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Customer service must be rebuilt from ash

What i really hate? they have all the [censored]ing details of my life, but when you need any kind of help, they make you regurgitate all your details all over again as if you are not to be trusted, but they will be happy to empty out your whole [censored]ing bank account, why does this company [censored]ing exist?

$50 off a $125 smartphone card for tracfone

I was promised a Promo Code for the above deal, if I upgraded our Tracfones, (2 of them). I upgraded both phones, and never received a promo code for either one. False advertising.! I called Tracfone over a dozen times and kept getting transferred to a different number. The last one I talked with told me the promo code was a 'random selection', which no one ever said before. Then she told me I was 'breaking up'. Lies. This whole promo code thing is a scam. Please resolve ASAP Thank you,
541 David Ave
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Neglectful response to consumer complaint

I am never dealing with TRACFONE ever again. Their customer service is garbage and the person in charge i...

Tracfone has not explained to me how to activate my cell phone.

No one has been rude to me about it but I dont know how and neither does my daughter. We re not the brightest bulbs in the box. It could be something really easy, its the know how that we need. Thank you This has happened to us one other time. Your refund dept. sent my money to me. I trust you to help me try to resolve this. email:[protected] old numbers I had before 423/241/5216 423/241/3336 I had a plan a few years ago and it worked out well.

roll over minute

Had a lg fiesta phone feb 1. 2020 had 2500talk tex2300 2.1gb fone got wet quit working. Bought a stylo 4 lg from hsn with 1500talk text and data that gave me almost 4000 talk text and data. Two weeks after i had the stylo 4 it was droping call and warrant was still on.So i call tracfone customer service and ask them how to handle it since i had those minute on the phone, she told me she would cut off service to the stylo 4, and when i got a new phone to call customer service and give them my pin number and they would roll my minute over to my new phone. Well when i got my new phone they would't transfer my minute say i didn't have service days left, but i had service days up to the year 2023. Then they told me that the only way they could activate my was to purchase a card with more min, and i did that, idid that so they gave me the the minute that came with the card, but still wouldn't roll my minute from old phone over. Please help me, this is the first time i had a problem with tracfone.My cell number is [protected] name noble.

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activating & adding air time

On 2/14/2020. I purchased a 1 year service card and 400 minutes to update my service on my wireless. I followed the directions on the card and went to add airtime and it asked for thr PIN # from the card. I typed it and checked it twice. It said it was processing and it should take 5 minutes and to leave my phone turned on... I did, but the acctivation date and amount of Minutes never change. I followed directions and checked on the service. It said it was processing or it was Unaccellible and to call back later.
on 2/17/2020, I called the phone number on the card about activating my account/ after a few levels I got a real person (Mark) who wanted to know the problem. I explained it in debt. He transferred me to a phone tree, the tree ended up with telling me that the PIN# was processing and I should call back in a few minutes. This was several phone calls with the same outcome.
I also went back to Walmart. They told me they could not help me. That I should contact Tracfone... They could not do anything.
Checked again and it is still saying it is processing???
Would like to be able to use my phone or refund the cost of the time.


Yesterday I had 2.09 gigs and 999 talk minutes I should still have a gig of data left and all my minutes I havent made a call on this phone so why all my minutes disappear. This isnt the first time I have lost minutes and data without using my phone. I have enjoyed service with you guys up until december when all the issues started so please someone fix this problem.

tracfone cell phone purchase

I bought a cell phone online through a chat with a rep named Mary. The cell phone is a DORO 7050. Mary check my zip code 57717 and said it would work. My order number is [protected].
Received the phone via Fed Express on Monday Jan 20th 2020. Open the package and proceeded to activate the phone. Called Customer Care only to find out that the phone is not capable to my area and to return it to Trac Phone. They would e-mail me a shipping label. No e-mail or a shipping label.
I contacted Customer Care three times but I could only get get service people who speak broken english that I couldn't understand what they were saying. I gave up when the last one ask me the serial number of the phone that I had package to return. I wasn't going to open the package to get the number. I did over to give her the order number. She didn't want that so we ended the call.
I have spent a total of 8 hours trying to set up and talk to people to get a shipping label to send this back. I got one guy on a chat named Clifford told me I had to pay to ship it back.WHAT? This was your Reps mistake not mine. I have use Trac Phone for 20 years This is ridiculous.
Contact Capital One who's credit card I used.Told them the situation and they said they would take care of the refund. You have 15 days to receive this phone back before Capital One will issue a permanent refund of $85.80
Send or e-mail the shipping label. [protected] I will not pay for shipping for your reps mistake.

