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Toyota review: Toyota Avalon 2021 XLS

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Last Wednesday, February 7th, as I was driving on the LIE going East, I notice on the dahboard that there was a notice saying to Locate my Key. I then realized I did not have the key in the car. Since I was driving to Calverton Cemetary, although I was nervous about not having a key I decided to get there, not spend a lot of time and then head home. Unfortunately once I turned off the ignition, I was unable to turn it back on. I realize this is a good feature to have but I was then very anxious, not knowing what to do. Thinking I would need to contact AAA and get the car towed all the way back to Smithtown. However, luckily I called my grandson, told him where I suspected the keys were and he brought them to me. My complaint is that when I purchased the car, used, they only gave me one key. I asked for a second key and was told I would have to buy it, cost over $400.00. I believe it should have been free. If I had had a second key, it would have been in my purse and this incident would not have occurred. Please address this issue and give me a second key free of charge. Thank you. May Perrone-Willis

Desired outcome: A second key

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