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incorrect product/color recently received

Hi There,
I am extremely disappointed of the service received and my order. We purchased a set of coffee table which was an Ivory/beige color and we ended up with a dark brown coffee table. We picked up the order from the store in West Vancouver, BC but they refused to open the box for us and after a few days when we had time to start the assembly we noticed the color difference. The color is a dark brown vs. Ivor/Beige. We called the service desk and all they said was it's past their 3 D policy and they can't do anything about it. We are furious and disappointed as we've never received such a poor service in our entire shopping history over the years. They are inconsiderate and would not exchange or offer store credit. We will never shop at Brick again. We just checked online and noticed others made similar complaints and gave them 1 star review. I will ensure to voice my concerns and enlighten others about this service and akcnowledge other shoppers regarding our horrible experience.

forget to mention something for delivery

i went Saturday Upper James in Hamilton and im wasting more than two hours looking for a mattress finally i found one and i made my deal and im dealing with two sellers and one supervisor one of the seller name Natalia k after i got approved of credit they gave me two options for the payment 18 months for 36 months and i ask any interest and any difference and they said the 36 months is only 1 amount you pay monthly the 18 months you can pay as you want and they said both there is no interest in it and i choose the 18 months and they gave me the day for the delivery nov 1 and the total to pay is 994.28including tax and signed for that and left waiting for the delivery second day i have a call they tell me i have to come back to the store to pay 129 at administration fees and tax or we are not going to deliver it to you im wondering i talked to three people and one is a supervisor nobody knows what they are doing they just waste my time and i dont have time only weekend nov 1 if i did not receive my mattress you can cancel the credit you guess give to me and make sure you cancel it i dont want to deal with the brick im not paying any money more than the invoice i signed for it and thank you
Tarig osman

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    Srrr Nov 14, 2017
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    Verified customer

    I bought a mattress in july 2017 and few months later it started to sag more than 5 inch and i went to the store were i bought it from surrey central the brick was the place they told me i have to go on the brick website and start a claim, i said ok no problem i will do that so i did took pictures of the mattress and started a claim i got email back saying i need a law tag number to start this claim and in will be founded on ur mattress and if you need further assistance please go to the store location where purchased the item form and they would able to help you complete the online process so i went yesterday november 13th 2017 same location where i bought it from went to the customer service told the girl at customer service why i am here and i need help her name was eshika and i told her i purchased a mattress from can you plz tell me where the law tag is located and help me fill out the online application plz her words were sorry we don't do that here and i can t help you with than i was like excuse me i have email here from the brick stating that the brick store can assist to have you have any problem and she s like nope sorry i asked to speak to a manager they paged a manager named tarun dhani he called the security on us saying sorry we cant help you and i wont help you and we where removed from the store so i spend $2700 on matters and no one can help this is how the brick treats its customers i would never go back and i would tell all my friend and family not do deal with the brick they don't care about customers all they care is about selling and making money .

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2 peyton microsuede couches

I had 2 sofas delivered a couple of days ago. The delivery guys had trouble installing the stabilizer bar in...

Belleville Furniture


I ordered a bed set from the beick warehouse in mississauga ontario. I order it on sept 12 they promised me the bed by 26. no show..promise me again for first week of october.. still nothing!!! They told me it was damaged then told me they sold it to the other person.. its already end of october.. still no bed!! Never been so pissed off in my life before.. WORST COSTUMER SERVICE EVER!! I WILL BE TAKING MY MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE.. ID WISHED ID KNOWN BEFORE HAND.

3 piece sectional sofas

The store on dufferin doesnt want to honour my sofa warrenty bought sofa last year April there are tear...

North York (toronto) Furniture

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ashton-s brown sofa and loveseat / damaged

Hello, September 8th, 2011, my parents purchased the Ashton-s Brown Sofa and Love seat Receipt...

Ottawa Furniture


Two deliveries of highly damaged chairs (and one delivery of the wrong colour) with the second lot being "inspected." They were WORSE than the first and whoever inspected them needs an eye transplant. The Brick has been absolutely useless in resolving this issue. A typical conversation with an assistant manager went like this:

Me: "As you can see from the photos, the back of the (dining) chair is full of puckers and has scratches that have been covered with a furniture pen that was three shades too dark."

Manager: "Ah yes, this is because someone stapled the fabric too tight and the pale blotches are a natural anomaly in the wood."

