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furniture delivered broken

We prchased a 3000 dollar bedroom suite, the delivered product was all smashed, sent them pictures they said they would replace this junk, they delivered (sic) new stuff today in worse shape than the last admitted the dresser had fallen over, but they still brought it. Called Peace River asked for manager said he wasnt in and would get back to me this has been going on six weeks now

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    Not Happy Dec 15, 2008

    Oh my...the salesman told me that they would forward my complaint on to the manager (in the Peace River store) on the Monday (today). I ended up having to call there as no one called me and right off the bat he started accusing me of ruining the furniture and was not helpful at all. I am no trying to decide my next course of action which I think will be gain as much info as possible, try to talk to someone higher up etc etc. Keep me posted on what is happening with your situation on here. PS I have not heard anything good about the management in PR...besides the fact that the product seems to be crap. Thanks.

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I bought a $ 100 "Ergo" pillow at the Brick which unfortunately caused neckpain. I tried to return the pillow...

lies/insults & lack of professionalism

I don't wish to go into a long drawn out explaination of our treatment while dealing with your store in...

faulty appliances

My problems go back as far as May, 1999 when we caught our local Brick false advertising. Well we still ended up purchasing about $16, 000 worth of merchandise from 5 appliances, two living room suites with matching end tables and coffee table also a complete bedroom suite. I asked for morning delivery as we also had a moving truck coming and they said it wouldn't be a problem because most of our items would take up a lot of space on truck etc. Well morning delivery turned into late afternoon(4;30). When they did arrive some of my items were discontinued, they gave my bedroom suite to someone else, they damaged my sliding doors, and my one living room suite was to be delivered in 2 months. We called the store and they apologized for all the errors well it didn't end there.
My $2, 500 fridge stopped working, repair came and fixed it and then pointed out the huge cracks in the back of my fridge. We had to have it replaced. No problem. Replaced with the same make, I was happy. Then 2 yrs later, while still under the Brick's warranty, it stopped working and guess what cracks again. The store said they'd replace it but at a lower price because that model was now a $1, 000 cheaper. We weren't pleased but were told that we MUST take one off the floor. We tried arguing but got no where. We picked a model and had it delivered. Well its been 3 yrs (had to repurchase a new 5 yr inhome guarantee) and this fridge started to leak. We called for repair and the guy told us it was just the connections. We tried telling him it wasn't. (that was Sept 15, 2008) Well after he left it started leaking again, he returned the following week and was dumbfounded at what it might be. We (ourselves) disconnected the water at the sink, we thought no water no leak. Well it still leaks. Parts were ordered and they won't arrive for two months or so, because all the components must be replaced. My fridge still leaks and now has caused damage too my ceramic floor. We had the insurance company in and they quoted $5, 000 damage because the whole kitchen floor must be replaced and water has also damaged the bottom of my cupboards.
I have too have a fridge to keep my food cold, yet they aren't concerned about the damage. My insurance company says I need to go after the Brick as well as Transglobal. I just want my floor replaced and too get a new fridge.
Why should I wait 2-3 months for repair on a leaking fridge that is going to cause damage, I'd replace it myself but why should I because I thought thats what the inhome coverage was for.
I've sent numerous emails and phone calls to have nothing returned back. Just don't know what my next step should be.


crappy customer service/they lie!

My Fiance and I bought a our first table and chair set from the brick one month before taking possession of our new home. At the time of purchase, we were told that they did not have any in stock but they would be getting a delivery at the end of the month and they would then call us to let us know. We mpved into our new place and never recieved a call, I then decided to call them myself. When I called, I was told that my order had been put on delay and she couldnt give me a date, but had promised me a call when it arrives. One more week goes by, we then go down to the store and find someone to help us. I see a lady sitting at a computer doing nothing so I explaine to her that I had paid for a five piece dinette set and was just wanting to know the status of my order. She comes back with " WELL you DIDNT order your table and chairs through ME! so there isnt anything I can do to help you... Its not like I can look in the computer and see your information! GO TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!" taken back by this we find someone else to help us, we were then told that our order would be in from the 7th-11th of this month and we would get a call. Here we are in our new home with no table for our first thanksgiving dinner with the family...very nice. As we expected, the 11th comes and goes without a call. By this point we have been without a table and chairs for a month and a half. This being the last straw we go down to speak to customer service for a third and final time. When asking the status of our order this time, we were told that it would be in sometime towards the end of this week to sometime next week.. she couldnt even give us a date!! that being said, we asked for our money back and went to another store and bought a beautiful table and chair set and we also were able to get some other things with the money we got back. The Brick has lost another two customers, I have yet to meet one person who has had a good experience shopping from there. My only question is.. how do they stay in business...

