Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesfood and drink order

D Aug 02, 2018

I called in an order at S n S in Trinity, FL; order #101278. The date was 8/2/2018 after 2 PM. It was very busy inside and out, so I picked my order up at the register. No one addressed me for several minutes, then a new young lady (Jodie?) acknowledged I was there and came behind the counter to help me. It was her 1st day and she was following another waitress for training. My order was not ready and when it was I asked to make sure the fries were hot, so I could eat them on the way to work. I was assured they were, but they were only warm, so I had to wait for fresh ones. The card reader would not read my gift card number, so the cashier had to read the number to me, so I could enter it myself. Rather strange. While waiting, another customer came up to get his order he put in on the S n S app. It was not there, so he had to wait until they put it in and fixed his order. Once I received my order and returned to my vehicle, I realized I had not gotten my milkshake I ordered, so I returned the counter. I placed the order again and reminded the lady it was without any cherries. My shake came with 3 cherries. I know she was trying to make up for the mistake, so I just asked her to remove them, which she did, but left a big hole scooped out of the whip cream. My thoughts were she should of replaced the whip cream, if not, but to make the product more presentable. By the time I did make it back to my vehicle, my fries were cold. I had to laugh. Everyone was trying so hard to make things right, especially the trainee, so I decided I was not going to file a complaint, until I sat down to eat my chicken taco salad and it was beef. I've only been in FL for 2 yrs and this is the 1st time I've had a problem, except for the lukewarm fries. Actually in Indianapolis, I used to train waitresses for the dining room at S n S and worked for many years at 3 different ones. Don't be too hard on the staff there, but these things should not happen, especially so many of them. Thank you for your time.

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