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customer fraud

I renewed my My-Faves contract with T-Mobile back in November 2007 and sent in all of the paper work to TLC...

bad service

I purchased a pay-as-you-go Nokia model 1208 phone from a T-mobile phone distributor 3 months ago...21 June...

incorrect invoices and harassment based on incorrect billing statements

Fax: [protected]
Very important*****very important*****very important
Attention: robert dotson, president and chief executive officer
Re: xxx-xxx-xxxx (last final notice )
Account: tsukada, lourdes
Date: october 13th, 2008
Dear mr. dotson,
Mr. dotson, attached are bills which have been submitted over, and over again. as you will notice, the dates are in consecutive order and barely enough time to even get a corrected bill before notices of late payments (which is incorrect), automated calls stating i was late with payments and the last bill – “final notice” before sent to collections”.

It is disappointing to find the inference, suggested by ms. young via telephone, the shipping charges were for “equipment i had ordered”. these allegations were once again completely unsubstantiated. therefore, for the record, the details of all “shipping charges” for equipment “i ordered” is listed below for my “record to be intact” and for you to observe the assumptions and continuous phone calls to my home and un-sub stationed notices in the mail.
1. 8/9/08 with kyle of level iii, another cell would be sent out without shipping charges of $10.84 would not be charged
2. 8/15/08 with eric and then rebecca cell again defective and another cell would be sent out to me without any shipping charges to be added to my bill (order# [protected]) – mind you this is the 3rd replacement). the defective cell was to be dropped off at the nearest t-mobile retail store – which was done. this confirmation of not charges on shipping was also confirmed with kevin.
now here is a “history of statements” provided in chronological orders, so you may observe the amount of follow through and headaches your company has caused and again, unfounded inferences.
1. bill of $102.72 which had a due date of september 24, 2008 was received by me on 9/16/08. a phone call was placed with t-mobile customer service and a question arose on the shipping charges reflected on the invoice. a letter was faxed to your hq, whereby after the receipt of the fax to your office, ms. young left a message stating, the afore mentioned, (i.e. items ordered by me. within the message, her message indicated and led to believe, the shipping charges would be credited and the final bill would be to the amount of $75.54. her voice mail also indicated these were removed as a “courtesy”. as you may imagine, most consumers do expect a corrected invoice and normally wait in the mail so as to pay and show evidence the amount paid is correct. this avoid futures misunderstandings with payees.
2. on october 5th, 2008 i received an invoice with a “past due” inference and the amount of $75.54 was confirmed within the letter. in the meantime, numerous automated telephone calls were being received on my voicemail at home stating the bill was past due.
3. on october 7th, 2008, a statement was received with a “past due” notice. as you will notice the date indicated on this is september 30th, 2008. as you will notice the due date for the previous bill was indicated as september 24th – and the date for this statement is not even 4 business days later. nevertheless, a payment was made on october 7th and posted, by my bank, as completed on october 8th, 2008.
4. on october 9th, 2008, another invoice for $75.54 was received stating indicating “this is your final notice and the next step would be collections.” again, notice the date of the october 6th, 2008!!!

Mr. dotson based on the history transactions and results listed below, you may concur with me, an invoice reflecting the corrected amount is the minimum any consumer would wait for before generating a payment.

1. past history of the phone calls back and forth
2. the nightmares of the defective cell phones
3. major mess ups with my laptop
4. erasing of my contacts several times from my cell phone

in this case even more when the past history is so nebulous and plenty of cause for a consumer to have the assurances the transactions, credits and follow-ups to complaints are posted with clear evidence to the consumer (i.e. paper). a simple telephone message by ms. young stating an amount, is not sufficient evidence the matter has been properly handled.

I would also your cooperation in verifying the information prior to hassling consumers with unwarranted phone calls and automated invoices for “incorrect transaction histories”.
Mr. dotson, it is unfortunate; the experiences are still negative with t-mobile and evidenced once again with the final transaction. these types of experiences are the ones which alienates consumers vs. building loyal consumers. as can be evidenced with the current market crisis, excellent customer service is the driving force in today’s market which builds loyalty to a company.
All cooperation to finalize and put to rest on this matter are appreciated. i would also request this matter of “resolution and final closure” be put in writing. it is an unfortunate request i make now, yet based on the past history, this is unavoidable.

I appreciate your cooperation and look forward to receiving the finalized confirmation in writing from t-mobile.

Lourdes tsukada
Cc: cole brodman (chief technology and innovation officer); brian kirkpatrick(executive vice president and chief financial officer); dave miller (senior vice president and general counsel); susan nokes (chief customer and operations officer); neville ray (senior vice president, engineering operations); manuel sousa (senior vice president and chief people officer); rob strickland (senior vice president and chief information officer)

  • Re
    register this Jun 27, 2009

    I have been a T-mobile customer for 4yrs. THEY SUCK ! I HATE being HARRASSED by their computer calling my cellphone at random times, including early in the morning and late in the evening.

    The "service" is marginal and overpriced, it takes 15 minutes or more "on hold" to get a human being on the phone, but --

    I'm calling them tomorrow, and giving them 1 week to decide if they want me to keep paying these damned HIGH BILLS of $80 or $90 for the very SMALL amount of time I spend on the the phone.

    If they refuse to insure that I will not be CONTINUALLY HARASSED SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY if my payment of the bill is late

    I'm quitting them.

    F*ck t-mobile.

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rudy and aggressive customer service

I have Suncom and the telephone customer support was always top notch. Friendly, caring people that never brought the worse out in me. T-Mobile has since taken over Suncom. I called last night due to the fact my internet browser on my phone would not connect to the internet. I called T-mobile to get assistance. The aggressive woman who answered the phone asked for the last 4 digits of the person's social which is my wife. From day one, I was put on the account and given permission to make any and all decisions I wanted to. The Suncom representative told me I could use my last 4 when I called customer service on the account. I had to call Suncom several time to resolve problems and since I was on the account, I was always helped using the last 4 digits of my SSN. Now, they won't. The idiot told me she saw my name and that I was able to make decisions on the account, but still would not assist me because I could not remember the last 4 of my wife's SSN. Then she became loud and mean ever so refusing to help me. I asked to talk to her supervisor and she then informed me she could "guarantee" the supervisor would agree with her (they must be good friends).

