Steak 'n Shake Enterprisespoor management, unprofessional staff, not paid for first day

S Dec 01, 2018
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Where do you even begin?... Smyrna, Tennessee
I liked making milk shakes, it was fun :) ...However, there was some sort of breakdown in the process...Food was taking wayyy too long to get out, a lot of it was cold and some of it was not coked properly. The Grand Opening brought plenty of customers but by week 2-3, it had slowed considerably down. No return customers and probably a bit of word of mouth ( have no fear, if you tell the truth on their facebook page, they will delete you and your comment)...they staff did work well as a team and some of the younger workers had attitude problems, which varied from lazy to angry, but all were petty!! Two workers name tags just TEE(lead)(literally said she didn't care if I was diabetic, I still had to pay for a shake..can you say lawsuit?) & the other said just "T" !! That is not ok! you aren't hanging with your buds, you're at work, be professional!
Best part is I wasn't clocked in on the computer the first day which resulted in 7.5 hours going unpaid, because the overzealous former Correction Officer Manager wouldn't return my calls or texts. Pay Day comes and I just want to get this whole fiasco over with. I arrive at 12:30. Can't get your check until 2pm, ok.. I order a small fry because I'm broke from not getting paid and waited it out because not only was my car on empty but was also some sort sensor problem and just dies with no warning and was starting to refuse to restart. I was there maybe 15-20 mins and a guy who looked militaryish sat down near me at a long bar. No biggy, until he reveals he is a ...(guess) a correction officer at our local detention center..still, ok, didn't think much of it...until, the city police showed up. Now, I have been sitting there quietly unless spoken to, reading a booklet I got a the church while picking up food at the food bank...because...guess?..I didn't get PAID!
He didn't order food and was checking in with the staff... that never happened on any of my shifts, so wasn't a "routine" check...finally after I got home I thought...??? Did they crazy women call the cops on me??
Who knows, but from the looks of this thread, this company obviously doesn't care any more than their employees.

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