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+81 800 700 7700(Japan) 10 3
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South Africa
Stand 1, Eastern Service Road Wesco Park, Sandton 2012

Toyota Motor Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Toyota Motor Corporation / Blizzard White Paint Peeling on Scion

Apr 20, 2019

I would like Toyota to fix the problem of peeling paint. I purchased this scion new from Koons Toyota in Annapolis MD. It began peeling in the first couple years. The dealership made me pay about 1, 000. to have the roof repainted. Now the sides are peeling. I have never had a car that...

Toyota Motor Corporation / Toyota Corolla 2019

Apr 20, 2019

Dear Sir, Am Hesham Shawky from Egypt, I have the honor of purchasing my second Toyota car since 3 months which is Corolla 2019 after I had yaris 2008 as am confident of your quality and your caring about safety of your customers, My issue is that Toyota Egypt had presented last year a...

Toyota Motor Corporation / toyota corolla 141 lx 2008

Apr 15, 2019

Hi this is Delon from Sri Lanka. recently brought my 141 lx 2008. i am totally disagree with most of the comments in this section above. for me its a very good vehicle with good fuel consumption. its rather big and comfortable car, with a 1.6 engine and a big body this car is doing fuel...

Toyota / latest toyota sales approach; misselling approach

Apr 10, 2019

On 8th Apr, I was attracted by one advertisement ( on Toyota C-HR used selling price of 118k. Without hesitation, I immediately contacted the person MR tan for further enquiry. He answered the call & shared that the car since sold . I'm amused with so fast market...

Toyota Service Center / moulding absorber

Apr 5, 2019

Totally no reply on EMAIL SENT ON 4 April 2019 after my log of report of complaints. Feel very disappointed and wondering how Toyota handling a worldwide customers. It is just simply ignore the customer complaints and keep quiet to avoid any solution. Dear Customer Support, ( 2nd time...

Toyota Motor Corporation / false advertising

Apr 3, 2019

Warning!!! If you are planning on purchasing a Highlander think again!! We purchased a 2019 model and it it's NOT built tough or strong enough to carry the total weight capacity its specified for (1600 lbs.) When I brought it to service Yesterday I had it loaded it with only 900 pounds to...

Toyota Malaysia / car not receiver

Mar 25, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company from January until today. There are no responses or any confirmation that I receive to make me calm pertaining the status of my ordered car. For your information, I was booked my car (Green...

Toyota Motor Corporation / poor construction after warranty

Mar 21, 2019

In April of 2014 I purchased a brand new toyota Rav4. I have owned many Toyota over the years, my husband and son both currently drive one, but this was my first ever brand new Toyota I loved it. If anybody asked, I told them how great it was. I went in for all required check ups during...

Toyota Motor Corporation / toyota etios liva gd engine low

Mar 15, 2019

Hi Team, I am Sunil Pipal from Haryana (India) and using Toyota Etios Liva GD (Diesel Version) since June 2014. Where I am facing manufacturing defect where engine oil reached on red mark every time before 10000 Km. Every time I am raising the concern in every service and getting revert...

Toyota Motor Corporation / maintenance of rv4 pdf filter sensor. licence 0730jkl

Mar 3, 2019

Good morning I left my car on the authorized Toyota service due to dpf filter alarm lighted up. The workshop lasted 5 days to detect the failure. Finally, they told me the problem was the sensor. They offered initially 2 days to receive the spare part after I agreed upon the budget...

Toyota Motor Corporation / parts

Feb 25, 2019

I have not received any update regarding the parts that should have been ordered to fix my damaged Toyota "Rush" since January 8, 2019. I have fully paid my participation fee and have submitted all the necessary requirements. And have already received the approval of my insurance company...

Toyota Motor Corporation / scion xb peeling off paint

Feb 8, 2019

On 6/14/15, I brought Scion XB (white paint) with 30k mileages and extended warranty (to 2020). No problem till a week ago. An unexpected bad thing happened in my car - The paint started peeling off, half of the paint on the top of the car already gone. Peeling just keeps going to other...

Toyota Motor Corporation / westchester toyota service

Feb 7, 2019

I brought in a Toyota Corolla for service with the knowledge that I needed a fuse changed or possibly the main fuse changed. I was charged for five hours of labor for a job that would take no more than 1 to 2 hours. When I arrive to retrieve the car the individual was in charge of the bill...

