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Subway - Subway hires a traitor as their spokesperson!

I am boycotting Subway from now on! First, you guys hired a pedophile as your spokesperson and now you hire an athlete who hates her own country as a spokesperson! You hired Megan Rapinoe of US Women's Soccer as your spokesperson. She and other soccer players knelt during our national anthem at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. That was disgraceful and disrespectful to our great nation, our great flag, our great President Joe Biden, our soldiers who fight to protect our freedom, and U.S. citizens like me. She knelt during the anthem and dispected the 92 year old World War 2 vet who led the anthem, a man who fought for our country! This is not only an act of disrespect but an act of treason!

Desired outcome: Fire Megan Rapinoe and hire someone who loves our country as a spokesperson!

Every time Subways commercial with the “kneeler” airs, Subway loses at least 65% of the viewers as customers. Smart marketing.

Subway - You use American hating athletes to do your commercials

You used American hating pink haired soccer player to represent America and subway. You spit on my great grandfather grave and my grandfathers grave. And you are to stupid to realize it. I own construction company and subway was the most ordered for lunch. Not anymore you can go. Well you know.
And no you don't need to tell Obiden you are in fear of me. I would not wast my time with low life's like you're corporate leaders. Its Locale sandwich shops from now on.

Desired outcome: You realize you are spitting on American Solsiers with this bull shit

Good job! I wrote a similar complain to them about hiring Megan Rapinoe as their spokesperson! If she wants to protest, that's fine but don't do it by kneeling during our anthem at the Summer Olympics!

Jul 26, 2021

Subway - Subway commercial on tv with megan rapinoe

I just saw the latest tv commercial for the subway with megan rapinoe as your spokesperson for subway, and it was very upsetting to see her on one of your commercials, after she took a knee while they where playing the national anthem, she has no respect for this great country by her taking a knee at the olympics 2021 while they where playing our great national anthem, I am a vietnam combat vet. And this upset me very much and was wondering how a american company could run a ad, for your company that disrespect our country and our flag that I fought for and 58, 208 died for, I just cannot believe this company would do that to this country where you make millions and for your company to do that is totally unacceptable, I will never steep one foot in any subway again or will hundreds of vet. Until you make a formal apology to this country and to the military that defended your rights to make millions in this country



Subway - Anti-American

Rapinoe is NOT representing the US, she is representing her own selfish agenda and that of the far left knuckleheads. She is putting her ridiculous personal feelings ahead of the common good of the country. I can't believe that the US Olympics doesn't clamp down on this type of behavior as it is certainly not representative of the majority of the US. What a true disappointment!!

You continue to keep her as your spokesperson and me, my friends, my family & all Americans will boycott you for good & you can finally go bankrupt!!

Desired outcome: FIRE MEGAN RAPINOE

I agree with the comment above. I will no long be going to Subway as long as she is a spokesman for Subway.

Subway - Coupons

I live in Stratford Connecticut. Our local daily newspaper carried a full sheet of Subway coupons, good through 9/3/21. None of the local Subway shops I have been to will accept the coupons. They say they are not in their computer system. Wondering if you can tell me which subway shops in the area (fairfield/new haven counties) DO accept the coupons. Quite frustrating. Kind of false advertising.

Desired outcome: a list of subway shops that will accept your coupons

Same thing happened to me. It's false advertising, and when I tried to complain to Subway they ignored me. Coming here was a last chance, but I know they wont do anything about it.

Actually you may want to ask your parents this, this is not considered false advertising since the coupons say "AT PARTICIPATING LOCATIONS"

Actually kid, this is not false advertising. I am pretty sure that the coupons say "at participating locations"

Jul 10, 2021

Subway - Sub oder

I came in for lunch break from my job to order a sub and asked for a cold assorted italian assorted sub a young white lady with a very nasty attitude served me upon her making my sub she just put ham...

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Subway - New spokesperson Megan Rapinoe

I am very disappointed in you Subway as a company! I have been a loyal and consistent customer for years. But since you have chosen someone who disrespects and hates our country I and my family will no longer buy Subway. When she takes a stand against our country and you choose her to speak for you that means YOU hate this country.. You need to apologize and cut ties with Megan Rapinoe. If you do this customers will come back.

I am in FULL aggrement with this post and will not be eating at Subway until the company changes their advertising to someone who actually LOVES America.

My hometown has begun patronizing McAllister's and Jimmy John's. To hell with Subway and their [censored] corporate decision makers who choose such controversial idiots to advertise for them!!! Our local Subway has gone to hell anyway, employee's are dumb as a rock...

