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do not care about their customers

I recently shopped in your store and purchased some wine. I was insulted when they asked for my ID. I am 64 years old. I shop at Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, and our local store Martins. I am never asked for an ID. Also I had many bags at checkout and no on helped to put them in the cart. I had to hold up the line to put them in my cart! This is ridiculous that you have no baggers or even put them in a cart for customers. Every store I shop at takes care of you. You need to update your whole checkout system! There is too much competition and you are at the bottom of where I will shop next time!

  • Ka
    KarlK May 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are ridiculous. There's not always enough people to have a bagger at each lane in the grocery stores. Also, some stores or workers card everyone just to be safe.

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  • Mi
    milkdoll Jul 30, 2010

    The cashiers are the baggers. Putting them in the cart ourselves is presumptuous and disrespectful. It never hurts to ask, by the way.

    It's the law to card you, sorry. Welcome to life in the USA. Are you sure you're 64?

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awful treatment of team members at target

I have worked at Target for almost a year and I have to say that I have NEVER been treated as awfully a...

employee training

I shop often at the Target at Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, CA. Most of the cashiers are pleasant, making it a...


My newest complaint against Target is putting people into positions they do not deserve. Especially electronics where things turn up missing all the time. Examples. The last two working that department. A Felon and an alcoholic kid. Of course the felon made off with stuff. That was to be expected. The kid well some stuff, big stuff came up missing. He's still there. But then did he steal the items?

Why would anyone put people who profile out as potential thieves into that department in particular? Stupid? Naive?
Or something entirely different...Looking for Fall Guys.

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  • K0
    K's Revenge Feb 14, 2010

    I used to work there and could get promoted. But the Old Hens Club that is running the place wouldn't promote me cause I was a man. I was promised a promotion when I did some LOD work but they lied.

    They recently got another gal in there as Exec and she is messing up on everything. Jennifer is her name I think, or so my sources say. She has been losing business and employees right and left GOOD!

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  • Maybe they did you a favor... Who would want to work with people like that anyway, right?! I'm sure you'll find something better. Hang in there!

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  • K0
    K's Revenge May 11, 2010

    Do you see my website listed above. My cat ran across the key board and spelled it out..Weird. This is what it's suposed to say. http://hellstruth.blogspot.com/...No Yugh. But it fits. My cat knows better!

    My newest installment has to do with the children running the Las Cruces, NM store into the ground. They have been harrassing all the older workers, that jeep the place going. They aren't bright enough to figure aout that for every upset employee you lose their business as well as the business of all their frinds and family.

    Do how many years of incompetence and upsetting everyone is it that causes their good ship lollipop to sink...I don't know. But in the end 'the iceberg wins

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  • Al
    aliwithani84 Jun 13, 2012

    tasha is a leech

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poor customer service

This is a letter that I just sent to Gregg Steinhafel, the CEO of Target, who's email address i...

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job giveaway

I have worked for Target for 2 1/2 years. About a year ago, my mom passed away. I had to immediately leave...

I will never shop at target again!

I WAS a Target customer for many years and was thrilled to create a Club Wedd Registry last year for my late September wedding. One of the items I had on the list was the Jade Moon 16-piece Dinnerware Set ($79.99). I requested and received three boxes of it. My husband and I bought our home in January and decided that the dinnerware didn't go with our Tuscany theme. We were so happy to see that Target had the perfect set instead, the Tuscan Sunflower Dinnerware Set.

We took the three boxes to their Hackettstown, NJ store. Our plan was to get a credit for the Jade Moon to use towards the purchase of the Tuscan Sunflower. The guest services representative printed out our registry. She told us that since it has been over 90 since our wedding date, we were not entitled to a credit but could do an exchange for something else in the store but it had to be from one specific aisle (dinnerware). Unfortunately, the Tuscan Sunflower Set is available online only. I told her I would place the order right then and there in the store and she said that would not be possible. We were appalled and left the store.

