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I was at steak n shake twice this week, the first time the waitress forgot several things,we had to remind her. The first time I went with my brother and nephew who were from out of town and I had bragged about steak n shake how good the food was.

This time it was disappointing we ordered the taco salad it was mostly lettuce and they had no salsa or sour cream, they did however have taco sauce, there was little meat or beans. The next time we went to have milk shakes and my brother a burger and tea. My milkshake was not cold and my brother's tea was sour he drank it and didn't say anything then we got one to go and he said it tasted funny and it was sour,they took off the tea. I didn't say anything about the shake. I did mention to the manager about the taco salad and he said it was in the corporates hands but they didn't do any thing to make up for it. I go to steak n shake 2 times a week and get tea for work or soda and sometimes milkshakes for the girls at work,but if this keeps up I may reconsider. There burgers are great but they could improve on service and taco salad, and tea and make sure the milkshakes are cold not warm. This steak n shake it in port charlotte fl on eljobean rd by the town center mall.

  • Updated by Kjs4221 · Oct 04, 2017

    Angela the server very racist at jax FL San Jose location

  • Updated by Derrick68 · Mar 22, 2018

    Gabriella and Becky Morris are 2 very rude employees they do not know how to interact with customers when the food is cold and they love to be on there phones they look for dudes at the job sleep with everybody and they are nasty they never wash there hands they don’t work like females should I dislike the restraunt 👍

  • Updated by Derrick68 · Mar 22, 2018

    Gabriella and Becky Morris are 2 very rude employees they do not know how to interact with customers when the food is cold and they love to be on there phones they look for dudes at the job sleep with everybody and they are nasty they never wash there hands they don’t work like females should I dislike the restraunt

  • Updated by Derrick68 · Mar 22, 2018

    The steak on pine island road needs to step there game up and watch employees on how they interact with people and will not eat there after those females didn’t wash or treat customers right .

  • Updated by Desray12 · May 08, 2018

    When I go to steak and shake I always asking add beef chili for .99 and when I go home I don't have add beef chili and o e more place too. I don't remember where. Now I will never come back and tell my friend not coming to this place anymore

  • Updated by Desray12 · May 16, 2018

    When I go to steak and shake asking for add beef chili they didn't add extra beef chili and is not very very good job

  • Updated by Mike Smolik · May 24, 2018

    Lately this site has not been cooking burgers like S&S used to. No longer crispy on edges. Just greasy and undercooked.

  • Updated by Eabutler · Jun 09, 2018

    Could barely understand the order taker (found out at window that headset was broken). He seemed irritated that he had to repeat things. Fries were cold and stale, only a had slice of tomato on burger, chicken was cold. Did not receive a receipt for our payment, just a list of what was on the order with no prices.

  • Updated by Jimmy Bryant · Sep 24, 2018

    Want something done has happened before

  • Updated by Jan Staricha · Oct 20, 2018

    I read that steak and shake would not serve a police officer on his way to work -
    I pray this is not true

    Please respond to this inquiry
    Thank you
    Jan Staricha

  • Updated by Holly Wattie · Jan 23, 2019

    We didn't get the correct burger. We spend $32.65 and didn't even get the correct burger. We'd like a husband had a very long day on the road traveling and couldn't go back up there (another 15 min one-way) to get it corrected, he was exhausted...if people would be more careful about the orders before they give them to the customers.

  • Updated by Holly Wattie · Jan 25, 2019

    Order isn't right!!!

  • Updated by King Cory · Apr 25, 2019

    With only 2 cars prior to mines

  • Updated by Seth-sasser92 · Jul 14, 2019

    Lady behind me ordered 3 huge bags of food

  • Updated by Beverly Wipert · Aug 27, 2019

    poor food temperature

  • Updated by Dre Robinson · Sep 30, 2019

    First time here Great service will be back next week Thank you Gabby.

  • Updated by Dre Robinson · Sep 30, 2019

    Fast food fast service great shakes server was A young lady name Gabi


  • Ma
    Maggie McGee May 13, 2008

    I totally believe that story. Steak n Shake likes to hire stupid degenerates, and the few times they actually get any good servers, they fire them for being smarter than the stupid idiot managers. Especially in Casselberry Florida.

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  • Mrs Bean Dec 28, 2018

    @Maggie McGee Everyone needs jobs. Even stupid degenerates and stupid idiot managers.