customer support

Does it seem feasible to speak with customer service for 7 hours to resolve issues on two phones? I've never yelled at anyone but I yelled this time. I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone on issues until the very last person. Even then, he couldn't fix the issue. I had to wait 24 to 72 hours for a number to unlock and reset. Two phones and nothing but errors. I can't give all the details here because I would have to write for an hour to explain all I endured. Hung up on and evidently blocked from being able to get some results. Wasted a whole day. And accomplished not one thing. If you are going to have good service, for heavens sakes make sure they are trained. All I heard was I'm sorry. I need to put you on hold. I asked for a manager. Only to be told you will have to start all over. That's bull and I know it. They have transcripts and the calls are recorded. If I'd been given a manager when I asked, yelling probably wouldn't have happened. I'm appalled at the service I received after being a customer for over 15 years. If I did my job in this manner, I wouldn't have a job.

sim card not compatible

I want to go back to my old iphone instead of the Android phone that i just purchased from you. I contacted chat and talked to a man then a woman who stated that my iphone was compatible and had me purchase a Sim Kit for 99 cents. I waiting two days to get it, and when i did, I called in and talked to a man named I think was Chester.

Chester was knowledgable and asked me necessary questions to start me iphone. After several minutes, he told me that my Sim card was not compatible, and that I need to purchase a new one.

I am really upset. I should not have to purchase another one because I was sent the supposed correct one by one of your customer service agents. If the card is not compatible, why is it my fault? I know the cost is mimimal, but I shouldn't have to pay for a new one. Please send me the correct one for free. My phone number is [protected].

Mary Buitt

the email sent out by tracfone saying better service better coverage better speeds total lies

[protected] I was sent an email from trackphone saying I had to change phones to change my service to have better coverage better service better everything. I had 90% coverage with trackphone before I bought a new phone from trackphone that didn't work in my area I then bought another trackphone to keep my time in my dates. Long story short I finally got a phone to work here or through trackphone but it only has 10% of the coverage that my old phone with trackphone had 90% coverage. I plan on trying to take trackphone to small claims court because of all the lies that I have and print From trackphone

the email sent out by tracfone saying better service better coverage better speeds total lies

TracFone Wireless

straight talk wireless

My husband and I both had a phone through Straight Talk. We transferred our service to Spectrum Mobile on Friday November 1st. Straight Talk took a payment out of our account on October 31st for my husband's phone, [protected], in the amount of $48.46 and another $48.46 on November 1st for my phone, [protected]. As I stated above, we both ported our numbers over to Spectrum on Friday November 1st. We would like a refund of the money.

We call "customer service" and were treated very rudely and they were not helpful at all. They told us we should have cancelled our service before they took out the payment. I'm sorry that makes no sense. If we had cancelled our service our phone would have been shut off and we would not have been able to port our numbers.

As an aside, it took me over 4 hours of my time trying to get Trac Phone to port our numbers because your customer service is so poor.

We just want our money refunded. I will be calling the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection for the State of Maine about this tomorrow.

phone card

I purchased the phone card and attempted to add it. They told me I could not because I was a safe link customer so I called safe link and requested for them to discontinue my service. Then I tried to add the minutes again. I was told that it went through and everything was fine. 3 days later at 9 am I see that my phone has no service whatsoever so I called tracfone and was told I was a safe link customwr and nothing could be done about the 25$ I spent on this phone card. Finally I reached a customer service representative who was willing to assist me and told me that the card was on my phone and gave me a reference number. But my phone still has no minutes. So basically the Tracfone company robber me of 25$

return of minutes of 12035.81

I have been a Tracfone prepay for several years.We have been at this location for 1 1/2 years and trecieved the new card. Ihe phone worked flawlessly. On 21 Sept '19 the phone went dead and I called Tracfone, after a long around they told me I had the wrong sim card and they would sent the right one. On 25 Sept '19 I called them to get it going, after 3 days and many more calls and being hung up on again. A person told me I had the wrong phone, I went out and got the one he said. I called to get this one running, Friday passed with nothing. I called again asking to speak with the top person, then I was again connect to another person who was able to get the phone to work, but before the transfer I had 12035.81 minutes credit.I asked how many minutes I had and he said a little over 200. I asked to speak with his boss and she said was all I would get for that was all the comuter said I had, even tho my old shows 12035.81. I would like my minutes returned before what I have runs out
Dale G Watchorn
101 Allen St.
Wiota, Ia 50274
PH 417.312.1482

