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Express Scripts / correct rx qty not received

kkroeger5 on Sep 13, 2017
Fraud--charged me for a 90 day supply but only received 60 days worth of meds. When I received the rx, I did not dump out the pills and count them. However, on day 57, I realized that I only had 3 pills left. When I contacted the company, I was told, "so sorry--nothing we can do, it i...

Express Scripts / sending medicine not ordered

Priscilla23 on Sep 9, 2017
My husband received an order of verapamil that he did not order nor does he have automatic refill on any of his medication. There was a bill enclosed. We made 2 phone calls to customer service and were told he had ordered it online and we would have to keep it and pay for it. No one at our...

Express Scripts / harassment for inaccurate overpayments

Diane McGee on Aug 28, 2017
Express Scripts is the pharmacy contractor for Tricare. My Tricare coverage ended because of divorce over four years ago. Express Scripts sends me a letter stating I owe almost $8, 000 because of overpayments made six years ago, which in fact I had Tricare coverage during that time period...

Express Scripts / not filling prescriptions

jonthan walker on Aug 16, 2017
I have three prescriptions with express scripts that i have been receiving going on two years now. I received this after suffering head injuries leading to severe tbi that caused damage to my pituitary gland. The new script was sent july 19th 2017, it is now August 16 2017. during thi...

Express Scripts / worst company...

FedUpGal on Aug 1, 2017
I use to be a employee at ESI.They are horrible and worse company to work for. They don't care about their employees who been there from 4 months, - 14 years. They will use you to the core and expect for you take mental, verbal and physical abuse. Since working at ESI. I was diagnosed...

Express Scripts / blood pressure medication

Paul Fugate on Jul 21, 2017
I ran out of my blood pressure medication July 1st. It is now the 21st and I'm still waiting. This company is the worse place I've ever had to deal with. Unfortunately GM gives me no other options. My only other option is to get new prescriptions and pay full price at nearest pharmacy, an...

Express Scripts / prescription medication - mail order

Bryan F on Jun 21, 2017
In March of this year I was diagnosed with Adult Onset Stills Disease in which I take a once daily injection of Kineret which is a biologic medication. This disease is such that I am required to take an injection at the same time each day as to ensure that rapid return of symptoms do not...

Express Scripts / pharmacy online

Bryan Pilgrim on Jun 6, 2017
Worst customer service ever! Every prescription I get is delayed through a beauocratic snag... every one, every time. They continuously blame my doctor and I've seen numerous examples of them doing this to many other people. Then there is a problem with payment using the same credit card...

Express Scripts / prescription medication

Rjhebert on May 10, 2017
I recently reduced my morphine sulphate intake from 60mg 3 times daily to 45 mg 3 times daily. Because they don't make a 45mg I have to take one 15mg and one 30mg 3 times daily. Not only am I having to pay two copays vs one. But now because it throws the pill count higher I have to have...

Express Scripts / children's prescription support

Murk55 on May 2, 2017
5/2/2017 - Express Scripts will do anything to get you to switch all of your prescription coverage to them. Even Lying! I spoke with customer service before switching my child's medication over to the mail in from Walgreen's. I told them that its very important that I be able to get extra...

Express Scripts / pharmacy

Barh55449 on Apr 27, 2017
Express scripts has made my life a living he'll. I went to fill meds and they refused to pay because I had narcotic from two different doctors. This cost me to lose two meds and now I have to come off of these cold turkey. They don't know me. Just in January I had four surgeries. Three...

Express Scripts / unethical practices

I obtained insurance valid for Express Scripts on 2/1/17 but they did not have a member number or information yet. I needed insulin for type 1 diabetes but couldn't order it. I waited as long as possible then went on 2/3/17 and got a single vial at the drug store because I need it to live...

Express Scripts / paying for my medication twice.

Slimbutler on Apr 17, 2017
The last date of incident is April 11, 2017. The last rep I spoke to is Tresley. I had spoke to four member services reps prior to Tresley explaining that I paid forty dollars owed to Express Scripts by mail on February 28, 2017. Two money orders numbers R207134060155 amount $20.00...

Express Scripts / prescription home delivery

Chris Bahr on Apr 10, 2017
Recently, my health insurance plan changed and we were forced to use Express Scripts Home Delivery as our Pharmacist. The alternative option would be to pay full price for our medication at the local pharmacy. We were told on the Express Scripts website that they contact the doctor and then...

Express Scripts / prescription benefits, pharmacy malpractice

John A Martin on Feb 24, 2017
My doctor faxed a prescription in to Express Scripts on 2/14/2017. I waited two days (because I've been told the website often doesn't have up to date information) before calling. After 3 attempts (including one disconnection), I finally reached an Express Scripts representative who...

Express Scripts / reimbursement for out of pocket expenses incurred over transfer to cobra coverage

Lynne M Brady on Feb 14, 2017
Over the last three months my head has been left spinning trying to first inquire, then complain and finally to "educate" the people who answer the phone at Express Scripts.As other people have mentioned, when you call, the person who answers can't even comprehend simple questions related...

Express Scripts / prescription home delivery

jesahel822 on Dec 2, 2016
The absolute worst company to deal with as a consumer. The customer service representatives are all rude, inexperienced and unprofessional. I have used this service for over a year, and have finally decided to move to a pharmacy I can actually deal with in person. This organization is all...

Express Scripts / express scripts business model

CardimenBostisrare on Nov 20, 2016
you guys are gonna want to see this it describes everything about this company and how it operates. I suggest that you be very careful with this company you know changes are not sustainable yet this company seems to change on a dime. Not a good work environment at all and thats where the...

Express Scripts / refills: irbesartan 300 mgs. & imipramine

Angela Drakoulis on Nov 14, 2016
On 11/3/2016 I ordered the above refills and to date I have received no information, that is, an email as to when these 2 prescriptions will be mailed out. I don't understand why they have not been refilled, in the interim I will have no Irbesartan after Thursday which is a prescription...

Express Scripts / no concern for patient care

Berky on Sep 20, 2016
Every month I have to refill my birth control, because I am not producing all the hormones my body needs to ovulate and menstruate, therefore birth control helps keep my body balanced and healthy. Every month I need to refill my thyroid medication, because once again my body is not...

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