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refusing to fill a prescription

I am a 60 year old woman who suffers from a lot of pain due to fibromyalgia, and am treated by a Dr. in...


Today I went into a Target store to purchase several things one of which was a game for my daughter. When I arrived in electronics there were also two other laters their waiting to be helped. One of them looked for a sale associate and when he arrived he opened the case to get them a Wii Game and handed it to them. I asked him if he could help me and he opened another case for the Nintendo DS games. After looking at one, my daughter decided to get a Super Mario game. The sales associate held onto the game and then asked me if I would like to pay for it now or if I had some more shopping to do? I told him that I had some more shopping and he told me that I would have to pick it up at "Guest Services." I said, "I have to walk up to guest services and pick it up?" He told me that I could just go to the checkout stand and tell them that I needed it.
After this I looked at my oldest daughter and she looked said. We are African American and I can honestly say that this is the first time my 13 year old daughter has seen this type of behavior. I am saddened that I had to explain this to her and tell her that this does still exist. I wrote a complaint on a card but will this happen to someone else? And what was the reason that this little kid felt I needed to be treated like this?

  • Am
    amanda822 Mar 17, 2009

    As an employee of Target, I can say with confidence thee employee was probably not discriminating against you because of your race, it's actually store policy to make sure electronics that are locked up are payed for at the electronics boat. The electronics employee is also req'd to notify the GSTL (mngr at cash registers) when a TV is being taken up and whether the customer payed for it or not.

    It's not uncommon to find empty electronics game/DVD cases in other areas of the store. They're items that are of high value and are stolen very often.

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  • Le
    Lemmy Oct 22, 2009

    This is exactly the reason why people become racist. It seems that more often than not, minorities jump to racism as an excuse to be pissed off before they ask someone why this happened. If you were that concerned, you should've asked to speak with the store manager. This is what the store manager would say:

    It is policy to ensure that no one walks around the store with an unpaid for item that has been locked up. This includes game consoles, iPods, games, and some gaming accessories. If the sales associate just handed you the game and let you walk around with it while you continued to shop, what would be the point in locking it up in the first place? It must be purchased at the time of unlocking it or it must be kept under the supervision of an employee. The only reason the guy handed the game to the other person is because more than likely the other person already told the guy that he wanted to purchase the game right away. So you need to shut your mouth and stop calling people racist when they're not, because it's ### like this that makes others racist. It's called reverse racism.

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  • gesserfan Dec 10, 2010

    it sounds like he was quite polite to you. i didnt pick up on him being racist, but maybe you just gave him the wrong impression. do you know how many people prolly steal electronics? this was a safe way to make sure it didnt get out the door without being paid for.

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very rude staff

In over 15 yrs of using various pharmacies such as Walgreens, Walmart, Cvs and Target I have never dealt with such rude very difficult pharmacy staff especially the pharmacist at the Target pharmacy in Ocala Florida. It is hard enough to work long hours and commute over 450 miles a week but then to be treated like they are doing you a favor by answering your question ( on at leat 3-4 different times )and waiting on you is absolutely outrageous. As soon as my new insurance kicks in I plan on transferring my prescription over to Walgreens where they are always courteous and helpful although they are even busier. I will never deal with a Target pharmacy again. They should be canned and replaced by people who are grateful to have a job.

employee treatment

I worked at Target for quite a while. They put on a front that you are working in a happy atmosphere, but...

shopping at target can get your car towed

Watch out when you park at Target. You might get your car towed with EZ towing. They are working together. Also at BJ and the other stores. I will never go to Target it again. They act like they did not call the tow company but you work together. I shopped there and then my car was towed about 30 hour later..And Target can give a rats a...
Becare, I would not shop in this area. Go to other cities...

  • Im
    ImRightYouKnow Sep 26, 2009

    Uhh...you shopped at Target for 30 hours? Jesus. Guess what, its a parking lot, not a driveway. And Target, like many corporations, might have a contract with a tow company. The company comes when the store is closed, takes note of what vehicles are still there, and if they are there the next night then they tow them. Target probably didn't call, idiot. Hey, here is a though, don't leave your car there for 30 hours taking a spot that another customer could use.

