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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Shoppers Drug Mart Complaints & Reviews

Shoppers Drug Mart, Brampton / rude manager


The manager of Shoppers Drug Mart, Store #705, Brampton was extremely rude to me while I was trying to resolve a dispute that involved their Optima card. I had asked to speak to him, since I was not getting any resolution from either the cashier or her supervisor. The manager, Larry Scott...

Shopper's Drug Mart / horrible staff bad service


That Old Indian Woman that works at Shopper's at Blundell Mall, Richmond, is very wicked and with horrible services!!! This old hag who's grey-haired, tiny and with glasses is a total ###!!! I live at the Blundell area. Everytime I shop there I have to avoid her or get help from...

Shoppers Drug Mart / safety/hazardous pallet


Shoppers Drug MartThis evening (June 14, 2011) at around 6:45pm. Me and my husband went to shoppers drug mart to buy some stuffs. Because our house is just walking distance to the store, my husband decided to wear an open slippers. In the middle of the hallway there is a pallet of bottled water. As we are...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy


The Pharmacy staff at Shoppers Drug Mart on Lacewood Dr. in Halifax NS treat War Veterans with disresepect and treat them like they're stupid. I transferred my account from another Shoppers Drug Mart to Lacewood Dr. and after examining my first order it was wrong and incomplete. 1 medication...

Shoppers Drug Mart / terrible customer service


I am sending this e-mail in the hope of getting the attention of shareholders that manage customer relations for Shoppers Drug Mart. My friends and I live in the northeast section of Edmonton Alberta. We usually deal with the store in that end located on 118 Avenue and 34 street. We have...

Shoppers Drug Mart / nocare/concern customer bad business practise / liars


I have purchased expensive cosmetics from shoppers. Offered no samples, gifts when there were available. An event was coming up, Alexis, the cosmetics "manager" phoned me because she knew of my purchases, told me about Lancome event where I was to receive a gift, which I had been waiting...

Shoppers Drug Mart / rude


On May 5th 2011 at 5.00 pm I visited the shoppers at BCE place - underground path next to longos. Trying out some lip stick, the next thing I know on of the staffers calls another attendant whispers something in his ear, and as I want around the store they have someone following me. I have...

Shopper Drug Mart / poor service!!!


They having promotion buy 100 gives 40 gift card ran off the gift card at the location I brought my stuffs and they told me to go any other shopper to get my gift card just give them mine rain check paper . when I am a ride at 100- 1323 Centre St. Nw Calgary AB T2E 2R5 the ( assistance...

Shoppers Drug Mart / insulting service


I have purchased this same type of mascara from them in the past on multiple occasions. The cost is $20. Not an inexpensive product and the reason I purchase it is because it does not run or smear. No raccoon eyes. Well I purchased the same product yesterday and half way through the day...

Shoppers Drug Mart / toxic entrance


I can't believe that Shoppers Drug Mart has the gall to inundate customers with that horrible smell of perfumes upon entering the store. Perfumes are filled with all kinds of toxic ingredients, not to mention that many people are allergic to them. They stopped selling cigarettes, but...

Shoppers Drug Mart / ignorant uninformed pharmacists


The pharmacists here are among the least caring and illegitimate phamacists I have worked with. They are completely unwilling to do ANYTHING to help out the people, us innocent patients who have been prescribed these fake manufactured drugs to temporarily ease our symptoms, drugs which...

Shoppers Drug Mart / ripped off


was given a coupon for stop smoking product and it had on the front no presription nessasary, yet i was charged despensing fees. all thier stop smoking products were on sale yet i was told i had to pay full price because i had this coupon. i asked the man that was serving me why and i wa...

Shoppers Drug Mart/humulin R / no insulin


I have been a diabetic since 1994, more than half my life-time. Ever since being recognized with diabetes I have taken Humulin N and Humulin R twice a day. I use syringes to mix the appropriate dosage of these insulins and then inject them. As I have found out today Shoppers Drug Mart...

Shoppers Drug Mart Petawawa Ont / custmer service


i wrote a large note in the subject of the complaint sorry did not see this section its concerning the sales prices never being correct ever you get to the cash and a;ways have at least 40% of your items not the sale price which is on the shelf im getting sick of going threw this everytime...