Toyota / corolla 2016

Feb 5, 2019

I have a Toyota corolla 2016 which is a danger to drive. I have noticed my view is off as the slope of the hood impairs vision of objects near and below where you are driving. It has caused me to not be able to make good visual decisions. It is a danger. The blind spot in the passenger...

Toyota / rav4 2011

Feb 5, 2019

We have a 2011 Toyota Rav4 and the passanger's floor is wet from the rain and it's dripping straight down underneath the dash, from the left of the glovebox. I went on line and discovered just about everyone who has this model of car has the same problem. There has been no recall...

Toyota Motor Corporation / 5 time toyota owner sidelined

Feb 4, 2019

My family is a Toyota family Corolla Crown Celica (1) Celica (2) Camry (now) I'm SHOCKED and heart broken by my current experience. I am at my wits end and car less. Just prior to Christmas my check engine light appeared began flashing and the car began vibrating. I made it home. The car i...

Toyota Motor Corporation / 2012 scion xb

Jan 31, 2019

The paint (white) is peeling on the roof and bumper. I talked to my dealer and they say it's out of warranty. I am the second owner and the car has less than 60000 miles. I have found many Scion owners with the same issue. There was no damage or chip in the paint until one day I came out...

Toyota Motor Corporation / bad battery

Jan 30, 2019

Dear Toyota, I had constant problems with the battery of my Toyota Avalon-2015 I've already invited 5 times CAA Service (4 times just this month) because I couldn't start my car. The mileage is just 25000 km. A few days ago I had to replace this battery (paid $287.02) because it was absolutely...

Toyota Motor Corporation / 2018 4runner limited

Jan 21, 2019

The right front corner panel of my 2018 4 runner keeps slipping down, leaving a larger than normal "gap" where it meets the body piece to which it connects. I took my car to toyota of gastonia (where I purchased the vehicle) and I spoke with 2 gentlemen from the body shop. The body shop...

Toyota Motor Corporation / 2012 scion xb

Jan 19, 2019

Our 2012 scion xb's paint is peeling off like. an orange peel, non stop. I'm worry it will get rust. I contacted Toyota customer service 1800 331 4331, they said I was past the 3 year warranty and Toyota was not going to assist us, I told them this was not normal wear and tear. She said...

Toyota Motor Corporation / 2012 scion blizzard paint falling off in sheets

Jan 19, 2019

The paint on my scion is falling off in big sheets all over the car. This is crazy. The problem is not due to neglect on my part. Obviously a Toyota issue. Had Toyota look at it and manager said it looked like a bad primer but he could not put it in writing. They quoted me over $3000. To...

Toyota Motor Corporation / hertrich toyota milford delaware service department

Jan 14, 2019

On 01/07/2019, I dropped my 2014 toyota tundra off at the hertrich toyota in milford delaware for service and an issue with a noise while engaged in 4x4. Prior to, I had attempted to engage my 4x4 and heard a clunking. I immediately disengaged the 4x4 back into 2x4. I was in wv and drove...

Toyota Motor Corporation / 94 toyota pickup with frame rot

Jan 12, 2019

I have a 94 Toyota pickup, that has bad frame rot at spring hangers and behind gas tank. The same problem they had with 95 and up. The recall should have been earlier than 95. Us die hard Toyota owners with 94 or earlier just got a screening. I love my truck. Just not happy at all with...

Toyota Motor Corporation / rust starts spreading on my corolla 2015

Jan 12, 2019

My name is fekry fayez . I am the owner of Toyota corolla 2015 from united Arab Emirates .I have a big problem the rust started to spread on my vehicle especially the rear part and the trunk although it does not finish the fourth year of warranty how us it . I bought a Toyota because of...

Toyota Motor Corporation / 2018 tundra

Jan 11, 2019

I would like to start by saying that all the vehicles my family owns are Toyota, presently 3. I purchased a new Tundra in 2011 and totally love that truck it currently has 230.000 miles on it. I recently bought a new 2018 Tundra and was greatly disappointed at the changes that were made to...

Toyota Motor Malaysia / service

Jan 3, 2019

On 27th Dec.2018 - I took my car for service to Wing Hin Motor, Ampang (Pandan Indah) KL, Malaysia. I have been maintaining my services at this center since purchasing my car. Since it was due for a service and I had planned to go for a holiday during the year end break, I did what I...