You should really think twice before using T-mobile. Their telephone support was the worst ever, PERIOD!

  • Em
    Email Customer Care Oct 11, 2008

    T-Mobile has outsourced their email customer care to a company named NCO. NCO's center in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada has been where ALL your emails have been coming from for a long time.

    Now they have sent all the emails to the PHILIPPINES! Get ready for your email and webchat customer care to be coming from Filipino people! HAHA. I thought T-Mobile would never go offshore? They do through NCO. You thought your customer care was bad before?!

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text messaging

After the merge with Sun Com, apparently customers have been receving outrageous phone bills for text messaging. Me included! $750 for over 3000 text messages. I found other people with the same problem on line. The number [protected] is what is on the bill for outgoing only text messages. We are looking for more people with this same problem. Right now, this is only affecting people in the North and South Carolina area. T-Mobile has been absolutely no help with rude customer service. T-Mobile was not our choice for cellular service. We were with Suncom. Go to to find out more information.

  • Em
    Email Customer Care Oct 11, 2008

    T-Mobile has outsourced their email customer care to a company named NCO. NCO's center in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada has been where ALL your emails have been coming from for a long time.

    Now they have sent all the emails to the PHILIPPINES! Get ready for your email and webchat customer care to be coming from Filipino people! HAHA. I thought T-Mobile would never go offshore? They do through NCO. You thought your customer care was bad before?!

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bad customer service

On Friday, October 3, 2008, I applied for an account online, stating that I wished to port my mobile number...

poor service, misrepresentation, retaliation, refusal to release numbers

Misrepresented terms of plan we purchased; told we could add up to two more lines at any time on our contract. (later told that each addition of a line constituted a new tw0-year contract) When the poor quality phones that we were initially provided in their promotional effort to get new business decomposed, we were told we would have to pay about $200 for a new phone or enter into a new tw0-year contract. (get the theme?) At that point, we wanted to cancel the contract but were told we would have to wait until the end of the two-year period or pay an early cancellation fee. We were told to send that request IN WRITING 30 days before the end of the contract, that a phone call would not suffice. When we did that several months later and 30 days before the end of our contract, we were sent a notice that we had to CALL instead. When we replied that we were following directives and that this was the reason we were through with T-Mobile, they continued to contact us by email. Then we were told that the two lines we had added had new tw0-year contracts and could not be cancelled without an early cancellation fee. Finally, T-Mobile sent a letter to us that they were cancelling our lines (all four) and that we would be billed through September 30, 2008. However, on September 29, 2008, they refused to release our numbers to our new carrier. On September 30, they cancelled our lines, though they expect us to pay THROUGH September 30. We now have no phone numbers and no way for our elderly father to reach us. All efforts to resolve this have been head-banging experiences. Thanks, T-Mobile. You get the Black Hat Award for 2008 for despicable service and insufferably knot-headed personnel.

  • Al
    Algonquinjcalhoun Mar 26, 2010

    You sound Arab or Middle Eastern. You don't count and no one wants to hear about it. GO to Cricket, which is where 99% of IUD's use for bombs. And you can be traced. And sent to Kazakstan. Phew, that would suck.

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rebate fraud

My name Is Philippe, I bought a Blackberry 8320 curve over two months ago now.on the 9/24/08 i recieved a letter from tmobile concerning my rebate form stated that: "we regret that we are unable to process your request as received.This rebate offer requires activation on a tmobile voice rate plan having a value of 34.99 or higher...etc.Now! my questions are:
how come when i purchased the plan and the phone none of the sale representatives that i spoke to never bother to mention anything about the conditions on the rebate? even more, why they simply handled me my rebate form when "I SUPPOSE" they already know they i had to add a certain features on my plan in order to collect the money for my rebate? This is what i was told this morning when i called tmobile rebate customer care #[protected].So far, all this seem understandable. however, when i was transfered to the supervisor her name i believe is Morgan and she was going though my rebate form with me, letting me know about the conditions on that form etc, but my rebate is missing a lot of informations that she was mentioning.i kept telling her i've the same rebate form that i sent to her two months ago and any of what she was telling me was on my form.for over 5 minutes i was on the phone with her trying to persuade her about my rebate form that she clearly stated that the form that i sent her had all the informations concerning the rebate when i know for sure that the exact copy that i have in my possession right now is totally different.Well guess what? she hang up on me. i called back again, my mistake i got her on the phone again because the representative told me she was not available and she was going to transfer me to a different supervisor.HEY LUCKY ME! i was going over the same thing again with her, after a few minutes she started yelling at me because i was not able to agree with her on the information she was giving me on my rebate.well! i did not want to waste any of her time i simply told her thanks for her time. But i can guarantee her and tmobile this is not the end of it.

  • Sp
    SpankyD Oct 03, 2008

    dear sir. i understand your frustration when you feel you have been mislead by a store represenative. However there are a few things i would like to share with you. Firstly it is not the stores responsibilty to read you the terms and conditions of a rebate form. this is you responsibilty to review the condtions prior to mailing it in. Secondly when you rebate is received the infomation is scanned and the image is saved. therefore we have the original image of the form you mailed in with your handwriting on it (not some generic form). If we can see it on the form you mailed in and you cant then maybe you need to get either your eyes or you head checked. and morgan is one of the best reps we have so maybe try trashing a newbie next time and not a tenured employee

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  • Sa
    sandra Oct 16, 2008

    I am very frustrated with my latest dealing with T-mobile. When my contract was expired on July, 2008. I went shop on internet, Wirefly-T-mobile. I was expecting $25.00 per month for 3 phone lines and unlimited text msg and internet connect for my college son. I was contacted T-mobile, make sure I am really getting the right price and services. The guy told me the price is right. But, my monthly bill did not came down to reflect the $25.00 saving per month. Today, Oct 15, 08 I asked to speak to the supervisor, customer service said, she is the supervisor, nobody is higher than her. I told her, who is your boss who sign your paycheck. She said, she has no boss. I told her to have T-mobile management to send me a letter. She told me she does not do that. She told me to call back again. Do I need to pay for the bill? I think they have the power to cut off my service if I do pay the bill.

