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TracFone Wireless Complaints & Reviews

TracFone Wireless / tracfone

Cell service fraud on Feb 18, 2019

Tracfone has linked other phone numbers to my email account. I have had to call several times to make the correction. I have the emails to prove it. As of the other day, I had well over 100 minutes talk time, and I don't get good cell service while at home (We have a land line-due to snow...

TracFone Wireless / minutes not transferring when I got new phone-resolved

Michael in Oregon on Feb 3, 2019

I purchased a new phone from Tracfone and transferred my service to the new hardware. My period of service transferred, but none of my minutes, data, or texts. I had no luck trying to resolve the issue with Tracfone Customer Service or Tracfone technical help. I all but gave up but decided...

TracFone Wireless / transferring minutes, texts data

Caroline Duke on Jan 5, 2019

Even though all information was written down for what was just paid for and was showing as a current balance, I was ripped off 1gb data, 3500 texts and over 300 minutes!!! Tracfone would not transfer everything I had. Love paying for something that they will not transfer over after...

Tracfone / lunar 3 / customer service

Howard67 on Dec 28, 2018

Bought new. Camera doesn"t work. I called customer service, could not understand them half the time (I do not have patience for people not learning how to speak). Said they would send out envelope to return it in. They did and put the wrong tracking number on it so FedEx wouldn"t take it...

TracFone Wireless / loss of minutes when transferring phone numbers

Terry Popish on Dec 27, 2018

I transferred a phone number away from TracFone to Verizon but wanted to keep on TracFone active. I was told that I needed a new SIM card and I would retain my minutes and service time. When I reactivated my TracFone with the new SIM card they removed all of my minutes that I have already...

TracFone Wireless / unethical behavior


On November 28, 2018, Tracfone send an email asking me to take advantage of a $15 Off Promo, Code No. 97162 by reactivating back my Mobile Phone (530) 338-4280 which was out of service since June 2018 as shown on the Tracfone's email. The end period of the promo period is 12/19/2018. On...

TracFone Wireless / canceled phone 2 cell phone and numbers!

Henry Vasil on Nov 7, 2018

After a week of talking and chatting with TRACFONE and STRAIGHT TALK either would help me! Both redirected me back and forth between the to companies and when I INFORMED them that both phone powered up as TRACFONE'S they finally admitted TRACFONE was the parent company of STRAIGHT TALK!...

TracFone Wireless / service plan

Valerie Wolfenbarger on Nov 1, 2018

I have a Tracfone and have been purchasing the plan every few months. I bought 1 GB of Data for $10. After 3 weeks I noticed that I only had under 350 MB of Data left. I connect to Wifi at all times. I called cust.service to try and get my Data back. They say I used it so they won't give...

TracFone Wireless / tracfone

Zeroplus on Oct 24, 2018

In April of this year I purchased a Tracfone with one year of service and 1500 minutes. I still had minutes remaining from the previous Tracfone that I had and those were transferd to the new phone. I purchased the phone primarily as a back up for my regular cell phone. I used the new...

Tracfone / mms messaging, voicemail/visual voicemail

Miss.Angela on Oct 20, 2018

Your companies services are absolutely horrible.I called to get help so I can get my voicemail which the lady on the phone said my phone doesn't have visual voicemail but it does so I asked if I can send a photo or if I can go into a store she would not give me any information to do...

TracFone Wireless / phone # 313 587 7224

kriebling on Oct 17, 2018

Switched phones, had approximately 8.2 gig's of data, 3500 minutes, 4000 texts. New phone says 0, 0, 0. Contacted customer service who said only had 269 of each. Refused to connect me to higher authority or give me any contact information. Just want back what I paid for which billing and...

TracFone Wireless / never received my new replacement phone

Tracfoneisaripoff on Oct 16, 2018

I had ENOUGH with Tracfone. I tried everyway possible to try to resolve this matter. I have sent numerous emails, been on Tracfone chat and spoke to representatives, I called and spent over FIVE HOURS on the phone, mostly on HOLD. I have spoke to TWO so calked corporate managers. My...

TracFone Wireless / refund for returned phone

Frank Teunissen on Oct 11, 2018

Bought a replacement phone on 8/8/18 and returned it 8/18/18 well within the 90 day return date; tracking # 95 00 1148 6532 8232 1161 19 which was received by shipping dept on 8/20/18. Called 800-8687-7183. Was told that refund would take 30 days. After numerous calls and transfers and...

TracFone Wireless / wrong replacement phone

Furious1010 on Oct 10, 2018

Dealing with Tracfone is a nightmare. And thats putting it nicely. Brought a new Tracfone smartfone a few months back, the phone kept freezing, couldn't make or receive calls at times. After being a customer for over 20 years never a promotion a new phone " nothing". Anyways they told me...

TracFone Wireless / so that's why tracfone, is so "cheap" because they steal what you paid for

RatherNotSay74018 on Sep 25, 2018

I have kept a close count and been super careful of my call time, data and text usage and have had many occasions where one, if not all, suddenly disappeared in a sense. I went over all my number 2 or 3 times and came up with the same shortage of call time, texts and or data. This time it...

[Resolved] TracFone Wireless / not receiving my safelink minutes

[email protected] on Sep 18, 2018

I have had a safelink phone for several years I am disable and each month I seemed to not receive my full benifits on my phone. I had gotten 500 minutes each month for the past 4 years. I am very much upset about this because each month I have to call and complain that I ran out of minute...

[Resolved] TracFone Wireless / financial fraud via text from (775) 229-3294 to (424) 286-0552

Yesterday evening 20180912, against my better judgement, i submitted the I Tunes Card number: XGP5TRJTQWLTWQ4W, via text message to cellphone (424) 286-0552. I realized three days ago of the nefarious activities, after relaying the 'Not redeemable or exchanged for cash', on the back of the...

[Resolved] TracFone Wireless / no call forwarding!

W Simmons on Sep 12, 2018

Tracfone does not allow call forwarding. This should be clearly explained in their advertisements!! I have four tracfone lines and can not forward calls from any one of them. I called their customer service and was told they do not support this. In todays world call forwarding is a must...

[Resolved] Tracfone / they would not transfer from son's phone to mine

AndyWiltz on Sep 7, 2018

After being long time faithful Trac fone members, they did not, would not transfer our son's minutes, texts, data to my wife's phone when he switched to Verizon, as he went to college. Numerous calls, time on phone (disconnected 3 times) with their jerk you around customer reps, we went...

[Resolved] TracFone Wireless / phone transfer lost minutes

EBB1 on Aug 13, 2018

I had a tracfone and I upgraded to a new tracfone smartphone because the old phone died. After the transfer completed, I lost all of the minutes, texts, and data that were on the old phone. I rarely use this phone as it is an emergency phone and I had 1644 minutes, 3794 texts, and 3297 mb...