When I got home I called their customer service number of [protected]. I explained my problem to the representative, who I could hardly understand because of his heavy Indian accent. He found two of the orders because the gift givers purchased them online. His exact words were "you are stuck with them" because it was 90 days after the purchases were made. 90 days had passed before I even received them at my bridal shower! First the policy is 90 days after the wedding date, now it is 90 days after the purchase?

Being aware of their return policy of being able to return items without a receipt for $70 per year, we visited their Toms River, NJ location to return one box. We were prepared to "eat" the $9.99. We were told that because the price is over $70, it could not be returned! WHAT?

I will NEVER shop at Target again. Saying their return policy SUCKS is an understatement, especially for a registry!

just crazy

I always found it easier to save payment information with different creditors so that in in just a click or two my payment is made! However, NEVER do this with target. Once my payment information changed I went online to update my account number and make my payment. Not a good decisioin. Even though I filled out the forms that they provided, my new payment was still sent through my old account. As a result I then had $89 worth of fees including a late payment fee and returned check fee, not to mention my monthly payment. Even after calling severl times the representative was unable to both figure out my situation or help me change my payment information. I filled the forms out again and made another payment that also went through my old account. At this point my account was in such bad shape Target agreed to allow me to pay out my balance through a draft in which THEY selected the date. The date was the 21st of each month. I think GREAT.. they got me staright and my payments are being made! Nope. Although they decided my payment should come out on the 21st, a late payment is being charged to my account on the 20th of every month?!?! When will the cycle end. With all the fees my bill is unbelieveable! What can I do?

target does a lot of sales preventives for the customers

I wanted to purchase a wicker rocking chair at a Target store in the Cincinnati Market, they had the floor model that they would not sell, I checked all the other stores same thing none in stock. Store will not order one for you. You have to go to the website and find it. Here is where the problem arrives, the shipping charges for 100 pounds is $385.00 which cost more than the chairs. Are they insane? Their customer service sucks, they cannot adjust the shipping charges, will not order anything for you to go to the local store and when you call customer service you speak to someone who cannot speak English clearly. Shop Sears they are much better with servicing the needs of the customers. Target does a lot of sales preventives for the customers.

  • My
    mya3456 Apr 05, 2010

    Wow you're stupid Kiball. If you are a disgruntled target employee then you know that Target does not sale their furniture display models due to safety and the fact that they do not own these pieces of furniture. It may have been something that was going to be discontinued and the display hasn't been taken down yet. Deal with it.

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  • Wo
    wooda Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Target does suck, so does sears.

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false advertising / over charging

On Thursday, Feb 18 2010 my girlfriend and I went to Target looking for a TV. They were out of the advertised...

miss one payment your #ed

When i was eighteen years old i was new to this credit thing.(this was in 2008). Well ever since i have...

hiring practices

Target is the worst company in the universe. I worked for Target for 3 years. I started as a Team Leader which is an hourly position. I was promoted to an Executive Team Leader position which is a salaried management position. Eventually, I was told I was topped out because I did not have a college degree. I was told by my store manager that they loved my results, but without a degree I had gone as far as I was going to go. I left the company- working a 2 week notice. Two years later, I applied at Target. I could not even get an interview because I did not have a degree. I had excellent performance reviews, left in good standing, and had actually performed the job I was applying for- but oh...no degree...no interview. This company wants cookie-cutter fresh out of college kids who don't want to do physical work, but they fit the "image" Target wants to portray. I didn't have a degree when I was promoted, but I was told I was an exception because of my strong performance. In the end, Target is a technology forward company that I admired, but they are very single-minded about hiring. Getting a degree shows commitment, but so does years of experience. They sell themselves short with their single-minded pursuit of college educated candidates.

  • Ch
    Chocaholic Jul 06, 2010

    You need a degree to work at Target?

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  • Wh
    WhoCaresAboutYou? Jul 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sadly, lots of retail places now are changing their requirements. And I agree with you - Target is a crappy place to work for.

