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poor service not honoring warranty

We purchased a LG bottom mount French door refrigerator in 2005 we also bought a 5 year extended warranty for...

furniture falls apart

I have purchased a dining room table, six chairs and buffet and hutch. The furniture is falling apart. It looks beautiful but when you sit on it the chairs wobble. I had a guest for dinner last night and when she moved her chair to leave the table the chair broke under her 103lb frame. It is garbage. There should be environmental protection laws as this stuff ends up going into landfill. It is also dangerous.

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    Not Happy Dec 15, 2008

    Hi...I would like to know if anyone else has purchased the "contemporary" living room set from the Brick and if they had problems with the fabric falling apart. I have had mine for 3 days and there are already pulls etc. I am very upset and the manager at our local store is being of no help at all.

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deliver service

We bought a bed in March 2008 and had problems within 2 months. (the pillow top was a defect). Call the store...

no more brick

My Daughter bought a $1000.00 Mattress from The brick, it fell apart, because it was not stapled together right, my husband had to fix it, as the repair man was no good, next we bought a sofa from the brick, and when loading it they ripped it, they offered us 75 dollars off, which we said no, all we got was sorry, we lost a sale from another store because of that, next we went to National furniture warehouse, and found a sofa and loveseat which we bought, paid in full, all items mentioned, they delivered the set this week, and one of the sofa;;s was the correct color, the other was wrong, so they were going to replace the wrong one today sept 12th 2008, I waited all day for them, and when they arrived I checked the color, it was fine, then the guys asked me to come outside and have a look at the sofa, it was ripped, they said they can send out a repair man, my neighbor was right there, and said don't even let them in with it, I phoned the manager of the store while the men were outside, but they took off, while I was still on the phone, all she said was she will replace it a week on Saturday, not acceptable, so we agreed on Wed, all we got again was sorry, but no action, we will never ever buy from the Brick again, it is just awful the way we have been treated through all of this, no one cares at all, I think it is disgusting, I am sorry but I do need more furniture but will be going to Leaons were they actually care about there customers, I just cant believe all this has happened in such a short time, and no one is doing anything, except to say sorry, isn't that an easy word to say, another customer down the drain, but you don't care, as another unsuspecting one will come along, I will do my best to let as many people know not to go there, we have had enough, you take the money very quickly but do nothing to satisfy your customers.

Rita Spiteri.


to whomever
After reading some of the other complaints with the brick service and people never receiving an answer, I suppose it will happen to me as well.but..
Over 3 months ago I ordered several kitchen appliances so that things would be in place when our kitchen was renovated. A week before cupboard installation I called to confirm that our appliances would be delivered the following week. After 3MONTHS I was told they hadn't even been ordered!!! One of them, the fridge had been discontinued but no one called to allow us to re-order! this also interferred with my plumbers and electricians I had lined up for the job--lost them to another job! It is now 3 weeks since my first call to inquire about my purchases and I still don't have them!! Keep being told they will be here on a certain date but it never happens. I have also since re-ordered one of the appliances from another store and it arrived in 5DAYS!!! Yet the Brick can't get anything here in 3 WEEKS! This will be my last purchase from any Brick store ever and I have passed this happening along to many other people and told them to be aware of shopping at the Brick!

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    Samdra Mar 10, 2009
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    Verified customer

    How did you vote in the last election? Did you vote neocon?

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    scotiia123 Dec 16, 2009

    i bought 2 sofas from the couch came with no legs..3months later after numerous visits each time no one recalling that i had even been in to ask for these legs i still didnt have them...and they new nothing about it...come on!!!

    Second couch breaks in the centre support ..there was extended warranty on this one..the fix was the guy comes and puts a ugly fifth leg in the now wobbles because the midle leg is to high and if you sit on the couch you slide right off it it is useless

    ok..first couch they cant order new legs so they had to order a new couch..3 and half months i can pick up just the legs or get the whole couch delivered..

    the broken useless couch they will not replace..because it was a clearance item they wont take it they tell you that when you buy it no..never buy a clearance item...and this couch is now ugly with a 5th leg which bonnie at the thunderbay brick told me i was very lucky to have now..if it was her couch she would be very happy to have that 5th leg..well if she wants a couch with a fifth leg that doesnt match and sits higher than the other 4 legs she can have the couch...we cant even sit on it

    the ### of it all is they did tell me we would be getting two new couches when they called keep in mind i have for three months been talking to every women in that office..she basically said that no one would of ever told me we would be getting two new she called me a liar with that comment and that alone compromises my integrity...who is lying here people..THE BRICK!!!

    they told me the manufacturer of the couch would not even respond to them so they could get new legs so they had to order a whole new couch...THE BRICK IN THUNDER BAY everyone...the products are garbage...the customer service is pathetic...the integrity of the customer service and service department is even suggestion is to stear your car far away from the parking lot and save yourself the trouble of what in the future will become frustration and disappointment.