I did not ask for a lesson in furniture construction or botanical anomalies. Not one apology was given for the huge inconvenience I have been put through over several months, the last time having to drive to their Duncan store for 45 minutes only to find the three chairs brought in for my inspection stuck in the warehouse in boxes. Like my time isn't important! After the inspection (in a dark warehouse with an overhead light flashing on and off) The chairs were left smothered in static-y broken styrofoam. I asked if they could be cleaned as I didn't want this stuff shooting all over my drapes and me when I unpacked the boxes following delivery. Answer "No" followed by the remark that THEY had to remove this stuff before they put the furniture in the showroom, so presumably I could too. So they will remove it for their showroom but not for a paying customer who has been treated disgustingly since Day 1.

At one point the manager offered to credit me. But I bought a large glass table to go with the chairs. ALL I WANT IS UNDAMAGED CHAIRS and the right customer service attitude. Instead, I was made to feel like a difficult customer for not accepting the damage. These people are completely uneducated as to how to deal with complaints and damage, have no concept of customer service, and I hope they go out of business fast and put a lot of people out of their misery. Today's retailers know that people expect and receive top-notch customer service. To deny them this is a sure-fire way to go the way of the dodo.


I purchased 2 of the same sofas almost 2 years ago. The one sofa was defected and they changed the whole...

Whitby Furniture

sofas and dining room

my Name is Martha Angel
I being customer for the Brick for all my time in Canada, always happy to get all my place full of the Brick items, then 2 years ago I got the dinning table and living room, I am not being happy with the quality, even tho I bought the guarantee, I called before to fix and I still have the same problem, is a design problem, the legs of the chair and table get loose evne tho I tide them and the people who fixed it did it before, I am taking a risk that this heavy table fell down one day in mom (82) legs, she almost fell down yesterday as chair are a disaster, my husband work for CTV news and I don't think you guy will appreciate this ADD in the morning news if my mom get get hurt ., I am asking kindly let me change for a diferent model and if I have to pay small diference I don't care, I just feel frustrated that this items dfidnt work for me and the store 4 weeks ago is supost to be sending me a guy to repair and no body showing up.
the sofas fabric is all rip off I am just very unhappy, WE JUST BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE IN PICKERING AND WE WANT TO BRING SOMETHING THAT CAN TELL OTHER OH WE BOUGHT IT AT THE BRICK, but doenst look we will be able to say, please someone help me in this matter call me or do something, I really appreciate someone help me to change my living room and dinning room for a diferent model . I need to buy more stuff for my new house but look like if I don't get help I will have to go to Bad Boy to furniture my new home, repair didn't work before and I don't want to repair again when I know wont work, I want to exchange for new models, please help
kindly help me
Martha Angel


Today I should've got my delivery from 12-3:30 after I waited till almost 4. I called in and ask the person...


Good day, I hope all is well. I am particularly disappointed regarding the service I recently got from...

Brampton Furniture


First of all placing a mattress claim was a big deal with brick store at 565 west hunt club road, Ottawa. After receiving no call for 2 weeks we checked back and the lady said she forgot to submit our claim or gave lame excuse so she submitted claim again with event# 2680001.
After 4 weeks a technician comes from manufacturer and takes picture and confirms us that the mattress sags from many spots and it definitely eligible for claim.
After waiting another 3 weeks I called back today and lady at brick store tells us that our claim has been declines for the mattress has dirt spots on it WHICH IS NOT TRUE AT ALL see attached pics and find me a single spot on the mattress it is spotless. So, I told lady it is not the fact then she said she is going to email and then will call us back which she did not called the whole day.
I called back at night and some other lady told us there are no record for our today's call not sure if someone emailed so she is going to email and will call.


bed frame

I made a purchase online in august and choiced to pick up at Surrey centre location . The bed frame was purchase for our new home since we just got married in august. But when we opened the box at home, some parts of bed were missing, we couldn't install the bed frame immediately and we hv no choice to sleep besides on the floor which was ruined my first day after marriage. We went back to Surrey location and was told that the parts could be ordered but with six weeks shipping period, are these parts shipping from the side of the world ? I don't understand why it takes so long. Then a manager told me that I could buy a matched parts form Rona or Home Depot. Unfortunately, my husband shopped around and couldn't find the same one. We have no choice but bought some similar parts to try to match so that we have a bed to sleep. It's really impressive and terrible experience with the brick. I was trying to email to complaint but no one replys me back and I hope this email works. Also when I purchase online, there is bonus for aeroplan that I don't receive till now. It has been more than 1 month.