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  • Tm
    tmobile disgusted Apr 11, 2009

    I too purchaesd the tmobile plan with the blackberry 8220 and did not receive any rebates this includes the 50 dollar for my duaghters sidekick and 50 dollars for my wifes motorola w990 and my 100 dollars for my blackberry8220 I think someone internally is stealing these cards and spending the money on themselves. When you call up too complain they give you the volleyball treatment back and forth back and forth. I have never been circle jerked so good in my life as when I call these folks they plan stupid and are stupid

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cell phone service

Let them know how you feel

Greg Pressly
Vice President - Customer Care

MetroPCS Communications, Inc. 8144 Walnut Hill Ln Ste 800
Dallas, TX [protected]

  • Jo
    Joanne Weiss Aug 13, 2013

    I have had three Metro PCS Smart phones. None have worked right. I get a lot of feed back, My phone call messages are not stored and can not receive them often
    The phone numbers often are wrong when they are saved, thus I call the wrong number
    The number entered to save is not the number I am calling.
    I get cut off often.
    Poor service, as Metro employees can not fix my cell phone, or they do not know how.
    The employees do not seem to have adequate knowledge of the cell phone, especially the smart phones.
    I can not make a payment on my cell with *99. I can not make a payment on line, won't accept it for some stupid reason. Now I have to get in my car and go to the store to make my payment...stupid and useless. why can they not get their ### together?????

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  • Sh
    Sheron Ramdhanny Jan 03, 2016

    I have service since October 2015 and having problem since January 1, 2016. I had another carrier for over 13 years and never had a problem like this. My number is 281-989-2907 a LG phone. It show only EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY AND BEEN ON SEARCH ever since. Please contact me at 340-719-3606. I suffered long enough.

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customer service of t-mobile for exchage of a faulty handset

I bought Motorola Rizr phone from T-Mobile which is still under warranty. It suddenly stopped working and T-Mobile agreed to exchage the phone. Talked to Dona and Ashley from T-Mobile for almost an hour and half. They want to force me to pay for two way shipment. Besides they offered to exchange this faulty phone with another possibly used phone on which max warranty would be 90 days rather than one year. New phone comes with warranty of a year but they denied to offer it. Rather than paying for hassle, they wanted to get more money from me. At the end I was told that they will give 400 extra minutes worth 160$. Rather than that I requested just to waive off shipment cost for which they denied. I also offerred that I will collect exchanged phone from nearest T-Mobile dealer so that I do not have to pay for shipment but they did not agree to that either !! I bought a phone from dealer and so should I be able to get it exchanged through dealer. It is not written that I can not do that but they do not want to agree to that option or any other option rather than forcing me to pay more. When I suggested to pick up a replacement phone from dealer, I was asked 2-3 times that if I want my phone to be exchanged or not !! I certainly did not like such sarcastic threat and customer service experience. I am still under one year of contract so I am stuck with T-Mobile till then.

  • Ma
    mad Jan 28, 2009

    I purchased a Samsung Behold cell phone from TMobile for Xmas, within one week the microphone stopped working, I returned the phone to my local TMobile center and to my surprise I was not given a new phone as a replacement but a refurbished phone. This after paying $100 and not to mention the manufacturing warranty that should have been honored. Now here is the best part; I gave the sales rep my social security number and my American Express card number to qualify and purchase the phone, only to find out that my identity had been stolen. I presume one of the TMobile reps stole my numbers and tried to assume my identity. I received a credit report alert stating that my address, phone, place of employment had been changed to an address unknown to me. I also got a call from American Express confirming my new address that I did not change. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR SOCIAL TO ANY TMOBILE REPs, AND DO NOT BUY FROM TMOBILE IF THE WARRANTY IS TO REPLACE A NEW PHONE WITH A REFURBISHED PHONE!!!

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  • Ca
    Cayenne923 Oct 03, 2009

    Here's how it goes. You have a phone under warranty. T-Mobile's obligation is to supply you with a working phone of equal value. It does not have to be brand new. You have used your phone. So you are exchanging your used defective phone for a refurbished working phone. Seems pretty fair to me. Look at it this way: if you buy a new car, drive it for 6 months then trade it, your trade value would not be worth what you paid for it because it is used. And just as the dealer would not reimburse you for the gas you used to drive the car to the lot, T-Mobile does not pay to ship your phone. All of this is in the terms and conditions you received when you received the phone. I encourage you to read any paperwork or literature you receive when you enter into a business relationship with a company. Also, fyi, it's not that the reps were being difficult by not allowing you to go into the store to swap your phone. They just can't do that per policy. I hope you do get a working phone soon. Go ahead and do the warranty exchange. Call back and ask very nicely if they will credit the shipping as a one time courtesy. They probably will if you're nice about it.

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333 message

I went to t-mobile on-line because i received an text that said i message from... i went to the web site and did not see anything about messages. I sent a customer service request as well as directly responding to text. I have not received any reply or acknowledge for my request.

Thank you,
Reed Friedman.

  • Ne
    Neverquit Sep 04, 2008

    log in to, go to my services, go to album, it should be a picture you received

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scam and theft

I have been with T-Mobile for past 2 years. I have trusted them so much that I even signed up for automated billing after a few months that I joined them. I constantly receive a monthly bill of around 48 dollars. For past two months, my bills have been outrageously high. For the month of june, they charged me 166.70 and for the month of July, they charged me 441.34.

I did not notice it last month but this month, because of the huge month, the bill got my attention and I contacted T-mobile about the same. They said the bills were because of the international charges. I explained them that I have used a phone card to call internationally and these charges should not have been there. They refused to take these charges off my account.

