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CB Automotive Financing and Insurance Toyota Complaint with regards to service provided by Toyota Malaysia to their consumer

Toyota review: Complaint with regards to service provided by Toyota Malaysia to their consumer

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To whom it may concern,

Refer to the above, I high appreciate that Toyota become the well known brand in Malaysia and I am one of  your many  customer to Toyota with Vehicle Reg. No. VFQ3810 ( Toyota Vios). Meanwhile, I have been experience the comfortable design & but totally upset with the service provided by Toyota. I totally feel it not worth the money for the quality of product received.

I have been driving my vehicle for 2 years and 11 months ( Purchased date 23rd Dec 2020 ) and facing some issues ever since i purchased the car i.e. 

1. Watermark all over the car including the windscreen and mirror

2. Door rubber comes off everytime we open and close the back doors (both side)

Meanwhile, I have highlighted the issues to service advisor during the periodic service at PCM Subang Toyota Centre Centre . Upon the collection the service advisor will update me that they have escalated to the relevant department and i will receive calls for repair and to date no call back received.

During the weekend I had an issue with my car i.e.  couldn't start my car and I had to tow the car to the PCM subang service centre on Monday 30th October 2023. Upon inspection the sales advisor contacted me to tell me that they are charging and will put that on back instead of replacing despite it being under warranty and told to bring it back if issues persist. Thereafter i insisted on a replacement battery then it was said to be replaced same goes to my door rubber.

In terms of my watermark the service advisor despites knowing the glaring fact that there is a paint issue with the car, insisted I pay for the polishing and couldn't ensure that it will last. My question here is Toyata waiting for my warranting period to end to brush this case off.

Unfortunately, the service advisors can call and inform me to collect my car as they cannot resolve this issue and insist that i collect my car. They also refused to give me a replacement car despite me requesting since Monday, 

Therefore, I am pressing on and looking high attention from Toyota Top management to further the investigation on how dedicated  the Toyota Officers are when handling customer complaints and to ensure delivering the quality service to customers when going through the Major Check which I have paid on every periodic  car service and where is the expertise of Toyota ?

 Toyota willing to grant the expiration of warranty to customers by providing the worst service and end up requiring the customer to bear the higher charges now that I am under warranty I demand for a remedy ?

Looking forward to the reply from TOYOTA regarding the above after your judgement and actions and to begin with i need a replacement car while you do your investigation.

Note: This matter was escalated to Toyota Malaysia HQ and no favourable response .

I am writing to Japan as the Malaysian HQ is brushing this off.

Desired outcome: To repair my Car paint which is full of watermark i.e. repaint the whole car with good quality paint with 0 cost to me and also to repair the watermark on my windscreen

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