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I purchased some razor blades at your 1531 Bayview Ave store in Toronto and wanted to return them as they were $ 3 more than Pharma Plus (most of their items are overpriced but it was convenient). I tried to return them but because another person had used their optimum card for the purchase and they werent with me, I was told I couldn't return it without this card. This was a $ 13 item and I find it ridiculous that their system cant reconcile optimum card points electronically without the physical card there. This occurred Sat June 30 at 9:30 am and the manager was involved. I will not be shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart again.

  • Updated by seemein · Mar 27, 2017

    please find attached the photo of expired medication with receipt

  • Updated by Venessa18 · Apr 05, 2018

    Great customer service from Sandra.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Updated by Venessa18 · Apr 05, 2018

    Sandra is a great aspect to your company.
    Great knowledge of products, so helpful. Very kind and attentitive. Fast worker. One of a kind.

  • Updated by nautilus lataviensis · Aug 13, 2018

    BBB rating of "F" not surprising - company website makes no provision for customer to register complaint or request resolution by e-mail. ""Customer Care"" 800 access yields no useful response / resolution.

    Web site meds renewal attempt yields continuous loop around "captcha"

    Phone contact attempts ("new phone service") wait times 10, 15+ mins


  • Ja
    JAMES POOLE Jul 14, 2008


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  • Pa
    Patty Hillcroft Jul 31, 2008

    I was in Shoppers Drug Mart, Country Club, Nanaimo, BC. I'm a regular customer there and normaly quite satified with the service i get there but I was in the store last week and was rung in by a woman, SO rude that I have to have to write you letter. She was at the back cash going into the mall part. Her name tag said Trudy, I was doing some shopping and as i coming up to the till i said to her "Are you open" she stops looks at me and points up to something overhead and says " uhh, do you see the light on??" I stood there little confused not understanding what the responce meant. Then she rang me in the whole time, speaking to me VERY short and abrasive. I've never had ANY employee at this location speak to me in such a way or make me feel so stupid or angry. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my poor experience. I just wanted to write to tell you IF i ever go back to that store, i will never have her serve me!!

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  • Ma
    Maganbhai L. Patel Aug 12, 2008

    Your sale is limited to four items only, for example 4 items of 1L orange juce are very low for a complex family. It does not last even couple of days. Most of the family like to stock up the sale items which could last for atleast two weeks. Why don't you allow atleast 12 items of 1L orange juce.

    There are lots of people like me in the community who are not interested look at sales flyer because of limited supply of goods. Thanks.

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  • I've noticed Shoppers at Country Club Front store has gone badly down hill last month. They have garbage all over walkways, hard to go threw most areas if your disabled, only nice place was post office and cosmetics. Things are sold out lots for food items, just not same like couple months ago, seems they dont care anymore, very disapointed there, now forced to go to London Drugs. I heard the brown hair manager lady, talk to an employee there, made ME uncomfortable. She was very rude to him, you'd think she'd take him to the back or something, there used to be a gentlman there, was very nice and helpful


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  • Sc
    scottus Dec 03, 2008

    store 608 is the store i hate the most. every time walk in there the employees look at me as if their going to kill me with their eyes. I always get bad Costumer service no matter what. i feel that u should do something about it, talk to fil

    I will never shop at any shopper in the world, cause of the experience i had

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  • Sc
    scottus Dec 03, 2008

    you suck balls

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  • Im
    immad! Feb 12, 2009

