Globe Telecom Complaints & Reviews

Globe Telecom / No landline services after Migration

Oct 14, 2019

Following Globe's migration last September 19, 2019, my landline had not been working since. I did not want to have my modem to be replaces as it was working fine however your technicians said it was mandatory, technicians started working on the modem 2:30pm but could not sync the...

Globe Telecom / Customer Service

Oct 13, 2019

I contacted Globe about my bills. They are only reachable on twitter or messenger. I was on a chat for 12 hours! They never came to the issue at hand, they just went in rounds to ask "security" questions again and again, effectively blocking everything off. They did not even log my issue...

Globe Telecom / Gcash

Oct 12, 2019

I tried to withdraw money yesterday using my gcash mastercard at bdo sm fairview. The money didn't dispense but i was deducted 8600 pesos!!! I sent an email with no response. And yesterday night i received a text message assuring me that the money will be credited back today at 3pm. It...

Globe Telecom / poor quality of internet/wifi connection in my house provided by globe philippines

Oct 07, 2019

Sir/Ma'am, Please, we are paying you monthly due to get a quality of internet connection but what we've got ay sobrang hina po ng internet/wifi. Please send your techincal support team in our house immediately. Please check the apparatus Please check the antenna Please check everything I am an...

Globe Telecom / gcash

Oct 07, 2019

Globe TelecomSir/Madam: Good day! I would like to seek for your assistance in resolving my current issue with GCASH/GCREDIT transaction back in August 18, 2019. I have 2 reference numbers regarding this concern, once was created last 8/19/19 ref # 6298103 and ref # 6510270 follow up request on Sept. 6...

Globe Telecom / bill

Oct 07, 2019

Landline Nr. [protected] Account Nr. [protected] I get no bill from u!!.. I got txt that u will send electronic bill to my email adress.. [protected] but i get advertising with email from u only. The amount at ur txt i think is wrong so i need the bill for check it. I was at ur...

Globe Telecom / gcash cash in / customer support agents and supervisor

Oct 06, 2019

Oct. 4 at 7:54AM I cashed In 3500 to my gcash account from my bank account. The amount was successfully deducted from my bank and they gave me a reference number as s proof, unfortunately it wasn't reflecting on my gcash account. To cut the story short, I've been calling GCASH support...

Globe Telecom / gcash

Oct 04, 2019

Your customer service sucks. You took all my personal information. Kulang na lang pati SSS ko at Credit Card ko hingin niyo oara sa kaanumalihan e. Special shout out to Ms. Jo ng Customer Service phone niyo na binabaan ako habang ineexplain ko problem. Also to your messenger team na it...

Globe Telecom / gcash

Oct 04, 2019

I bought Steam Wallet Code worth 250php and 50php using my GCASH last September 30, 2019 at 11:15am. The 50php amount came at 6pm but the 250php didn't, I tried calling their customer hotline and they said it will take 2-3 working days for them to credit back the 250php or still send the...

Globe Telecom / globe broadband and landline

Sep 30, 2019

Globe TelecomTo whom it may concern, I am writing to make a formal complaint against Globe Telecom. My complaint is that they failed to provide the service that was promised and still continue to fail up to this point. • We received the below notification from them last Sep 26. This was forwarded from...

Globe Telecom / gcash money not credited to my gcash account

Sep 30, 2019

I made cash in through my linked account worth Php 3000.00 last September 27 but the money did not get credited to my gcash account. I check my act online and the transaction did push through. I called customer service but there was no options to talk to a representative. I called globe...

Globe Telecom / globe prepaid

Sep 29, 2019

I registered my load to GS50 its 1 gb plus 300 mb for facebook today and then after a few hours using my facebook I received a text saying that ubos na ang surf promo ko. Is that a joke? One day? Ubos agad ang 50 pesos load ko. And this is not the first time. Can you cut the [censored] of your...

Globe Telecom / money not credited to my gcash account

Sep 28, 2019

I have a Gcash account. On September 27, 2019 I cash-in to my gcash account thru my linked debit card. My issuing bank has deducted me already the amount I cash in amounting 3, 500 Pesos but it was not credited to my gcash account. I emailed Gcash help Center but they left me hanging after...