payment of phone and minutes

I bought a New Tracfone from HSN on 7/7/2019. I only had the phone for 7-10 days and it stopped working I called that night and I was told to send the phone back and I was supposed to receive a brand new one. That was a lie I got a reconditioned one that phone only last a few days also it send emergency calls only. I called back again and complained and I was told that Tracfone made a mistake and I was receiving a brand new phone that was also a lie that bx also said Reconditioned. I called back again I was told that I was going to receive a brand new one. That phone only last me less then 2 weeks. It said the same thing emergency calls only. I had it. I called tracefone on 9/17 and told them that I was going to a different carrier. I wane a refund for the cost of the phone $74.36 and the minutes that I purchased for then phone 3.90 Gb Data, 12319 Minutes Talk and 7223 Texts. Those minutes cost me $ 127.32. Which is a total of $ 201.69

Karen Kaczmarski

tracfone 30 day plan minute card

I purchased a $15 30 day planTracFone minute card with 500mb get it at 4G LTE speed 500 texts and when I get home to use it I called the customer service and it said my card was invalid. I have the receipt and witnesses to prove my purchase of the card.i think I should get my money back or get my plan that I paid I don't have no more money to make another purchase and really need my phone to be in service.

cell phone service

Tracfone has said that I had 3 gbs of data from one of their unlimited plans. However, I received only 1. Since the start of my plan. I have called them, and they keep telling me that I used all 3, which I did not. In fact, they keep on telling me that I am wrong and didn't try to help. And I even told them that my balance from the very beginning said 0.98 GB, they kept telling me that I just used 2 GB's that day, which I did not.

cell phone service
cell phone service

TracFone Wireless

stole my minutes, texts and data

On Tuesday, August 13th 2019 I began the process of upgrading my old Tracfone to a newer Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. What I thought would be an easy process turned into over a week of messages, phone calls and chats.

I took a screen shot (THANK GOD!) of my minutes, texts and data prior to the upgrade.

We never did get the new phone working (after 3 DAYS AND NEARLY 10 CHAT SESSIONS). They like to tell you to reboot your phone, sometimes telling you to wait an hour while the system updates.

For days I had no working phone! Tired of it all I finally asked to just reinstate my old phone.

They did...but, different reps gave me different lines about all my minutes transfered over, another would say I had zero, another would say check online.

I did. Get this. Prior, I had nearly 5, 500 minutes, 20 MB data, 15, 000 texts.

After: 13 minutes, 14 texts and 14.65 data!!!

I contacted them AGAIN and was told they had to call another department to 'verify' this, that they were closed and I had to contact them AGAIN!

I said this was a terrible way to treat a 'valued customer' and surely they must have record right there of my minutes from August 13th. No matter what I said, they returned with the pat, scripted answers.

They spew apologies, excuses, and outright lies. I have been a customer for years and being a customer now disgusts me. I am disabled on a pittance of an income and this wretched company is what I can afford. I hate this [censored].

I have filed a complaint with the BBB since dealing with them straight doesn't work AT ALL.

If you have the resources, go with another provider with better ratings. Tracfone sucks. They will have you fill out survey after survey and make huge excuses on their Facebook page, but they don't care. If they did, they wouldn't have so many horrible reviews.

If you have to deal with them record EVERYTHING, I MEAN EVERYTHING. They will cheat you. It's not a matter of if, but when.

unlocking of fiesta 2 tracfone lost minutes, texts, data

We followed the instructions of unlocking the LG Fiesta 2 Tracfone provided in a link by the FCC. Found out our phone was available and received an email from Tracfone giving codes to unlock. Tracfone also deleted all of our minutes, texts and data. Literally after an hour on the phone, the put back about a third of what they deleted. No info at all of why it was deleted. This may be done to others and if so, please send a complaint to the FCC. They should not be able to get away with this. By the way, I did a screen snip the day before I checked on the unlocking so I do have proof of what we had. Made no difference to Tracfone at all.

tracfone airtime issue

Bought an airtime card from a dollar general store where you don't get a card you get a receipt with pin...

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