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    alberto paliotti Oct 16, 2008

    i brought a whirlpool fridge and i maytag stove..the fridge freezer tabs were missing plus the maytag handle was broken when i saw the customer service in lasalle quebec..and i am still waiting..please get back to me

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false warranty

I purchased a lot of furniture from The Brick in October, 2007. None of it is up to the quality standards I...

Toronto Furniture

sofa warranty is a ripoff

I purchased a sofa set from the Brick in Richmond Hill, Ontario on August 27, 2008 and it was delivered a couple of days later. A week after receipt, I notice discoloration on one side of the sofa and called The Brick. They sent a tech guy who said that the discoloration could not be cleaned off and the sofa will have to be taken back to the shop and painted !. 4 weeks later nothing further has happened and The Brick customer service has not returned my calls !

  • Va
    Valerie Diablo Mar 24, 2009

    My nephew thinking of buying a sofa at Bricks. He didn̓t bring his money with him & wanted to borrow, so i was going to let him use my visa. Then i asked Micheal if he can take my status card and we can get taxs off. Then that got his feathers ruffled and he says, "We would have to pay "150.00 for delivery to the reserve." "$150.00 is a lot of money to deliver to the reserve it is only 5 minutes from the store." I don̓t know how he got into compaining about You people are going to end up paying for taxes with a new governement when they go into treaty. "I don̓t know what you people are crying about things that happened 600 years ago." I walked away i started to get mad. My nephew continued to talk to him. He says to Micheal, "I don̓t appreciate how you talk to my auntie she just wanted an anwer you didnt have to start talking about treaty and all that other stuff you said." I don̓t know how it happened but then my nephew said, "Do you want to go at it right now." I guess the boss must have seen something happen and my nephew got sent outside. Micheal got sent home. I am still angry and hurt about what he said about First Nation people. That he has broken the Human Rights and Multiculturalsm by laws values. He had discriminated against our race that is illegial.

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  • Ja
    jamiek Jan 30, 2010

    here is a copy of a letter i just sent the brick head office. Is there anything you suggest I can do??

    To Whom it may concern,

    My husband and I purchased a couch, love seat, and a chair from the Brick (Grande Prairie Alberta) 3 years ago. We also purchased the 5 year warranty package. We loved the furniture and the service at the store when we purchased it. The laddy was very informative about the warranty, telling us how amazing it was if we had any problems it would either be fixed or replaced. Like I said we have had them for 3 years now and the leather around the seams has been tearing. There are also spots on the couch where the leather has "worn down" Our warranty is also supoed to cover pen marks and there are a few small spots of pen. We recently moved to Fort Mcmurray Alberta and so we went in and did a work order report to have someone come out to look at our furnature. 2 weeks later a lady came to look at the damage. She was very rude. Complaining about the condition of the furnature. She took some pictures and said I should hear back form someone in less then a week. 2 weeks later after calling several times I finally got ahold of the person who did the report and he said that they are not going to FIX or REPLACE the furnature. He said that the furnature had pen marks on it and so it was considered abuse. (Pen marks are supose to be covered in the warranty and they are SMALL marks) He also said there were tears in the couch that was considered abuse. (The couch DOES NOT have "tears" there are spots along the seams where the leather has torn away from the seams. (also suposed to be covered) He then told us that we needed to contact the Grande Prairie Branch because if we bought it from them they have to take care of it. We called them and they said because we moved its out of their hands. What are our options?? We didnt pay for warranty to not be able top use it. We did NOT abuse or furnature. the set that we have is no longer being made and so we would have to pick out something else and our set was only worth $1800 (including warranty) and so we would end up spending more money to upgrade to a different set inturn making the Brick more money. Is there anything that you can do to help with this situation?