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  • Ag
    Aggravated shopper Sep 26, 2009

    Just so you know Wal mart and Kmart and Sears and Sams Club etc... Have same policy if car is there even over night it gets towed 30 HOURS??? I am surprised you are complaining about that what did you expect them to do they cant even clean the parking lot.

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  • Wi
    winston legtheigh Oct 13, 2009

    You left your car on their property for an unacceptable amount of time. The parking lot is for you when you shop not to be abused by use as your personal lot. Can i leave my car in your driveway for 30 hrs?

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  • Ea
    eagle69 Feb 26, 2010

    are you stupid???!!! maybe next time you should think about buying a watch and some reading glasses. DDDDUUUUMMMMBBBB

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  • De
    Dead Bird Cage Aug 16, 2010

    I'm thinking the person means 30 minutes to an hour. Come on now. But I did not he was from a state that does not school their kids well. Or maybe he was just from the South.

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  • Ra
    RandomUnicorn Nov 11, 2010

    Um if you left your car in any stores lot for 30 hours they would tow it. They tend to take notice of cars that hang around for prolonged periods of time. Granted maybe if you were having car trouble, and went in to tell them "hey my car broken down in your lot can you please make sure it doesn't get towed?" They may have been more considerate.

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mistreated employee and mistreated guests of store

I worked for target, for almost a year, after getting my first raise, a horrid 19 cents from working hard...

laid off

I was hired in November 2008, working as a instock team, working so hard, because a lot staff was very heavy...

unauthorized billing

Target had their Britax Marathon convertible carseats on their website advertised for $42.99 ( there was another Britax car seat listed for $59.99). I immediately placed my order. My order has since been canceled due to a 'pricing error' on their part. Target claims that if they list a price for less than what an item is worth then they have the right to cancel your order. I think this is an unacceptable company policy. They do not have to own up to the prices they advertise online. If this had happened in the store they would have had to honor this price to the customer. I was even sent a confirmation letter confirming my order and listing my shipment date. The next day Target sends me another email stating they are canceling my order and offering me the car seat for $279.99.

  • No
    Notahappycamper Mar 02, 2009

    Have you tried contacting your state agency regarding this practice? Or even the BBB? If they are not allowed to do this then the agency will fix it for you. I once had an issue with Ames and the weekly flyer that had great deals that were never actually available in the store. After I went to the BBB they called me and told me to buy the item at another store and they would reimburse me.

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unfair to there employee

I have work for target now for 1 yr and 4 months in the starbucks dept. And I also do cashier when need it...

fraud and scam

I contracted with Zip to Zip Moving and Storage in June 2007, they moved some of my belongings from Boca Raton to Ft Lauderdale and the rest of my stuff was wrapped up and placed into storage. About a year later my payments were not being cashed, I researched it and found out their name and address had changed to Target Van Lines. They assured me that my belongings were just fine. In November 2008, my check again was not cashed. I have been unable to contact Target Van Lines, all telephone numbers have been disconnected, their web site no long exists and none of the Company Principles listed in SunBiz can be located by the telephone numbers listed. I do not know where the warehouse is to retrieve my stuff. I do not know what to do next. HELP!!!

  • Be
    Beth Greenberg Oct 08, 2008

    lost merchandise, broken merchandise, price increase after the fact. Never returns calls, number no longer answers

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  • Mo
    Movers Suck Jan 29, 2009

    Target Van Lines - awful in all areas!

    I have found the US Dot # listed for Target Van Lines and the MC # listed for Target Van Lines now assuming business under the names of Moving Explorer and 123 Movers!

    I am now beginning my quest for claim on damage to my belongings which were delivered. I have had some trouble due to the phone number being disconnected.

    I hope that no one chooses Moving Explorer or 123 Movers!

    PS. before choosing a mover - do not choose a mover that has US DOT # 1550967 or MC # 577165!

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hostile work environment

Where can I file a complaint I indicated to store managers about various issues, and nothing was done. Due to the hostile work environment I was in, I ended up resigning.