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I went to target to buy some pepsi cola products in 12 packs sizes. I had about 15 twelve packs of sodas & some six packs of other sodas. I run a small business, so i usually shop at wal-mart, target and other big stores for business needs. So when i reached the counter to pay for them, the cashier who was newer and was nice, rang up all the items, and, I asked her if she could accept the california state issued sellers permit, in order to do the sale tax exempt. And since I had used it in the past at target very many times, I told her how she can use it, by pressing some keys on the register. she was doing it, AND then an employee of target named MYRON showed up at the register, and inquired what was this. She handed the permit to him.He looked at it from every angle possible, then said this is the copy of permit, you can not copy it, & said his parents had it, thats how he knows. And asked to bring the original, PLUS he said that California State does not allow you to keep the permit in your pocket and go shopping place to place. I argued that i should be able to copy it, But he took the permit to a seperate room to show it to someone, and came back after about 15 minutes, and refused to make the sale . At that moment there were about 20 to 25 people were there listning to all of this, he said some other words also. It was very bad & harasing experience. He was portraying me as if i was to get every thing without paying for it. It was hard to walk those four steps to exit the TARGET. I think they should teach all there employees that what customer service is called. And I would like to know that what the target company did to this complaint.Is he repriminded or did he got the promotion.

  • Co
    commonsense_1977 Jan 19, 2012

    Retail places have the govt looking over them to ensure they Dot their I's and Cross their T's...if the forms are not on file correctly then they get in trouble after a audit. Different states have different rules. I suggest you go to the nearest chamber of commerce and request the laws of tax exempt from your state.

    Then if you are correct, with form in hand...go to the mgr of that Target and provide you was correct. If you where wrong I suggest you go and apologize to the clerk at Target for doing their job, , ,

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a lawyer is needed

a fellow team member of the logistics flow team was injured on the job due to unloading the truck apon hi...

stay away

I've been reading about people getting hurt at Target and not getting their medical bills paid. I guess I'm not alone. I slipped on some Gel back in May of '08 and got injured at a Target Store in Norridge Illinois. I hired a lawyer who said he would get my medical bills taken care of, along with a small settlement for work time lost...etc.

However after dragging things out their insurance company (Sedgwick) didn't pay us a dime. I'm stuck with a several thousand dollar doctor's bill.

I'm the founder and part of an organization called "Citizens United Against Corporate Corruption." We need more members. Please contact my e-mail address if interested. We've already been contacting Target shareholders and asking them to sell out. But I think we also need to spread the word throughout the country with fliers and mass mailing to warn as many people as possible to stay away from Target.

  • Ch
    Chocaholic Jul 06, 2010

    Target is one of those "accident-prone" stores. You should stay away.

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  • Te
    TedP9 Jan 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Target in Matthews has an idiotic return policy. Before Christmas, I bought my husband a $178 Norelco shaver. The guy checking me out has some issues getting the item to scan but the receipt clearly states Norelco and $178. This was not the shaver that my husband wanted so he took it to the store to try and get one that he did want. The shaver did not scan so they would not credit the shaver. They offered store credit in that department only. They did not carry the shaver that he wanted. They wanted us to take a credit of $178 for shampoo??? I was very disappointed, my husband was mad and we will be going to Wal-Mart from here on out. I guess Craigslisting the shaver is the only way to unload it.

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  • Su
    SushiDod Jul 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your organization sounds like a great beginning to put pressure on corporate America who behaves in an negligent manner. Going after Target shareholders is a beginning, but why not move your efforts up a notch? In my opinion, Sedgwick is in violation of Anti-Trust Law. You need to get involved with Congress, and there are Committee's and Sub-Committee's who might respond with an investigation with respect to Sedgwick. I hope this comment will bear fruit.