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sale price not honoured

I purchased a table and chair set from the
Brick Store in my town. I was shopping approximately 2/3 weeks later for a mattress and the same item was then on sale $250 less then my purchase price. At that time I did not mention this to the sales clerk as I was somewhat disgusted the item was signicantly less. After mentioning this to a friend of mine he informed me to contact the company as they do honour sale prices if it goes on sale within 30 days. Well I did, the clerk called me today and apparently the item is not on sale today and he will not honour the sale price. Needless to say, I am very disappointed first in the customer service and second that in such a small town this wouldn't be honoured. Also, our only shopping outlets in Drumheller are The Brick and Sears. I will gladly do ALL MY FUTURE SHOPPING AT SEARS AS MY BUSINESS IS OBVIOUSLY NOT APPRECIATED BY YOUR COMPANY.


Email sent to The Brick and the Better Business Bureau this morning:

I am so frustrated, I don't even know where to begin.

In August, my fiancé and I were very excited to purchase a bedroom set and range from you on a Brick Card (payments deferred for 8 months). The bedroom set was delivered without legs; and then the next day, a range with a broken element came. After a couple of weeks of calling the Deerfoot Meadows store EVERY DAY and never getting a call back (though we were always promised you would call back), eventually we were directed to your warehouse, where we waited for an hour and a half and still no one helped us. The next day, we went directly to the Deerfoot Meadows store where people actually had to talk to us, and a supervisor agreed that everything should be refunded because of our horrific experience.

I wish I could say that the terrible service ended there, it didn't. Getting your company to actually pick up the incomplete bedroom furniture and range proved to be just as frustrating. We booked the upcoming Saturday for the pick-up. That morning, a mover called to say he would arrive in the next couple of hours to pick up the bedroom set. When I asked about the range, he said he had no information on picking up the stove as well. He said he'd call the store to confirm and call us right back when he received clarification. Guess what?! He never did call back. We waited until noon, then called the store to ask if he'd been delayed. They told me that we were mistaken, that they were scheduled to pick up the furniture the following Saturday. When I told her that this made no sense as I had talked to the mover earlier that morning, she insisted that I was wrong. I got off the phone in disbelief. My fiancé called back and insisted that they look into the situation, and it turned out that the mover had rescheduled the delivery date and didn't call back to tell us. Sensing my fiancé's frustration, they reschedule the pickup for that Monday. My fiancé waited most of the day and no one showed up. He went into the store again, where he was told they were coming on Saturday. He spoke with Dawn and she was helpful, and made sure the furniture was picked up Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of our story. We had planned out equal payments to pay-off the bedroom set before the eight months to avoid interest payments. As such, I made a $350 payment on August 27th (before the chaos, before knowing that dealing with your company would be pure hell). A few days after the movers picked up the furniture, our account read zero. The problem? Our $350 payment should be refunded! For the last couple of weeks, I've been calling The Brick's Financial services( [protected]), trying to get my money back. They kept telling me that it was under investigation and that I'd be contacted when a decision was made. Yesterday I received a message saying I should call them back, so this morning I did. They said I need to call Deerfoot Meadows store to ask about being refunded the Administration fees and Environmental fees (for the removal of our old stove). I totally understand that I need to pay the $25 Environmental Fee because we did receive that service. Other than that, we have received nothing but frustration and wasted time from your company, WHY WOULD WE PAY ADMINISTRATION FEES FOR SERVICE AND PRODUCTS WE DID NOT RECEIVE? As it stands, we have no products from the Brick, and we will NEVER shop there again, so we'll never need to use the Brick Card. In fact, we want it cancelled and destroyed. We want $325 refunded immediately (minus the $25 Environmental fee).

To be honest, I suspect that I will never receive a reply to this email as I've never received a call back from your store or reply to any emails. Your customer service is atrocious! I will be sure to let all of my friends and colleagues know how terrible our experience was.

Rona MacEachern

slow delivery / damaged product

I purchased $15, 000 in furniture/appliances from the brick. Here are the problems I encountered.