I have used the same calling card for past 1 year and never had a problem. In fact, for the month of June, i can clearly see that in some instances, it shows the calls being made from calling card. For the calls they said I made internationally, I can clearly see that i dialed calling card number just before these calls. After talking to them the second time, the manager agreed to take off half the charges as a matter of 'Good Will' but I still don't understand why i need to pay for the calls I never made.

I canceled the service immediately and will never sign up with T-mobile again. I will inform the student body at university of memphis, where I went to graduate school that they boycott TMobile. I will do the same at Washington University where I presently work.

cell phone in iraq

Letter to Sue Nokes, CCOO of T-Mobile

I added a second line to my account with T-Mobile so that a very close friend of mine could call home whenever he wanted to without having to stand in line at the MVC on base in Talil, Iraq. When he received the phone in the mail from me he immediately tried to call me and couldn't get through. He tried on several occasions to call, but was always cut off by the Iraqi carrier that would route him to the T-Mobile Messaging center in the U.S.

Nevertheless, after one month or less of trying to use the phone, sent it back to me. I called T-Mobile to give the phone back and let them know that the service they said we'd receive was never received and that I wanted to turn the phone off. I was quickly told that my phone bill for that phone was $333.17 (I believe that's the exact penny amount) and that bill needed to be reconciled. I was stunned to learn that there were actual charges for usage of the phone and had to investigate. Come to find out those charges were for every dropped call ( less than 3 seconds of a call trying to go through ) that my friends made. Those calls were charged and no one ever even had a conversation. Those were all calls that were routed to the T-Mobile Messaging Center and chalked up as conversations = minutes used where calls go through. Not the case.

After finally getting several of those calls taken off the bill ( over a 4 week period of time, where I spoke to 4 T-Mobile customer reps) I asked them to turn the phone off and we'll call it a failed attempt to communicate via cell from Iraq to the U.S. I was again quickly reminded that I would have to pay $200 to have that wish granted.

All the while this ordeal is going on over the Iraq phone, T-Mobile preceded to turn off my cell phone( which was paid up in full and had all my minutes available to me ). This is the cell phone on my business cards and the only number that my consultants use to reach me during the day. I was without a phone for them for 2 weeks. Not to mention it's my HOME phone too.

I paid the phone bill for the second line off once they lowered the cost for bogus calls and my cell was then turned back on. Yet, there is the lingering $200 left that needs to be paid so that the additional phone line is cut off. I'm sorry, but this is where I draw the line with this entire situation. Since I have not paid the $200 to turn off the Iraq phone ( and my cell phone is again paid for in full and the minutes unused ) again, my cell phone is shut off. This is the 2nd week I've been without my phone. Again, I have over 45 consultants that work for me as IT Developers, Network Admins, etc and have zero way for them to reach me when I'm in the field.

All of this wrapped up, means this to me:

I purchased a phone for a U.S. Soldier who has been at war in Iraq now for 2 years. I've been a T-Mobile customer since T-Mobile bought VoiceStream, where I was grandfathered in and had the choice to leave, but decided to stay with T-Mobile. I've been a loyal customer to T-Mobile that long and for that over a phone line that never worked I being treated as though you don't give one care in the world whether or not I'm your customer and have been for many many years. Stunned. I live in Little Rock, Ar and the CEO of Alltel is a close family friend. I've had the opportunity to go with them for years now and still stayed with T-Mobile.

Because I'm sickly disturbed by T-Mobile's absurd customer service practices I decided to turn this over today to Arkansas Congressman Vic Snyder, a veteran congressman and U.S. Army Veteran and as well, a family friend that is really surprised that a cell phone carrier would behave this way over a phone for a U.S. Soldier that never worked. He has copies of the bills that dictate the phone lines, charges, payments, etc and a 5 page statement from me and the U.S. Soldier in Iraq with regard to the situation I just told you about.

Before whomever he decides to speak with out this, I thought I might Google the Customer Service Manager for T-Mobile and see what comes up and try to communicate with them. I learned that you must be the highest ranking manager, so I've sent this request to you.

I'm asking that my cell phone is turned back on and the $200 charge waived. I'm seriously confused on why this is such a tall task. Is this a case yourself can take care of?

Thank you,

Brandy J . H.

  • Ra
    ray webber Nov 17, 2007

    i recently rec'd my current cell phone bill which was extremely high because i hav a pre-teen who abused our shared minutes last month. i'm aware of this bill and do not dispute anything on it. however, my sevice was interrupted a few weeks b4 my due date. there is no spending limit and no previous balance. but i was shut off "due to UNUSUAL HIGH ACTIVITY"!!!!! THEY OFFERED ME A BIGGER PLAN (WHICH I DECLINED) but they wanted me to pay before my due date or my service would be interrupted. i was fully aware of my UNUSUSL HIGH ACTIVITY and was ready to submit my payment when it was due but instead they, supervisor and everyone refused to cut back on my service. if there is no spending limit on my contract, why would you cut my sevice off if i am fully aware of my bill?! t-mobile is not an honest cellular service and i will change my sevice ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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receipt not provided, no contact email to write to

I have connected to the T Mobile Hotspot at Munich Airport. Paid 8 Euros to get access. During the sign up I was asked about email, etc. After that I read the following:
"When paying with your credit card you can print out a personalised receipt. This receipt can be stored on your device as a PDF before you login and be printed at a later date. Please note that it is no longer possible to get a receipt after you have logged in."
So, I cannot get a receipt if I miss the first chance, which I am not alerted about. Unacceptable! However, the reason I am writing is not this. The reason is their entire website does not have a single email, or phone number for complaints, issues. How convenient and how disgusting. They only list a phone number for "help", which charges money for each connection. Really really bad business practice.

