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When I tried to return a file cabinet, unopened box without receipt (misplaced it) to Target store, they made me to either get something from their Office Supply Department (at same value or higher), or take it back home. I asked if I could get a store credit so that I can get something I may need at a later time? They said no.

I was in rush as I was on the way to airport and realy had no interest of shopping then. I asked to speak to store manager, but he couldn't explain why they couldn't issue a store credit. I then grabbed something a higher value in hurry and asked the clerk at return counter that if I could return it later without any problem, he said yes.

Guess what, when I went back a few days later, same thing happend to me. I was told to either do an exchange, or take it back home. I said I had reciept and was told I could return it without any problem when I did my first exchang. No, the receipt has printed that my first return was without receipt, therefore, they treated this second item with a receipt as no receipt.

The reason I had to return my very first item was because I had to move from a house to an appartment (down sizing), I really had no place and use of it. Now Target sucked more money out of me, and I stuck with an item I don't need and no room for it.

I wanted to donate it to Salvation Army, normally you can find it in front of their store, guess what Target banned them too.

I am sure I won't shop Target anymore.

Thansk, Mark.

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    Please contact us via our tickets system:

    Kind regards.

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    If it is possible to get product for the price advertised I'd like to purchase item and have delivered to 1329 driftwood dr Lowell Indiana 46356. For my niece bday. Thank you Hilary canty

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    Dissatisfied with product


  • Ja
    Janice Dec 19, 2006

    Target – Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax, VA

    I have made several phone calls to the Target "guest relations" about this issue and I have been very

    All I wanted to do was to return a package of refill baby wipes because my daughter potty trained. I was very surprised that I was told I could not return any more items without a receipt.

    Early in the year I had returned several gift items without a receipt, but I had forgotten about them.
    First was two super small toy items that were duplicates from a friend of mine in Massachussetts. I
    live in Virginia. We already had these items and I received a grand total of $5.11 for those items.

    My next return without a receipt was a Thomas lego Percy train that I received from my sister. I had
    seen these many times at Target, so I just returned them there and bought my son a different set at Target so that he would have it in time for his birthday. I think that returns was around $18-$20. I was just making it easier for myself, but I could have taken the return to Toys R Us or Walmart as they both sell this item.

    I am a CPA and a graduate of Babson College, so I do understand business policies. However, I do not at all understand Target's policy. For under $30 in minimal returns and I am now not allowed to return any item without a receipt. I have not shopped at Target since this all started back in early September and plan on continuing this until I hear that Target has rethought their policy.

    On both occasions I returned perfectly good salable merchandise that was being sold in the stores. On those same occasions I also purchased a great deal more than my returns. I had been purchasing anywhere from a very low of $40, average of about $60, to over $100 in purchases every two to three weeks. Since this incident started, I have been shopping at other stores and we certainly have many to choose from in the Northern Virginia area.

    I am just so surprised at how awful Target has been about this and how amazing it has been that none seems to understand the bigger picture here and refuse to make any exceptions or changes to their policy.

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  • Valerie Dec 27, 2006

    We returned a TV to target which we purchased as a Christmas present for our kids. We gave it to them December 24, 2006 and it did not work. The receipt was passed its 90 day policy which we explained to the manager of the Levittown, NY store named Tom, who said he was the executive manager. We explained that we bought it at the end of august as a Christmas present and this was the first time used. He at first tried to do the return but the system would not allow it. He then told us there was nothing he could do and basically target was not responsible. He tried calling corporate but it seemed that all the executives had gone home early. After a heated discussion Tom the manager called security and had 2 men surround me as if I were the criminal. Was I supposed to sit there quietly and eat $700? I am a mother of four children and hardly a criminal. I feel this behavior was outrageous and embarrassing. This whole situation could have been avoided if a store of targets stature had an adequate Christmas policy. Also if your going to have a store open then you should have the help available to deal with such problems. Not a manager who could only call security in an uncomfortable situation. In other words, do not shop early at Target for your Christmas presents!

