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Olive Garden Customer Service

770 Reviews

Darden Concepts, Inc.

Darden Restaurants, Inc., 1000 Darden Center Drive
United States - 32837

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 248 4935(Gift Cards - USA)
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+1 888 888 3341(Gift Cards - Canada)
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+1 844 645 6925(Customer Service)
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+1 800 331 2729(Guest Relations)
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Olive Garden Complaints & Reviews

Olive Garden / dissatisfied with overall experience

Teressa Acosta on Aug 13, 2018

Aug 12th 2018. visited the Olive Garden in Santa Clarita around 7:30pm. Party of 4 adults. Ordered a Strawberry Margarita. My server gave me a price of $13.00 for a premium tequila or $7.00 for the house tequila. I chose the house tequila. When the drink arrived it tasted like sweet...

The Olive Garden / lack of planned and intentional timely service

Allan Dear on Aug 13, 2018

On Feb 20 2018 my friends and I were seated for dinner .we gave our drink order and waited for 30 plus minutes to receive. Waitress was nice but disorganized places our food order another 40 minutes till the dinner order arrived when it was it was piecemeal multiple trips to kitchen to...

Olive Garden / wet floors

Customer20601 on Aug 13, 2018

On Sunday, August 12. My husband and I thought we would enjoy a quite lunch after church as we had so many times in the past. Although this Sunday was different because it was the first time out in a week after foot surgery. Since I'm on crutches my husband dropped me off at the door...

Olive Garden / I am complaining about the lack of preparedness for emergencies

rhonda banks on Aug 13, 2018

On Sunday, August 12, 2018 at approximately 5:00 the most busiest time for dinner, my husband decided to dine with our granddaughter at Olive Garden on Route 1 in Laurel, Maryland because we promised her pizza. We decided to go to a step above a pizza store to engage in a family...

Olive Garden / service

JnkJrG on Aug 13, 2018

My boyfriend and I decided to go to Olive Garden he has never been due to not really having a taste for Italian but wanted to try it out yesterday. We waited for 20 minutes on a table which was fine we didn't mind but the waiter we got was god awful. Everything we ordered he took to...

Olive Garden / overall experience

Bev Strandell on Aug 12, 2018

Aug 5, 2018, Olive Garden in Waterloo, IA, my niece and I had a wonderful lunch with wonderful service and were leaving and I experience a fall on the tile floor, where there was water on the floor. My cane slid and then I fell and was assisted up by onlookers and the staff gathered...

Olive Garden / our meal and service with my waitress and the manager

Lynn Wade on Aug 12, 2018

My cousin and i went to olive garden in Washington, pa. We ordered the meatball bowls 20 min after lunch so we were charged an upcharge from 8.99 to 11.99 which we agreed to. Our waitress never told us about the special of buy a meal for 11.99 and you get to take a meal home. My cousin had...

Olive Garden / customer service

Sharonda$$ on Aug 10, 2018

On August 8th, my family and I had reservations for the Olive Garden on East West highway in Hyattsville Maryland for a party of 25. When we got there the table wasn't available until 45 minutes later. Then when we placed our order, we did not receive it until 1 hour later and it was cold...

Olive Garden / reservation policy - not all restaurants are created equal

Misty Fowler on Aug 8, 2018

Trying to plan birthday party for my daughter. I have a party of 10-12 and she wanted to eat at OG as her choice on her birthday (which is on a Sunday). Come to find out, OUR closet OG does not take reservations for large parties on Sunday after 3:00 pm, and I quote" because its their...

Olive Garden / i'm complaining about a server

Codi Benson on Aug 7, 2018

My friend and I went to Olive Garden today (8/7) because she has been craving it and she hadn't had it in like 6 or 7 months. There is a bartender, Charlie Osborn, and a server, Brianna Jarboe, that we do not get a long but we just wanted to eat and had no plans to talk to them. We...

Olive Garden / Employers

Dylan obrien on Aug 7, 2018

I recently was employed at your rockwall tx location i quit my job do to certain management issues regarding managers sleeping with staff managers repeating in confidence information to other employees not being managment and most of all your manager Raquel who blew up on me in front of a...

Olive Garden / my order

joeb1007 on Aug 6, 2018

I was with my daughter. We both ordered the Duo Lunch special, $6.99. She got the eggplant sandwich with fries and chose the never ending soup. I ordered the Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce and never ending salad. When my order came the spaghetti w/ meat sauce bowl was a much larger portion than...

Olive Garden / server/waitress

Tina001 on Aug 6, 2018

So today I went to Olive Garden the one in Blue Springs Missouri, (801 NE Coronado Dr) and the food was superb just the service was absolutely terrible! Our server was super unfriendly and unhelpful. I pay good money to eat there I expect great service honestly. The restraint wasn't packed...

Olive Garden / subpar food and service

kelliealdridge on Aug 5, 2018

We went to Olive Garden for lunch and the person seating new arrivals seemed overwhelmed. We waited for a short time then went to seat at the bar area. We ordered our lunch. Evidently many people decided to go to the bar are, she was overwhelmed. I ordered a lunch combo which included a...

Olive Garden / hostess and wait staff'

Paulette Resar on Aug 4, 2018

Today is 8-4-18, my husband and I enjoy Olive Garden. But the last 2 times we've been there (Elyria, Ohio) the staff seems like they just don't care. The last time which was about 2 weeks ago I was with my 2 granddaughters, the waitress was very rude. My granddaughters even noticed and...

Olive Garden / hair in my food

Bethany Littrell on Aug 2, 2018

My husband and I went to the olive garden in irving, texas for our anniversary last night around 8:00pm. I ordered the cheese filled gnocchi alfredo and my husband had the tour of italy. I was appalled and disgusted when I found two black hairs in my food! I sent it back, and again... Hair...

Olive Garden / we had 2 complete lasagna dinners

Zueschoco1 on Jul 30, 2018

My wife and i ordered our food and when we got it not only was it cold but my wifes lasagna had a bug in it thank god we saw it before she ate it the black guy that was our waiter. Came over after about 15 minuets and i showed him the bug in my wife food and told him to feel our lasagna so...

Olive Garden / fettuccine alfredo

Christine Epperson on Jul 30, 2018

Ordered 2 fettuccini alfredos one with a salad and the other with the potato and sausage soup for the sides. It was on Friday July 27th. My fiance Daniel Gallegos went in to pay for it. We called in the order at 3:55 pm and was told it would be ready at 415. We arrrived right at 430 pm to...

Olive Garden / not being seated accordingly. waited yime was lonfer than what told. looked over while familys iof same ampunt arrived after we did and were taken in

John l b on Jul 30, 2018

Arrived at 7:10 on sunday aug 29 2018. Was told it would be a 35 minute wait. We had 8 in our party and taking pur niece there for her first time to eat at olive garden. At 8:10 we still werent seated. Ask if they could split us up into parties of 4 to fer seated. Was told would be 10 more...

Olive Garden / no 5-cheese ziti, lack of utensils, slow service

MelodyVH on Jul 29, 2018

Last evening, Saturday July 28th, me and two girlfriends went to Olive Garden in Harlem on 125th because it was one of my friends birthday. We went to our favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, where we go at least once a week, waited 40 minutes for table. Birthday girl ordered her favorite...