  • Ru
    ruby obryan Sep 28, 2008

    i feel like they really dont have much cusgtomer service experance and they really dont care about the customers that they do have my phone dosent work about 75 per cen of the time and you are on hold for ever 2 hrs and no respon if they got paid by the lenth of time you was on the phone they would be working for free and the same goes with their attudes as well and their service really sucks i woul go with at&t or verison they do not put you on hold fore ever and a day they are very nice and understanding about your complants and the problem that you are haveing

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  • Me
    MeJay Oct 09, 2009

    +1 same issue, no receipt provided and no way to get one

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harassing phone calls

T- Mobile is allowing one of their customers to make several harassing phone calls to my busine...

very poor customer service

T-mobile customer service is very very poor! U can verify all of your information, however the say "we cannot tell you anything about your account over the phone"! They also say "that there are fcc guidelines that prohibits them from telling the customer anything"! I have never been so disgraced by any company! I guess I will now have to explore my new options as to where to take my cellular business! T-mobile has the worst coverage and th worst dropped calls situations ever!!

  • Ti
    TiffanyTiffany Sep 12, 2009

    Iceatra, employee number 0341279, will never answer any of your questions. Instead, she will yell over you, blame you, and not listen to any of your concerns.

    I have been a loyal T-Mobile consumer for the last few years; however, I will never again use T-Mobile because they do not care about their customers. Tonight, I called T-Mobile because I was receiving unsolicited calls from a private number at odd hours in the night. After speaking to a T-Mobile customer representative regarding my problem, he advised me that I could opt to add a "Family Allowance" option onto my plan and randomly select any number from the phone book and in addition to that number I randomly selected, T-Mobile would block all private numbers from calling me. He advised me that this was a great option to resolve my problem of unsolicited private number prank calls. However, this option included a fee which I did not feel was warranted given the fact that it was a T-mobile number these unsolicited calls were targeting, and on no part of my own or any bad faith on my part were these private numbers calling me. I asked to speak to his supervisor regarding a waiver of the fee. Iceatra, employee #0341279, answered the phone and immediately told me that I was speaking in circles. She refused to answer any of my direction questions, but instead constantly re-informed me that I was "speaking in circles." I asked her why I could not receive a fee waiver regarding this "family allowance" program given that I did not in any way cause this problem, she immediately cut me off and yelled over me to tell me that I was "speaking in circles." She purposely refused to answer my direct, clear, and concise question. Instead, she yelled at me, was extremely rude and unprofessional, and continued to avoid all my questions.

    Iceatra, employee number 034127, was rude, unprofessional, and refused to help me in any way. I have been a loyal customer to T-Mobile for the last few years; however, this October when my plan expires, I will be sure to switch providers because of this incident.

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  • Kn
    knickerbockersfan Jan 22, 2010

    If you were calling a retail store, then the representative you spoke to is correct. The retail representative cannot release any account information over the phone. If you spoke to a Customer Care Representative, the response is mostly correct. What you are dealing with is CPNI, or Customer Proprietary Network Information. These guidlines were put in place by the FCC to protect consumers in the event of an unauthorized access to an account. If the customer initiates the call to Customer Service, the Customer Service representative cannot release ANY call detail; except in three instances. The following is pasted verbatim from the FCC law pertaining to CPNI:Carrier Authentication Requirements
    1. Customer-Initiated Telephone Account Access
    13. We find that the release of call detail45 over the telephone presents an immediate risk to
    privacy and therefore we prohibit carriers from releasing call detail information based on customerinitiated
    telephone contact except under three circumstances.First, a carrier can release call detail information if the customer provides the carrier with a pre-established password.47 Second, a carrier may,
    at the customer’s request, send call detail information to the customer’s address of record.48 Third, a
    carrier may call the telephone number of record and disclose call detail information.49 A carrier may
    disclose non-call detail CPNI to a customer after the carrier authenticates the customer.50
    14. The record reflects that pretexters use evolving methods to trick employees at customer
    service call centers into releasing call detail information.51 This release of call detail through customerinitiated
    telephone contact presents heightened privacy concerns because of pretexters’ abilities to
    circumvent carrier authentication requirements and gain immediate access to call detail.

    Hope this helps.

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poor assistance from the president's office

Fax: [protected] Attention: Robert Dotson, President and Chief Executive Officer RE...

outgoing caller id

For over one month I have been trying to have my outgoing caller ID changed from Charles Boak 623-698.8011 to...

problems w/cell, knowledge level, cust. service

Fax: [protected]
Date: July 17th, 2008
Attention: Robert Dotson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Dotson,
I am a customer of T-Mobile and have been since 2001. I have previously brought to your attention some unfortunate issues I had experienced with the Customer Service Department back on February 2008. Your follow up to the issues brought forth to you in that letter was the “impressive” factor about T-Mobile. Although not resolved at the time, the Simple, quick and fast reply from your HQ office, as stated earlier, is the impressive part from the Executive Management Level.
As you know, client satisfaction is very important in our current retail & wholesale industries. In these past couple years, I have had to purchase several cell phones because for one reason or another, T-Mobile has either not been able to resolve the problems or did not have enough knowledge to fix the problem or just simply suggested as a resolution - for me to purchase a new cell phone to resolve the problems.
Listed below is the history (as far as T-Mobile’s records are kept) of all the cell phones I have had to purchase because of previous issues incurred:
Date Purchased Cell Phone Type Amount Paid
May-07 T-Mobile Dash $299.99
May-06 Samsung $149.99
Jan-05 Nokia 3660 $269.99
Dec-04 Nokia 3660 $249.04
Total $969.01

As you may observe, the listed above is quite an expense history just to be able to obtain fluidity of communications and functionality.

This unfortunately, is not what I had envisioned in my signing up with T-Mobile. I signed up for the promise of: quality service, quality of product, easy access to “compatibilities with office networks”, guarantee on products, loyal customers to have a priority in satisfaction of needs, pricing on new phones, offers of new competitive deals (when available) and the fabulous program of 5000 minutes for a monthly charge of $99.

These last couple of months, my experiences has become a nightmare with the problems I have had with either the T-Mobile Dash or the level of knowledge on the product or just simply Customer Service. Listed below are the summary versions of the problems encountered these last couple of months. I am also mentioning the occurrences where positive outcomes have been achieved because I do feel when good work is performed, the individuals should be recognized the time spent by us, clients to file “complaints”; we should recognize and “compliment” good service as well.