    Okay, I agree some cashiers can be so rude to the customers, and ive seen it. I work at shoppers. And reading these comments (Because i was curious to see what people where sayng) even i see that its stupid for the things you have been through. i understand comepletly. being a customer you should feel comfortable and feel like ur time there is cherished and to be respected like a person. Well, beleive me, everyone seems to be rude too. Sometimes, i get people who are comepletly questionable. For instance, . If you never have worked in retail you should learn what its like. Having no benefits, working at stupid wages that arnt worth it sometimes. We cant even defend ourselves as people and we get unappreciated too. The way i work is if you come up to me and wanna get rung through fine, its my job. If your rude to me, im gonna say something subtle but enough to show you im defending myself. You have no ides what its like to be behind the counter sometiimes and having guys. Ive been treated like ### at other stores, and ive been treated like ### as a cashier. So i know both sides. I get yelled at for things that i cant control. If i disobey a polocy, the next day in the deposit my manager will see it and ill get ###. Meanwhile, when im explaining to someone its "store policy" to follow this rule, and i have someone yelling at me questioning and ridiculing me as a person instead of the situation, then you should see how i feel. For example i got a customer complain to my supervisor for a full hour that another supervior of equal authority told me to go on my break whereas i was stand in teh same spot for 4 and a half hours serving a line. I deserved a break. Everyone is entitled to a break and this guy makes a huge deal saying how im just a stupid cashier and that people like me dont deserve it because of what i do. All i deserve is to stand at cash for 8 straight hours and not get a chance to eat. And when you have to work til 12 not eating will eventually make you sick. So ive been through a lot. And next time you get a good cashier who tries to help you the best way they can, thank them. Next time you get a downright rude one, ask to speak to their supervisor. Because everyone should be treated well regardless what the cause to their mood that day. Even a cashier who is trying their best. Were human too.

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  • Br
    bradie20706 Aug 09, 2009

    in response to the original post - there IS a way to look up the card in the system, provided you are at the same branch. i dont understand why they didnt just do it for you, it only takes a second :S

    in response to Maganbhai L. Patel's post - that is so other customers can get a change to buy some of it too, because things sell out very quickly otherwise. its not meant to be an inconvenience. remember it when you show up at a sale and get the last few items on the shelf... its thanks to the limit!!

    in response to immad! - i agree completely!!! i work at shoppers too, in the photolab. and you get some real annoying people in there, especially for passport photos... people refusing to remove jewelry despite my advice and then coming back, outraged, a week later when their photo got rejected. i also feel like i get personally blamed for anything that goes wrong with a customer, like if we dont have something in stock. it is not my job to order the merchandise, i just ring it through occasionally. i am 100% for shoppers unionizing... its time we got some benefits for all we do. :P

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  • Re
    Renfrewite Oct 05, 2009

    The same thing happened to me as the original post. I bought some foot medication a couple of days ago that was expired. I went today to the same shoppers drug mart store I bought it from to return it. First of all the clerk did not apologize for the out dated medication on thier shelves, and went on to ask me for my optimum card. I had taken the card out of my wallet the day before to enter the online contest and forgot to put it back in. I said to the clerk I don't have it on me, but my number is right there, she could do it manually. She told me she needs the card to do a refund. She then asked me if I wanted to speak to the manager, I said "yup". The manager comes out, no apology from him either for the expired medication, and states without the card they can't get the points back, so can't do the refund. I said, "you mean to tell me I have to take more time out of my day, and spend more on gas, to come back here again, for your dumb ### mistake?" I then tossed a dime at him and told him "here is the money for the dumb points, now give me a refund". He still would not do it, I said "cancel my optimum card, take all the points, they are useless anyway", he still would not comply. I stormed out of the store, stating I would be contacting the head office about this shoddy service. I am also going to report them to the health board for having expired medication on the shelves, and complain on every board I can find. I will never shop at shoppers drug mart again!!!

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  • Na
    Nasir Hameed Aug 26, 2010

    My Mother (who is senior) and I went to the above store on senior day August 26, 2010 @ 7:35 pm. My mother had to shop and she was waiting for her day i.e. senior day so she can save some bucks. We have about 15 items to purchase including 3 bags of milk. The cashier name Liz (also came to know she is supervisor) attended us without any greet and first we thought she probably missed it by chance. She were scanning items and very rudely she commented saying "Everything on sale and you guys are not getting any discount". At that moment we were shocked that she do not even know what we are getting and how come she is sure about it. When she scanned the milk, I asked her why we are not getting 20% senior discount on it. She said we never give discount on milk because milk is already on sale. We been coming to same shoppers drug mart from last 6 years and we never see milk on sale and the milk always on regular price even the receipt does not says any sale indication. My Mom told me that she gets discount on milk on senior days. We came home and I checked SDM website and under senior day I see the following terms and conditions.

    Offer valid Thursday, August 26, 2010 only.