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damaged furniture

I a bedroom suite and a bed, when I received the furniture the headboard, dresser and mirror all had damages on them. The box spring had a tear in it. Then I didn't pick up the matress pad with the purchase and it wasen't delivered when it was suppose to... when called they said to pick it up. When we went to pick it up we had a hard time with them giving us the item, they said that it was delivered!
I was very upset...they offered me back 250 but that means i have to keep the damaged furniture...the only reason i took the offer was because I had no way of returning the furniture and getting the replacements redelivered.

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    shenhe324 Jun 25, 2011

    i totally understand. I purchased from Brick, they are defective products. I do not know who to talk to, and what to do with it ! There is no one can protect buyers Rights !

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poor customer service

I purchased a gas range on the don't pay a cent event. Within 6 months the oven blew out. The store made...

Kingston Furniture

terrible service

We purchase a samsung tv from the brick on boxing day, after 3 months there was a black spot on the...

shoddy service

I had gone through a divorce and needed some quick, low-cost furniture to fill my new apartment, and I...

defective furniture, poor service

Ordered from the brick on june 6th 2008. Still awaiting last piece without a defect. Every piece has been sent back at least once for damages and defects. The brick or any other retailer does not have to accept returns but I would like to educate some people on their rights as a consumer. Under the Consumer Protection Act 2002. Every consumer is entitled to quality of service and quality of goods. Under section 14 of this same act Misrepresentation is an unfair practice. As far as I am concerned the Brick has ample time to provide me with non defected furniture it is now going on 3 months and still waiting. I was told pretty much I would have to wait until aug 12 for their shipment to come in and they would call me and let me know what was going on. I have even made them put a note to check furniture for damage or defect and they still have sent me crap. No one has done anything for me they have compensated me for my time off work waiting for them. They will not take anything back because I basically don't feel that this company deserves $6000 dollars of my money so they can give me the run around. They false advertise that they provide customer satisfaction and quality product I have yet to see this. Consumers if you have problems like these look up Ontario Government Ministry of consumer and corporate affairs. Call there toll free number they will ask you to first go through the chain of people if there is no resolution or you do not agree with the resolution send a registered letter to the company stating these acts and give the company 7-10 business days to reply. If this company does not reply within that time frame you have every right to call and report them to this branch. This branch helps consumers that are getting no assistance through the company, it deals with defective product and quality of service. It is time big corporations like this be held accountable for treating customers a third class citizen.

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    Sonia Aug 01, 2008
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    sorry correction the location is the brick 3025 ridgeway dr mississauga. And there phone number is 905-569-0667

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wrong item sent

4 months waiting for couch and ottoman, then they send the wrong style ottoman and try to tell us the one we...

Winnipeg Other

Full 5yr blanket coverage "fake"

I will never shop at The Brick again!!! Be warned about the Full 5 year Blanket Coverage for furniture, it...

15 comments Mississauga Furniture

4 months and no couch

If i actually do receive this couch that i ordered in April, it will be the last purchase i ever make at the brick. Still waiting to even see it, kept getting told one more month one more month. Now they say its in transit but can't guarentee when it will be in????????

We were never forewarned that there could be this long of a delay by anyone including the manager. Never got a phone call from the company, we had to call to find out whats happening with our couch. Never had a problem before with the brick, but after this will never deal with them again.

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    Rob Jul 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a couch in November of 2005. At the time I was told that they had the couch in one of their other warehouses. Delivery date of a couch and mattress was supposed to be 1 week. The day of delivery they were supposed to show up between 9am-12pm. I took the morning off work only to have them not show up until 2:30pm with just the mattress. The delivery guys said the couch was on back order and to contact the Brick about delivery time.

    I call the Brick and they tell me that the couch was a popular item and unfortunately they sold out and were waiting for a new shipment to arrive from overseas. I go into the Brick I purchased it at and talked to my sales guy and he tried to back pedal when I questioned him on why he did not tell me I wouldn't be getting the couch for a while. His manager then stepped in and basically tried to sell me another couch. The catch was, they had no other couches that matched the price of my original purchase. So they wanted to up-sell me on another couch.

    I then went to another Brick in the city and noticed they had the couch I had purchased still on the floor. A salesman approached me and I discussed purchasing the couch. I got the same story about how they had none in their warehouse but there were couches in the other warehouses and I could get it delivered within the week. I told him I was not interested in waiting a week and his manager stepped in and told me that they actually do have a couple in their warehouse that were on hold but that he figured he could steal one of those and have it delivered next day as long as I did not walk. I then told him I had one on back order and laid out the scam they were pulling on me and he basically walked away and said that if I have one on back order I can not get credit on it to purchase the same couch from a different store.

