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My husband received a gift card as a birthday present & when he went to use it was told the card had no information. The receipt of purchase showed the card having been activated. We 1st went to the Shoppers that the card had been purchased and was given a song and a dance by staff and after spending some time in the store, we were finally told they couldn't help us and that we had to call head office which that's what we did. When I called customer care, I was told before they could start my case I had to provide copies which I sent same night via email. Today I received an email from customer care stating that case remained open until we could provide copies of documentation and once again same information was sent via email. These emails were never returned, so not sure what the issue is. This prompted me to contact customer care again and I was told that emails had never been received. I was also told that I had to reply on the same email received with copies of receipts. Why should that be a problem if I am stating the case # on subject line. This is not the 1st time we encounter problems with gift cards purchased at Shoppers. It will be my last time making these type of purchases and perhaps you should consider stop selling gift cards, but then again you probably take a cut.
This gift card was only for 25 dollars and I wonder if it had been a higher value. Quite embarrassing if you ask me when you go to use it and are told has no information.
The card was bought at STC on Sep 26 for a birthday that occurred on the 28. I contacted customer care on Oct 7 told would take 2 weeks. The information requested was sent the same evening via email and successful. Today received follow-up email to say information not received and forwarded again successfully. Once again not received and it was not until I made a call and stayed on the line to make sure it had been received on their end which thankfully it was. I was told it would be another 7 days. A lot of waiting & aggravation if you ask me for such a big enterprise as Shoppers.
I hope you take my comments to heart and do something about this matter so others won't have to face what I have gone through. The case #[protected] and my email is [protected]

Oct 10, 2019

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