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  • Da
    dailey2820 Feb 07, 2009

    Im sorry but I worked at Steak N Shake as a server and my husband still does. I have never in my life had anyone get a warm shake. This is not possible. I do understand that service can be crappy at times since they hire new people a lot and they are mostly high school students (I do not agree with) but I know from first hand experience that being a waitress is a very stressful job. Costumers come in and like to be waited on hand and foot while the server has other costumers to handle, tables to clean, sides and drinks to make, etc. Not to meantion that even if you are a good server you have to pick up the slack from the newbies. Some steak n shakes even make their servers make the shakes while trying to do their other tasks. And when they start running out of dishes and there is no dish boy because steak n shake likes to keep its employees pay down the server has to go wash dishes. All this work and the server is getting paid $4 an hour! Yes under min wage because the server is expected to make up for it with tips which most people dont even leave any. Did I meantion that Steak n Shake cut down the percentage the employees get discounted by 10% over a year ago because they were getting new uniforms. I dont know if you noticed but Steak n Shakes uniforms havent changed! Steak n Shake is by far the worse company when it comes down to taking care of its employees. Now after reading only parts of the crap the servers have to deal with while working there, you tell me if you can complain about the tea tasting bad? One more thing, if you do experience any drinks or food tasting bad just ask them to get you a new one or something else. They will not have a problem with it and you wont have to pay for something, eat, or drink something you dont like. And please tip your waitress or waiter, even if its a dollar, no matter how bad they did because like I said earlier, they dont even get payed minimum wage, they work their butts off, and they do try hard. Thank you very much.

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  • Pi
    Pissed in Ocala Jun 21, 2019

    @dailey2820 *Customers*...And if waiting on them "hand and foot" is too much work, perhaps you need a different line of work..

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  • Br
    bryan Mar 22, 2009

    The reason your tea was sour was because in 06 steak n shake cleaned there tea machines with bleach and the dumb third shift server that cleaned it didnt rinse it out all the way with hot water so i would probably guess that he got a little sick the next day. They use hot water only now so the tea is now safe

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  • Ma
    Mary Mar 25, 2009

    You store is an isolated event. I agree with the other posters, There is other things going on at that store and do not reflect all steak and shakes!!!

    Attention all servers, Within the next few weeks YOU WILL BE TAKING A PAY CUT PER HOUR. They want to keep it quiet till after lil 500 so that you guys dont leave. Cooks are also taking cuts if you make over a certain amount.

    We took the discount cut for the new uniforms that we never received! However they kept the 10% how is that fair? I'm a service trainer making over $7 hr and have been there going on 6 yrs now, And have given this company every bit of myself. Today I'm told my pay is going to be cut by almost $4 This is just wrong!!!

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Apr 02, 2009

    And God Forbid if U are over a Certain Age...they will find/trump up/invent/create/outright manufacture a lie to have a reason to get rid of U! Casselberry store is an employees were gotten rid of because of insurance costs, nearing retirement and SNS doesn't want to keep the promises made to those poor folks. The most heartbreaking was an elderly dishwasher who worked very, very hard, spent years there, only to be demeaned and lied about by this nasty new female GM they have. She abused him terribly, cut his hours, making a older female 3rd shift server clean all the dishes when she'd come in at night, then after she worked her tail off, doing literally EVERYTHING in that place, including that fat, lazy ###'s job, she and her little nasty butt-buddy young assistant manager, also a major Liar, told her she was fired, which just made her laugh. Why? Because at the same moment, she told them she was leaving! They hate maturity at SNS, only hire from that protected Class when it they are questioned by The Powers That Be over their discriminatory practices. They will then hire a few TOKEN old people.

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  • Un
    Unscrutible Wizard Mar 30, 2010

    At the Steak 'n Shake that I work at, a lot of the people's jobs are completely undermined, so in an effort to make more money, they hire less people and make those few people do more work. In my time so far at Steak 'n Shake, I've seen servers do dishes and make milkshakes, the back of the restaurant be almost completely empty (besides myself), and I'm expected to do pretty much everyone else's job. I'm convinced that if the day was going slow enough, they'd have me on the floor serving customers that walk in. So, next time your waitress forgets a few things, it's probably not her fault. She probably had to run a few racks of dishes and her short-term memory failed on her.

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  • Al
    alexngt Aug 10, 2011

    you cant go to steak and shake and receive decent service at the drive thru--EVER...ive been to SNS many times and it is always HELL---the employees are rude mean nasty, just rude or stupid or get your order wrong...they always suck...its as if SNS corporate teaches these low lifes to have bad manners and treat people badly--and that's it. This generation of idiots already is bad and then they have these ###s working in fast food treating people like sh*t...I went there and some rude black guy shoved my food and drinks at me and gave me a bad attitude and shut the door on us-- so rude...SNS sucks as always and they promote these degenerates and people with bad CSR skills to management seems you have to suck as an employee to be promoted to management and it happened at another SNS with a really sick and rude b*tch and she got promoted rather than SNS is the place where they promote nutcases to management positions and the idiots working for them are mostly rude obnoxious mean or deranged...

