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Target Return/Exchange Policynever do advance shopping

I used to spend hundreds of dollars a year at the local Target store, but I will be taking my business to one of their competitors now.
I bought a Christmas gift for my child in September of this year.

I kept my receipt for the item. I found out maybe two days before Christmas that a relative bought my child the exact same gift. Not a problem, I thought. I have my receipt, I will just take mine back. Imagine my surprise when I found out my receipt was valid until December 18th.
Target informed me that because I didn't have a receipt (I kept correcting them and telling them I did have a receipt), they would accommodate me by allowing me to exchange my item for another item from the same department (toys). I would gladly have exchanged the toy for other items from the store, but they said that was not allowed.
I have since contacted my relative and asked her for the gift receipt (I didn't want to tell her that I had already bought the same item for my child, but Target forced me to do just that). I will be returning the item and I will now do my shopping at a competitor. Target does not sell anything that I need that I can't get from another major retailer.
I feel that Target should re-examine their return policy. I did not buy a seasonal item. The toy is still being sold at the store. The fact that they do not allow local stores to make exceptions (I missed the "return period" by 8 days when I pulled my receipt out) for non-seasonal items still stocked just shocks me. The local store gave me the Target customer service number and I heard the same message from two different people there. It's their policy and there are no exceptions.
I am telling all my friends about my experience and urging them not to do any advance shopping for Christmas, birthdays, etc. if they do shop at Target.

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    • Ja
      Jamie Tuttle Jan 04, 2007
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I bought a gift for my daughter, the price was $169.99. It was broken and I took it back, I did have the receipt but it was over there 90 day return policy. They wanted to only give the clearance price of $48.00 because it was after the 90 days. I was ripped off of $120.00. It clearly stated on a receipt the I had paid $169.99. I will never ever shop at Target again! I will also spread the word to anyone and everyone about the problem. They have lost a lot of money over there poor return policy! Jamie

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    • Am
      amanda bru Jun 30, 2009

      Sorry, but a VALID (90 days after purchase) receipt is required for all returns/exchanges in order to get your full amount back. After that point, your receipt doesn't scan in our system and there's no way to use it. We can do store credit, but it automatically goes to the lowest sale price and there's no way to change that.

      Sorry for your bad experiences, but the 90 day policy is quite clear on the receipt and in the store.

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    • Pl
      playpiano89 Aug 29, 2010

      I really don't see a problem with Target. All stores have return policies. Where I work at JCP it is also a 90-day return policy.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Target - Cheektowaga, NYheartless store!

    I am writing to everyone I know about something that happened to me. On October 12th, western NY got hit with a freak snowstorm. This storm dropped over 20 inches of snow which took down power lines all over. Over 300,000 people were without power. On the second day after this storm I finally managed to get out to try to buy a few things. One of them was a battery operated radio. I ended up at our Target store in Cheektowaga, NY. They were one of the few stores that managed to open up that soon. I went in and there were 2 radios on their shelf. I asked the saleslady if there were any in boxes and she said no and told me that I could not buy either one of those 2 since they do not sell display models. Well, after all the stress of the past few days, I started crying. I asked her to please call the manager. She did. When the manager came, I told him that I wanted to purchase one of the radios and he told me the same thing. I told him that during an emergency situation, I thought store policy should be suspended. He told me, "Well, what if another shipment of those comes in? How will the customers be able to see what they are going to purchase?" I told him to just open another box, take one out and put it on display. He smirked at me and told me that's too bad, it was still company policy and he wouldn't sell me one. My poor kids were hugging me telling me not to cry and he just walked off. Well, needless to say, I will never ever shop at a Target store again and I told this person that I would tell everyone I know what a cold, heartless store it was. I called their headquarters to relate what happened and the woman said he should have sold it to me but that was about it. I am so disgusted with a company that cares more about it's policy than about it's customers. So please, pass this on to everyone that you know. Let everyone know that Target doesn't give a care about it's customers only it's bottom line and it's policies. I believe that people talk with their pocketbooks when it comes to stores and that is the best way to let Target know that we will not deal with a store like theirs. I am asking everyone to please copy this and send it to everyone you know. I would not want anyone else to go through anything like this. Thank you very much.

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      Targetshipping was very slow

      I will never use a product shipped from target again. I purchased a cassette player through target. Shipping was very slow. Also it is very hard to find the complaint department for amazon.

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        • Ph
          Phyllis Nov 17, 2006
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I dont have a business , the location is in Boca Raton FL. and I want to make a complaint.
          I ordered a Black & Decker SpaceMaker Under the Counter can Opener from Target from the internet and in about 10 minutes I canceled the order and they sent me notification that they were shipping out the can opener to me, I send them a message to tell them that I will be sending the merchandise back to them, when the postmaster delivers it to me.

          That is my complaint, they should allow more time before they mail anything out to you.

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        • Xn
          xnrcsx Dec 04, 2010

          I ordered a coat from Target.com and more than a couple days later, I get an email saying that my shipment might be delayed up to 2 weeks! They didn't give me any more information, or any reason, but AT LEAST THEY'RE "SORRY". They actually had the nerve to also put on the email that they hope I do business with them again. I will never spend another penny with them again.

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