I want to send a detailed letter to Target indicating all the issues that were overlooked.

I can go into details, but will, only when someone requests information.

Any information would be appreciated.

My spouse also is in management at Target. Therefore, I couldn't go to HR or ethics due to the fact it would jeopardize her position.

Please help... I don't know where I should be going with this.

email me: [protected]@aol.com

thank you

  • Ma
    Manatieno Aug 12, 2011

    Be very careful since company executives are continously on the "hunt" and most of them cannot be trusted. I recommend to find other employment or contact a lawyer who can best advise you on what to do. Good luck

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defective merchandise and no compensation

In Dec 2007, about a week after Christmas, I went to Target to buy an Animated Penguin for my yard for the following Christmas. I did this because it was 50% off with it being an after Christmas clearance sale.. All Christmas items and decorations were 50% off. The box was completly sealed with packing tape and didn't look anything out of the ordinary. Because it was factory sealed or so I assumed, when I got it home, I stored it up in my attic unopened till this Christmas. When we took it out of the box, the penguin was missing it's head. I was very upset and went to Target to see what could be done. I was told that Target has a strict 90 day return policy. I explained that it was sealed and bought after xmas last year and I didn't know of the defect till this Christmas. I was told there was nothing that could be done. I was not offered any type of exchange, store credit or gift card. Nothing. It was not my fault that it was missing its head. My husband got so mad, he threw it in the dumpster when we got home. After all the years shopping at Target, this is what I get. No customer satisfaction, no effort to make it right. I have shared my bad ordeal with others so that they may beware of Targets bad policy and non attempt to make right of a bad situation. I used to love Target, now I will make it my very last resort to shop at and that's if I'm desparate.

  • Mi
    mikey44 Sep 02, 2009

    Dear Target
    My name is Michael Chapman
    Recently i oredered several shirts from Target by mail..When they arrived some were damaged or cut like some factory defect..I wasn't happy..I am disabled and i order clothing online alot of times..I had never been dissapointed with Target products and love what they offer in so many cattergorys..I don't want a refund..I don't want to return or replace the damaged goods..I just will never order online from Target company in the future..I'm the type of personality that dosn't want the hassle of returning things ..I expected to recieve what i saw when i ordered the products..I just thought Target should know..And yes i will continue shopping at your store..But will not order anything online..So that limits how often i will be shopping..And i had to post my complaint here sence there is no way to reach Target otherwise..And no i will not wait on the phone for hours while you find every way to get out of sending shoddy products
    Thanks for listening
    Michael chapman

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check was rejected

I was doing some Christmas shopping at Target. At the checkout I wrote a check for the amount of purchase...

false advertising

The two day sale flyer for the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving 2008 advertised a 2 gig thumb drive. It...

rude worker

I'm sure most of you know about the economy in the US and let me tell you I live in Cape Coral, FL, one...

target card

Signing up for any Target registry is a bad idea, and signing up for a Target card is even worse. I purchased items at Target in Alpharetta, Ga. on Sept. 10, 2008 for my terminally ill sister. I was able to use her AmerX card for the transaction and sign for her in her absence. The lady checking me out asked if my sister would like a Target card, and said I could fill out the application for my sister, only if I gave up all my own pertinent identification for the process, and then she proceded to change the transaction to be applied to my sister's store account, I thought. I realized I had been duped on October 6 when I recieved a new Target card and a bill for $254 for my sister's purchases. I already had a Target card, why would I need another one? It is reprehensible that Target would take advantage of my vulnerability at that time, 700 miles away from home, taking care of a dying sister and outrageously lie, and lure me into opening a store account, for what I thought would be a justifiable act for my sister to make purchasing items easier. Target has refused to reverse the transaction back to my sister's AmerX card to be paid by her estate, she died on Sept. 16 2008.

  • Li
    Little Miss Sunshine Aug 25, 2009

    So you're blaming an enitre company over what one idiot cashier did?