1) Matresses - Plastic corners fell off, big staples hanging there. Dropped off the box spring and matress in the plastic and made me unwrap and set-up a king size and queen size bed all by myself. (Not too easy for a small woman just recovering from back surgery.)

2) Dishwasher - wrong model delivered. I thought right away it was the wrong one, but I installed it anyway because the box and the inside of the appliance had the right number. Found out that the front door was from a different model than the rest of it. Way strange.

3) Stove - took 7 weeks to arrive. And there are four dints in the front near the bottom. But I am too tired to call the store and complain after waiting so long for it.
The delivery guys also left a small hole in the hardwood floor when they put it down.

4) Washer/Dryer - One of the pedestals has a faulty drawer latch. They are coming to exchange it on Wednesday.

5) Fridge - Delivery guys rolled it on the hardwood floor and I have lines there now.

6) I recived my first bill. It was $2, 000 more than it should have been. An extra charge for something was on it. I called and was told it was an internal adjustment and there was a credit on my account the following day. The lady was really rude, like I shouldnt bother her for receiving a bill that is $2k too high. Rude rude rude.

7) I opened a new account with the brick to purchase all the items for my new house. They delivered all my furniture to the new house but sent the credit card to my old apartment building. Idiots I think! They had to cancell the original number and issue a new card. Still waiting for it weeks later. i wonder where they sent it this time.

8) The delivery guys left me with all the boxes for all the above appliances. Do you have any idea how hard it is to break down a fridge box ??? And how many weeks it took me of putting a little out for the trash pick up?

9) The stove and dryer were both gas and I wanted to have one service call to get them hooked up. Well my washer and dryer sat at the top of my stairs for 7 weeks until the stove showed up. Maybe finally now I can have some clean clothes and eat something non-microwaveable.

10) Customer service leaves you on hold for like 20 minutes and then hangs up on you. Gets irritated when you call back because dont I know they are too busy to deal with phone calls on Saturdays.

Wow...baffling beyond belief. the brick...NEVER AGAIN

  • Su
    Sunny Jiang Nov 10, 2008

    The Brick is always cheating customer. I got the trouble from the furniture and even from the bill. Please be very careful when dealing with them, otherwise they will add extra charge without your authorization such as Payment Protection Plan and etc.

    I cannot say this is a bad company, but their sales person is really bad. In my mind, if it is a well operated company, you would not get such troubles.

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fail to deliver

On the 31st of August 2008 I purchased a bedroom set for $4000. The salesperson assured me that paying the...

poor service not honoring warranty

We purchased a LG bottom mount French door refrigerator in 2005 we also bought a 5 year extended warranty for...

furniture falls apart

I have purchased a dining room table, six chairs and buffet and hutch. The furniture is falling apart. It looks beautiful but when you sit on it the chairs wobble. I had a guest for dinner last night and when she moved her chair to leave the table the chair broke under her 103lb frame. It is garbage. There should be environmental protection laws as this stuff ends up going into landfill. It is also dangerous.

  • No
    Not Happy Dec 15, 2008

    Hi...I would like to know if anyone else has purchased the "contemporary" living room set from the Brick and if they had problems with the fabric falling apart. I have had mine for 3 days and there are already pulls etc. I am very upset and the manager at our local store is being of no help at all.

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deliver service

We bought a bed in March 2008 and had problems within 2 months. (the pillow top was a defect). Call the store...

no more brick

My Daughter bought a $1000.00 Mattress from The brick, it fell apart, because it was not stapled together right, my husband had to fix it, as the repair man was no good, next we bought a sofa from the brick, and when loading it they ripped it, they offered us 75 dollars off, which we said no, all we got was sorry, we lost a sale from another store because of that, next we went to National furniture warehouse, and found a sofa and loveseat which we bought, paid in full, all items mentioned, they delivered the set this week, and one of the sofa;;s was the correct color, the other was wrong, so they were going to replace the wrong one today sept 12th 2008, I waited all day for them, and when they arrived I checked the color, it was fine, then the guys asked me to come outside and have a look at the sofa, it was ripped, they said they can send out a repair man, my neighbor was right there, and said don't even let them in with it, I phoned the manager of the store while the men were outside, but they took off, while I was still on the phone, all she said was she will replace it a week on Saturday, not acceptable, so we agreed on Wed, all we got again was sorry, but no action, we will never ever buy from the Brick again, it is just awful the way we have been treated through all of this, no one cares at all, I think it is disgusting, I am sorry but I do need more furniture but will be going to Leaons were they actually care about there customers, I just cant believe all this has happened in such a short time, and no one is doing anything, except to say sorry, isn't that an easy word to say, another customer down the drain, but you don't care, as another unsuspecting one will come along, I will do my best to let as many people know not to go there, we have had enough, you take the money very quickly but do nothing to satisfy your customers.