I don't blame you. Subway cares more for the all mighty dollar than our great country. Megan Rapinoe has betrayed our great country by kneeling during the anthem at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. She is a traitor who hates our country, our flag, and our brave soldiers who fought and died for our country. She also hates our brave men and women in blue who fight to take violent criminals off our streets! She needs to be fired as spokesperson and disqualified from the US Women's Soccer Team because she is not a real American!

Amen, thought they learned their lesson with Pedo Boy? Guess not ... Subway is run by the CCP!

As opposed to Jared. lol

I agree 100%!!!

Jul 14, 2021

My feelings exactly and then some I know you're going to accuse me of being racist but too bad Subway was built on the back of working class blue collar workers of which the majority are white don't cry to me because black people and Mexicans don't buy Subway as much as blue collar workers that are majority White. So when you kick us to the curb by using a lesbian anti-American I hate white people spokesperson you've kicked the people to the curb that built your stupid business. You're losers Jimmy John's is my new restaurant of choice and after that any restaurant but your POS.


Subway - Treatment as a customer

On June 23, 2021 approximately 11:00 am I went into the store of this location with my 10 year old son. He like Subway sandwiches so I obliged his request. Complaint Incident: There was some...

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Subway - Rewards

On my account online, it says that I have 4 dollars worth of rewards, with one expiring on the 25th of June. I went to 911 Huron St. Vassar, Mi Subway and they are telling me I have no rewards! What is going on!!! My number [protected]! Joel Trautner. I am not very happy with this situation. Is your reward program a farce? I want this taken care of and expect extension on my rewards!

Desired outcome: Fix IT!!!

Jun 15, 2021

Subway - Veggie Patty

I am so disappointed in the new veggie patty. It is completely lacking in flavor. The previous one was 100% better.
Now adding more words because this site says that if the issue is too short then it might be ignored. I now also have an issue with this site.
How do I add another one hundred characters just so that I can let Subway know that their new veggie patty is a failure.
There we go.

My local Subway (Whitby, Ontario) recently stopped selling veggie patties. They stopped egg salad about a year ago, so there is nothing for a vegetarian. Sad to become an ex-customer, because I used to go there quite often.

Jun 11, 2021

Subway - Unprofessional employees

June 11, 2021 at approximately 12:00 pm. There was 3 females working, 2 subway employees was assisting 1 lady with her 3 kids, the other female employee assisted 2 customer's that at the time wore in...

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Subway - Advertizing

You using the anti American women's soccer player, Megan Rapinoe in your TV adds is a disgrace! Her kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem not only disrespects the flag and the members of...

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Jun 04, 2021

Subway - Employee

Today 6/4/2021, Lunch time, went into Subway & used the hand santizer, the young lady behind the counter speaks loudy don't beat on it. Mom, was tapping it so it would come out. Next, my mother ask...

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Subway - Racist employee

I visited a Subway location (1427 York Ave, New NY 10021) today on my lunch break and had the most racist, rudest, down right degrading experience of my life. I entered the location and waited behind...

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May 30, 2021

Subway - Employee Customer Service

I seen this on Facebook and it is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. These 2 individuals NEED to be fired. I have NO RESPECT for people like this and they are ruining your NAME & BUSINESS SALES. This should NEVER happen no matter how rude the Customer is...its called Being Professional and doing your best to make sure every Customer whom comes in, gets what they want and leaves HAPPY. This is so DISRESPECTFUL and its going VIRAL on mainstream media!!! Unprofessional Employees like this is what hurts your business so I hope that you take this complaint serious and take action.

Desired outcome: FIRE THEM!!!!

Subway - Order is never correct.

We have lived near this Subway for 7 years. The only way to get what you ask for is to order in store in Tenino, WA. In Seven years we have never had an order come out as ordered online yet. The...

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Subway - Employee

719 South 32nd Street Muskogee oklahoma. I made an order for two sandwiches. Just two sandwiches to be ready to be picked up when I got there. I get there I have to wait 5 minutes for the employee to...

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Subway - Store didnt accept valid coupon which expires June 11, 2021

I went to store 40828-0 in Aurora, Illinois. I ordered inside the store around 4:30pm. I had a coupon and the cashier who took my order said that the manager of the store was not accepting the...

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Subway - Denied service from employee

A rude employee told me to leave and refused to serve me because I didn't wear a mask. I have told everyone I know what happened and asked them to not go to that restaurant. It seems pretty common for Subway to not screen a potential employee then discover how rude they are to the customers. Do something about this chronic problem. Seems like the owners don't care either.

You are funny.


Subway - Service

I had an online order at the our local Subway of which I visit quite frequently. When arriving at the store, the door was locked and people in the parking lot said he closed suddenly. He came back up...

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