    Anyway, I canceled my couch, but 4 months later a delivery guy shows up with the couch to my door. I call the Brick and turns out they never canceled my order. I decide to keep the couch. Then a few months later I find out that instead of the 9 months 'no fees, no interest' deal I was given was entered in by the sales person as 6 months and I get a call from the finance people regarding my missed payments. I told them I only just received my couch and I should get no interest from the date of delivery. But no, they give you no interest from the date the Brick guy punches your info. into their computer.

    All in all, the Brick was the worst shopping experience of my life. I will never make a purchase from them again and would suggest others steer very clear. I don't know why all these big furniture retailers treat their customers the way they do and how they continue to stay in business with their lack of service.

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    Sonia Aug 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Ontario Government of Consumer and corporate affairs- deal with them

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    c Aug 30, 2008
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    Verified customer


    ### THE BRICK SON'S OF ###!!!

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    Corporate Jun 11, 2009

    You guys have to understand the buisness. YOU the 1/100000 ( and dont get me wrong you are JSUT as important as one of them) But the company has no control over when they get the product. I date from teh manufacture ie. Linkwise furn co. or Haining Mai sofa inc. says well have them for you on April 1 so the company says well have it for you on april 15th. Explain to me how its the companies fault when what they purchased doesnt arrive? Same as you want me to explain how your furniture didnt arrive. I suggest next time you have a trivial problem such as this, call the store in questions wether it be the brick, leons, ashley and get the manufactures phone number. Or be more flexible...either one.

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  • Ge
    Gerard S Jul 11, 2009

    Do you know anything about the sales industry at all? Although the manufacturer may be at fault for a late delivery, you purchased the product from a certain reseller. This is reseller is to work as your representative on your behalf to find out what happened to your product. As a reseller, a big part of what they do is to typically stock items and if they dont have stock should have a good idea on both lead times if the product was instock and needs to be shipped or if the item needs to be built.

    From what I read regarding all these comments about items not arriving on time, or in the condition that they expect I would put the blame on the shotty sales people. Because they get paid on commission on bulk sales, they seem to get away from the service side. You clearly sound like you are a sales person for one of these companies.

    Quote: " 29 days ago by Corporate 0 Votes
    You guys have to understand the buisness. YOU the 1/100000 ( and dont get me wrong you are JSUT as important as one of them) But the company has no control over when they get the product. I date from teh manufacture ie. Linkwise furn co. or Haining Mai sofa inc. says well have them for you on April 1 so the company says well have it for you on april 15th. Explain to me how its the companies fault when what they purchased doesnt arrive? Same as you want me to explain how your furniture didnt arrive. I suggest next time you have a trivial problem such as this, call the store in questions wether it be the brick, leons, ashley and get the manufactures phone number. Or be more flexible...either one. "

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  • Se
    seedog Jul 17, 2009

    If you type in "Leons", "Bad Boys", "Future Shop" and the countless other corperate wide stores that exist you will find lists of complaints.

    Unfortunately after reading the complaints of many of these people I learned something else. Everything they have experience is the company's one takes ownership of their own presumtions and the fact that they didn't take it upon themselves to educate themselves about their product before they purchased it. I just find it a little too convenient that everyone get to blame all these companies without taking any of the blame upon themselves.

    I'd honestly have to lean towards some of what "corporate" said. There's all kind of potential obsticals when ordering from any of these stores. If you order something with far in advance there's a chance that you may catch them at a time when they're in the process of manufacturing more of your product. To top it all off what if the manufacturer needs more time to make your order. It ultimately comes down to the manufacturer and not the store. Anyone who works in the biz or has worked in the biz knows this to be 100% accurate.

    The bottom line is this. If you need something for a future date. Order it ahead of time when there's stock available then get it right away and put it in storage if need be. You have to be open to the reality that if you put something on a post order date that they may be out of stock by the time you need it. So you have to be willing to bend a bit. The manufacturer makes these as fast as possible but sometimes everybody and their dog order an item so it takes some time.

    That's another thing I notice..everyone complains about the time frame they get items in, but certainly no one complains about the price. And to be quite frank I feel people can be a little rediculous as to what they expect for the amount they paid. Both in service and quality of product. The term "you get what you pay for" definately still hold true.

    Why can't people take it upon themselves to be a more educated consumer(e.g. electronics come with an instruction manual for a reason)? Sales consultants are there to sell..they aren't there to educate unless the customer takes it upon themselves to ask. I chose to respond to you over some of the other responces because you don't appear to make this out to be as much of a witch hunt as others.

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service and no return policy

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no communication for payment protection plan

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