Sonic Drive-Infrench fries nasty and poor customer service

J Oct 21, 2019 Review updated:

Ordered two combo meals with french fries and some additional two large onion rings...fries were horrible...bland taste and colored darker from old oil in the fry vats... food came out and was missing one of the onion rings... told the carhop about it... she huffed and said she would be back shortly with the missing items... waited 20 minutes and with no one coming back out.. I pressed the red button and asked if my order was coming soon due to my burgers now getting cold due to the extended wait... finally a different girl shows up and wants money due to the order taker only ringing up one order instead of two... I said I was more than happy to pay for them but did ask if my now cold burgers could be replaced.. she huffed and said to forget about paying for the onion rings and turned around and walked away.. this was the worst experience at Sonic ever seen by my family.. poor food and customer service!!


  •   Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Jesse, when you order food at a Sonic it is expected that you pay for it. I hope this clears things up!

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