Summary of incidents:
Positive: June 18th, 2008: I called T-Mobile because my Dash was having synchronization issues. I initially talked to Loru (ID#7058472) and after attempts at trying to fix it and could not understand how to handle the problem, transferred me to Mike (ID#341622), in Level III IT. He worked on my T-Mobile Dash from 5:38pm through 9:10 pm and in conclusion – fixed the synchronization problem I had at the time. Although, I spent a long time with the tech, I perceived him as to really care and want
June 23rd, 2008. I called T-Mobile [protected] because I was having weird messages popping on my Dash screen – it was unable to synch and was advising me “attention required”. I spoke initially with a Jonathan who in turn, up hearing the issue –explained he would not be able to assist me since he is unfamiliar with that type of error message. He transferred me to Aaron (ID#381389) from Level II Dept. I explained to Aaron my problem and he then proceeded to read verbatim what was on the website as the possible solutions. Why do I know? He told me! I advised him this was a new issue related to my cell and to please read the notes in my file, his response was that it was a hardware problem. It was not an issue T-Mobile would get involved in and I was to contact HTC directly. He also stated the USB cable could not be attached all the time to the laptop and causing frequent synchs with the cell because it would “wear out” the mechanics of the cell. I advised him, I needed to do this because I worked from home and I did almost all my entries on the laptop. He again responded, this was not a T-Mobile issue. He then proceeded to give me the HTC 800 number [protected]. I was really upset with him, with T-Mobile yet wrote down the phone number. Also repeated this number back to him so I would be insured I was understanding this correctly and not have to call one more time, T-Mobile. He confirmed the numbers I wrote down. He also repeated one more time that T-Mobile did not follow-up with hardware issues and the 2 year contracts did not include this “type of service”. I then asked him what does the 2 year contract cover: he stated telephone call related issues. I then inquired why then get a 2 year contract if after the 1st year, all cell issues were not addressed nor fixed “as he put it”? He could not answer. Just repeated again, hardware issues were not part of the “contract”. I went to the T-Mobile main web page and filed a complaint via the Cust. Serv. Q&As on Aaron ID#381389.

I called the number Aaron had provided to me earlier and upon dialing the number, it notified me the number I was calling belonged to “Demus Customer Service”.

Now, I am fuming. I called T-Mobile again, [protected] and asked to speak to a Level III tech. All the reps once again at the various levels asked my account and password information, the nature of my call and then they transferred the call eventually. I have found Level III Techs to know a LOT more than Level II Techs – HANDS DOWN!!! The T-Mobile Dash was purchased on May 2007, I would like to bring to your attention another issue which unfortunately brings negative feedback on the product sold and the follow up services displayed at several levels. I purchased a T-Mobile Dash. I have unfortunately, had nothing but synchronization problems, lack of knowledge of the product at Level III IT in the past 3 months.

July 7th, 2008: I called the [protected]. After repetitious confirmations of account numbers, names, and passwords, I was able to reach Level III Techs because the problem could not be resolved. The error messages were:
1. SIM card not valid/functioning
2. The Remote party has ended this connection

Mike, the tech I spoke with and forgot to ask for the ID#, after various “off and on” attempts, we were successful in activating the service back to normal. He suggested we try to replace the SIM card on the phone at the next convenient moment for me. He stated he would add a note within my file so any T-Mobile Retail store would see the SIM replacement card is free. He also looked up the closest location of a store nearest to my home and found the Mil Creek office address. I thanked him and hung up. I immediately went to the store and replaced the SIM card.

July 15th, 20008: I called the [protected]. After repetitious entries, was advised my account had been suspended. I hung up and called again since I was cut off by the automated service dialing system. The second time around, I was able to get through to Cust. Serv. Rep., James. James verified my account number, my name, and password, listened to what my problem was: I had now 2 Dash Partnerships. I knew I could only have one, yet was hesitant on WHICH ONE to delete. I needed advice on this question. James explained he was not capable of responding to this question and transferred me to Level III Department with Mike ID#1226. Mike & I reviewed all of the information and determined which partnership “device” needed to be deleted from the Window Mobile Center. We synchronized again to ensure everything was working properly. I then had an additional question about my “history of cell purchases”, so he transferred me back to Cust. Serv. Dept. After confirming my entire name, cell phone, password, summary of my request, Walt, provided me with the information I asked for: my “cell phone purchase history” (listed at the beginning). I hung up the telephone call satisfied I had been taken care of and my issues resolved.

Positive outcome: July 8th 2008: I was having problems again with the T-Mobile Dash. It would not connect and I was not able to dial out from the cell. I called T-Mobile [protected] and after verification of my name, cell phone number and password, I spoke with AJ from the Level II, PDA&Tech Support. AJ stated since the warranty had expired on May 26th, 2008, there was nothing they, T-Mobile, could do since the phone if it was defective and for me to contact HTC directly. I advised him this was unacceptable and I wanted to speak to a Supervisor. The Supervisor, Derek (ID#3733050), at the PDA Support Department. He listed to what I said and also pointed out the same thing: warranty was expired and there was nothing which could be done. I explained again, I had purchased the cell for $300 at least and I was not satisfied with his answer, ESPECIALLY since I had been addressing problems with this for the last couple months AND Techs, had been working on this and had yet to resolve ANY of the issues. The suggestion to buy a new phone really made me lose my cool! No curse words yet I would not accept the fact that I could not get some type of resolution – another phone. A lot of back and forth went on and then he felt sorry for me I guess and also appreciated the fact that after all of these problems, I was still with T-Mobile. He showed exemplary customer service skills and resolved my issue by issuing a small extension to my warranty and replaced my phone with a new T-Mobile Dash. He also recommended I look at a Blackberry for the future and then proceeded to suggest a couple models.