Globe Telecom / gcredit uncredited payment

Sep 27, 2019

I have made a payment to smart using Gcredit on August 29 but it has not been credites to my account with them. I already made the follow up with Smart and according to their investigation and follow up to Globe Gcash with EC pay the amount was credt back to me but I dont have anything...

Globe Telecom / supersurf50/regular load

Sep 26, 2019

Globe TelecomI tried to register in your service and I encountered problems: 1. Slow internet, & being warned that my internet usage is unusually high. 2.I turned off my cellular data but my load was deducted because it says that im still connected to the internet.I am connected but to our home wifi. 3.I...

Globe Telecom / globe - g cash

Sep 24, 2019

My issue is for Globe G-cash. I have already filed a ticket for my fraud case since July 31, 2019 and still my issue is not resolved. The customer e-mail support are very stupid, kep't on replying the same message and he/she doesn't even know how to extract a zip file. Also I haven't...

Globe Telecom / globe my business

Sep 24, 2019

It is with great sorrow that I write you today regarding our high speed Internet service. While your service has never had problem before, recently we have experienced interruptions to our connection. The problem began on August, when our connection went down. We established that the...

Globe Telecom / globe at home — not showing up on scheduled maintenance date

Sep 23, 2019

I received a letter that a transfer of my broadband line and replacement of current modem and landline will have to be made as they are going to decommission and permanently disconnect the old facilities and was advised to call customer hotline number 730-1026 using access code 8463 to...

Globe Telecom / supersurf200

Sep 19, 2019

I registered to your SUPERSURF200 para magka access sa internet connection for ilang days. I understand your policy but not the hell na as in hindi ako makaacess kahit sa fb after I receivd the notice that I consumed the whatever [censored]ing cap you have. Ang malala. nag susubscribe pa ko...

Globe Telecom / gcash receipt not yet received

Sep 18, 2019

I am happy with the service was f Gcash until last Friday, I cash in an amount more than enough for me to pay my tuition fee's last installment. I created a ticket and after few hours, I received a notification saying my transaction will be refunded in 2 days. I waited until today...

Globe Telecom / broadband signal and cell phone signal

Sep 14, 2019

I know that there were no stable signal on broadband and it may vary in so many reasons, but it was no longer tolerable that Globe signal on both broadband and cellphone will gone for days and almost happen every week, broadband signal will go down to 5kbps upload to zero during peak...

Globe Telecom / internet

Sep 09, 2019

I have a contract with them 1299P for 150Gb a month. They propose to pay on line you must write your account #I paid 1 month + more data 1833P with credit card. I received a receipt from ipay88 to explain that my payment was sent to Globe. It was on April 20 wit a due date on April 26...

Globe Telecom / gcash app cash in transaction

Sep 09, 2019

Using the GCash App on my phone, I tried cashing in with my linked BDO mastercard the amount of P 9, 200 last Sept 5, 2019 at approximately 15:30 hrs. Money was deducted from my savings account but still is not reflected on my Gcash account. I've emailed customer service but replies were...

Globe Telecom / regular load always used by their system. thus I was unable to register to their so called surf promos

Sep 06, 2019

I paid for a net load amounting to P50. I registered to *143# Gosurf50. It took so long waiting for confirmation and no confirmation i type again *143# to register go surf 50 then in a split of a second their system said that i had multiple times registering while its only my...

Globe Telecom / gcash cash in - non receipt

Sep 05, 2019


Globe Telecom / gcash transaction

Sep 05, 2019

I am complaining customer service hotline i was have 4 times attempt to talk to different representative for my unsuccessful GCASH Transaction and they give me unresolved issue they always committing me 24hrs to fix but my payment transaction didn't fix, And one of representative says it...

Globe Telecom / Poor internet connection

Sep 01, 2019

Dear Globe Management, I am writing to complain your Costumer Service Representative named KIM (didn't get her surname) and ERIC (Ballesteros - not sure if I heard it right?) whom I spoken last Saturday, 30 August around 3:10pm. Both of them were not customer oriented, I was still talking to...