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  • Ga
    Gamerdude Aug 27, 2009

    comment above + why are you getting a credit card for someone who is going to die

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  • St
    stafox Mar 29, 2010

    You're complaining about a Target cashier taking over for your vulnerabililty? Such total lies and slander. Sounds like you were interested in the 10% off discount for applying for a Target Red Card, which you surprinsingly fail to mention in your post. Look lady, we all know you just wanted that additional discount because why else would you apply for some random Target Red Card without knowing the perks?

    You should be blaming yourself for not taking the responsiblity of what a credit card will do to you instead of blaming someone else for your responsibility.

    Also, it's pretty sad that you're using your sister's death in vain just to get people to feel sorry for you.

    Good job being a terrible sister.

    -1 Votes
  • Wo
    wooda Apr 20, 2010

    Target fans and apologists, Target has tons of complaints, 'Where there's smoke, there's fire.

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  • Mj
    MJ Heckler May 14, 2010

    Target is a crummy retailer IMHO, if you have a problem with Target call the CEO and his assistant

    [email protected]
    fax: 612-696-6325

    Denise May
    [email protected]

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gift receipt

Beware of buying gifts at Target! I purchased a Leathman tool at Target for a Xmas gift. I requested a gift receipt and taped it to the back of the box. The next day I changed my mind about the gift and took it back to the store. I didn't bother to dig out the regular receipt...figured the gift receipt was enought. They informed me that they could only give me a GIFT card because I had a GIFT receipt. I was blown away. The gift receipt shows where, when and for how much the item was purchased for...so want is the hold up? Target is misleading customers with their gift receipt policy...it is underhanded and wrong. It isn't a gift receipt...it is a gift exchange slip.

  • Je
    Jenna Apr 27, 2009

    Hey, before you get all huffy just lemme tell you something about Target receipts...

    When you make a return at Target, they usually pay you back in the same form you paid them. For example: You pay for something in cash...you get cash back. You use a check...you get cash back after the check clears. (you get store credit before it clears.) You use a credit card...you get money back on your credit card.

    Now let's say you buy a gift, and the person returns it. What good is it for them if YOUR card gets a credit? If it's a gift, usually it's bought by someone else, so there's no need for Target to credit the credit card.

    It sounds to me like you're just mad because you didn't think to bring the original receipt.

    Not Target...YOU!!! You made a mistake, and now you're complaining about Target, because why? Because you're a whiny baby that's why...

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  • Le
    Lemmy Oct 22, 2009

    Yeah..your fault. Should've kept your original receipt. This is in place to keep people from having their refund credited back to whoever gave them the gift. Stupid ###er.

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forced me to take a gift cards (320$!!!) instead of returning to my personal card

I asked them to look at Asus eeePC laptop (gift for my wife) and was told that they can't open it and I free to take it, check at home and return back if it's not suitable for me. I payed with 50$ Target gift card, 50$ regular visa card and rest with my personal credit card. Attention!!! Seller took 50$ visa card and didn't return it to me after payment. (now I understand that this is a their dirty plan actually and according to rules they HAVE to return it back to customer). Laptop appeared a too slow and screen quality was a very bad for eyes. We decided to return it back and were told that we can get back only 320$ as a gift cards, or to get back all the funds as it was before we need a visa card which they took before!!! (i was lied that they need to take such cards because send them to somewhere, but on visa gift site I found that they strongly recommend keep the card after payment). So, I was pressed to take a 1 gift card for 300$ and one small gift card with 20$. I said them that it look like a cheating, but they hid their eyes from me. They understand that it's not enough fund to start a lawsuit and probably this rules are provided from top managment, otherwise I don't see a reasons to don't return visa gift card to customer (saying we need to send them to somewhere). As conclusion - I have read another complaints and can advise people - Never buy Target gift cards - this is a root of evil if your frends will buy something and then decide to return it, in that case they, like me, can lost more that you presented to them. I said "lost like me", it because I am in a bussiness trip in Colorado and so I probably don't have enough time to spend such, lol, "gifts" in smart way. By old Russian tradition, probably will buy a vodka on New Year and will treat my American friends. Shame on you, Target staff, you are doing in not American way. God bless America.