On July 15th, after receiving a replacement T-Mobile Dash – I noticed the battery was running low too quickly. Talked to a T-Mobile Cust. Serv. Rep. and was advised it was the battery and to simply walk into any T-Mobile store and pick one up. I physically drove to your T-Mobile store located in Bothell, WA (MillCreek (Store #[protected] Bothell Everett HWY, Bothell, WA 98021).
I was attended by a very nice gentleman, receding hair line, blond, around 32 yrs. Old – (unfortunately I did not catch the name). Upon my requesting a replacement battery for my T-Mobile Dash, the gentleman looked at the cell and then looked online. He informed me that T-Mobile no longer carries them in the stores and they no longer sell them online. His suggestion was for me to contact H.T.C. com and order one directly from them. Mr. Dotson, as you may visualize, I was a little upset, yet did not create a scene and walked out quite discontent with T-Mobile. Upon arriving home, I logged onto my account with T-Mobile, and low and behold, the battery was being sold and I ordered one directly from T-Mobile online!!

This print screen (listed below) has been taken directly from the T-Mobile (general access) website.

July 16th, 7: 15 am. I called T-Mobile for some issues related to my Dash. I initially spoke with Trisha, whom confirmed my cell number account and my password. I explained the problems I was encountering and she said she would have to transfer me to another department. I agreed with her. She transferred me to Level II. I spoke to a Brian at the Level II Department. He asked me for my cell number and then proceeded to ask me for my password. I advised him the password I was using. He then proceeded to tell me the password was incorrect. He could not assist me because stated my password: “XXX” was incorrect. I then stated this was impossible since I had just been transferred from a Trisha in Cust. Service who had confirmed and verified all of the information I was providing was correct! He again insisted my account password is incorrect and could not look in the notes for this account nor provide any service related to this account since that was T-Mobile policy.

I hit the roof!! I hung up and called again the [protected]. The computerized system which starts the entire process for delegation of calls according to what we, clients, have entered at the beginning, once more advised me my account had been suspended so could not help me. This now has happened twice – yesterday as well. My account is set up for automatic billing on my Master Card.

Now, it is 7:30 am! I hung up again and called the [protected] again. This time, after my entering of my cell number and getting the same message of “account suspended”, I pressed the 0 button continuously until I get a Cust. Serv. Rep. In speaking to Brittany (in Cust. Serv. Dept.). She confirms my account was not suspended and my password was correct. I summarize this to her what my problem was and requested she transfer me directly to a Level III Department. I asked her not to take offense in this yet I knew and needed these problems to be addressed and resolved by a Level III Department. She proceeds to transfer me to a Level II Department.

Level II Tech, Bruce, ID#[protected] after confirming my account, name and password and the nature of the call. Was unfamiliar with the error messages listed below. He states he has not encountered these and wants to write them down in the notes in the file. I repeat them again so he can write them up within the notes of my file.

Problems with new T-Mobile Dash phone after 2 days of usage:
Error messages are:
1. Automatic response from: “The SIM cards missing or is not valid you can still make emergency calls if your service provider supports it. SIM failure.” SIM was changed earlier last week.
2. “The following errors occurred while sending and receiving messages: Cannot connect. Be certain that your connection settings are correct then try again.” T-Mobile Dash phone (physically) replaced just 2 days ago.

He could not figure out either. However, suggested we do a Master Reset. This would clear all information in my cell currently and back up information from the laptop to the cell. So we cleared & reset the Dash. Upon my asking if all of my email accounts would transfer over to my Dash, he replied, “of course! They are all backed up on the Mobile Center and would download upon our synchronization set up.” I had stressed this since I had spent 1 hour setting the emails up and had to work with MSFT, GMAIL, and windows mobile for the other 3 accounts.

Upon clearing and resetting, the information from the “laptop” was downloaded into the cell. Unfortunately, none of the emails passed on to the cell. They needed to be “re entered” into the cell.
Now, I asked him if he knew what he was talking about and he then proceeded to give me instructions on “going to Tools, and then looking….” I stopped him right there. I advised him that I had only Window Mobile Device Center as an option on my screen. He insisted for me to look for a “Tools” field button. After my getting frustrated and repeating several times this was not an option on the Windows Mobile Device Center – he then admitted he had no idea about Mobile Center nor had any idea on how to resolve problems with Vista and the Dash!

I thanked him for his honesty but pointed out this should have been his 1st answer, 1 hour ago vs. messing with my cell and erasing, etc. I requested for him to transfer me to Level III.

Positive part: I was transferred to a Level III tech, James ID#341643. Who confirmed my account verification and cell number to be correct? We summarized all of the problems and he advised me the errors I had received earlier in the day are not normal. We synched again and received 2 emails onto Outlook and not the rest. He confirmed that I would have to create another email with my main carrier Verizon to get the other emails. He waited while I created the Verizon email “partnership” and I received all emails on the cell. We also synchronized again putting a “dummy entry” just to make sure everything was okay. Fortunately, it was.

He also assured me that he had placed within the notes for all reps to see, a special note to transfer me directly with a Level III Department Tech, when I was addressing problems with my T-Mobile Dash. He sympathized with my frustrations and stated this note should alleviate some of my headaches on being bounced from different levels to ultimately always end up in the Level III Department. Level III techs are trained and know Vista and are very familiar with T-Mobile Dash.

It is now 10:30 am of the same day and I am creating my partnerships emails all over again. Some work and others do not. I will have to work with the entities to get the correct set up.

An existing problem which is pending and has Level III Techs, stumped on how to resolve.
• On 2 occasions, Level III Techs, have created a “backup.pst files” and another ““̃̃backup.file”. Theses have both been created as to back up my existing “outlook data” before attempting to erase and reboot the cell phone or erase the existing data contained in the Windows Mobile Center.
• Should any of these 2 be deleted, it disables the functionality of synchronization from my Laptop with the T-Mobile Dash via USB Cables.
• Should an attempt be made to “rename” any one of these 2 files, the action may not be performed because “access” is denied.
• SIM card error”The SIM cars is missing or is not valid you can still make emergency calls if your service provider supports it. SIM Failure.”. WHAT I DO NOW, dismantle the phone: take out SIM CARD, BATTERY, reassemble and restart the cell phone. Yesterday afternoon it happened, today, July 17th, 2008, at 7:30am during one of my calls, it happened….