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credit limit decrease

I just got a letter explaining that target is lowering my target visa credit limit to $56 (You read right $56)... The letter said it was based on information from experian credit bureau concerning a delinquent payment history and suggested that I get a copy. I proceeded to get a copy of all three major credit bureaus including experian. I have had the target visa for many years and have never been late with a payment and never gone over my credit limit... Which was $15, 500. My current balance is apx $10k. Additionally my entire credit history is perfect with no late payments and my score is in excess of 700+. After calling and asking for an explination they said it was based on delinquent information... So I explained that I have a copy of the above mentioned credit report and nothing shows delinquent and I asked for the specific information they are refering to... They don't have access to credit information and the letter must have been a misprint but they are working to correct the letter. Of course she followed up with "there is nothing she can do to restore the credit limit." I asked for a supervisor and she said his name was adam but he doens't take calls but I can write him a letter. She refused to give his last name saying it was confidential and she can't give it out... So I guess writting a letter to target bank addressed to adam is the way to get this problem resolved.

After years of loyal shopping with target and many years of flawless ontime payment history means nothing with target bank... I will be on a crusade to let everyone I can contact, in person, on the internet and by skywriter to be aware of how target treats its long term loyal customers. Fortunately, I am in a position to take my shopping and visa business elsewhere... But i'm going to make sure others don't do business with a company like target bank and get they visa credit cards elsewhere.

  • Wo
    wooda May 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Close the account and transfer the balance to a new credit card.

    Let the CEO know about the issue you are having

    [email protected]
    fax: 612-696-6325

    Denise May
    [email protected]

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  • Zz
    zzzwoman Aug 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been experiencing the same thing for the past year and half. Mind you I haven't been reduced to $56, but if they keep lowering my limit every time I get $500 between me and the limit, I'll be there in no time.
    As for contacting the CEO, I think you're delusional if that's going to help. They could give a rip!

    I too have quit shopping at Target and will no longer use the card for anything. I'm not closing the account because then my 700+ credit score will go in the toilet. I also plan on telling everybody what Target is doing, to NEVER get a Target credit card, and shop anywhere but Target stores.

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  • 9c
    9 can Oct 08, 2010

    I had no idea Target was doing that. Now I'm worried. I had a similar experience with The Children's Place Card. I filed a complaint with the BBB, and of course got nowhere. They used the same "due to past delinquencies" excuse. Even though I had never made a late payment with them and even showed an $11 credit at the time they decided to close my account. Of course, the creditor reporting that they chose to close my account is very bad for my credit that I had been working on for years to restore (due to bad decisions of helping out "friends" by co-signing)!!! I had no luck in resolving this matter, but I am definitely NOT SHOPPING at THE CHILDREN'S PLACE ANYMORE!!! I would spend hundreds there for my kids' back-to-school and holiday shopping...NO MORE!!!
    Thanks for alerting us about Target now, I will be more cautious with that card now..

    Sorry kids, can't buy a house anytime soon due to all these stupid decisions made by these "bailed out" banks!!!

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My husband and I went to the Target store in West Sacramento, CA one Sunday morning to make a small purchase. When we got to the register, a woman was assisting a white gentleman in front of us. She was extremely courteous to him and at the end she wished him a good day. When it was our turn, she didn't greet us at all...not even a smile. The only time she spoke was to give us the total of our transaction. After I gave her the money, she gave me the bag and did NOT wish us a good day. There was another white gentleman behind us and we overheard her give him a very pleasant and elaborate greeting. Very disappointing.

  • Mr
    Mr. Escue Sep 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I get treated except it's a black woman who gets special attention, with great customer service. I was in line getting nothing, not even a hello, that is why I don't shop at Target anymore.

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  • Mi
    Miss Pro Shopper Sep 12, 2010

    EVERYONE NEEDS A JOB RIGHT! But I excpect to be treated with courtesy and dignity when I go into an establiment. I am not asking for much. Everyone there should be glad to see customers. It it were not for us customers they would not have a job. I would have reported the incident to the manager and the district manager. It is all about money with these guys.