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  • We
    Werdio Nov 03, 2011

    The management has lied to me REPEATEDLY concerning my getting my final paycheck. It IS WAY WAY overdue. The corporate office has no knowledge of my being owed due 2 more days of pay. I have been told ALL manner of reasons why I have not gotten my pay yet. Bottom line- they owe me money and have not paid it out. I want my money NOW, and I was told that last week there would be a "special" check issued for me and that it would be there--Last week. It is not there. Again today I got MORE excuses. Where is the justice of this?? Steak and Shake are not only thieves, but liars as well.

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  • Ph
    phillthom84 Oct 26, 2013

    Food was cold and manager helped us and forgot about us. Also the place was dirty as hell!! Location needs serious help ASAP!!!

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  • Ja
    Jay777 Jan 08, 2015

    I was a Training Store General Manager for one of the stores in Florida which was in the Top 20% of the Company in Sales! Though my first several years there were really good the company culture continued to decline into the absolute worst company culture I have ever encountered! The cost of the food is ridiculously low and the frequency of the coupon drops make the business unmanageable. The coupons coupled with" kids eat free" make for a weekend you just have to try to live through. I can not describe to you how difficult this business model is to manage! Add to that the fact that they are open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year(that's correct no holidays at all) it is horrible! It is also very difficult to clean because of the intense volume and never closing. THE POINT I WANT TO GET TO THOUGH IS>>>>>> the discounted price point and especially the $4 menu has brought a terrible average clientele! They pay almost nothing and want the world! They believe that though their family of four just ate for less that $20 that these is an executive Chef in the back rather than the high school kid making minimum wage! The salad you bought was $3.99...Did you notice that? There are good Taco Salads somewhere in your town but they are more than $3.99 and they wont be at the cheapest burger joint in town! The company had no intention of adding sour cream to our product mix for such a minimal menu addition.. While it is unlikely I will ever work for a company as sorry as Steak n' Shake it is just as unlikely I'll ever encounter a clientele as bad. In that way I suppose it is a perfect match! Enjoy!

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  • Pi
    Pissed in Ocala Jun 21, 2019

    @Jay777 Spoken like a true SNS employee..rude..

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  • Ce
    Celina1364 Aug 13, 2018

    It was 1 am in the morning and sat in the drive through for 45 min and the food wasn't not made properly. This was on August 2, 2018 at the St. Clairsville steak and shake.

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  • Ch
    chanman4tw Aug 13, 2018

    I payed 10.58 the exact amount i pay almost every night at your hallandale location, enough money for two triple chesseburgers. Never has my order been wrong and I always order to go, I got back to my home ad both of my burgers were doubles, not triples. I would like a refund of 10.58 enough for the triples I should have received.

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  • Ma
    Maria Villalobos Aug 14, 2018

    I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich and got a grilled sandwich with just ketchup on it. They are supposed to be crispy with all the toppings.

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  • Ti
    Tim Rodgers Aug 14, 2018

    Employees of the zanesville Steak ‘n Shake always promoting drug use on premises/ posting on social media

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  • To
    Tomhardy Aug 15, 2018

    Me and my family go to steak n shake every Thursday we all order the same thing almost it always comes put hot and freah every time the manager Seth is very professional and polite any issue we seem to have he resolves we leave happy every time he's doing a great job with the store thought this might help out.

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  • Ca
    CAL31 Aug 15, 2018

    Order Number 557594
    Extremely disappointed in this product! I have eat this salad in the restaurant may times and loved it. I drove through the drive thru and got a not even half filled salad bowl, the cheese was missing and the tomatoes were old. Who ever does their quality control needs to do some retraining.

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  • Ea
    Eabutler Aug 15, 2018

    My fries was old and cold. My number 17 was very little and ask for cheese fries didnt get them.

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  • Un
    Unknown 1123 Aug 15, 2018

    The waitress here at rock hill a was very rude because she was disappointed that we only ordered fries. She made us feel very uncomfortable and unsatisfied.

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  • Sh Aug 15, 2018

    There were only 2 cars in front of me & I ordered 3 reg fries. I waited for literally 40 minutes and by the time I got my fries they were cold and inedible. I will never return to Steak & Shake. I threw out the fries and lost my $9.00.

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  • Di
    Diane Coon Aug 15, 2018

    I called several numbers and no one would help me. I didnt have a birthday coupon today. [email protected]

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  • Ry
    Ryan Mckinney Aug 16, 2018

    I went into the Fairlawn location and waited 45 mins for my meal before walking out without ever receiving it. The restaurant only had five other tables sat so they were not busy. The place was also a complete wreck. Almost every table was dirty. I even had to wait 5 minutes for my server to clean one. I will not return!