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  • Valerie Jan 19, 2007

    Two problems I encountered this holiday with Target.

    #1 My daughter received a pair of pants for Christmas from a relative.

    We did not have the receipt but it had the tags attached. I went to return the item and was informed that I had to present my driver license and can only return w/o receipt 2 times per year. I also could not get a gift card for the exchange even if it were for the lowest price of the item. I had to replace the item right then and there and I had to replace it with a item not only from the same department but it had to be in the ' girls clothing section only '. I asked if we could look in the belts, purses, or other accessories that is in that area and was told no. We had to get a girls clothing item only. I never heard of this from a store before. I was under the understanding that you could replace an item with any product in the store of equal value that was being allowed for your returned item. My daughter actually desired a Cd to replace the pants but was not allowed this. She looked around the girls clothing and did not like anything enough to justify giving up the pants to that particular store. We went back to the counter to retrieve the pants and go to another Target that might have a better selection. At the next Target we were told basically the same thing with the exception that we could venture into the accessories and shoes department. Had the employee of the previous Target known the policy correctly we would have been spared a extra trip to another Target in another town. Regardless, I don't see the logic in leaving a bad taste in a consumer's mouth by making it unpleasant and difficult to make a return that is obviously legitimate. The money stays in the store anyway regardless of what department your buying out of. I don't shop Target because of a couple of bad experiences with them many years ago and I would not of been in their store if not for the Christmas gift return.

    This experience only reinforced my good decision of back in the day not to do business with Grinches.

    #2 I purchased a Digital camera at a Thanksgiving sale ($99.00) from a Target in North Carolina where I had been visiting for the holiday with family. When I got back to my home in Texas the 1st of Dec. I opened the camera to use it. It took a couple of pictures and immediately began acting up. I returned it with my receipt to Target here at home and was informed they had had 4 of these cameras already returned for reasons of defect. They said they had no more and would issue me a credit. The gal handed me a gift card. I asked her "why am I getting a gift card when I have my receipt". I used a credit card and it should of been charged back on it. She said that I did not specify that I wanted it to be put back on my credit card. I responded that first off she did not ask if I wanted a gift card and that I assumed she would know from the receipt that it would be credited back to my credit card. She said it was too late and there was nothing she could do. I asked for a manager and a lady standing behind the employee came to the counter and had already overheard the conversation. She said " the transaction had been completed and it cannot be reversed, that I should of informed the employee that I wanted it credited back to my credit card ". Since when did this scam begin I thought ?? They were forcing me to keep my money in their store even though I had a receipt and the return was all valid. Never again will I look in the direction of a Target Store !! When I told my family and friends about this incident, I learned that my Sister and a friend also had this very same thing happen to them. What's up here ?

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  • Re
    Renee Apr 19, 2007

    Target is a store I stay away from! I've had horrible return experiences with this store. I made a huge mistake at Christmas in purchasing a ton of video games for my boys over the internet from Target. The return policy is impossible. Some of the games that were duplicates I tried to return WITH the receipt to the store and was told that I could only go through the online mail return route. What BS!. It was on the shelf at the store for sale. Why would I be made to go through the long tedious process of returning it via mail when I was there in person at the store. This left a horrible taste in my mouth for their store and buying from their online store. I also made a return that gave me a gift card back. I used it and had a remainder of 9 cents left on the card and they wouldn't give me the 9 cents in change so its still on the card I'm never going to use. I hate Target.

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  • La
    Laura Mar 31, 2008

    LOL Kudos to Target for being clever enough to catch you trying to trick them! LOL! Classic!

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  • St
    ST2008 Aug 10, 2008

    It's impossible for any Target store to accept your return. The way the systems are designed do not allow more than 2-3 returns w/o a receipt a year. If you do not have a receipt, they ask for your ID so that they can keep track of your returns. How is Target supposed to know you're not a thief looking to make some money? No offense but that's how it is nowadays.

    Anyway. If you try to take back an item and you are over your return count, the system will not allow you access to the returns system. A screen will appear and say that they are unable to return the item. There is no overriding it. That would require maintainence on the entire POS system.