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bad customer service

I received a Polaroid Digital Picture frame for Christmas. Tried it. The device would not upload pictures from the computer (no USB function). Tried to return item in original package, with receipt, two weeks after purchase. I was told it had been "used" because I had turned it on. The person at the returns desk said the manager would not meet with me. I offered my business card, hoping to elicit the managers card in return. The manager refused to meet with me or provide his name. Instead, I was provided with a national customer service number. Each time I called, I was told the matter would be looked in to by a supervisor. Each supervisor told me the job of national Customer Service said their job is to back the store managers. Caveat Emptor!

  • Valerie Aug 08, 2008

    I went to shop at Target. 2 associates told me that they can do price adjustment. They asked me to come back with the receipt. I went back with the receipt later on that day and one associate started to make the price adjustment, but she had problem to put full amount back to my CC and asked one manager to help. But the manager said to the associate that she cannot do the price adjustment. All the time that I spent drove back and forth to the store, waited in the store about 1 hour for the adjustment, at the end I been told NO. The manager refused to give me his name. The store location is Easton in MA. Very bad in customer service. I even tried to call 1-800-440-0680 and they gave me the same ### too. I would not complaint if they told me that they cannot do it at the first place. They made mistake, but they are not taking any responsibility. Not a good place to shop!!!

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  • An
    ANGELA Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is all part of the lack of training that the employees have. They do not value anyone who works for them enough to spend the time to train anyone. The general idea being that if they don't train you, you are not a threat to them...ie the team leads and the higher management. If you are not trained you make them look smarter by default. Because they put falsified reports on the employees saying how stupid and lazy they are. And as part of the lower caste you have no recourse.

    Though you had a bad time...Be glad you don't have to work there.

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  • Lo
    Lorenzo Mar 19, 2009

    I ordered an item from Target's website. The shipping estimate was four days after the order date. That date passed and I got an email saying the shipment was delayed. The new estimated shipping date passed. Ten days after I had ordered the item, I contacted Target to ask what was going on. They told me the item was out of stock and I could just wait until if-when it became available again. They didn't bother to inform me on their own; I had to contact them and ASK what in the world was up. The service rep used very condescending and dismissive language in his email to me.

    They gave me a crappy $3 discount on a future order as an "apology." I wrote back and told them to remove it from my account because I'll never shop at Target again. They removed the discount and then said they hope I'll shop at Target again. Yeah, right! Not only will I never buy from Target again, I'm telling as many other people as possible about this crappy experience.

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  • Lo
    lolahtown925 Oct 31, 2009

    I agree with your complaint about Target. I used to love shopping there and would regularly spend $200 - $300 there a month on clothes, toiletries, household stuff, gift certificates etc. However after today I've decided I am not shopping there unless I have no other choice. The customer service has become unbelievably bad...from not being able to get the photo-lab person to help me to then being told 20 minutes later that their machine is broken. I've had problems where their wedding registry wasn't working and I couldn't get help, trying to exchange defective apparel that is clearly their own brand but being told no, because I threw away my receipt and the latest today is I got hassled over a 50 cent coupon on a candy bar when I popped in for a few items and spent $30. I tried to let them know via their website but couldn't find a customer service contact to email...no need to wonder why. Frankly I've received better treatment at Wal-mart and they are cheaper...not too difficult to do the math on where I'll be shopping for such stuff from now on.

