The Brickwarranty on stove

E Aug 07, 2018

I bought one of these stoves with a flat surface - four cooker. This was a year ago. It had the one year in store warranty and there was an option to buy extended warranty which I declined. I do not know which inisurance company The Brick has this option with but I strongly suspect that it is Industrial Alliance. They have been calling me from all sorts of numbers ever since I told them that I was not interested in extending the warranty. I am here listing the dates and numbers for the last 10 calls
7082018 1309 [protected]
6082018 1250 [protected]
3082018 1355 [protected]
1082018 1223 [protected]
[protected] 1048 [protected]
[protected] 1218 [protected]
[protected] 2000 [protected]
[protected] 1638 [protected]
[protected] 1007 [protected]
[protected] 2309 [protected]

As I bought the stove from The Brick, and did not give authorization to give my telephone number to a third party, I am asking and have been, to have these calls stopped. I WILL NOT extend the warranty on the stove and this is simply harassment.

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