Toyota Motor Corporation / toyota dealer magna viable sdn bhd-complaint

Dec 27, 2018

Ordering car from sales person, dealing since Nov 21, 2018, deposit Nov 27, 2018. Deal promised car can be collect before Dec15, 2018. Keep waiting and follow up with Sales Person and Manager update car arrive time on 27 Dec 2018, payment make by cash on 27 Dec 2018, JPJ registered done by 27...

Toyota Motor Corporation / goods charge without replacement

Dec 21, 2018

This morning 840am as usual come for43000km service appointment at Toyota Segambut service center. around 11:35 En Faezool told me is completed and I made the payment.after that then only I realized that the changed part is not there and I ask Faezool what was happening? He then ask back...

Toyota Motor Corporation / failure of reverse sensor

Dec 20, 2018

I am driving a less then 3 years old Toyota Altis 1.6A which is still under warranty. I was doing a reverse parking at Fortune Centre carpark in Singapore. I was reversing very slowing where my booth of the car hit the handrail of the wall of the parking lot. The reverse sensor fails to...

Toyota / not a complaint - trying to get info regarding recall on dash of solara

Dec 18, 2018

As a returning customer to Toyota, I love my convertible! Unfortunately, you don't produce them anymore and I had to purchase a used 2007 and not a newer model. I shouldn't' say unfortunately, because I love my convertible! I worked as a Customer Relations Manager at King...

Toyota Motor Corporation / the cover on the motor;

Dec 13, 2018

When I bought my Toyota Tundra Truck from Toyota of Lewisville 7 3/4 years ago, which is now Lonestar Toyota. I asked for Stephan and I was told he was off. A Mexican service writer and his Tech have sabotaged my Tundra In Sept 2018. The Tundra showed a cover on the motor being a 5.7...

Toyota Motor Corporation / service advisor

Dec 13, 2018

As yesterday I drive in Toyota service sg buloh branch to checking some knocking sound coming from under carriage engine side, I would like to complaint about service provide by service advisor lack of experience and didn't update information about the car status ... and end up I scold him...

Toyota Motor Corporation / 2008 rav 4

Dec 11, 2018

I started noticing that I was losing oil in between oil changes. There were no leaks that I could see. I took it to the dealer that I bought the car from and where I get all of my oil changes at and told them about the oil loss. It was time to change the oil also. They changed the oil and...

Toyota Motor Corporation / rava 4 limited: pearl white is peeling again

Dec 10, 2018

In March 2018 my RAVA 4 roof peeled off. I immediately went to TOYOTA of ORLANDO where I purchased my RAVA 4 new in November of 2013. The collusion center told me that the reason the paint was peeling was that there was a problem with the application of primer and paint causing the paint...

Toyota / toyota sienna van/sliding rear door

Dec 10, 2018

Recently, I was in Chicago and my van was parked in a parking space outside my niece's home and I went to use my key fob to open the rear driver side sliding door and I heard a loud, weird noise and my door stopped opening mid-way. From the looks of it, the cable snapped or something...

Toyota Motor Corporation Liberty Toyota in Burlington NJ / a female that schedules appointments named carol in the service department.

Dec 8, 2018

I called the service department on December 8 at approximately 10:00am in the morning to schedule an appointment for my son‘s vehicle that was having steering issues . This rude person was insistent that I give her my son's telephone number to look up the car and he had never been there before...

Toyota Motor Corporation / combination meter

Dec 7, 2018

We bought a pre-owned, certified, Toyota Prius in 2010. For most of our years of ownership, we've had to suffer with this intermittent issue: The dashboard doesn't light when you turn on the car. As a consequence, you don't know how fast you're driving, how much fuel is in the tank, you...

Toyota Motor Corporation / defective headlights in 2008 prius

Dec 6, 2018

This is yet another complaint about the headlights is my 2008 Prius. I am beyond tired of replacing the defective headlights in this vehicle. As the only owner of this car, I can say that over the life of this vehicle I have spent more on headlights than oil, car washes, or any other basic...

Toyota Motor Corporation / staff affair

Dec 5, 2018

I am very sincerely to look for a job as sales advisor at Toyota and found that they have a practice as Sales Advisor without ID and without basic pay. Says like need to sell 12 units within 3 months to become SA with ID. OK, maybe this is their standard to filter quality people.Around 4 unit...

Toyota Motor Corporation / innova

Dec 5, 2018

I am from Lucknow my Car no is UP32 GE 3939, the car bought in the montb of May 2015 and has run only 30000 kms. The right window. Glass was not functioning since last two years it used to get stuck up and not get closed while closing sometimes it used to close sometimes it used to get...