    *Discounts apply to our regular prices on all merchandise purchased by seniors and their accompanying family members with a valid Shoppers Optimum Card®. Excludes sale items, prescriptions, insulin, products with codeine, tobacco products (where applicable), prestige cosmetics and fragrances, newspapers, stamps, passport photos, lottery tickets, event tickets, Life Experiences®, transit tickets and passes, electronic gift cards, prepaid phone cards and milk in Atlantic provinces. Discounts may not exceed $50. **While quantities last. Offer valid on the purchase total of eligible products after discounts and redemptions and before taxes. Excludes prescription purchases, products with codeine, tobacco products (where applicable), prestige cosmetics and fragrances, stamps, passport photos, lottery tickets, event tickets, transit tickets and passes, electronic gift cards, Life Experiences® packages, prepaid phone cards and Shoppers Home Health Care locations. One Gift Card per transaction per customer. Offer valid Thursday, August 26, 2010 only. Gift Card will be accepted until September 24, 2010. See cashier for details. ® 911979 Alberta Ltd."

    It does not says anywhere that milk is excluded in Ontario to get 20% discount. I came back and ask the same question to the cashier and this time cashier was friendly but she told me to go to another section to see the supervisor. I asked her that to page her so she come and see me. I have enough experience being a consumer that whenever there is a complaint or question. Customer does not go around in the store and find a proper person or manager to speak with. I asked her few times to call/page her but that cashier refused to do and kept saying my supervisor will not come. The cashier looked at my receipt and said she was the same supervisor who dealt with us earlier. I asked for refund because the customer service experience I faced today was never came in my life. Supervisor was very rude and acted racist and in Canada discrimination cannot be tolerated as far I know of.
    In conclusion I will try not go to any of the SDM especially this particular one because I do not want to be humiliated. We pay to get service and we do not expect this kind of ridicules service. The bottom line is loosing one customer might not effect the business but I am sure with this kind of service it will definitely have very bad impact on business and ultimately on shoppers drug mart.

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  • Bl
    blupheonix Sep 29, 2010

    Shoppers Drug Mart is THE WORST!!! Customer service is THE WORST!
    I had them "misplace" a prescription, only to "find it" when I called them on the fact that I had a hard copy of the script...
    Last night they switch out my medications for generic brands, and tell me "it's all the same stuff"... Well would that explain why i'm ready to snap right now, wouldn't it, all you pharmacists out there..
    They would NOT wave the dispensing fee for the screw up either, so I am moving all my scripts to Rexall, I think tomorrow...
    I will point out the store as the Oak Ridges Shoppers Drug Mart...

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  • Ca
    carl4321 Jan 12, 2011

    Our complaint concerns the middle-aged, caucasian-white, female, postal clerk who wore no name tag and declined to provide her name either.

    We were in a long line-up at the post office at Shoppers Drug Mart located at 3003 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario on January 11, 2011.

    The line was moving very slowly. The postal clerk did not seem to know what she was doing either. She was yelling at customers, particularly the visible minority customers. Her bad attitude was abrasive and rude.

    We checked the price she quoted with the printed postal price, and rightly discovered that she had overcharged us. We asked her to correct the problem and refund us the difference. Clearly, she had made an error. Instead of correcting the problem, she told us to get out of the store.

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  • So
    Sonam M Apr 04, 2011

    I bought some stuff from shoppers drug mart on the day when i was supposed to get 20x points then the cashier told me to come next day and correct it as they will do it, when i went to the store again saying that they told me that this is not possible call the customer service and i have tried calling them everyday in past 2 weeks i cant get a hold of them, they put me on hold for like 30 mins even then no response. tell me how can i contact them n tell them that?

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  • Co
    codecom Jul 13, 2011

    I bought some perfumes from Shoppers drug Mart to send to my home country, but later on I realized that the person who was suppose to take them with him refused to do so. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart 's Cottrelle Blvd branch, the customer supervisor Laila told me that their Beauty Manager Jessica Marino is refusing to take these back as they don't carry all the stuff in their store that I wanted to return. But to my surprise they carry all the perfumes with them. Shoppers Drug Mart's return policy is just a gimmick. Never think that you can return things to them.