As you may well be aware, just the hassle of T-Mobile verifications of name, account number, password, summary of problem and transfers from 2 to 3 departments with the same questions are asked, IS enough to drive anyone nuts!!!

The majority of the techs at the Level III, or any other departments, cannot figure out or come to a resolution to fix this problem the “backup.pst files”. After spending so much time with T-Mobile, you may imagine my hesitancy on deleting or adding any further files to my laptop.

Mr. Dotson, all of these problems are not “encounters” which customers should encounter. What would you really do if you were in my shoes? I really am trying to maintain my account with T-Mobile yet unfortunately, after continuous phone calls, hours spent with techs on issues related to service or telephone, endless transfers from Department to Departments, lengthy conversations with different techs, suggestions to replacements of phones, purchases of new phones due to resolution not found, … is now very, very hard to believe in delivery of resolutions.

In short, once again, I am seeking your advice and suggestions on what our next step should be. I am really, really trying to still remain loyal with T-Mobile yet the process I have had to endure, to put it frankly, “is a nightmare!


Lourdes Tsukada
Cole Brodman (Chief Technology and Innovation Officer); Brian Kirkpatrick(Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer); Dave Miller (Senior Vice President and General Counsel); Susan Nokes (Chief Customer and Operations Officer); Neville Ray (Senior Vice President, Engineering Operations); Manuel Sousa (Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer); Rob Strickland (Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer)

  • Yu
    yusuf Mar 13, 2009

    I am also a T-mobile customer and its like HELL, the level of service is an embarrassment. You pay good, decent money and all they do is step on you like you're Nothing (I mean who do they think they really are). It's hopeless. I rang their Customer Care! (Right What Care) and the person I spoke to hang up the phone on me, and I it's because they are about to shutdown their lines in about 5min. But still, that's not good enough reason to hang-up like that and it’s not like as a customer I am being Abusive! Absolute nightmare. It's good to know that there are people like myself that aren't happy with T-mobile. I mean as far as I am concern I know who not to buy my next contract from!

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international billing/ sidekicks


To Whom It May Concern:

I need to speak with a Manager at T-Mobile regarding the customer service I have received since joining T-Mobile in September 2007. I have had major problems with my service at T-Mobile.

The first issue I had at T-Mobile started almost immediately after I began my service. I became a T-Mobile customer solely because I wanted the Sidekick 3. I purchased a Sidekick 3 directly from the T-mobile Sales Department in September 2007. I immediately had problems with the service. I called T-Mobile customer service department regarding the problems I was receiving. I was told that there was a “known” problem with the Sidekick service in New York. This should have been explained to me when I purchased the Sidekick so I could have made an informed decision as to whether I wanted to continue to purchase the Sidekick. The customer service rep told me to please bare with them because T-Mobile was working to resolve the issue. I continued to have dropped calls, little or no service, and calls where other individuals interrupted the line. I continued to call into the Sidekick department to notify them of the issues I had with my phone. I went through the process time and time again to try to identify the issue with my Sidekick to no avail. Although I had problems with my phone and phone service I faithfully paid my bill every month. I grew very weary of constantly complaining about my Sidekick problem. So, I started to only voice my complaints when I called into the customer service department to pay my bill. Once, again I continued to pay my bill although I was received mediocre cell phone service. After months of complaints I finally convinced a Sidekick customer service rep to send me a new Sidekick. I was happy to see that this resolved majority of my issues with the Sidekick. I also was disappointed because I had to suffer through months of terrible service when a simple solution was available.

Unfortunately for me this leads to yet another problem. The first replacement Sidekick that was sent to me was stolen. I diligently reported this telephone stolen the next day and another telephone was sent to me. Approximately, one month later I was billed for the stolen telephone. Apparently, the Sidekick customer service rep noted the account that the phone was stolen but regular customer service rep could not see Sidekick department account notes. After several telephone calls, the issue was resolved. I foolishly thought that my troubles with T-Mobile were done. At this time, all I wanted to do was wait out my contract and transfer to another cell phone carrier when my contract was up.

I had a vacation planned for May 22, 2008 – May 29, 2008 to the Barbados. So, in April 2008 I called T-Mobile customer service to inquire about the international rates and possibly temporarily add this service to my plan. I was verbally told that the international rate to Barbados was either .25 a minute or .50 a minute. Based on this information I told the customer service rep to add international capabilities to my plan. On July 7, 2008 I wanted to pay my bill so I sent a text message to find out my account balance. I was shocked to see that my balance was $399.00. I promptly call the customer service department to inquiry how my bill could be so much. I was then informed that the international rate is $1.49 a minute. I spoke to a customer service supervisor regarding this issue. I informed the customer service supervisor that I want the telephone conversation pulled because that was not the price that was quoted to me. (After researching the rates on the internet I also see that there is a charge for text messages). I also was not informed of any international text message charges. The customer service supervisor stated to me that the rep that added international capabilities put in the notes that he informed me that the international rate is $1.49 a minute. Had I been quoted the $1.49 a minute rate and told that there is a text message charge I would not have used my phone. You will note that all international calls were made May 22 – May 29 (with the exception of two test calls made to the hotel in April).

I am writing today to resolve this issue and to insure that the telephone conversation in fact is pulled. Throughout the terrible service I have had with T-Mobile I have always paid my bill. This is not an issue of me not wanting to pay my bill. However, I will only pay the rate that was quoted to me. I am so tired of the horrendous customer service I have received that I no longer want to be a T-Mobile customer.

  • Ma
    MAC Oct 31, 2008

    mann i most def agree with that i am a soldier in iraq for the past year and on 1 bill it to be exact 2, 500$ believe it i never even used my phone like dat calls couple texts when i waz off here and there and after that it waz in the hundreds i got about three different quotes of how much it would b here after the fact plus a quote from the tmobile website that must not be correct ...i never had problems with tmobile i had verizon b4 and alot of problems with them but ill stick it out a little while longer

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