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Toyota review: Deceptive sales practices

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I had a very bad experience with one of your dealerships yesterday,11/21/23. I had inquired about a 2022 Nissan and had received several solicitations calls from one of your salesmen (Bill Arnold). Nice enough guy, wanted to earn my business. I was very upfront with Bill and told him I was working with another dealership but really liked the color of the truck he had. Told him I would take his truck at asking price if he would honor the other dealerships trade in offer or at least get me close. He was over an hour away and I asked if I could send photos of the trade and have his appraiser to review and let me know we were in the ballpark. After several conversations he said if I can get you $18k (Other dealers Offer was $18,349 for reference) will you do the deal. I said yes and I am a man of my word. (I have all this documented in text). I asked if I could send him a deposit to hold till Saturday 11/25/23 since it was thanksgiving week and I would have a hard time getting there before hand, he initially said yes but then reached back out and asked if I could come down that day since it was getting close to month end, and they had just marked the truck down. I was accommodating and left work early to make this happen but before I left, I confirmed the $18K trade and his documented response was "Yes, we just have to verify the condition of your truck matches the pictures and details provided for proposal" I took that as he had talked to all other parties involved and only verification was needed. So, I changed my schedule, left work early and went home to clean out my trade, tracked down title and headed to the dealership. While on the road I get a call from the sales manager (Steve Dobbs) stating he wanted to go over my numbers and there would be no problem getting me to the $18,000, my reply was the loan is not $18k the trade in was $18K which should have put the loan amount to around $13k. This point was discussed multiple time with Bill, as one could imagine I was highly upset and could not believe after I spent so much time on the front end confirming everything with Bill before, I left work with his assurances that the trade was good. I called Bill after speaking to Steve and he was quick to apologize and said there must have been some miscommunication with Steve and couldn't understand how...very convenient and unacceptable. I asked to speak to the General Manger (David Desantis), he was not available so Bill said he would call me. David did call and we could not come to an acceptable resolution. I did ask to speak to Davids superior and he declined saying he reported to corporate in Japan and there was no body there that could help me, and the issue stopped with him. Really the only thing acceptable at this time was for them to honor the deal. Of course, as I expected he would not. Afterwards I reached out to Bill again and asked about a copy of the final worksheet that Steve had and he said he would send it to me. I also stated that I would like to get information to file a complaint and he declined. I asked him about a copy of the recorded conversation we had, which he properly disclosed at the time of application, but now can't provide. I also asked about my private information he collected in an application and how was that information secured. Told him I did not want any solicitations and would like to opt out. He stated all information was secure and did not offer an opt out disclosure. Since Steve had called me to discuss the numbers one would assume that credit was pulled but when I asked for the credit score disclosure and authorization they could not provide. They later state it wasn't pulled but somehow Steve was going to discuss my final numbers (Convenient). I followed back up with Bill the next morning to see if he could have Steve send me my final worksheet and again asked for the complaint information. He replied back that he would no longer answer my text and gave me Davids's cell and said to send my request to him. I did forward my request to David and explained to him that Bill had asked me to and his remarks was "We cannot do the deal you want to do, thanks for shopping with us but we have nothing further to discuss". I'm not asking to do the deal at this point only how to file a complaint against the blatant deception of this transaction. I did ask him if he was going on record stating that I can't file a complaint with corporate and he has no policies or procedures in place which is a direct violation of so many consumer protection regulations I could even count. I then told him I would like to keep this in house but if he refused to provide the information to file the complaint, I would have to file a consumer complaint with the State Attorney's Generals Office to which he replied, "You are welcome to file with the attorney general". I did also ask him for a copy of all my documents and recorded call and he said, "There are no documents or recordings" Is it not a violation to take my application information without it being recorded? He finally told me to stop texting him and he was finished discussing it. Obviously, I don't expect to get anything out of this complaint, but I do think it's important for you as a company, who prides itself on customer service, should know how you are being represented out in the market. Most customers like me expect honesty and integrity when making a large purchase. I really feel this is a daily occurrence in this dealership and really gives a black eye to the auto industry. I want to say thank you for letting me vent today and I would like confirmation that you did at least contact the parties in question and get their responses and verify they have a complaint policy in place with documented training and they are following it. I would also like to mention I have all the text correspondence if you need additional documentation. Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Desired outcome: Review of Dealership Procedures including documented Complaint policies and staff training. Also, a formal apology for me missing work and wasting my time.

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