Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesthe poor food delivery at fort wayne location

M Nov 24, 2017 Review updated:

This evening we arrived at our local steak n shake around 12:30 am understandable that they were busy being after thanksgiving sales night. We chose to sit at the bar because they were only two of us to help free up and table for them. That allowed is to watch food being prepared. Well we had a very simple ordered of two cheese toasties with bacon. We sit for almost 50 minutes watching them make food and finally we saw them make two cheese toasties. The was a very large man placed those in the microwave above the grill to melt the cheese. We watched as the timer went off and the little man cooking then burgers went over popped the door and shut it back and we started to watch another 15 minutes went by and we heard the big man say oh yea they are in the microwave. They took out the toasties sit them in the counter for another 5 minutes when the waitress brought them over to us and sit them down. I proceed to tell her we watch them sitnfor 15 minutes and she said no they just came off the grill. We stood up and walked out. I plan on making sure everyone know years about this poor food prep and service.


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      Nov 24, 2017

    This guy just goes around and complains about everybody's input and insults them...he truly is a [censor] with nothing better to do.

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