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  • St
    Staffa chick Feb 21, 2013

    I bought a camera at SDM on Family day. I took it home and tried it for 3 days and have decided I don't like it, the pictures are fuzzy and the colour is not nice.
    I called to ask about returning the camera and they told me that I had to go to the manufacturer. I called the and they said they can only take broken or defective cameras back. They told me the store would have to give me a refund. I called the store back and told them that I could not send it back to Fuji. They said someone from the store will call me back. I am hoping to get a call tomorrow as this is a big ticket item for me and I'm not happy with it. There was no way to try it in the store since it had no card in it, and the batteries on the demo were almost dead. No staff was on hand to advise about the camera.

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  • Li
    Lisa Gee Mar 02, 2013

    I agree, I think the worst thing that they do there, is confuse people with the queuing then embarrassing a person.The last time I was in there was so awful. The clerk was awful, took for ever processing my order, she said something and then another clerk came over and started to yell at me too, then a customer behind me started to yell at me, so i went to the back and complained and the pharmacist told me to take down their names, so I went back, as if I had the time for this, and they hid their name tags. Other times I have been short changed or over charged, I am so glad I didn't leave my prescription there. Sometimes they have bargains though you need to read the expiry date, sometimes they let things go by the expiry date, and then one guy says he has bad eyes. It is so inconsistent, slow and as others have said seem to be super judgmental to minorities.

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  • Co
    commoncents101 May 17, 2013

    For the most part, everyone seems to have pretty valid complaints. But it seriously irks me that there is a lack of common sense from people here. OBVIOUSLY you cant return a camera three days later because you dont like it. Shoppers isnt an electronics store, u dont go there for a camera because its good quality, its because its a good price OBVIOUSLY there is a limit on items or one person would clear the shelf. As much as there are complaints aboit rude staff, i PROMISE you those staff deal with more rude customers than the customers do staff. Selfish, inconsiderate a-holes is all this thread is for. Who takes the fukn time to complain about petty refunds and not being able to buy more orange juice. I am sorry i even read this thread. Bunch of jackasses.

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  • Ta
    Tanya1 Sep 11, 2013

    Shoppers on Bayview problem also. Would not return items listed as 'sale' on receipt yet told me it was a 'close out'. This is ridiculous. Facebook rep for Shoppers asked me to write them with the issues, never heard back. Horrible company. Especially terrible location.

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  • Re
    realitycheck11 Feb 21, 2014

    To respond to commoncents101, i both agree and disagree with your views. The while camera issue is the 100% customer satisfaction that Shoppers claims to offer. The camera doesn't work to the customer's satisfaction. If you are not going to back up the product, don't carry it. I agree with you on the limits because, like you said, you would have some people clearing the shelves and that's not right, everyone should have a chance. As far as dealing with rude people, welcome to retail. Just because someone pissed you off 10 minutes ago, it doesn't mean you have the right to act ### with the next guy in line. As well, no refunds are petty. If the store made an error, they need to rectify it. If the customer wants to return something, deal with it, it's your job. Seeing how poor your customer service is, calling everyone jackasses, I can see that you'll be stocking shelves at Shopper's Scam Mart for a long time. Enjoy your minimum wage.

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  • Re
    realitycheck11 Feb 21, 2014

    I had an issue today with a return at the Shopper's in Woodbridge, ON (Major Mack and Weston). I had purchased a $50 dental device that did not work as advertised. I tried to return it, stating the honest truth, and was told that i need to contact the manufacturer. When I explained that the manufacturer was only willing to replace the item, not refund, they told me they can only take it back if it is in new, unused condition. How the heck would I know that the item I used was defective unless i opened the package and tried to use it? I work for a worldwide company which is far bigger than Shopper's and we stand behind every single damn product we sell. I called head office and they told me that it is not a house brand so they will not refund it. I explained that i bought off their shelf so they need to stand behind it. In the end, i was told that they can't do anything for me. What do you have to say about that commoncents101?

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  • Re
    realitycheck11 Mar 27, 2014

    Me again, just updating my previous post from Feb 21st. Here we are, over a month later, and i got a call from Shoppers Drug Mart customer service. They reviewed my complaint and have decided to award me the equivalent dollar amount of my purchase, $60 tax in, in Optimum points, thus insuring that i would spend the credit at their store. A store credit would have been easier in the first place but i was glad with the outcome. I just need to drive a bit further to get to a Shoppers now since I wont even look at the one near my house. Just an FYI.

