Toyota review: poor service & clarity

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5:27 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

I've bought a brand new Car Last year November 2017 an Toyota Avanza first owner brand new ...I went @ Toyota becouse the Car was leaking and they sad it's from the gear boX and they Told me they will Claim on the Warranty since 15-May-2018 my Car is Been there @ Toyota no feedback nothing I have to call them evry time no improvement I'm not happy @ all about their service...I'm not enjoying the car that I was suppose to be enjoying I'm only Paying the Bank with a lot of stress not having my Car please guys help...[protected] email- [protected]

Update by Chumile Mlenzana
Jun 07, 2018 7:39 am EDT

Hi there Any feed back nothing?


It's been a month they were keep on telling me about the Warranty aproval and Back order Parts now we begin a second month I used to go there and do a Check up on my Car now I don't even bother I'm Looking for help on people where to go I'm not even amazed about their poor service.. I'm used to Seat the whole day for service you get there @ 7:00am you go home at 16:15pm and when you ask they tell you about the shortage of staff...

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