Rita Spiteri.


to whomever
After reading some of the other complaints with the brick service and people never receiving an answer, I suppose it will happen to me as well.but..
Over 3 months ago I ordered several kitchen appliances so that things would be in place when our kitchen was renovated. A week before cupboard installation I called to confirm that our appliances would be delivered the following week. After 3MONTHS I was told they hadn't even been ordered!!! One of them, the fridge had been discontinued but no one called to allow us to re-order! this also interferred with my plumbers and electricians I had lined up for the job--lost them to another job! It is now 3 weeks since my first call to inquire about my purchases and I still don't have them!! Keep being told they will be here on a certain date but it never happens. I have also since re-ordered one of the appliances from another store and it arrived in 5DAYS!!! Yet the Brick can't get anything here in 3 WEEKS! This will be my last purchase from any Brick store ever and I have passed this happening along to many other people and told them to be aware of shopping at the Brick!

  • Sa
    Samdra Mar 10, 2009

    How did you vote in the last election? Did you vote neocon?

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  • Sc
    scotiia123 Dec 16, 2009

    i bought 2 sofas from the couch came with no legs..3months later after numerous visits each time no one recalling that i had even been in to ask for these legs i still didnt have them...and they new nothing about it...come on!!!

    Second couch breaks in the centre support ..there was extended warranty on this one..the fix was the guy comes and puts a ugly fifth leg in the now wobbles because the midle leg is to high and if you sit on the couch you slide right off it it is useless

    ok..first couch they cant order new legs so they had to order a new couch..3 and half months i can pick up just the legs or get the whole couch delivered..

    the broken useless couch they will not replace..because it was a clearance item they wont take it they tell you that when you buy it no..never buy a clearance item...and this couch is now ugly with a 5th leg which bonnie at the thunderbay brick told me i was very lucky to have now..if it was her couch she would be very happy to have that 5th leg..well if she wants a couch with a fifth leg that doesnt match and sits higher than the other 4 legs she can have the couch...we cant even sit on it

    the ### of it all is they did tell me we would be getting two new couches when they called keep in mind i have for three months been talking to every women in that office..she basically said that no one would of ever told me we would be getting two new she called me a liar with that comment and that alone compromises my integrity...who is lying here people..THE BRICK!!!

    they told me the manufacturer of the couch would not even respond to them so they could get new legs so they had to order a whole new couch...THE BRICK IN THUNDER BAY everyone...the products are garbage...the customer service is pathetic...the integrity of the customer service and service department is even suggestion is to stear your car far away from the parking lot and save yourself the trouble of what in the future will become frustration and disappointment.

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damaged furniture

I a bedroom suite and a bed, when I received the furniture the headboard, dresser and mirror all had damages on them. The box spring had a tear in it. Then I didn't pick up the matress pad with the purchase and it wasen't delivered when it was suppose to... when called they said to pick it up. When we went to pick it up we had a hard time with them giving us the item, they said that it was delivered!
I was very upset...they offered me back 250 but that means i have to keep the damaged furniture...the only reason i took the offer was because I had no way of returning the furniture and getting the replacements redelivered.

  • Sh
    shenhe324 Jun 25, 2011

    i totally understand. I purchased from Brick, they are defective products. I do not know who to talk to, and what to do with it ! There is no one can protect buyers Rights !

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poor customer service

I purchased a gas range on the don't pay a cent event. Within 6 months the oven blew out. The store made...

Kingston Furniture

terrible service

We purchase a samsung tv from the brick on boxing day, after 3 months there was a black spot on the...

shoddy service

I had gone through a divorce and needed some quick, low-cost furniture to fill my new apartment, and I...

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