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SmartStyle Complaints & Reviews

SmartStyle / color

Chelsea Carter on Oct 5, 2017
I went in on Saturday, September 30th, 2017 at 12:50 pm. I did not leave the salon until 9:00 pm. All I wanted was to get my hair blonde. Not only did I leave with a bald head, once I made it home I noticed a bald spot that was shaved in the middle of my head! I have never had a bald head...

SmartStyle / waxing

Dawn Griffin on Sep 16, 2017
Hello, I emailed a complaint last week, Saturday, 9/9, regarding the waxing I had done on my lip on 9/4. I did not get any response from you and that has me very concerned that no one cares that I had blisters on my lip!!! I went to the Fulton Smart Style on 9/4, I think it was ticket 60...

Smart Styles / appointments

Beatrice Norcross Little on Sep 2, 2017
My hair stylist is unfortunately at Smart Styles in New Bern, N.C. She just relocated there a few months ago. I called there to make an appointment and the girl on the other end told me that they don't make appointments anymore by phone and that you have to download an app to make an...

SmartStyle / color/foil highlights/ additional color/ hair cut

Slprewitt on Aug 23, 2017
I provided a picture to the stylist of the color I wanted. The color I received was many shades darker than I requested. I kept telling the stylist it was too dark. She said, "You are just in shock. It will wash out in a few days." This is not an acceptable answer! I had my hair cut at the...

SmartStyle / perm north charleston sc july 31,2017

Yammi Robinson on Aug 11, 2017
first I had to wait till 11 am for them to open when it said on the website they open at 10 am but anyways I went to get a perm she asked if I ever dyed my hair I told her yes 16 days ago she said ok so she rolled my hair put the stuff on my hair but she was rushing did not even check and...

SmartStyle / child's horrible haircut

N3llanes on Aug 7, 2017
Went to your Wal-Mart location, East Windsor. The curvy blonde woman looked like she just rolled out of bed and obviously didn't want to be there. Zero professionalism. She put my 4 year old daughter in a chair and started dry combing her hair. Ouch! I was wondering if She was going to wet...

SmartStyle / total botched hair color

Ms. Gonnzales on Jun 24, 2017
I am furious, angry, and absolutely heart broken over what they did to my daughter. She went to get just some blonde highlights on her brown hair yesterday at 3:30. It's now 3:03 almost 24 hours later and now my daughter has dark red brown hair to cover up the horrible screwed up job that...

SmartStyle / slander

Dana44 on Jun 15, 2017
I have been going to the Smart Style located in Fern Creek in Louisville, KY for 7 years. I either get Chris or Amber to do my hair. I was in for a cut a month ago when the girls told me Regis was selling off all their salons and that the guys that bought the Fern Creek location were not...

Smart Style / hair color done and filthy location

Lynda Viles on Jun 12, 2017
ticket 1== sale ID 11618 ==whiz pay id 171604717817927702==Name Lynda Viles==Stylist Tatrina==501435 color -permanent / Demi= ref 4 U- $2 off service $45.50- minus $2.00 equals $43.50 gave tip $5.00. went to next location for bangs to be trimmed. my complaint I am 69 years old, Tatrina...

SmartStyle / a hairstyle and cut that I received

Mary Frye on May 30, 2017
On May 15 or 16 I called several location looking for Rheatha, I finally tracked her at the Saraland store...she was on a conference called the young lady whom related that message also advised me that on May 19th Rheatha would be at the Tillman's corner location and on May 20th the Semme...

SmartStyle / hair salon

Angela B is NOT HAPPY on Mar 7, 2017
I went to Danielle Bestow at Walmart smart style Bay Pines. My hair was almost all one length and curly, I just needed it trimmed up. I specifically told her that I did NOT want layers in my hair. She said ok, trimmed it up and sent me on my way. After it dried I noticed that the side...

Smart Style / hair colour / service

Rainbows 123 on Feb 12, 2017
Made an appt to get my hair done before Christmas. Service was terrible!! Wasn't even offered a seat or shown were to sit or hang my coat, 30 mins after the time my appt time she finally was able to start. I wanted my hair dyed with highlights, I told her no red tones... she decided red...

Walmart Smartstyle / haircut

Bev R on Jan 22, 2017
Got my hair cut at Smartstyle on 1/19/17. Show the stylist a pic, & the cut looks nothing like it. It really should have been a simple cut. I told her I wanted my dead ends off, which was supposed to have been only an inch. Instead she took about 4 inches off my length, even after I...

SmartStyle / haircut

Jaime Blunier Groleau on Nov 11, 2016
I am beyond livid! I took my 23-month-old foster son in to get a trim. He has naturally curly hair that I just love. I asked the stylist to give him a trim to clean him up a little bit and he literally butchered his hair! I clearly stated that I wanted to keep his curls and even commented...

SmartStyle / haircut

Karenma on Oct 17, 2016
I had my almost waist length hair trimmed 5 inches. I asked that the ends be feathered and it was all one length when we began. I keep my hair up in a clip in warm weather and did not realize how badly the cut looked until at a women's retreat, when some one else brushed my hair out, they...

SmartStyle / overstock and commission quota.

Chrissy32 on Aug 25, 2016
Where I work there is a quota paper put up for every day of the week to meet before we are allowed to be paid the commission. I would like to change that by letting you know that we all keep the salon nice and clean as humanly possible. I have gone through it, and know a lot of that state...

SmartStyle / the whole service

Nicki Williams on Feb 26, 2016
My haircut was $185 there!!! I didnt get what I asked requested, toning, trim and low lights. I don't know what she did, but I think I would have done better at supercuts. Isabel, was my hairdresser and the manager. Never go there!!! Horrible! I even had to get it recut. I went there...

SmartStyle / manager

Reviewer92672 on Dec 29, 2015
Worst place I ever went to. Manager was obnoxious and unproffessional. I Came in with my granddaughter to get her hair cut for school. A simple chin length bob. How hard was that? The manager threw up her hands and said she did not know how to cut a bob that was not just cut ´´straight´´...

Smart Style / hair cut

Reviewer41221 on Dec 9, 2015
I walked in with shoulder length pretty hair..walked out with chopped up hair cut to below my ears. My hair was butchered. Asked for an a-line with light layering..ha, ha. My hair looks like a butt of a chicken. When I said "I don't like this" the stylist just walked away. Another...

Smart Style Salon / haircut

Albert Theriault on Nov 16, 2015
My name is Albert Theriault. The date is 11.16.15, incident occurred approximately 2:30 p.m. I had asked "Roxy" to cut my hair, giving the description 2 1/2 cut with a tapered back. She proceded to cut my hair in the back. When she came around to my sides, I noticed she had shaved...

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