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Reviews and Complaints

The Brickdamage to our condo, plus brick employee forged my initial on the delivery document

My worse experience with The Brick Delivery

My name is Fred Chan, recently moved into 10101 Yonge Street, Suite 503, Richmond Hill, ON. L4C 0V6. I purchased a set of sofa plus 2 ottomans from The Brick (Sales Document Number 0513947CPOH dated May 13, 2019), scheduled to be delivered to me on July 12, 2019. On that day, The Brick delivery men arrived with my purchased items. Then my worse experience started.

The 2 delivery men totally ignored the advice from our condo head concierge - Manpreet. One of them was around 6' 3" tall, he carried 2 boxes of ottoman on his head. He seemed like dancing and jumping, and Manpreet warned him the height of our garage is less than the height of delivery man plus 2 boxes of ottoman. I was there witnessing this, and also warned him myself. Yet our joint advice were ignored by the delivery man. Within seconds, he pumped into the water sprinkler pipe, bending one of the hangers. This also resulted in one of the two boxes fell on the floor.

After all the items had been delivered to my condo unit, and properly installed; the lead delivery man asked me to sign the document. At the same time, Manpreet came into my condo, and told the delivery men they had damaged the hanger of the sprinkler system. He also warned me not to sign the delivery document. There were at least 6 of my church friends and my wife around me at that time. One of them also suggested me not to sign the document. Yet I reviewed the delivery document, there were 3 areas that needed my signature/initials, viz.
1. Goods Received - to be signed
2. Merchandize delivered in satisfactory condition - to be initialed
3. Merchandize delivered with no property damage - to be initialed
I only signed on (1) and initialed on (2), leaving the (3) blank as there was physical damage to the property. Manpreet and my church friends were around me at that time to witness that I DID NOT initial on (3). Then I returned the document to the lead delivery man, and he left.

I later went down to check on the damage caused by the delivery man, only to find he was shouting loudly and spat on Manpreet. To this issue, Manpreet had already reported to the police - Mr. Ryan Lee (Badge # 2476) under Incident # [protected]. Police officer did call me on the same night asking which store of The Brick did I purchase the sofa from, and I replied they were purchased from the Richmond Hill Store (Highway 7 & Bayview).

Later on, Brick Customer Services called me extending their apology, and told me that if there was any damage to the dropped ottoman, I could return it within 48 hours. Since I did not find any damage (it was protected by the foam inside the box), I did not take any action on this.

On July 17, Brian Cabanting - Property Damage Clerk of The Brick emailed me, apologizing the inconvenience and frustration that their delivery man had caused me. Brian further asked me to produce a video footage of the damage to the condo property, and I did. Then on July 20, Brian emailed me saying they reviewed the claim, and denied that the damage was caused by the The Brick delivery man. He further forwarded an image of the delivery document saying I had already initialed on (3) that there was no property damage. I immediately replied saying I DID NOT initialed on (3) and the document he held is indeed a forgery. Since then Brian kept silence for 5 days, and I again sent him an email on July 25 asking what had he found on the forged document.

On July 27 at 11:19 am, a gentleman by the name Lawson Henry [protected] called me, identifying himself as the manager of The Brick Damage & Claim Department. He asked me what had happened and I told him the entire story. He clearly asked which area did I sign on the delivery document, and I told him only (1) and (2). If their document showed all 3 areas being signed, definitely it is a forged document, as I had a few witnesses around me while I signed the paper. He then asked how much it would cost. Though I did not have the invoice, I was on the assumption that replacing a bent hanger might not cause too much, possibly couple hundred of dollars. Lawson then asked me to send him the invoice and he will pay it. I told him DEL Property Management could send him the invoice directly but Lawson wanted to deal with me instead. To this point, anyone clearly realized that The Brick agreed that their delivery man made a forgery, otherwise they will not agree to pay anything. On the same day (July 27), Brian Cabanting sent me an email saying the case was now taken over by his manager Lawson Henry. On August 1, Brian sent me another email asking for the invoice for repairing the damage hanger.

On August 2, our condo manager Gina Okorn sent me an invoice from Arthur Fire Protection Inc. showing there were 2 hangers replaced, at the cost of $1, 800 plus HST. I asked Gina why 2 hangers instead of just one. She checked with Arthur Fire and came back with a reply saying the damage was not just only one bent hanger, but also shifted another one. They must make sure the system could hold the weight once the water flood the sprinkler pipe. Thus they had to change both. I forwarded the same invoice to Lawson with explanation on the same day.

On August 3 at 10:52 am, Lawson called me again saying I told him the cost was only couple hundred of dollars. I replied saying I did not have the invoice while we talked last time, that was purely a personal idea without confirmation from the condo management, and should not be treated as final. He then denied everything, saying The Brick was not going to pay anything since this was not their responsibility. On August 3, I received an email from Brian (the same email he sent on July 20), denying that the damage was caused by their delivery man, again attached the forged document as support. Apparently The Brick Property Damage Department is covering up the forgery and ignored the fact that their delivery man damaged our condo property.

