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Smart Style Salons — Perm

I have short hair and wanted a body perm. I went to Utica NY 13502 the end of July. The stylist put the rod...

SmartStyle — Store opening

Smartstyle in Humble on E Sam Houston PKWY. I had an appointment for 11am and the store wasn't open. I...

SmartStyle — Spent almost $500 to get hair black, no refund

On 6/4 I went to waverly IA smartstyle asked for black w blond highlights I ended up with black roots blonde...


SmartStyle — Wash, Deep Conditioner, and Detangle

Myself and 10 year old daughter went into our local wal mart on 3/2/2020 around 4:30pm. Requesting a wash...

Smart Styles — haircuts

I went to the smartstyle in Hamburg pa. My fiancé and children All got our haircuts, they all came out...

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SmartStyle — hair service of color

I just wanted my hair a lighter brown, we agreed that she would lighten it then but a darker color, the hair... — haircut / poor customer services

Hello Smart style / (DBA Regis Corporation), I am contacting the company due to poor service for a customer...

SmartStyle — cheated for a simple trim

I've been to Walmart salons before but I've never felt cheated as I did today She wet my hair, but...

Smart Style — highlight

On December 21st @ 11:30 am I went to the salon to have my highlights touched up due to regrowth. The...

SmartStyle — haircut service

I came to smartstyle to get a haircut and arrived at 4:15pm the store closes at 6 p.m. the hair stylist told...


SmartStyle — haircut

My name is Kaitlyn pettypool and I went to this salon Thursday night and asked for a trim and this is what I...

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Smart Styles — hair color

I hate not yet heard back from you regarding my hair. Again something needs to be done. It is almost the...

SmartStylebad haircut, bad dye job. bad everything

I went out to smartstyle salon in Logansport, In at Walmart, and I told the lady what I wanted down . I showed her the pic of the hair cut & style I wanted a few times . I even offered to leave my phone open on her stand so she could see the style as she was cutting my hair . She said no need, I know I said ok ..the I told her, I want it dyed this color blonde, like my hair is now, or this color blonde like the pic I showed her . She said ok, no problem. And then I told her I wanted some lo lites added to it . Well the lo lites she said she was going to add, was going to be a shade darker then my blonde, I said ok . After it was all said & done . I didn't like the over all color, it was not what I asked for . The lo lites were like a silver / gray . And the hair cut was no where close to what I I get my hair done to cover up my gray, why would I want to pay someone to put more gray into my hair ? That would be dumb of me. Anyways I ended up paying a little over $ 80. For everything . And now I see where y'all are giving me back a refund for $ 67. Dollars & some few cents . I want to know why ? I want the full amount that I paid and lost .

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    SmartStyle — service

    so at first she didn't even have a smile on her face and was so annoyed at me because I was waiting, then she...

    SmartStyle — haircut and roller set

    When she first went in SmartStyle at Walmart I asked Savanna could she do Black people hair? I told her that...


    The lady who works at the booth closest the the front counter and design line hair products at the smart style located in Jacksonville ar chopped my hair off and left it so uneven and multiple long strands hanging the length of half of my neck, I asked for it to be cut to collar length my hair in now currently above my chin. When we originally started my hair was past my collar bone so she took a good 6 or 7 inches off, my husband had to go ask for a refund and had to take me to ANOTHER stylist who had to fix it and cut an additional 1/2 inch off to try to make the unevenness blend in, the stylist who is attempting to fix my hair stated that the previous stylist knew better than to let me get out of her chair with my hair so uneven and looking the way it did. To shampoo, condition, cut and blow dry took her only 20 minutes so there was no time taken on my hair. I asked for it to be straightened and the stylist proceeded to blow dry and attempt to fan my hair out with a rolling brush to attempt to hide her mistake. I have been crying since 2 pm yesterday over my hair I only wanted 2 inches off. I am very very unsatisfied and very livid
    Before and after photos are attached


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      SmartStylehighlights, lowlights

      The whole process has been a nightmare to say the least! I showed both stylists the picture and I should have just went elsewhere, I am so disappointed in the results of my hair totally. The first girl only wanted to discuss previous employees, the second girl was more in tuned to other things. I've got a picture of the one I wanted and the one I got, I want my money back to go to an actual professional salon. So disappointed in the outcome.

      highlights, lowlights
      highlights, lowlights

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        SmartStyleservice. awful gossip

        Heard an employee talk about how she and her boyfriend were trying to take custody away from his ex-wife, and about how she whips the child and shes got a smart mouth and she doesn't even like her but they dont want to pay child support. Shes apparently the manager but why are you going to talk about child abuse to other employees while customers are in there. I'm going to be telling everyone how the manager in that store abuses children and brags about it. Never in my 58 years have I been more disgusted. Shes lucky I didnt call the cops and turn her in and have her arrested right there. You need to get her out. Other employees complain about her too. They said her name was nichole white. You need to fire her. Shes going to cost you a lot of business.

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          SmartStyle — appointment

          Called to make an appointment for 3 the lady said she could do it at 5. So skipped my sons game and went to...

          SmartStyle — employee treatment

          I went into Smart Styles(WALMART ON LIBERTY HWY ANDERSON SC)today and wanted the girl who usually does my...