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WigSis / so pleased

Elizabeth Thera on Aug 16, 2017
"This is the 4th wig that I've purchased and it fits snugly and comfortably. The hair is soft and flows so naturally that it's a dream to comb. I feel like my childhood dream of waking up one day with hair like all the other little girls has come true.it is almost the same as my real hair...

WigSis / so far one of the best!

Christian Vita on Aug 11, 2017
Received yesterday and wore to restaurant tonight. Got several compliments. Very comfortable. Shake and go--wore after setting out of box overnight. Gorgeous color. Will be ordering at least 1 backup soon in exact duplicate. Hair very soft. This color almost exact what I always had...

WigSis / ripoff

Amymama on Aug 8, 2017
on May 11, 2017 I purchase a wig. Buyer's Transaction ID: 35F79318FM6754205 I requested a refund and had to file a complaint with Pay Pal. Since China has no tracking system like US, I lost my money and the wig was sent back. This company is a fraud. you don't get what you pay for. I...

WigSis / natural looking

Dolores Albert on Aug 8, 2017
While growing my gray out, I decided to purchase a wig. I tried many and so far this one is the most natural looking and doesn't have a wiggy-look. The texture is nice and not bulky. It even fooled my husband. He thought I dyed my gray back because it's so close to my natural cut. I...

WigSis / love it

Alisa Lynn on Aug 4, 2017
"This is my favorite Wig. I have been stopped at least twice by strangers to say how much they love my hair when wearing. (I always show them it is a wig, I want all women to have the fun of wearing wigs even if they do not hair loss!) This one hasn't held up as well as other Wig...

WigSis / love it!

Tommy Lesley on Aug 1, 2017
I have been wearing wigs 24 years and was so happy upon this wig. I hate thick wigs that are too thick and bulky and don't look natural. This one is not like that at all. It is plenty of hair but not to thick, looks so natural. Any wig that you wear that is down your next ends of getting...

WigSis / wig purchase

Tammy57 on Jul 28, 2017
To start with my beautician measure my head once my hair was gone from Chemo. When I rec'd my 18" wig it was in a 12" box crammed for such an expensive wig. It is not the pictured style or cut. Their answer was to pay someone! It doesn't fit and that call was made by 2 Wig stores and...

WigSis / perfect

Lorraine Alisa on Jul 27, 2017
Right out of the box I knew this wig was going to be perfect! I chose color 88R, which is a lovely soft colour. From the skin top middle part cascade gorgeous, gentle, face framing waves - there is a bohemian look and feel to this beauty, which suits my personality and lifestyle. This i...

WigSis / love love love this wig.

Sarbjit Lynn on Jul 25, 2017
I had to write a review on this wig since it is probably one of the best wigs I have worn in a long time. The picture on your site did not represent the style when I received it. It is even better once you style it. I have been wearing wigs for a long time due to hair loss years ago. I...

WigSis / unethical company

gcbc on Jul 21, 2017
I ordered a short all over soft curls wig from Wigsis. When I opened the box I didn't even brother to take the wig out of the box. Instead immediately sent an e-mail to the Company explaining the wig I received bared absolutely no resemblance to the wig as shown on their web site and I...

WigSis / I love this wig.

Theresa Lorraine on Jul 21, 2017
I was so pleased when this one arrived! It's a great fit for my petite head (21") and looks absolutely natural right out of the box. I ordered color 2.This was a great choice for me. I'm new to wearing wigs but I think the fact that this is a heat resistant type I can style/curl it or...

WigSis / fantastic

Irma Deborah on Jul 18, 2017
Wow! After losing my hair due to stress, I panicked & ordered a long wig from this collection which was great. But I decided id like to go short & wow! This looks fantastic, ive been told by a stranger that I look very glamourus & my husband took me out for dinner because he thought I...

WigSis / a lovely style

Wendy Georgia on Jul 14, 2017
hi i placed an order from Wigsis last week for the first time. i was extremly pleased at the speed and the packaging. i have been using wigs and extentions for about 10 years now and have tried numerous sites, however i found yours to be fabulous. i am so pleased that after this wig with...

WigSis / human wig

sgt1 on Jul 13, 2017
paid 112.00 for a human wig that looks nothing like the picture in style or color as I ordered the exact one in picture. MOSTLT its unfinished wig right in front, so its unusable and now for another 40.00 they will make a new one or for free except the shipping cost apx 10.00 pick one that...

WigSis / wig purchase

Rdei on Jul 6, 2017
Ordered wig on April 29th with expectation to receive within time stated. The time was 5-7 days with receipt 4 to 6 days. They charged my card immediately but never rec'd notification that wig was being sent. Received notification that wig would be shipped by May 6th - 8th. By May 10th I...

WigSis / excellent wig

Edith Richie on Jul 4, 2017
Light-weight easy to wear wig which looks so natural. Apart from close family, no-one seems to realise it's a wig. I have bought two in the colour Butterscotch which is very close to the colour I have had mine for years! The length and style is a good match too. It continues to give me the...

WigSis / the standard of service you

Martin Darlene on Jun 30, 2017
This is the first wig I have ever worn and I was really impressed by the natural appearance and quality on first opening the package. It is comfortable to wear and looks so like my own hair used to do, when I wear it I feel like I've just walked out of the hairdressers. I am delighted with...

WigSis / expensive wig - not resembling the item ordered - getting run around

Katricola on Jun 7, 2017
I would like to share my experience with wigs is. I am extremely unhappy with this company. I followed the return/refund policy for the wig I received was neither of the quality or style advertised and nothing like the wig I was expecting to receive. It was also quite expensive - $300.00...

WigSis / indian remy hair wig

GJMil on Jun 3, 2017
The wig I received was not of the quality advertised and nothing like the wig I was expecting to receive. Once I contacted the company regarding returning the wig I got the run around and they would not provide me with the information so that I could send the wig back. They offered to send...

WigSis / wigs

Pamela pendley on May 27, 2017
I ordered two wigs from this company and finally received wigs cost of $400.00 for both wigs and they are not the color I ordered and one of the wigs looks nothing like what I ordered. So I immediately sent them an email with pictures of wigs requesting a refund and have heard absolutely...

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