Shoppers Drug Mart / poor return policy


My Sister purchased a gift "Radio" for myself for Christmas 2010.I did not want radio as I have enough already.So, went to return the radio with receipt in hand.The customer service agent said I would need the original debit card so she could return the amount to the card.I told her it wa...

Shoppers Drug Mart / employee complaint


we are just here to tell you that this shoppers drug mart store supervisor MR.Peter has very bad attitude and very rude way of calling people he is very racist and has a very rude and obnoxious behaviour.while i was in a proper line he told me to go back in line and made another lady come...

Shopper's Drug Mart Pharmacy / refusal to accept mostly used antibiotics for environmentally friendly disposal


The pharmacist at the Humbertown Shopper's Drug Mart would not accept unfinished antibitics for environmentally responsible disposal. No other pharmacy has ever refused our attempts to keep drugs out of landfill and public land and water. Sylvia Des-Sahkian is the first who waved u...

Shoppers Drug Mart / poor customer service


I just had an incident tonight with Shoppers Drug Mart. I have been dealing with the Shoppers Drug Mart at Danforth and Victoria Park (3003 Danforth Avenue, Shoppers World) for many years. I have filled almost all my prescriptions at the pharmacy there except for one recently. I ran out of...

Shoppers Drug Mart / poor customer service - pharmacist


Repeatedly treated poorly by male asian young pharmacist. He was the only one servicing the pharmacy and I waited with my infant son at the RX IN location while after seeing me there he left the pharmacy area to go talk to another employee about sports - noticing me the entire time. The...

Shoppers |Drug Mart Head Office / bogus gift card


A few weeks ago I took advantage of their shopping promos – Spend $50 and get a surprise gift card for Shoppers Drug Mart. I scratched it and revealed a $10 gift card (PLU4478). I put this aside knowing that I would use it again in a 2-3 weekss. When I went to use it, I was very...

Shoppers Drug Mart / subject: bad attitude of your cashier ms. christine? at register #1 at shoppers drug mart #1516 located at 747 don mills road, north york, on m3c 1t2


subject: Bad attitude of your cashier Ms. Christine? At register #1 at Shoppers Drug Mart #1516 located at 747 Don Mills Road, North York, ON M3C 1T2 To President and CEO Shoppers Drug Mart [delivered via webmail box at] Dear Sir, We are writing to expre...

Shoppers Drug Mart / employee


Hi, I went early this morning to the Shopper's Drug Mart (10/08/10 at around 8:00am) seeking the advice of the pharmacist on duty about a burn I had gotten on my hand the night before. When he came around to assist, I noticed he was completely drunk, plastered, gone, he did try to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / seniors 20% discount


Shoppers Drug Mart offers a seniors discount of 20% the last thursday of the month. I waited to purchase a $69.99blood pressure monitor expecting to save 20% $14.00 I also got a few other things. The blood pressure monitor had been reduced by $5.00 but was not marked as on sale. I wa...

Shoppersdrug Mart / rude customer service


Simple situation - Pharmacy staff member takes job frustration on me. Yells at me because they are understaffed and dont have time to fill my prescriptions. I complained on the survey, called the customer service line and reported problem to a pharmacist at the store. Everyone is very...

Shoppers Drug Mart / poor service


I went to shoppers drug mart yesterday on montreal road, I usually go to the one on vanier parkway but I was in a rush and decided to go to the one on montreal road and st laurent. Big mistake!! There was no one there to help me on the floor and then finally I get to the cash and theres a...

Shoppers Drug Mart / shoddy service


Re: the shoppers drug mart pharmacy at 2345 yonge street, toronto on. I dropped off a prescription before 10am this morning and at 6:30pm it still was not ready. Moreover, 3 staff chatted away for several minutes, ignoring customers waiting at the pick-up counter. This is not the first...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacist


My husband and I attempted to purchase diabetic supplies and some Aleve from the pharmacist "Alim". His complete rudeness and lack of professionalism caused us both to become upset, leaving the store and all of the purchases behind. This pharmasist was blatently annoyed at my questioning...

