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Smart Style / Hair colour / service

Rainbows 123 on Feb 12, 2017
Made an appt to get my hair done before Christmas. Service was terrible!! Wasn't even offered a seat or shown were to sit or hang my coat, 30 mins after the time my appt time she finally was able to start. I wanted my hair dyed with highlights, I told her no red tones... she decided red...

Walmart Smartstyle / Haircut

Bev R on Jan 22, 2017
Got my hair cut at Smartstyle on 1/19/17. Show the stylist a pic, & the cut looks nothing like it. It really should have been a simple cut. I told her I wanted my dead ends off, which was supposed to have been only an inch. Instead she took about 4 inches off my length, even after I...

SmartStyle / Haircut

Jaime Blunier Groleau on Nov 11, 2016
I am beyond livid! I took my 23-month-old foster son in to get a trim. He has naturally curly hair that I just love. I asked the stylist to give him a trim to clean him up a little bit and he literally butchered his hair! I clearly stated that I wanted to keep his curls and even commented...

SmartStyle / Haircut

Karenma on Oct 17, 2016
I had my almost waist length hair trimmed 5 inches. I asked that the ends be feathered and it was all one length when we began. I keep my hair up in a clip in warm weather and did not realize how badly the cut looked until at a women's retreat, when some one else brushed my hair out, they...

SmartStyle / Overstock and commission quota.

Chrissy32 on Aug 25, 2016
Where I work there is a quota paper put up for every day of the week to meet before we are allowed to be paid the commission. I would like to change that by letting you know that we all keep the salon nice and clean as humanly possible. I have gone through it, and know a lot of that state...

SmartStyle / The WHOLE service

Nicki Williams on Feb 26, 2016
My haircut was $185 there!!! I didnt get what I asked requested, toning, trim and low lights. I don't know what she did, but I think I would have done better at Supercuts. Isabel, was my hairdresser and the manager. NEVER GO THERE!!! Horrible! I even had to get it recut. I went there...

SmartStyle / Manager

Reviewer92672 on Dec 29, 2015
Worst place I ever went to. Manager was obnoxious and unproffessional. I Came in with my granddaughter to get her hair cut for school. A simple chin length bob. How hard was that? The manager threw up her hands and said she did not know how to cut a bob that was not just cut ´´straight´´...

Smart Style / Hair cut

Reviewer41221 on Dec 9, 2015
I walked in with shoulder length pretty hair..walked out with chopped up hair cut to below my ears. My hair was butchered. Asked for an a-line with light layering..ha, ha. My hair looks like a butt of a chicken. When I said "I don't like this" the stylist just walked away. Another...

SmartStyle / Stylist didn't listen

Reviewer72493 on Aug 23, 2015
I just left the Smart Style Salon in York, SC for color and haircut. The color is nice but the stylist---Jenna did NOT listen at all when I told her I did NOT want any length of my hair taken off. Please just trim the top some. I did have shoulder length hair, now it is approx. 2-3 inche...

Smartstyle at Walmart / Bad haircut

Vjimenez on Jun 18, 2015
I visited the Walmart Smart Style salon a few times. I never been satisfied with the quality of service. It seeing to me that the stylist are not professionals at all. I showed a picture to the stylist and she looks like she knew what to do. The reality speaks for itself, I am a walking...

smartstyle hair salon in espanola ,nm / Horrible business all around

rebelbeauty on May 17, 2015
Do not go to this salon!!! I went a few years ago and got a horrible hair cut then yesterday I really needed a trim and everywhere else was closed so I thought everyone deserves a second chance this lady chopped my hair it looks like a five year old did it she said that she just got out of...

Smart Style / bad haircut and horrible customer service

Dawn P 39 on May 11, 2015
I went into the salon in orlando, on john young parkway and sand lake rd on friday may 8 for a haircut. The woman who cut my hair did not introduce herself, takes me to wash my and cut it. She gets me in the chair asks how i would like my hair cut. I told here i wanted it cut just past my...

Smartstyles / horrible employee

smartstyles reguler on Feb 21, 2015
Somebody needs to fire the snobby girl devan from smartstyles, she doesnt listen, she screws up my hair all the time, i think she may be using Drugs, if i were in regis corporation i would submit a drug test., she is THEE RUDEST PERSON IVE EVER ENCOUNTERED! She should find a new...

Smartstyle Salon / Worst Experience Ever

Nautika14 on Jan 19, 2015
I went into the salon on Saturday to have my 4 year old daughter's hair evened up. She cut it straight across like I asked...then however decided to take it upon herself to put 1 layer in her hair, leaving it with a choppy look. She also cut it into a long bob...seriously..that is not...

SmartStyle / incompetence

J E L on Nov 18, 2014
I came in for color and trim as my regular stylist was away. The color was lightly and swiftly ( i.e. carelessly) applied, and after it was washed out, my greys were not covered . I had to point this out to the stylist and ask her for a reapplication of color. Later, I asked for a slight...

SmartStyle / i got a perm and she let it burn my hair

frances lauderback on Nov 17, 2014
I always go smart style for my hair need this time I got this ladies that let my hair get burn and no curl she did not let the water run on my for 5 min. get the good girls back all of them are gone if you like to email me at lauderbackfam1@aol.com

Smart Style / Service/Cut

amy11 on Nov 10, 2014
I went into Smart Style this past Saturday morning to have my son's hair cut. The person I regularly went to had to cancel the day before due to an illness. My son was having his first year pictures done this Saturday and I really wanted him to be "clean cut"! I know several people...

Smart Style / Horrible

alwayssunnyinsc on Mar 8, 2014
I wanted a simple trim. I explained that I wanted to let my hair grow out and what my goal was and I needed them to even out the layers. The girl had no clue what she was doing. She trimmed off tiny bits at a time, all over, parted my hair every which way and just didn't get anywhere...

SmartStyle / Mistreated by Hair Dresser

DAWN LANDI on Jan 12, 2014
1/10/2014 1030 am I went to the SMARTSTYLE located inside the Walmart SuperCenter at this location. There was one Hair Dresser, Amanda. I had her cut my hair one or two times in the past, but didn't remember she is a Scissor Happy Hairdresser. Well, unfortunately it happened to me...

Smart Style / Ripped off, overcharged, bad customer service etc

ebusiness018 on Dec 28, 2013
I was a long standing loyal customer of Smart Style for over a 1yr. I gave Smart Style a lot of business. I was always cooperative, friendly with the staff at all times, spent a lot of money in this particular salon over the course of that year, referred my friends to this salon, never...

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