They have sometimes good discounts, but certainly I will try to buy in anyplace else before choosing this one again. They have awful services.
I bought a bed in there and unfortunately, they sold us boxes (it is two, because it is a king bed) for put under the mattress so high that I couldn’t go to the bed without jump. In other store, Leon’s, I showed for a salesman my bed and he didn’t recommend for us any box, he said that what was best in my case is to buy a plywood for put under the mattress.
Unfortunately, the brick didn’t agree to pick up back these boxes in my home, that for me in the first place it shouldn’t have been sold for us, or certainly they really should have advertised us about the height issue (the boxes idea was from the salesman that told my husband that it would be great for us - the opposite of what it really was)

In the end, the best option that the salesman gave to us was change these boxes for another one half of the size (that I believe is cheaper than the other one, but instead to give us credit they kept for the same price). I received these new boxes today, and they aren’t solving my problem, I really wish that I hadn’t never bought these boxes.
But, how they didn’t agree to pick up back these boxes, I certainly would have spent more money if I had rented a car like a pick-up car to put all these boxes in, and then take back to the store.
It is necessary to say other thing, they sometimes can give you wrong information’s, because the salesman told me when I went to the store that I couldn’t bring back the boxes that they couldn’t accept these return at all, but when I showed him the information that has in the website (we can return products within in 3 days of delivery), he changed his speech.
Other thing, for alert you: the customer service after you buy is awful awful, a piece of wood of my bed was delivered small (wrong) and they told me to improvise instead to exchange and give me the correct piece. They told me to create a new hole in this piece and in my bed (by myself) for putting the screw that is left for solving this problem (do you believe in that? In the instructions for set up the bed don’t say that I need a drilling machine)

They told me they were going to call the next day that I went in the store with these questions, but they didn’t. I had to come back again and I only get this exchange that I said above. I keep waiting for somebody call me and solving my other problem (the wrong small piece of wood that was delivery it).

For all this, you can see that we didn’t receive a correct and good service, instead we received a dishonest and inappropriate service.

sectional sofas

I bought a sectional sofa on Sept. 28th 2017 at 4pm from Brick store. The sale person was: Hardeep C (Phone#...

Surrey Furniture

unethical behavior

October 7, 2017 My name is Henri Nadeau I am a vet and I am 70 years old. On October 4rth at 1630 hrs my wife...

Ottawa Furniture

seams on fabric sofa

I purchased a Sectional sofa in the spring of 2015 without an extended warranty. Currently, the stitching on...


We purchased an extended warranty for our d/w. I called in the have it fixed and was told the tech could come out sept 29. I took the day of work so I could be home when the tech came. I called sept 29th morning to see an approx time when they might be coming. I was informed that yes you have an appt but no one is coming because your parts are not in. No one bothered to call me prior to this day to let me know. I have lost a days pay at work and can not afford to take another day off when my parts do come in. This is extremely unacceptable. We have shopped a the brick many times and this is a huge deterrent to not come back. Not to mention wasting extra money on an extended warranty that can not even be used.

leather couch and loveseat

Purchased a leather couch and loveseat fro the Brick in Windsor, Ontario. With this purchase I also, bought the extended warranty. I'm having issues with peeling on the couch and sagging cushions, stretched leather, and was told that I would get full replacements initially and now are only offering partial payment. I spoke to several people at the brick in Windsor and finally spoke to Diane Melo the General a manager. She did not resolve the situation. She was relevant to give me any number for your head office and would not even tell me who the CEO of the Brick was. I am very disappointed about how Imwas treated and not valued as a customer.

customer service

I would like to make a formal complaint about the manager, Tyson, at the brick in Stonebridge. I was there with my parents who were replacing their chairs under warranty. I have also been a loyal customer of the brick for many years but I will never shop there again. While speaking to Tyson about the warranty issues we have had there, Tyson was short and rude. As I was leaving the store, I was sharing my thoughts on the experience with my mother, while I heard Tyson call me passive aggressive under his breath. I turned around and asked him what he just called me. He said directly to my face that I am passive aggressive and made undermining comments the whole time I was there. I was simply expressing my thoughts on his products and warranty. Apparently, I'm not allowed to have an opinion. My husband then went up to him to say how rude he was. I have never been treated so horribly by a manager at a store. I'm shocked and appalled by his behaviour and the way he spoke to me and how he attacked me. I had an opinion on a product and he attacked me as a person. I will never shop atbthe brick again because of m experience with tyson. I also witnessed him speaking down to other employees while we were there. My parents left today without making a purchase because of him. I would like something done about him immediately and I would like to know the outcome please. I need to know that something is going to be done so that he can never speak to another person like that again. I have worked in retail for many years and I would never dream of speaking like that to a customer. I was not happy with the products and voiced my opinion about that. But apparently that is not ok with Tyson. He had to be sure to call me names before I left his store. I will definitely be letting my friends and family know about my experience with Tyson at the brick. I seriously cannot believe what just happened today.

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