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  • Je
    Jerry Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wrote a check at Target (2420 N Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59808, (406) 543-4000) on the 19th of June for $69.72. I gave it to the cashier; she ran it through the cash register- gave me a receipt- I left with my items and receipt- everything seemed to go smoothly. EXCEPT- the check was never presented to my bank account. When I was balancing my check book at the end of the month- I noticed that the Target check had not cleared- no transaction with that amount had been presented to my account. So I called the store- and of course was referred to various "customer service" 1 800 numbers. After spending upwards of 30 minutes explaining the story to several different ineffectual customer service representatives- I was told to call back in a few days and they would initiate "an investigation". When I called back- I was told that it was impossible to initiate an investigation because they don't have that capability. After several more phone calls over several more days- I was told that there was no record of my check in their system. All I had as proof of ever writing it was my duplicate check- as I had thrown out the receipt not thinking I would ever need it. After several time consuming and fruitless phone calls at the 1-800 level, I went down to the store asking to speak to a manager. I was told that the managers were unavailable and that there was nothing that could be done "at the store level" because so much time had passed. (Even though the "customer service" people were the ones that kept telling me to call back after a few days had passed- presumably waiting to see if the check would show up in the interim). At the store they were able to look up the receipt based on the information I gave them and it shows the amount, that I paid by check, and that it was authorized. I spoke with my bank and they recommended that I cancel the check and perhaps even change my bank account to a new account- as apparently it is possible to take a check (such as the one I wrote out) and "wash" it to reflect a new amount and new payee information. However- my bank charges a fee of $22 to cancel a check. I feel that Target should pay for that- however after several more phone calls and several more days- I have been informed that they will not pay, and have even been told that I should just "not worry" about it because I am coming out ahead having basically received $70 worth of "free" merchandise. I told them that I am happy to come to the store and pay them cash for the items if they will pay for my check to be cancelled- and was told that they "do not have that capability" and "besides it may have been your bank that lost it". Really? Don't you think if my bank lost it that Target would have some record of it in their system in some form or another? Anyway- if the only thing I was worried about was the $69.72 I wouldn't be ranting like a crazy person on this webpage. What concerns me is that now there is someone possibly in possession of my full name, address, phone number, driver's license, bank account number, and signature. Have they never heard of safeguarding personally identifiable information? And no one at Target seems to care in the least that they clearly have made one of their (used to be loyal) customers vulnerable to identity theft and or "check washing". Thanks for nothing Target- not only will I NEVER shop there again- but I will tell as many people as I can that your customer service STINKS!

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  • Js
    jstew May 19, 2011

    actually you should have just went to another store you cant return it but you could have exchanged it.

    0 Votes

lowered my credit limit

In December 2009 I made two payments, on time, to my Target Redcard account so that I could use the card for a car rental on my vacation at the end of the month. I carefully calculated the credit amount I would need to cover the car rental and the car rental company's hold. Two or three days after I made each payment, I called to check the available credit and the recording said "zero dollars." I also checked the account online and it showed available credit as $0.00, even though they admitted they credited both my payments. Wtf??? They credit your payments but then refuse to make your credit available? I called them to discuss this, and was told, initially, it could take "7 to 10 days." I have never had another creditor take this long!!! One week after the first of my two payments, my available credit was still showing zero AND they lowered my credit limit by $200, with no advance notification. I called them again. This time, a bored sounding customer service rep or whatever she was told me it could take "several" days to free up my available credit. It has already been more than "several" days, but they won't acknowledge that. They claim they don't know when it will show the available credit amount from your credited payment. The lowering of my credit limit, btw, meant I was screwed and could not use the Target card for my car rental. My vacation stands a good chance of being ruined because of this, but of course Target does not care. I spoke to (screamed at, I admit) a supervisor after the CSR kept repeating the same maddening singsong litany about reviewing accounts monthly, etc. The supervisor refused to tell me when my available credit would show as actually available and refused to reinstate my credit limit to what it was before. Target National Bank employees are not helpful to customers in any way; they must be trained to endlessly repeat the same garbage till you want to leap through the phone and inflict physical violence on them. I'm a peaceful person, normally, but all of this infuriated me beyond belief. They claim they don't have to give customers advance notification before making a major change to your account. I suppose they can do whatever they want and consumers have zero rights, just like my zero available balance. I admit I've been late on payments, but in December I was on time and paid way more than the minimum due. I don't expect any corporation to care about my life or my plans, but they don't even pretend to listen or attempt to help you find any kind of resolution. In fact, half the time when you call you get someone in India or someplace who is very hard to understand and sounds like they're reading from a script. They're just horrible, judgemental and rude. Where's the incentive to pay them on time? Or to pay them at all, for that matter? They should be required by law to give advance notification of their changes. I told them they were more evil than Wal-Mart, but I'm sure they don't give a crap.


I got terminated today by a softline executive manager "Val" today when i was finished with my work dutie...

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