Globe Telecom / bayantel landline for repair and unreliable globe phone trunkline

Aug 22, 2019

No dialtone since august 16, 2019 for globe bayantel acct # [protected]. I dialled several times your trunkline 4121212, 4112000, 4499999, 7301000 and pressed option 2 for taglish but your auto response says that I did not press any option. I made 499.00 payment on august 16, 2019 at sm...

Globe Telecom / horrible customer service / broken promise

Aug 20, 2019

Globe TelecomI spoke with an Agent name Ciello about my services got interrupted. There should be an adjustment for 1299 that will cover the remaining unpaid bill on the account. She insisted that she is not seeling the credit. I gave her the breakdown and she started over talking. I asked for a...

Globe Telecom / Your entitled employees

Aug 19, 2019

Hi Globe! In behalf of all my collagues, i am writing to inform you that your employees who usually checks in the hotel are feeling entitled! They dont know how to wait for their turn (they have to call managers for them to be accomodated right away), they cut line, they demand for free...

Globe Telecom / gosakto promos

Aug 18, 2019

hi gud pm, , , about po sa data ng surfing and yung data para sa online streaming like youtube, , , suggest ko lang po sana sa kapag surfing yung data allocation po ng surfing dun mag coconsume, , , kapag naman po online video streaming and apps and games, , , dun naman po sa data ng para...

Globe Telecom / "unethical behavior of 2 consecutive customer service representatives"

Aug 12, 2019

I called Globe Cust Service and was able to talked to rep George(sounds like gay). informed him that I got disconnected despite I was able to pay the payment arrangement amount on time. He told me that the amount I need to settle is 1400 something instead of 1000 as what we agreed during...

Globe Telecom / corpo sim

Aug 05, 2019

Globe TelecomHello Globe, I just want to complain about the corpo sim there is some people in the Philippine who selling online corpo sim card that worth of 6, 000 peso then after 1 month 3, 000 for monthly bill. Iam OFW i was searching online how to apply this corpo sim so i can have my internet at home. I...

Globe Telecom / about network services in our place

Aug 04, 2019

I use super50 promos but I can't use I can not enjoy your services...we also have globe band..we feel we cheated coz we can not consume properly the load what we have coz of very poor signal/network...can you please check ur services in our's not because we are in province so...

Globe Telecom / gcash app

Jul 24, 2019

Globe Telecomlast july 14 i transfer money on my gcash since then i upgrade my acct to be fully verified but unfortunately until now globe doesnt do anything to fix that problem i just need to cash out my money i been messaging them everyday how many times a day but its still useless until now i cant...

Globe Telecom / csr : harold ybañez

Jul 23, 2019

I'm complaining for this Harold Ybañez for your management to take certain immediate action towards his attitude as a CSR. I fully understand that as a CSR, you have a stressful environment hearing complaints from other consumers. But with outmost knowledge on the industry, it's also a...

Globe Telecom / gcredit

Jul 20, 2019

The bills payment I made was not posted and they won't even respond to any of my emails. Customer service is useless, let you wait for an hour before they answer your call then make a useless report. That was 3 months ago. Until now, there was no contact or update on what happened to the payment I made. Tried several other channels still no resolution.

Globe Telecom / pre-termination fee in a request for correction of contract

Jul 18, 2019

1st complaint Re: Mobile No. [protected] In April 2019, I renewed my 2-year contract effective May 16, 2019 with your company at the Alimall Globe Store availing the Huawei P30 under plan 2499. I was not provided with a copy of the contract. When I received my June bill for the period...

Globe Telecom / Globe at home wireless wifi Serviceno scle4G19050031924

Jul 02, 2019

My globe wifi installed last may 18 and I cah out pull payment amounting 2799 but after a week or at the end of may my data lost it so dissaappointed for this product.. Then I chat the info at globe telecom for what happen to my connection being lost they said I have 3hundred plus balance...

Globe Telecom / speed of wifi

Jun 18, 2019

Globe TelecomAround two weeks earlier our Globe landline phone [protected] lost its dial tone along with wifi internet connection. As always we have to report and call 211 Globe's so-called customer services that in my annoyance and frustration should be renamed to customer disservices. Globe's outsourced...