  • Gr
    grwoman Feb 15, 2009

    I think Target has a return policy that is clearly stated in their stores. I believe you have 60 or 90 days to return something, but when you do return something, they give you store credit in the form of a gift card.

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my bf order cancelled

On Black Friday, I ordered a Casio CTK-720 keyboard from target.com for my child, because its looked quite favorable. Although it said the keyboard would be shipped on 12/28, we were ok with that. However, it turned out just a hoax. After 10 days, target.com just simply cancelled it simply by an -email, saying out of stock.

There were many deals on Keyboard during that time period. Now most of them are gone. Target has wasted our time and money. It does not care about the customers. Will never order anything from it!

  • An
    AnneE Dec 10, 2009

    Please pass this on to as many people as possible.

    I ordered 4 TomToms at midnight on Black Friday from Target. According to the on-line order page, these items were in stock. TWO weeks later, NOT one week later, I received the following e-mail from Target on December 9, 2009:

    Dear Target.com Guest,

    Last week, you ordered the TomTom XL 340S.  Unfortunately we are no longer able to obtain inventory on this item from the manufacturer.  
    As a result, we have canceled your order #601-4960089-5534623.   Please be assured your credit card has not been charged for this order.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We hope to see you again soon at Target.com.


    Target.com Guest Services

    I called Target to let them know how unhappy I was about this letter.  I asked if they would at least offer something comparable for the same price to replace this order and was told they had already offered some out to other customers whose TomTom orders were canceled and that they did not have any left to offer. Target is not so stupid that they could not see this coming.  I will not order anything from Target on-line or shop at Target ever again.  They have lost my business forever.  Pass this on to as many people as possible.

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target sucks

I shopped at target last night.
I bought 4 items with cash.
I called the store when I got home
because I couldn't find my receipt.
I talked to the manager of the
electronics department who said
he would look into the system to
verify the sale. After 3 calls
he said he couldn't find it in the system
and to call back tomorrow.
When I called today I was told
that I could come in and get a printout
of the sale but that since I paid
cash I wouldn't be able to return
anything. I was told that there
was transaction information on the
original receipt that no one could
access but that without that I wouldn't
be able to return the purchase.
Now I have a paper with the sales
information on it but I cannot
go to the guest information counter to
refund my transaction for a digital
convertor when I finally receive
my $40. goverment coupon and rebuy
the item with the coupon.

see the printout here:

The supervisor said that the information
a person gave me yesterday on the phone
was in fact correct. I called yesterday
before I went to the store to ask if I
could return the digital convertor when
I get the coupon and he verified that I
The guest supervisor additionally verified
that I could do so - but not without the
original receipt.
She added that I would have been able to
do so if I had paid with a credit card.
She also cited a policy that they allowed
a complementary one item return without a
receipt within a one-year-paid and that was
for any item $35 or less.
Apparently my fault in the issue is that
a) I paid with cash
b) I lost my receipt

I believe that they should have issued a duplicate receipt.
There were 2 supervisors and the sales clerk who
were aware of the problem and I think I acted
in a timely manner to rectify the problem of
the lost receipt.

At the very least it is lousy customer
service and I will not be shopping there again.

I would like target to do whatever it takes to
issue a duplicate receipt that is viable for
returns and exchanges.
I went in with the items and suggested that they
scan them in so they could void the original
receipt and issue a valid duplicate.

If they can't do that I would like them to
honor my government coupon and rebate me the
$40. for my digital converter.

  • Ga
    Gamerdude Aug 27, 2009

    If it was that easy anyone in the US could be getting 40 dollar checks from the government and cashing them at target.

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  • Ko
    kohlsmike Sep 13, 2009

    If there were more honest people in the world, Targets return policy wouldn't suck so hard. Alas, there are a LOT of dishonest people. Blame society brother

    0 Votes
  • De
    Dead Bird Cage Aug 16, 2010

    WOW that was a very well written complaint. One of the few I have noted on here the past hour. Very nice. I still love Target but good a good read.

    0 Votes