I then talked to Gina Okorn, and she suggested that I reported this to The Brick store that I made the purchase. So I went to The Brick Richmond Hill store, and talked to their Operation Supervisor Jennifer Tay. She helped me write down all the details, and promised to send them to Lawson and his team. She said I might be able to get a feedback with 48 hours. Yet after waiting for a week, there was totally no response from The Brick Property Damage Department. I emailed Jennifer couple of time and even visited her in person, but she was not in office at that time. Her staff told me Jennifer did send reminder to their team, and only until August 16, she got the reply from the team saying Lawson had explained to me and my wife that the damage was not caused by their delivery man, and denied what he had previously said.

The true fact is that during the accident, both Manpreet and I was around witnessing what happened. I believe our condo CCTV might also had captured images of the delivery man bearing 2 boxes on his head. Yet with such evidence, The Brick still denied their staff wrong doing. To make thing worst, there were a few witnesses seeing that I DID NOT initial on the delivery document number (3), but someone in The Brick forged my initial and claimed to be the right document. I do believe forgery is a serious criminal case, and I would like to report this to the police, hope our police can do something to find out the truth, as well as prevent this worse experience ever happened to other consumers.

damage to our condo, plus brick employee forged my initial on the delivery document
damage to our condo, plus brick employee forged my initial on the delivery document
damage to our condo, plus brick employee forged my initial on the delivery document

The Brickmisleading incorrect mattress delivery and unhappy customer

Send via email
To: The Brick Canada ([protected] )

RE: Misleading incorrect mattress delivery and unhappy customer

To whom it may concern,

On the week of July 1, 2019, me and my wife came into the Brick store located at 45 Red Maple Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4M6 to look at options for mattresses, as we were interested in purchasing a mattress which catered specifically to my wife's back disc problem. After spending over an hour trying on different mattress to ensure that we picked the correct one for her condition, we chose to purchase the Beauty Sleep Ceremony SKU (CRMONYQ) mattress which was retailed and labelled at was $2834.97 with a tag sale price stating 50% off.
At the cash register, your employee, Ashok K informed us that the sale price had expired and that he needed to confirm with his manager on whether he can adhere to the advertised price given the labeling mistake. I have worked as a store manager for many years and reminded your employee that common courtesy has always been that if a store fails to correct a price tag in their system or on the floor, they must comply with the advertised labelling and grant the given tag price to the customer. Your sales employee informed his manager of the situation and the manager at the time approved the advertised sale price. The employee who handled the transaction was professional and showed me the total price after the 50% discount was applied.
On July 6, 2019 at 9:35 am, the delivery truck arrived at my residence. Once the mattress was unloading, I noticed that the packaged mattress received was different than the one we had selected and purchased at the store. I grabbed my receipt and looked at the SKU and informed the delivery employee that the mattress delivered was not the correct one. He proceeded to subsequently put the incorrect mattress back into the truck and brought in another mattress. The delivery employee showed me the white labelled sticker on the clear plastic wrapping of the mattress, which was labelled "CRMONYQP" and presumably matched the coding of the mattress we had purchased.
Given that the top white labelling matched, I accepted delivery of the mattress, trusting the expertise and knowledge of your employee.
We have been using the mattress for 5 days now with the sheet cover purchased by the Bricks and my wife stated the mattress does not feel the same as the one we tried in store. I proceeded to look at the front middle of the mattress only to notice the label on our bed states "Beautysleep GL5" and not "Ceremony black". I proceeded to go check the plastic bag that was wrapped around the mattress and noticed the label "CRMONYQP" was printed on the plastic wrapping of the mattress but there was also another label printed "Stating GL5".
The product which was delivered to my residence was not the one I had purchased. My family and I are extremely disappointed with unprofessionalism and mislabelling/ misleading product delivery.
The mattress delivered at my residence is a GL5 (CRERRAQM), which is not the same model or comfort of sleep and is only $2014.97. This amounts to a price difference of $800. Not only did we not purchase a cheaper model mattress, but this mattress has exacerbated my wife's back conditions.
I would like to also highlight that the Competition Act prohibits misleading advertising of this sort. A misleading advertising is when a company makes a claim that is materially false or misleading in an attempt to persuade the consumer to buy it. A delivery of an incorrect product is also a breach of contract, according to the laws of contract and you have an obligation to rectify the situation.
I have contacted the store where I purchased the mattress and spoke to a representative regarding this matter. Your sale representative failed to provide me a proper customer service and resolution. She was rude, unhelpful, and her explanations were incoherent. When asked to speak to a manager, I was advised that all managers were at a meeting and unable to take my call. I have provided my contact information to her and asked that a manager speaks to me regarding this issue. I have not heard back from any manager on this issue.
I have contacted the Competition Bureau regarding this matter but have not followed up with them yet as I wanted to initially contact the Bricks first for an immediate resolution and compensation for the 5 days we have had the wrong mattress.
As a first time customer of your company, I am utterly disappointed with the false advertising, and treatment provided by your company with respect to this purchase. I am confident that you will take the necessary steps to rectify the issue immediately.
For your convenience, I have attached photographs and receipt information.
If you wish to contact me personally, please do so at: [protected].
Yours truly,

Farzam Amirsolaimani

misleading incorrect mattress delivery and unhappy customer
misleading incorrect mattress delivery and unhappy customer
misleading incorrect mattress delivery and unhappy customer
misleading incorrect mattress delivery and unhappy customer
misleading incorrect mattress delivery and unhappy customer
misleading incorrect mattress delivery and unhappy customer