 2017
I was late paying a bill due to being away. Paid immediately on return and still not reconnected. Another 'lost' week which has been paid for. When I moved apartment the salesperson started a new account rather than move the existing account. For three months I have been double billed for...

STC / Got bill without internet connection

Mohammad Shadab Alam on Jan 11, 2017
My name is mohammad shadab alam I have applied for stc internet before 3 months ago but it did not served yet. Then after a week I got username 114010853@stc.Net. Sa and password 4210 customer confirmation code 871 I tried to log in but it didn't work then I got technician no. 0554335244...

STC / 013 8672498 out of order since two weeks - this is ridiculous

Mohd. Shafkathullah Khan on Dec 30, 2016
Since two weeks my net and land phone number 013 8672498 is out of order and stc making fool sending always unprofessional people. They come leave saying other team will come, make fool to stc customers who pay sr. 299 every after 20 days my mobile number is 0509210879 whenever call 900 after...

STC / Unethical behavior about internet service

SMoyeen on Dec 12, 2016
Dear STC I have a internet connection at my home by number 0112924536 My conection was upgraded by your STC sales or marketing peoples by saying i wil get upto 20mb speed. Instead of geting a nominal speed iam geting only less than 5mb speed & is charged for me of 20mb speed Inspite of so...

STC / Fiber optic internet

Karim M. on Dec 8, 2016
I have experienced the absolute worse service from STC. It has been nearly a month attempting to get Internet for my home. I've given my details to three different "technicians" who failed to pass any of my information along to anyone. Finally, when someone does contact me to install the...

STC / Internet package

Raghavan Chandru on Nov 22, 2016
Dear STC   I recharged my mobile # 0500356836 on 01-Nov-16, for 5 SAR [500MB] Valid for 7 days. I was using this offer up to 4-Nov-16 around 2.35 pm. At the time of closing it was 4 MB balance and switch off my mobile data. In the same day morning I top-up my mobile with 20 SAR through...

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