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  • Je
    jess4m Apr 29, 2014

    The shoppers at Dufferin and Rutherford is beyond terrible. There are several employees there (including one manager) that are so rude it's unbelievable. They can't properly read coupons or understand promotions, and won't apologize or help when there is an issue that is clearly their fault, not the customer's. I will never shop at that particular location again.

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  • Do
    Dora Fern Jul 03, 2014

    Shoppers at 45 Overlea has the worst Pharmacy Manager and his name is Mehdi. I am not going there again.

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  • Sh
    shoppersperson Aug 12, 2014

    I work at Shoppers. 99% of the customers are a joy to deal with.

    If I have been standing in one place for 6 hours with a full bladder, don't judge me too harshly when I don't fall all over myself with apologies with your return.

    I'm the same fool that can and has gotten your back if you are showing symptoms of low blood sugar or a possible heart attack.

    I talk down your hysterical teenager and the dog you left outside.

    I took myself off work last week and missed getting paid because a pal visited a pal in hospital - and he had SARS. I would not risk you, or my coworkers.

    I'm the one who deals with the consequences when someone parks 50 items of groceries in Cosmetics, and then throws 5 coupons at me - jamming all of us up.

    I work till ten and I am back at eight AM - on a long weekend - even though my doctor objected.

    Every nickel I charge you for bags goes into a pool that goes to charity. Over $50, 000 was raised one year.

    Shoppers Drug Mart spoiled me - by being so honest. Every day they do things that remain silent, but help the community in hundreds of ways, many of them silently. I took a case of perfume to a women's shelter one day and saw them cry with happiness. We participate in charity walks, galas, and a whole lot of other things we do not get paid for but want to - because as much as I would like to strangle it sometimes, its an incredible company.

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  • Fi
    fifthelement Oct 15, 2014

    When it comes to all of the shoppers drug mart stores is it a choice to recycle or is it mandatory? If its not mandatory i want to know why?

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  • Sh
    ShoppersEmpl Mar 10, 2015

    Shoppers is a complex organism. Many are the size of warehouses, run by 3-4 employees. This is nuts. Anyone with a heartbeat is going to figure this out for themselves.

    Between the coupons and the lottery tickets and the special bonuses and the Optimum, it can take ten minutes or more to cash through a customer. A lineup can form in moments. I have seen a big sale day turn into near riots. Most of the clerks don't get the breaks they deserve, and end up staying late to cash you through without pay because they were not scheduled while people dawdled over potato chips.

    I am surprised that they know as much as they do. There is online training; good luck getting time on the computer. A manager can disapprove a day off more than three weeks out at their leisure. They can send you home after 3 hours because the weather is bad. They can and do fire you for crying at work.

    Each store can have a vastly different personality, depending on the Associate. Rude staff tend to have abrasive Associates. Your complaint will fall on deaf ears.

    Some of these perceived slights, like returning multiple bottles of perfume without a receipt to another store, is actually the earmark of theft. Any store will tell you that. No one is obliged to say "Hello!" to you every time. But you could. You don't know if the previous customer spat on her. It happens.

    Shoppers used to personify teamwork. Now it is becoming a profile in abuse. They are paying cosmeticians just above minimum wage and expecting them to know 15+ lines inside and out, attending schools without transportation or pay. It used to be a glamour profession;' now it's just about numbers; to hell with the team.

    I worked at Shoppers over 10 years. I have seen the changes, and frankly, they are regressing.

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  • He
    Hedgehog63 May 15, 2019

    @ShoppersEmpl I also worked at SDM and agree with the above. " Special stores " had more money available to pay for more staff hours. this was to make the store look better for regional manager visits. People are pressured to work unpaid overtime. It's easy to fire people who earn minimum wage. I was once told that there was no HR.

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  • Ro
    Rouzalin Jun 20, 2016

    Two times I tried to return something. The first was a nail polish that I didn't like the shade. I had the receipt and they refused to return/exchange it because it has been more than a week!
    Second time I had a sealed perfume bottle that has their sticker on it that I received as a gift. I wanted to exchange it for another brand that was more expensive and they refused. Even though their return policy states they do exchange/refunds without a receipt!!!