    Target's policy clearly states that a receipt dated within 90 days is required for all returns. You should be grateful that they accepted your previous receipt-less returns in the first place.

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  • An
    Andrea Nov 16, 2008

    I worked for Target in Hyattsville Maryland for ten months I got injured on the job and they wouldnt let me do a workman's comp. They claimed i had no proof. They treat their employees like crap no worse then crap. We moved for Maryland to AZ and my boyfriend kept his job with target.From what i understand there playing a not so funny game with him. One minute there claiming he's a team lead the next minute he is not a team lead but luckily he is getting paid a team leads pay. So now there closing the store for remodeling they have many choices of what you can do during this time. You can either take a LOA for 6 months unpaid, you can transfer to another store but are not guaranteed your position you had before.The other choice is you can quit or retire and if you have been working there for less than a year and you decided to quit your basically screwed because they will only pay for 2 weeks. Either way target screws there people and its not fast fun and friendly. its more like turbo speed hurry up and do twenty tasks at once and then it really isn't all that fun and no one is friendly there.

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  • No
    NotEntitled Sep 09, 2010

    You're really not a customer if you are returning items you purchased so its no big loss to the retailer if you stop "shopping" there. People who buy and return items frivolously are a big part of what drives costs up and stores like Target strive to keep their prices low. Its definitely my kind of store since I never buy stuff I don't need and never return things unless they are somehow defective. However, since I am not one of those entitled people who sees returning things I no longer want as a right instead of the courtesy it is meant to be, I am always responsible and conscientious enough to keep receipts for any and all major purchases. I know for a fact that there are other stores that do cater to those privileged among us who can't be bothered to keep receipts and view the whole shopping experience as a hobby. I suggest those people cough up the extra bucks and leave Target for us no-nonsense and budget minded consumers who need and appreciate it.

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  • Pw
    PwithaP Apr 18, 2013

    Honestly I work at Target, the employees are doing there job and are doing what we are trained to do. There are policies and we do follow them, And the returning without a receipt thing is that there is a 70 dollar limit per year and you probably went over it so yes you DO have to go and get something from the same department. The employees do not pick the policies we have to follow them. Target has a great police for Christmas everyone has 90 day return police new and unopened. If the computer system doesn't let us do it. usually we call a number and then they give us a code but if its over 90 days used opened an or an online item that has a slip on it and it said either return in store or mail in that most of the time they cant give us a code to return in. The online items always come with a slip and most of the time you can return stuff in store but sometimes you have to return it online. The packing slip tells you what to do so getting mad at the person behind the counter that is trying to do his or her job but has you yelling at them for something they cant control because you didn't read the packing slip. How about you go behind the counter and deal with people all day like yourself.

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  • Why The Long Faces Apr 18, 2013

    Honestly, anyone who can not figure out why a receipt is needed should stay home and make their own stuff. You people can not be this stupid.

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  • Hi
    Hilary canty Aug 21, 2018

    I tried calling customer service guy was no help said he talk to his boss. I wouldn't have minded paying a little more but that's a big jump. It is false advertisement. Thank you Hilary canty 8034122341

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  • Ga
    Gaynell Chatham Aug 28, 2018

    Recently purchased my granddaughter uniforms at target in Jackson ms. They are cat and jack brand khaki shorts. The zipper broke after 1 week. I know they weren't that expensive but really should last longer. I would return to the store however it is 90 minutes from where I live. Need to change commercials on tv about lasting the school year!!

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  • Sh
    Shiloh51933 Sep 01, 2018

    Evertime we shop here now every isle is in disarray and unpassable. It use to be a pleasure shopping here in the Riverhead, NY 11901 TARGET Store. Check out is becoming more like Wal-Mart, which we almost never shop because of the conditions. Huge lines with no cashier's working on all the open registers. I

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  • De
    Dennis Stinson Sep 02, 2018

    On 12/2/2017 I brought some ritz Crackers at Target. The box only had three packs of crackers in it when it supposed to be four packages of crackers in it. I would like a refund for the packages that I didn't receive in my box of ritz crackers. That be greatly appreciated on my behalf.