Shoppers Drug Mart / customer service


I purchased some eye makeup remover from Shoppers Drug Mart. It was their own cosmetics brand (Quo) and has the same return policy as the Life brand (satisfaction guaranteed!). It did not work very well and it stung my eyes. I sent an email to the company and told them I would be returning...

Shoppers Drug Mart / bad service


This store had the worst service I have every seen! All the employees were rude to me and refused to help me find the items I was looking for. Then when I asked to see the manager she yelled at me and actually told me that I wasnt worth her time because I was just an unimportant piece of...

Shoppers Drug Mart / rude employee


i am a regular customer of shoppers for years.. i go to the dunbar branch on 27th avenue... but it is very dissapointing how the customers are treated. Two employees named margareet and elle are very rude specially margaret. She is very rude and has no idea how to behave with a customer...

Shoppers Drug Mart / health and safty


Anyone with asthma / allergy please read On july 21, 2010 I went into our "new" shoppers store. They resently closed 2 smallers stores nearby to make this one. One of the two that closed was a 24hr. The only one at our end of town, close to our only hospital. I enterered into the only...

Shoppers Drug Mart / rude-abusive pharmacy staff - disability related


I have multiple disabilities. On June 30th, 2010, at approximately 2:30 pm, I went to drop off some prescriptions at the Shoppers Drugmart at McCallum and Marshall in Abbotsford, BC. The staff are well aware of these disabilities, both in having seen them, and, as well, being told about...

Shopper Drug Mart / formal complaint


I have hesitated to write this email because of the lack of support I received from the store Manager at your North Vancouver location. I am going forward with this formal complaint now because my 14 year old daughter has been affected by the experience in your store. She now refuses to go...

Shoppers Drug Mart 217 / wrongfully accused/stolen credit cards/description by employee/police called/lied to/surounded by police/walking/daytime/personal loss/april 19/10


April 19, 2010, daytime, Randy Allain and I, Nikki Lingenfelter went into shoppers, showed an Optimum points card, left the store, crossed the street, on foot, surrounded by the police, four police vehicles, swatt team with guns and bullet proof vests, hands on hood, legs apart, yelled at...

Shoppers Drug Mart/customer Service/employee/spervisor / nikki lingenfelter/wrong accused stolen credit cards/we were lied to/by shoppers/frisked/yelled at by police/walking/daytime/personal loss/april/19/10


Four Police/Swatt Team surrounded me and Nikki Ann, they had guns and bullet proof vests, got out of police vehicles, threw me up against the side of a car, and frisked me. When I asked, "What is all this about?", they responded, "Don't play dumb, you know what this is about. Where...

Shoppers Drug Mart / undisclosed limit on sale product


Hi. I just came home from a very disappointing visit to my local Shoppers Drug Mart. In last week's flyer, Friskies cat food was advertised @ 3/.99 with no limits noted. Since this store (as usual) was sold out of the flavours I wanted, I got a raincheck (no limit noted on raincheck...

Shoppers Drug Mart / rude pharmacy staff


I work in customer service and never had I imagined the level of ignorance possible in this field. Today I went to Shoppers Drug Mart in London, Ontario (Adelaide & Huron) to pick-up my birth control prescription. I went to the dropoff and the gentleman told me it would be 15 minutes. I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / bad promotion


I received a FREE $20.00 gift card for gas from Shoppers for having spent over a certain amount of money there. The gift card was only effective for approximately 3 weeks. Yes I didn't notice the expiry date however one would think as it's a gift card it would be valid...

Shoppers Drug Mart / get rid of smelly entrances


Shoppers Drug Marts are popping up all over the country but their only concern is the money they are making not for the health of the people that use them. They all contain pharmacies which people get their medications from, including asthma drugs etc...inhalers and people with severe...

Shoppersdrugmart / sales


How can this store continue to operate when at the very bottom of my complaint list with this chain is that the prices are on avg 3x more than reality? I have gone back to this store more times post purchase than I can count because of sales code errors. Once, I noticed that no points were...