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  • Sh
    Sherak M. Aug 04, 2016

    Some staff working at this Shoppers Drug Mart (Calgary, Alberta) always make scanning errors on purchased items by customers.
    One time when I purchased two items and paid in cash, later, I found out one of the items was double-scanned (it came out of 3 items in total). Once it was only a buck and a half, I didn't take it to heart. But it does with honesty to people. Hope that Shopper Drug Mart would deal with that seriously.

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  • Cy
    cylo Aug 04, 2016

    Watch out for Walmart to, i went in there and purchased 2 items, when i got home i looked at my receipt and noticed that they had scanned me 2 times for one of my purchases. These corporate crooks are getting worse and worse.

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  • Ds
    DSgamby Aug 04, 2016

    Did you contact the manager or even call Shoppers?

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  • Re
    regscjjones Aug 04, 2016

    Absolutely horrible customer service. CR reps had no clue about store policies. Was directed to this store from another store halfway across the city. When I arrived, I was informed that they couldn't sell me the product I was interested in (from the electronics department) after 8pm because their photo specialist had gone home. I have no clue why the photo specialist needs to be there to handle all sales from the electronics department -- seems to be a policy at only this store. Regardless, complaints and escalation did no good. I won't be returning to this store, not based on their silly policy, but based on the horrible customer service I received while in the store.

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  • Ja
    Javid Modiri Aug 14, 2018

    my card # 12123 8742 8119
    my name: JAVID MODIRI
    number in the back of the card: 608559 12123 8742 8119
    Saturday July 28, 2018 purchase of total: $364.03
    at 7205 Goreway Drive, Missisauga
    have not got any points ( which based on your add. I should get about 135000 points.

    can you please give me my points or I should return my purchase?


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  • Sa
    SarahLouise679 Aug 14, 2018

    I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy milk and the manager came running out from the back saying that I could not buy milk from them and took my Shopping cart away on 7/27/2018
    Shoppers Drug Mart Address: 600 The East Mall #1, Etobicoke, ON M9B 4S1

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  • Su
    Sukhhar Aug 16, 2018

    Hello.I purchased balea baby lotion from your store over one month before. Today i open for use but i think both bottles lotion is bad because they are not like lotion. This is very very watery lotion. Lotion came out like water. Now i don't have receipt and our shopper location now closed .Can you do something please?Both are new bottles. Thanks.

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  • Ad
    AdamMac Aug 16, 2018

    Superbly rude employee this morning, June 15, in makeup. Asked for help finding stuff for my wife but she was very ‘busy' doing other stuff and couldn't be bothered. I went to Pharmasave instead. Usually nice staff at Shoppers but not this woman.

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  • Da
    DanielleMalette Aug 20, 2018

    Hello ..I have a good friend who applied for costemic manager at elm street in Sudbury. Ontario ...she was denied due to her race. .she is east Indian and they at the time denied her employment...she recently graduated from esthetian program at CTS in Sudbury Ontario. . reason denied emotme t due to her race ...filling with our mp

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  • Ve
    Venessa18 Aug 20, 2018

    I am writting to tells you guys that when ever i go to Shoppers on Dufferin and Major there is a lady there with the name Sandra she is great, so attentitive always brings me directly to the product im looking for. Excellent Customer Service and very friendly

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  • Ra
    RANDY Tsa Aug 20, 2018

    Hello I am really frustrated and not happy.
    I bought a $200, Prepaid master card from your store and no help I am getting I called prepaid card.They can't help me, I called.The sherway garden shoppers drug Mart they say sorry we can't help you.I just need my money back.

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  • Br
    Brandylee Aug 20, 2018

    Shoppers drug mart upper James st has the worst customer service ever. They don't seem to be able to deliver prescriptions when promised then you have to call them and they say they can't deliver them until the next day after they fail to deliver when they promise. Getting ready to look for another pharmacy

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  • De
    Deneale Aug 20, 2018

    My purse was stolen in May and Nov I called to get replacement card and nothing ever came also in May I attempted to merge my cards from my married last name to my current last name still nothing!

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