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  • Al
    Alisonkr Sep 05, 2018

    There was a black plastic layer on the pad and it was made into it so you cant remove it. See the attched picture amd you will see what I am talking about. It's a quality controll issue.

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  • Bo
    Bob Kolikof Sep 10, 2018

    locked out of account and unable to put in shipping address for baby registry gift and person on phone no english want to cancel order and give me back my money. [email protected] janette welch tried ten time to reset password baby registry gift for brianna lane in plymouth mass. Called toll free number -

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  • Ta
    Target13 Sep 11, 2018

    My name is mentioned 6 times. First and last name. Please remove it.

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  • Ju
    Julaina Oct 15, 2018

    When I was ringing up my items I ask the cashier about the gift card. They said it had to be certain items. When I told them it didn't have certain items. They it must be cartwheel. They clear was trying to get out of line and not trying to help me understand what items was consider.

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  • Ca
    Campcar Oct 21, 2018

    I love the Up&Up diapers but I keep running in to diapers that are missing one sticky tab. I will still continue to use your diapers just wanted to express my concern.

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  • Mi
    Misty St Pierre Oct 21, 2018

    This product is virtually impossible to attach to a wall. The holes for the screws are located directly behind hooks! I am more than happy to provide pictures. You cannot use an electric screwdriver or a manual screwdriver. I would like a replacement for the product I purchased that can actually be attached to a wall. This is absurd.

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  • Wh
    Whitneyanneryan Oct 22, 2018

    Hi, I just bought a romper from your store in traverse city, MI (while on vacation, we do not have a target where I live otherwise I would go into store & return) wearing romper for the first time today & the strap ripped off within a few hours of wearing it. How can I get my money back for this item?

    Thank you.

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  • Ma
    Maryann78 Oct 31, 2018

    While I was at the store in flushing, while my daughter was bouncing a ball one your customer service agent said don't bounce the ball while I seem others do the same in front of a customer agent! Can someone let me know what your policy! She didn't say it to my face she was going away and said it. What is that?

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  • An
    Annette12 Nov 14, 2018

    Within 5 minutes of the door opening they were sold out. They advertised an xbox 1s for $249. with a $40.00 gift card.

    I am pretty sure they didn't have any.

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  • Br
    BrianStorm Dec 13, 2018

    I went go Flushing target to exchange a leaking air bed, encountered with two extreme rude black female staff. So disappointed with your customer services and your staff training.

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  • Ka
    katiep2789 Jan 22, 2019

    I buy these diapers all the time but the box I recently purchased are awful he's leaking out the sides with bowel movements and the inner stuffing of the diapers has been exploding out. I don't know why this box is bad maybe a bad batch I'm rethinking buying these diapers in the future now.

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  • Tw
    twaite357 Jan 22, 2019

    The bottle has a hole that water is coming out of and its not supposed to come out of.

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  • Rj
    Rjbgfx Jun 24, 2019

    The adhesive of the pad backing and wings tears of when removing so sticky plastic remains.

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  • Di
    Dianne Caliola Aug 20, 2019

    Bought a box yesterday 8/13 and the were stale chocolate was hard and tasted bitter.
    bar code is 88109 11001 7. Date on box was Sept 5 2019 tasted like it was 2000.

    contact me if you have questions
    Dianne Caliola 4903 Gail Blvd, West Melbourne, FL 32904

    cell 203 510 4281

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  • Gi
    Ginger Shure Jan 07, 2020

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I purchased the Target product More Than Magic, crisp candy apple bath bomb and it stained both my body and my bath tub pink. I was disappointed by this product.

    I believe Target is still a wonderful store.

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  • Al
    Alice De Waal McCargar Feb 29, 2020

    Target - Border free - doesn't honor their products. I bought a scooter and it doesn't work. Was told I could return it. Then they changed their minds and told me i couldn't return it because customs says it is a restricted item. Also did not respond to the BBB when i submitted a claim

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