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Express Scripts / Reimbursement for out of pocket expenses incurred over transfer to cobra coverage

Lynne M Brady on Feb 14, 2017
Over the last three months my head has been left spinning trying to first inquire, then complain and finally to "educate" the people who answer the phone at Express Scripts.As other people have mentioned, when you call, the person who answers can't even comprehend simple questions related...

Express Scripts / Prescription home delivery

jesahel822 on Dec 2, 2016
The absolute worst company to deal with as a consumer. The customer service representatives are all rude, inexperienced and unprofessional. I have used this service for over a year, and have finally decided to move to a pharmacy I can actually deal with in person. This organization is all...

Express Scripts / Express scripts business model

CardimenBostisrare on Nov 20, 2016
you guys are gonna want to see this it describes everything about this company and how it operates. I suggest that you be very careful with this company you know changes are not sustainable yet this company seems to change on a dime. Not a good work environment at all and thats where the...

Express Scripts / Refills: irbesartan 300 mgs. & imipramine

Angela Drakoulis on Nov 14, 2016
On 11/3/2016 I ordered the above refills and to date I have received no information, that is, an email as to when these 2 prescriptions will be mailed out. I don't understand why they have not been refilled, in the interim I will have no Irbesartan after Thursday which is a prescription...

Express Scripts / No concern for patient care

Berky on Sep 20, 2016
Every month I have to refill my birth control, because I am not producing all the hormones my body needs to ovulate and menstruate, therefore birth control helps keep my body balanced and healthy. Every month I need to refill my thyroid medication, because once again my body is not...

Express Scripts / Prescription services

S Harrison-Pepper on Sep 9, 2016
Express-Scripts is, hands down, the worst pharmacy I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with! Frighteningly incompetent and surly, they have become so bad, in fact, that I've decided I'm willing to pay EXTRA to fill my prescriptions a local pharmacy. If you are ever encouraged to "save...

Express Scripts / Employment

Google reviews Teresa Barbee Teresa Barbee in the last week Worse company to work for. Tech issues that mess with preformance and your held responsible for. Dishonest supervisors and mangers. Working here was like being back in high school with high school drama. Do not I repeat do not be...

Express Scripts / Unethical and Fraudulent Business Practices

Annapolitan on Feb 9, 2016
My Dr prescribed a medication I have been receiving for more than 5 years (through Medco/Express Scripts). This time they (as an agent for my wife's insurance) denied stating there was another "preferred" meaning they take money medication. They are absolutely NOT qualified to...

Express Scripts / Billing and Customer Service

Reviewer42121 on Feb 1, 2016
On 26 Jan 2016, I submitted an online request with Express Scripts to refill two prescriptions. They ignored my request to be billed and charged my debit card -- not for my out-of-pocket amount but for the greater balance that they should have covered. An e-mail to the company resulted in...

Express Scripts / Broken patient-pharmacy confidentiality

schann on Dec 22, 2014
Since I am under 26, I am allowed to be on my parent's healthcare. My problems with Express Scripts arises from their inability to have a functioning database. My parent and I were on the same healthcare account and thus we were on the same Express Scripts account. On their form...

Express Scripts / Prescriptions

Just Do the Right Thing! on Nov 24, 2014
I called Customer Service to cancel 2 prescriptions written by a Nurse Practitioner at my neurologist's office. The Customer Service lady was very nice, told me it was a good thing I had canceled because if the order had already shipped, I could not return the medications and would...

Express Scripts / Terrible customer service

Alexa Alizoti on Jul 31, 2014
I initiated refills for two of my prescriptions and was told that they would ship out together. I needed them before a vacation, so I authorized expedited shipping for $21. I was shocked when I only received one prescription. I immediately called to get the status on the order and was told...

Express Scripts / Bad customer service

grammymidge on Jun 16, 2014
These are the issues my husband and I have had to endure when dealing with prescription coverage through Express Scripts.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 1. When I obtained Express Scripts coverage under with my employer in January 2014, which...

Express Scripts / Medco / Prescriptions & billing

CherylGraham on May 23, 2014
I had placed an order for ONE item, but instead of getting that order I received MONTELUKAST SOD TABS 10mg, an order I had SPECIFICALLY requested NOT be on "auto" delivery, when I placed the other order on 5/17! Yet, today, 5/23, I DID receive the offending order! When I called Expre...

Express Scripts / business practices

Bob F. H. on Jan 24, 2014
Our insurance carrier switched to Express Scripts about a year ago. It has proven to be an impossible situation for many of us. Prescriptions are constantly lost, dosages changed without doctors approval, etc. This doesn't seem to be just human error, it looks more like a company...

Express Scripts / Billing error

John O. Shambra on Jan 12, 2014
Since 1/12/2012 I have been billed for Workers Comp Medication.This is in violation of the California Labor Code. Accordingly, I am not obligated to pay for these charges, by Law. It is your error from the git-go. I will not pay for your mistakes. I have been in phone contact with your...

Express Scripts / Losing Rxs ALL THE TIME

Mstrofdisaster on Feb 5, 2013
For the 3rd time in 4 months Express Scripts has not received or entered my Rx into their system. Every time I call I get the runaround. This is for a med that if discontinued abrubtly can cause severe side effects. I think as others have wrote that this is criminallly negligent at best...

Express Scripts / won't fill my rx

jeffrey j payne on Jan 12, 2013
lost 2 of my scripts two times, and still insist they have no record for them. i cannot function without them due to bi polar disorder and have been off my meds for days. calling gets me nowhere. email gets me nowhere. my doctor calling gets me nowhere. all we're doing is repeating...

Express Scripts / Customer Service

anonymous121512 on Dec 16, 2012
I called Express Scripts because I had not received my ID card though I had signed up a month ago. It took me three phone calls to get this resolved. The woman who picked up my initial call pretended she couldn't hear me and hung up on me. I am positive she could hear me though...

Express Scripts / I believe this company and its employees are totally incompetent

Skildrex on Dec 1, 2012
My complaint is with express scripts in saint louis, mo. on several occasions i have sent prescriptions to this company only to be told over and over again that i did not send the original scripts for certain narcotic medications. after threatening them with complaining to the dea they...

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