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  • Hu
    Hunterj50 Aug 20, 2018

    I was in line 25 mins when I was one of two people in line. I get my meal, and they forgot half of it. I had to go back around, and wait 20 more mins for a freaking milkshake while 2 other cars for complete meals and left. I spent 45 mins when there was no just for a milkshake that was disappointing.

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  • So
    soap139 Aug 20, 2018

    Derek E has provided my family and I with excellent customer service. Best I have had in a long while.
    Sns# 581
    Derek E, 4/30/2018

    Thank you Derek E.

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  • Mi
    Mike Smolik Aug 20, 2018

    Just too greasy. About 20 min ago my wife vomited after eating a single.

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  • Em
    EmileeVillarreal Aug 20, 2018

    I go to the location off West Arbrook in Arlington Texas. I can not seem to ever get a correct order. I don't wanna open the burger in line but I guess I'm gonna have to start. I ask for Garlic fries I get regular. Today the coke was pure carbonated water. I've never went to a location that's continuously bad.

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  • Di
    Diana Svoboda Going Aug 20, 2018

    We just stopped at the Steak and Shake in Sullivan Missouri. Their sign states they close at midnight and employees are inside, all doors are locked they don't answer the door and they don't answer the window.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Laracuente Aug 20, 2018

    I'm contacting you today to make you aware of something i thought was the law and policy in a recent visit to your Parma Heights location. Two of your employees and i believe one was a manager, was not wearing their hair net when making food. Was not comfortable knowing they wasn't wearing them.

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  • Ch
    Charlotte Robinson Aug 20, 2018

    This is disgusting that our condiments are in this thank you steak and shake

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  • Ma
    Martina Rozema Aug 20, 2018

    You guys need to bring back salt and vinegar fries. They were the only reason why I came. You guys were the only ones with salt and vinegar fries. I wont come back until then bring back salt and vinegar fries

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  • Li
    Lisa Benhoff Main Aug 20, 2018

    May 12th, Manager was yelling at the employees 35 min wait for a Taco salad that had very little meat and the meat was very dry and burnt. Management did nothing to satisfy my complaint or offer anything.

    Jeff Main [email protected]

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  • Gj
    gjones63 Aug 20, 2018

    on Saturday 5/12/2018 at 1030pm we went to try to eat here and the manager was locking the doors stating they was closing. the manager and employees was very rude. the signs clearly say open 24 hours. this is an on going problem at this location 4545 outerloop louisville, ky 40219.

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  • Ke
    Kendell Johnson Aug 20, 2018

    Placed an order inside at 12:09am and didn't receive my food for 25 mins. My food was cold and treated like old grease. For the prices yall charge... yall should get more help. I'll also be going to social media about this horrible experience. Never eat at steak n shake in Peoria illinois on university

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  • Ro
    Rosy sparks Aug 20, 2018

    The restaurant in Lake City, Fl is so dirty and the food was cold and nasty!

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  • De
    Derrick68 Aug 20, 2018

    The food was cold and Gabriella Morris was very bad at giving the order and food to me she was very mean she was on her phone and calling people and her customer services was bad she didn't know how to respond when I told her the food was cold and nasty.

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  • Ra
    Rachel Young Aug 20, 2018

    Why did you discontinue frisco shooters?! Those were the best on the market. I'm really upset and this isn't the last you'll hear from me.

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  • Li
    Lisa Mullett Aug 20, 2018

    2/24/2018 we arrived at the grand prairie store in Peoria illinois at @1255pm. One hour later at 152pm we still do not have our food. We have received multiple apologies and an explanation that they may be short staffed.
    This is ridiculous. We chose this restaurant fur convenience and quick service due to time constraints. Unacceptable service.

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  • Gr
    Greg Geddy Aug 20, 2018

    I had a waiter named Reymond who gave us very bad service. Was not good at his job. We never had water refills. And he was not friendly. He also smelled like horrible smoke!! I would never want him as a waiter again. He was also not treating not treating other customers good either so it wasn't just us.

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  • Fi
    FinnD Aug 20, 2018

    Wednesday 25, 2018, at 10 P.M. I ordered a 7x7 at one of the Stake N' Shake locations, and the server said "we can't serve you that tonight, it's to late and the chef doesn't feel like serving a 7x7". I am curious to know if this is a real acceptable action by Stake N' Shake staff, or if I am allowed to eat a 7x7 at night?

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  • No
    noahxxx Aug 21, 2018

    me and my friend walked into steak ‘n shake in festus missouri and waited 20+ minutes of being waited on and didn't get it while the people who walked in were waited on and had their drinks etc so me and my friend walked out

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  • Ne
    Newkidd34 Aug 21, 2018

    Currently sitting in steak n shake in aloma ave and haven't see a server 15 minutes in no one has even taken my drink order yet a couple sat down 2 minutes ago and have their order in. Make that 19 mins still no drink order.

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